New Hair ref ! 

My hair is no specific style, just a realy unruly mohawk. I curl it with a flat iron and pick it out with a wide-toothed comb.

The dark color is “Fushia” by ION on top of brown hair, the blue is “cyan” by ION on nearly white hair, and the little pink highlight is “hottie pink” by ION on blond hair. 

Like a baby

For captain-chris-pike   :3

Based on this prompt

I’m thinking about little elf ears twitching in their sleep and it’s the cutest thing
Reblogging again to suggest: could someone write a Thranduil/Legolas story about this? Like Legolas watches Thranduil sleep and then notices how his ears twitch, then maybe some fluff (or more- would give an extra cookie, but just fluff would also make me a happy reader) Thanks!      ”

A.N : Hey little drabble full of fluff and cute pointy ears      m(>w<)m  
English is not my first language and even less Elvish!  And sorry if it’s crappy, I don’t write this often…

Elvish –> (X) and (X)        image



A good night of sleep is always deserved after a whole day chasing orcs and spiders. But first, I need to bring my report to my father, who’s surely working late.

I walk past my bedroom to reach his office and knock on the door.

No answer. I knock again, but still no answer. He’s maybe too focused to hear me, so I come in, but there’s no one. I take a look around if he’s not between the bookshelves, but nobody.
I enter his bedroom - maybe he’s here ?

“ Ada? ” - no answer.

But as I turn to see his bed, he apparently fell asleep. Maybe I should wake him up? He’d be angry if he don’t have my report on time. I walk closer to his bed to call him again, and I see something wich is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen yet. His ears are twitching… Like a little baby…

Thranduil Oropherion, Ear-twiching King of the Woodland realm. I can’t contain my laughter, just can’t. I look at my father for a little minute, still trying to not wake him up with my desperatly muffled laugh. He’s so cuuuute!


As usual I sit at the table and take my breakfast. I still remember yesterday’s “dicovery” and still can’t stop gigling like a elfing.

“Gi suilon, Legolas.” [ Hello, Legolas.] Said my Father, yawning.

I hide my smirk behind my bowl. “Gi suilon.”  Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh.
He start to drink a bowl of hot milk as I watch him. Oh, Valard, this is so funny and cute. His ears twitwh  when he drink too. This time it’s too much and I have to lower my bolw to not choke on my milk.

“What is it, son?” woops. He saw me.

“ n-nothing.” I still try to hide my smirk.

“Is this milk really funny or something?” Don’t say that I’m gonna laugh like hell. Well, I have to explain one day or another.

“ Yesterday night I came back late from a hunt and I brought you my report.” He raise an eyebrow knowing he didn’t saw me. “You were asleep and, as you don’t like when I give my report too late, I tried to wake you up…” Oh my, don’t hate me for that. “ You… Your ears are twitching, when you sleep. And when you drink too…” If my grin is not reaching my ears…

He don’t say anything for a second, leaving me in fear of any reproach, but finnaly add :

“Avo badho nin. [don’t judge me. ] You do the same since you were a baby. ”

Now I don’t smile or laugh, but I’m red as a berry, and he’s the one who smirk.

“ And that’s the cutest think I’ve ever seen from a little leaf.”  He have this shit-eating-I-love-you-son smile on his face. He let out a sweet laugh and raise from his chair.

“You are on charge of the guards training today…”
I nod, as he told me that two day ago, before he add

“… Ear-twhicher . ”

iO9 just posted a listicle on the the “scariest fish dishes in the world”.

The comments are rife with eews and of course decries of cruelty at some of the Asian dishes involving freshly killed sea critters.

Like guys, please read up on simple crustacean anatomy before you think a dismembered and gutted crab, lobster or shrimp is alive simply because it’s moving.

Or that a beheaded and gutted octopus is still alive because it twitches when exposed to salt.

Like its the same reaction as when you put salt on frog legs because the salt ions react on the remaining living cells, causing the nerves to fire and make the limbs twitch even when no longer connected to a living body.

Like COME ON, white people, it’s a well known reaction. How about you educate yourselves before decrying whole races for barbarism?

People THINK I’m a vegetarian.

I remember Manager Nigga at Old Joint saw me eating a pear and some kale salad and asked me if I was.

And I eat fruit every day.

When Ion’t feel like going to the market, all praises due to the Kroger produce gods for the 99 cent bin of dinged up produce, cause I will buy and eat that shit.

4 mangoes for $1.98? YES, THANK YOU!

At the place I work at now, I was eating canteloupe and people commented on that, in the kitchen devouring mango I brought to work with me and folks had something to say about that. 

I’m just eating food and it’s all this commentary!  

And I think it’s cause most people–Black folks included–think Black women eat Funyuns and fried pig bootyholes for every meal and can’t conceive of a darkskin chick with all this nappy hair repeatedly and publicly eating “healthy” stuff that’s “good for you” cause my kind ain’t supposed to know about and LIKE that kinda shit.

Afro Gang (who’s so lightskinded I thought she was biracial) and I started talking because I was eating a grapefruit and it smelled really good.

And don’t LET them find out I’ve never drank or smoked and have never done drugs or even had a cup of coffee, cause I try to stay away from caffeine.

I eat plenty of pizza and cake and fast food, but I wonder why I get all this MOUTH when I’m literally just eating fruits and vegetables.