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Lupin - Nit Grit

This is so intense and beautiful. <3

(via IFYW Productions)

Arting, 3 of 4

You know we can’t stop, won’t stop… Arting.

In this installment of Arting we’ve got Iona Grace stepping in as our featureless woman. Naturally when you’re trying to art you’re going to have to problem solve, but the challenges of this scene were magnified by the size of the set, working with half the man-power, and needing to make it rain indoors. We had our work cut out for us.

Similar to our other attempts at being creative, this scene starts off the same as the others, with Iona exploring the space.

               Not shown: The looks on our faces when we realized we need
               our actress to hit her mark while she’s blinded by prosthetics 


                                    A little touch-up before we start again

Iona is lured through the space by a pipe structure in the middle of this cavern. As she explores the belts that hang from it they capture her, strapping her to the rig.

When it came to bring the scene to its finale, it was time to get the waterworks going. And I don’t mean breaking down and crying because it’s hard. We rigged a pipe system 15 feet high to rain down on the set. But as soon as we got the water going the shoot became a sprint so that we didn’t flood ourselves out.

The set didn’t flood, the camera didn’t get that wet, and Iona got out and dried off in one piece, which was great because the next week we had to get this done…

                                                    It’s a hard life