Wanted to do another series about how my character’s dresses up VS. closest in-game sets. I will be doing more of these, along with the Fashion Design commissions I got for swtor OCs. 

If you’d like to see more steps, clear images, first one to view the finished versions support me at Patreon, which contains bonuses, suggestion / request options and more.

Used in-game gear pieces, just in case anyone was curious;

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I knew that she knew I suspected something ... maybe that’s why she’d gone straight to Zim first.

Narsh.  A black-as-night city equally decrepit as it was luxurious, and sometimes there was no distinction between the two.  Run by warring Hutt crime families, with The Exchange and Black Sun springing up like moldy womp rats and nibbling at the edges, “Vertical City” was as much a place for the wealthy elite as it was for sweat, desperation, and murder.

And I could feel that coming by the prickling on the back of my neck … the same kind of prickling I got whenever my partner dared to bring in yet another box of grease and heart disease from the public health hazard next door.

What a way to start the day.

The morning stims hadn’t even had a chance to cool before my partner had his nose buried in our next big case, and I mean that more literally than I don’t.  Hair like spring and eyes like the dream of a clear island lagoon, she’d breezed into the office like a delicate ocean spray made of starlight and flowers, and promptly wrapped him around her little finger.  He perched on the edge of his desk, and if he hadn’t already kissed her hand, I swear he’d do it again in a heartbeat.  

He might anyway.

Iolenthe “call me Iole” Delicia.  I’m positive my partner will end up calling her many things, but none of them will be Iole.  She’d wafted in from the distant, exotic, and utterly foreign city of Zeltros.  Fashion designer extraordinaire, consultant, and CEO of Iole’s Fashion House & Modelling Agency, there wasn’t anyone who hadn’t heard of her.  She had copyrighted her own name.  I’m pretty sure the latest edition of Riccix’s New Galactic Dictionary featured an image of her next to the word “fashion,” and it was only a matter of time before her name somehow became a verb.

I watched her put the moves on my partner.  Fashion designer, my foot.  She was designing something all right, but it wasn’t fashion.  I didn’t know what it was at this point, but it was only a matter of time before I found out.  By the tilt of her head to allow the hat perched on her pastel curls to obscure her face from me, I knew that she knew I suspected something … maybe that’s why she’d gone straight to Zim first.

My partner.  Ziminder “Starfury” Antilles.

I’ll say it again.

“S t a r f u r y.”

Maybe you heard my fingers frame the word that time.  My partner’s as full of himself as a nexu eating a Hutt.  He likes to think he’s hot stuff, a real ladies’ man.  All suave and darkness, he cut a sharp figure in his tailored suit upon the edge of that desk.  I was certain the jacket’s fabric had shimmersilk woven into it, an unnecessary and overly gaudy choice for a day at the office, but that’s just the type of person Zim was.


This was a hobby for him, after all; he was the rich kid playing detective for excitement, thrills, and beautiful dames, while I actually did the work.  He’d never admit it, though, convinced he could shoot as well as a trained private eye.  One of these days he’d see the light, and maybe his dull and uninspired wardrobe choices would bow to my superiority in that arena as well.

But it wouldn’t be today.  I could tell by the glint in his eye as he finally turned to regard me where I stood, contemplating them over the still-untouched mug of murky stim.  I stiffened, feeling the familiar dread and thrill in equal measures.  Iole of Iole™ had told him something worthy of our attention.  Omega and Starfury, Private Detectives, would finally have a case capable of flooding out the long dry spell.

Or maybe she was just that pretty.

In that moment, it could have been either.

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Friend: Oh, by the way. I bought Pokémon Omega Ruby two days ago. In it, you get a special Pikachu that can dress up in cosplay outfits. I named mine Iolenthe. I completely forgot to tell you!
Me: omg SHOW ME
Friend: Let me grab my DS. *shows it* See?
Me: omg can i put this to tumblr???
Friend: Sure!


Fic: The Piplup Situation

Summary: Kurt and Santana, members of Team Rocket, have been following around two Pokemon trainers for weeks. Now, the time has finally come to attack and capture the Pokemon they’ve been hunting. (If only it were that easy.) Pokemon Klaine AU.

Just a silly lil fic written for Iole and Amanda. 2k. AO3.


Kurt didn’t flinch when he heard the sarcasm-laced voice behind him. “It’s our job, Santana.”

“Last time I checked, oogling someone’s ass wasn’t in the job descript—ow!”

Kurt sighed and pulled away from the set of binoculars. Espeon walked around his waist, looking fairly pleased with herself as Santana hopped on one leg. “She bit me!”

“Stop talking nonsense, and maybe she’ll stop.” Kurt pet her head and whispered, “Good Espie.”

The binoculars were snatched from him as Santana gazed out, muttering about a stupid pest. Kurt knew it was the mission getting to her. They had been watching this duo for weeks, waiting for an opportunity, and so far… nothing. If only that boy would leave the girl for just one minute…

But Kurt didn’t mind too much. This was much easier and more relaxing than some of the other missions he had been sent on. All the duo did was… play. The girl with the blonde hair was always skipping around, and constantly used her Snorlax as a giant pillow. He had watched her chase around a Jigglypuff for hours, until eventually the Pokemon sang them all to sleep. When they awoke, with doodles all over their faces, all the girl did was laugh and chase after it again. And the boy was— well. He was a boy.

A cute boy.

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Found these dolls in Iole’s ref folder. Top duo are Amisi Lulezim and Genti Delicia, her biological parents. 

Amisi is in one her costumes for a movie shooting or something, while she was still in her early 20s, probably before she had Iole. 

Genti is travelling off-world, which he rarely does, to see Iole or join one of her Fashion Shows, he is in his mid 50s currently. He was a tailor now he busies himself with gardening and painting in semi-solitary.

Bottom trio are; Artem Delicia, Padma Pari and Zahir. Iole’s aunt and her two spouses that raised her. They were all stripteasers and erotic dancers. 

Artem is good with gardens too, it’s kind of a family thing, which Iole fails horrible at it, Artem and Genti finds that amusing. She also has a beautiful voice and when she signs it is heavenly. 

Padma is a some sort of a healer, she uses pheromone therapy techniques to ease people’s worries and anxieties. She reads tea leaves, coffee grounds and cards for strangers and for fun. 

Zahir got the best tips and tricks about make up and hair styling, which he taught them all to Iole. Padma was their very willing guinea pig. 

One big Zeltron family!

anonymous asked:

Question for the mod- why does Jaxon need Lilith if literally everyone hates her? Like, what purpose does a nightmare serve and why cant he just get rid of her

//Please, call me Iole. 

It’s emotional dependence really and a very toxic dependence at that. Lilith was Jaxon’s first Nightmare and the first manifestation/result of his powers. For a kid with his background, a vengeful, hateful creature was convenient. Lilith was his first “friend” in years and while she’s pretty damn awful he always thought of her as a godsend because she was the closest to nice in his life in years and she could get away with hurting those who hurt him without consequences for either of them. Lilith does sort of care for him, but was also more interested with the notion of being away from Pitch and free to do what she pleased under Jaxon’s power. As such, she is more possessive over him than caring and dislikes “sharing” with his friends.

By the time Phoenix met him he was too attached to Lilith to get rid of her, although he had less need for her with someone more genuinely nice and friendly. Hence Phoe and Lilith’s rivalry and Lilith’s resentment of everyone Jaxon gets close to.

Jaxon thinks he needs Lilith and kind of feels that he can’t just kick her to the curb after all she’s done for him (which went a long way to his lack of impulse control, worsened temper, and desensitized nature to the pain of others). He would be much better off without her and be able to maintain much more healthy relationships without her trying to poison them.