geckoblue said: Where do you go from here?! To your mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say: “Awesome baby, let’s do this again. Soon.“ Wink, and walk away.

Best answer ever? I think YES. This made me laugh so hard!

nutrify said: ugh thats frustrating, im sorryyy. hope things get a bit easier. strength and pool should help w running though!!

Thank you! I’m just so impatient! Waiting this whole month has been rough so to find out that I’m not 100% better is really annoying. Especially since I already feel like I’m behind on my training. 

meishamarie said: Stay strong. You are doing all the right things. I know it’s so frustrating and you know that it’ll do you no good to push further than your ready. You can do this. <3

Thank you! I really don’t want to reinjure myself so I’m trying not to push myself too early. 

happyhealthycook said: That’s actually great about the cardio - you’ve kept yourself in shape and should be proud. As for the rest, I wish I could magically make it better. I so badly do. Please be patient with yourself, take it slowly and truly heal. I know you will. ♥

I knooow. And thank you SO MUCH for being awesome about it. And yeah, I’m pretty happy with myself on the cardio front. At least it hasn’t been a total waste!

ionlyweardresses said: I have an optimistic reading even though this is frustrating- if it’s not omfg pain, maybe it’s your body getting used to running again on a harder surface? Taking off tom. for aqua-run is smart so I’m crossing my finger for Wednesday’s run for you!

I’m glad you think so! It’s a bit more than just getting used to it, I think. The pain is still around the original injury so I think there’s still some healing that needs to happen there. But I am PRO soft surfaces right now. And the aqua running IS good, I just am no longer a fan of Eau de Chlorine

seechrisrun said: Maybe try a little walk/run combo for your next couple runs until you feel normal again.

That’s a good idea! I’ll see if that maybe gives me ankle a bit of time to rest during the workout…

run-run-far-away said: Listen to your body. You’ll get there!

Yeah, but my body is being a total brat right now and I want it to stfu, haha! Thank you!

fitnerd said: I can’t even imagine how frustrating this must be, but you should be SO PROUD of yourself right now. You’ve been so smart with this injury! It will continue to get better. I believe in you.

Thank you! I am really happy that I’ve managed to get through this far and I do know that the cross training has helped a LOT. I’m just OVER IT, haha!