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Tales of the Stage - The Last Score - Live and Theater at Yokohama Arena Character Visuals

Sync, Legretta, and Mohs have also been confirmed under the ensemble cast. There will be a pre-recorded prologue skit written by Takumi Miyajima (TOA main scenario writer) featuring the original voice actors.


More Tales of the Stage Actors Announced!

The following have been revealed as performers for the upcoming Tales of the Abyss stage play this June 2 at Yokohama Arena:

  • Shunichi Takahashi as Jade Curtiss
  • Chihiro Kai as Anise Tatlin
  • Kou Hosokawa as Guy Cecil
  • Fuyuna Asakura as Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
  • Saki Takahashi as Ion
  • Yuya Arai as Asch

Previously, Kota Iwaki and Sena have been announced as the actors for Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants respectively.

daily reminder

Anise and Ion remind you not to take friends for granted. It’s rare to find people who genuinely care about you.

It’s not always easy to find those people, but you should be open to find them! Meeting new people can be exciting and overwhelming. If you don’t know what to talk about, start with simple questions like “how are you?” “what music do you listen to?” “do you like sports?” 
That way you can find common interests and conversations will be much easier! Sometimes it takes time until you find true friends. Be patient. 


Tales of the Abyss x Kill la Kill OP2 Parody

Video link: [Dailymotion (unpitched)] [YouTube (pitched)]

Finally done, after hours (err, days) of agonizing in Photoshop, derping around my favorite video editing software, and listening to “ambiguous” on infinite loop.

It’s not perfect, but I am proud of it. I hope you all like it, in any case!