Found some Lactarius Indigo mushrooms for the first time yesterday! They are gorgeous, very edible, and stain your fingers blue even from gently touching them. Instead of eating these ones, we’ll give them to a friend who is experimenting with native plant dyes.®ion=on&ctgy=edible_mushrooms


Concept sketches and early reference for Ione!

She’s a sort of apprentice time-keeper/galaxy-conductor. She creates little wormholes and portals to bring different kinds of forces of the universe to and from different parts of the space around them and helps construct pocket dimensions. She’s twelve.

I have yet to find a good volume consistency for her massive hair. All I know right now that it has to be larger than everyone else’s in a given scene.


The 100 Swatch Post - All Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks (2016)

It was an insane night. First I spent 5 minutes wondering how on earth I was going to group 100 lipsticks up for swatching. Then I realized it would save time if I just lined them up according to UD’s own grid system, and this would also ensure I didn’t miss out colors or get names and orders wrong during editing. 

(To view collage images at full size, right click and open image in new tab.)

There are 100 colors in 6 textures which I labeled as follows:

c - cream

s - sheer

ss - sheer shimmer

met - metallized

cm - comfort matte

mm - mega matte

My favorite textures? Comfort Mattes and Mega Mattes. The Creams are mostly good as well. Metallized ones are fun but it depends on your preference. I just don’t look that great in intensely frosted lipsticks so I’m not the best person to weigh in on them.

As for the sheers and sheer shimmers, I find them a good deal less consistent in quality, with several shades going on patchy and streaky unless you spend a lot of time blending and smoothing them out. Another problem is they are prone to bending and smooshing against the sides of the tubes because they are so soft, which makes it a pain to use them.

As for my top recommendations for shades, it’s hard to narrow it down to a neat little list, but here are some:

Perversion - a great matte black in a smooth, rich texture. 

Amulet - my pick over 1993 for a much more flattering rosy-brown 90s lip. 

Nighthawk - interesting deep chocolate fudge

Mrs. Mia Wallace - deep ruby; amazing red. Although I love most of UD’s intense reds including Bad Blood and 714.

Gash - THE classic metallic cherry red is finally back! This was the first UD lipstick I ever bought back in the 90s.

Alpha - red-tinged fuchsia pink that brightens up the face; sisters-in-pink Menace, Psycho, Checkmate and Crush are equally cool too.

Moshpit - deep gorgeous classy burgundy.

Honestly I could go on naming great shades. You just have to try them on and explore the collection slowly! 

UD Vice lipsticks are available now in Singapore at Sephora ION (now at the B2 level) for a very reasonable SGD$29 each. From early Aug, they will be on as well as all other counters.