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Word Count: 4268
Warning: Spankings, NSFW
Author’s Note: I don’t even remember what conversation this came out of, but @lurkch put this forward weeks ago, and I’m finally getting around to it. I’ve diverged quite a bit from the prompt idea, I think, so if someone wants to take it further, or show us what happened to people other than Bones, that’d be cool. Set not long after ‘Mirror, Mirror’, but for our purposes, with the AOS crew. The story starts with an interaction with MirrorBones…

“For your consideration: An odd plane of existence the ship encounters in space that can only be accessed during REM sleep and then everyone is wandering around everyone else’s dreams with, uh, interesting results. People who don’t want to wake up go into comas. People lose track of what’s real and what isn’t.”

You were sitting on the biobed, reading reports on your PADD as the osteogenic regenerator scanned your wrist, repairing the scaphoid you’d cracked. It was a simple enough procedure that you were sitting alone; Doctor McCoy had been called on an away mission, and Nurse Chapel had snuck out to get you both a snack. When the doors slid opened, you were expecting Christine and food, and were surprised by the hurried walk of Doctor McCoy.

“Doctor?” You looked up, and on seeing him, worried. The left side of his face was interrupted by a long scar that bisected his eye. It was an old healed wound, and it looked like it had been painful. He had a few days growth of stubble, making him look dangerous. And kind of sexy. He turned, taking you in with his good eye and a cruel smile spread across his mouth.

“Y/N. Darlin’, you’re a sight for sore eyes.” He advanced on you, stopping just short of the biobed, and took in the treatment apparatus. “It looks like I’m rough with you here too.”

“Doctor McCoy?”

“So formal, darlin’,” he leered. “I like it.” He took another step and looked at the regeneration unit and smiled. This stranger wearing Doctor McCoy’s face made quick work of cancelling the procedure. He looked you in the eye as his confident hands felt your affected wrist, a small smile pulling at the corner of his mouth when you winced in pain. He palpated the bones again, eliciting the same wince, and you tried to pull away, but couldn’t.

“Doctor McCoy, that hurts,” you complained. The smile got a little more obvious.

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When John Romero left id Software, co-founded a company called Ion Storm, and announced a time-traveling epic that would take the player and an intelligent sidekick through a near-future San Francisco, 25th-century Japan, Ancient Greece, and Dark Age Norway, every nerd on the planet started hyperventilating into their lunch bag. Oh, but don’t let us over-hype it … let Time Magazine do that:

“Everything that game designer John Romero touches turns to gore. And to gold,” they said. “Romero … wore the mantle of pop-culture godhood with aplomb,” they gasped. The whole idea of sidekicks in a video game was a “bold departure” that would “help turn mere games into immersive dramas,” Time screeched, before being overwhelmed with zealous lust and fainting dead away.

5 Things We Learned Making Daikatana, The Biggest Flop In Game History


i will only open 3 slots at a time. first come first serve. anyone interested will receive my paypal information after viewing the quote and if i have accepted to do the commission as well as have the go-ahead from the user. i’ll make a new post when slots are reopened.

this is for RolePlay icons ONLY please read the information above carefully. if you have any questions, just message me! :D

i want to make an icon family.

reblog this post with an image or icon of your chara/muse’s bust or face if you would also like an icon in the family set too. they’ll most likely look like chibion headshots and i’ll make them in between my commissions work for fun.

this is for my follows so please do not follow me just for a free icon. that will have me sad ;;n;; and there isn’t a limit set at the moment, but that could change ;;v;;

there’s this cool thing called the ignore/unfollow button. use it. i will not tolerate or answer to OTP/brOTP shipping hate.

all ROTG ships are equally welcome to dock here at the ion shipyard.

about art requests

hello hello darlings!
just so you know, I am often always accepting art requests messages but I usually only do the ones that interest me. it’s okay to send me some ideas that you would like to see but keep in mind that I do these in my free time and try not to treat me like a photocopier, okay? these things take time and effort.

also remember that I am HIGHLY picky about OCs (doesn’t mean you can’t try tho) and I often turn them down. sweetening your message will not sway my opinion on it. if you’re an artist yourself (skill level not important), instead try asking me about art trades! I do get busy tho so I may not be able to do one right away. this also applies for crossover pairings and unrelated art requests to ROTG.

and lastly, I do favour non-anon requests over anon ones. this is bc it’s easier for me to alert the user when I’ve filled their post rather than have someone check back and have to scroll through my archive just to see if I filled their request or not. if for whatever reason you don’t want your user name on a request, just tell me so in the message (not in a separate one pls) and i’ll block out your user and your icon so you can keep your anonymity. just make it very clear that you want that, like ‘pls make post anon’ and i’ll understand.

the only reason I prefer it is bc I copy the link of the post and send it privately to the original requester. they get notified and everyone is happy! anons are still welcome tho.

okay thank you for listening! and thank you for all the requests and kind messages you take the time to send me. sry I’m so slow about them!

with love,