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After finding your blog for the first time last night, I turned off the computer and went to bed so I could wake up at a normal hour. Upon waking extra early, I did some dishes, took out the trash, made breakfast, ect, and thought "Wow, I am going to be so early for work". It turns out, I got there exactly on time, which means that every other day I usually just rush around like a crazy person, forgetting to eat and looking like a bag lady when I get to work. You gave me some great perspective.

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So I managed to move my bedroom dishes to the sink, but they have now been living there for too long and I think might be host to various microscopic colonies at this point. I am not entirely confident in my ability to get them hygenic with just soap and a sponge (no dishwasher). Is there something disenfecting-y that is also safe for dishes/food surfaces? Is it vinegar? I really dont want to eat off of them until they are surgical levels of disinfected. Thanks!

This post might be helpful for you.

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Okay, so I just moved into a new apartment that is actually a quite old, basement apartment, and the base of the toilet leaks just ever so slightly, not enough for a huge puddle, just so the floow around it is slightly damp all the time. There is no fan in the bathroom, and I think it's starting to attract drain flies/bugs. Do you know of anything that I can spray/keep in the bathroom to counteract constant moisture, and likely eventual bugs and mold? Thanks!

1. GET THE TOILET FIXED. This is part of your landlord’s job. Before you do anything else, call and set up a time to get it fixed.

2. You can use cat litter to absorb moisture, or something like DampRid, which is a crystallized moisture absorber.

3. Clean it with a bleach solution (10:1 water to bleach is useful for most cleaning) pretty frequently to discourage things from growing.