merci @audreyribeiro

Spell your name in songs

Violet - Hole
Inhaler - Foals
Childhood’s End - Majical Cloudz
Take Me Somewhere Nice - Mogwai
Open Eye Signal - Jon Hopkins
REALiTi - Grimes
I’m Aquarius - Metronomy
All Is Full Of Love - Björk

Why did you choose your URL ?
i wanted something Foals related and i always loved that lyric

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be ?
i mean i kinda wanna say that i’d be a siren or some kinda femme fatale but i’d probably just be a faery or sumthin tbh

Favourite Colour
i buy a lot of grey clothes…?

Song you like right now
lots but if i had to pick one, probably Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Vile cause i’m trying to learn it on guitar

Top 4 fandoms
i’m always confused by this cause i associate fandoms with like tv shows but does it apply to bands? if it does then foals, warpaint, wolf alice and…idk *edit*oh whoops, alt-j obviously

i tag @majicalcurlz @mammoth-swoon @anglerfsh @niightswimmers and @sittinginthesunlight

overghosts asked:

"Sometimes I wonder why you stay with me."

 -Violet massaged the back of her neck and looked down at her
shuffling feet; there was no good answer to his question, whether
she told the truth or not. Sometimes she didn’t even know herself.
A sense of responsibility, maybe, though now he was in a good 
place again she supposed there was nothing to stop her moving
on - except…
“ -Yeah, I don’t get it, either. I haven’t stayed
    in one town this long since- well, since
    forever. Must be the smoothies at that
    diner. Too good to miss out on.”

 -Violet’s coughs could have woken a bear from hibernation, and
   elicited a pained groan from her brother as he lay in bed; the 
   lucky bastard had no work to go to, while he forced her to go
   to school as if everything was normal. If anything, she was 
   sicker than he was- she’d caught the bloody bug first. 
“ -Be back in an hour when they send me home,”
   she called out with a scowl, and slammed the door behind
   her as a final act of childishness before she had to behave
   maturely once more,
“ -Try not to die while I’m gone.”
    Knowing James, he’d sleep it off within the day. She had 
    not been blessed with the same immune system.

    She also did not have his spatial awareness, for she was no
    more than three steps past the stairs to their building before 
    she’d slammed into one of the kids from her class and caused
    them to spill their scalding coffee down her shirt. Brilliant.
“ -Look, I’d apologise if I weren’t
    close to death, but as it is I feel
    like you should’ve paid closer
    attention to where I was going.”

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