ion anise

Tales of the Abyss cast in a sentence
  • Luke: I didn't do it!
  • Tear: ... But it's so cute...
  • Jade: Oh, my mistake, I almost assumed you had the mental capacity to understand what that basic message meant, but apparently my ears aren't working properly due to my old age.
  • Guy: Don't get me wrong, I love women - I'm just deathly afraid of them.
  • Anise: An aristocrat, where?
  • Natalia: Asch!
  • Asch: Stupid worthless trashy pathetic excuse of a defected replica...
  • Ion: I'll help you, but it won't do anything...
  • Mieu: Master called me a "thing" 30 times today!

next on fusions that gel surprisingly well

starring natalia as utena, asch as anthy, shorthair luke as dios, and longhair luke as akio

van gets to be some awful combination of the worst parts of saionji and touga. jade gets mikage.

there’s some clusterfuck of ion, sync, anise and arietta in the jury, shiori and ruka parts.

but really i just want natalia to be asch’s princess in shining armour okay