ionised air

Enneagram as combinations of the 4 elements
  • 9w1: Mudstone
  • 1w9: Soil
  • 1w2: Mud
  • 2w1: River water
  • 2w3: Pure water
  • 3w2: Carbonated water
  • 3w4: Clouds
  • 4w3: Mist
  • 4w5: Humid air
  • 5w4: Ionised air
  • 5w6: Lightning
  • 6w5: Electricity
  • 6w7: Sparks
  • 7w6: Fire
  • 7w8: Hot lava
  • 8w7: Thick lava
  • 8w9: Volcano
  • 9w8: Granite
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Corona Discharge.

In electricity, a corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of a fluid or gas surrounding a conductor that is electrically charged. Here, the ionisation of the air is caused by opening two 500 kV lines under load.