Finally had time to draw something! Originally this was a speedpaint but it was really fun and relaxing to draw, so I finished it up completely~

Subject matter-wise, the shoulder plates Noisulli Creators wear (made out of Iolaria and resemble Muinnellim’s) allow them to be “invisible” to Muinnellim and its Iolarian spawn.
But this looks like some shippy drawing instead HAHAHA. MAY OR MAY NOT SHIP MY OWN CHARACTERS TOGETHER???


(Mandelbulb + small color edits and details added in using Photoshop.)

A young Etinifni’s first face to face encounter with the Noisulli race’s deity, Muinnellim. The location is unknown, but believed to be a replica of the original and devoured Noisulli planet.

Or my favorite take on this drawing: “Oh look Muinnellim, *points* a heart-shaped formation. That’s kind of gay.”

Ok I promise, last bunch of Noisulli/Animal Crossing crossovers haha. I had these already sketched out after coloring the previous set featuring the Successors. So I mean, I had to color these ones too pffft…

If I knew how to hack and alter the in-game character models in New Leaf, I would absolutely make ones that looked like these! The deer-Muinnellim one would be horrifying though.

I’m just an angel
Driving blindly
Through this world

I’m just a slave here
At the mercy
Of a girl”

Whoops, every single time I draw Etinifni I end up listening to a lot of Depeche Mode (in this case I listened to “When The Body Speaks” on repeat haha) and… it’s accidentally what I consider to be close to how Etinifni’s voice would sound. Also fun fact, though Muinnellim is technically genderless, I do consider it to be a feminine entity!

Sort of nonsensical drawing of Ralop. (Nonsensical due to the fact that Ralop is in well below freezing temperatures and not wearing her heavier clothing pfffft)

Ralop has little respect of the Iolarian race, and fights the copies of Muinnellim that roam along Citcra’s surface. They’re immortal and nonviolent, but she has fun knocking them over and “killing them” I guess! They don’t react to attacks, and just get back up only to be knocked over again. Featured in the background is the second moon, Elpam, which perpetually blocks the light and warmth coming from the artificial sun surrounding the main planet.

Also I drew this to the song “Magnetic” by Future Prophecies, which I’ve sort of made as Ralop’s noncanon theme song haha. It’s really really fun assigning theme songs to my Noisulli!

I’ve been working on a revised height chart for my Noisulli for the past couple of months! I decided to bump up the heights on some of them to accommodate height differences in other drawings I’ve done (because I can’t keep my facts straight), so some went through a tiny growth spurt haha. By the way I just rounded up the heights so there wasn’t quarter or half inches in there. Also this measures from the top of the head down, not the top of any Iolaria formations on the head. And finally, this also works as a front body marking reference and body type reference as well, though some of the body types could and should be emphasized a little more.

This also kind of shows how the race over time has gradually dropped in height. For reference, Muinnellim is roughly the height of the original Noisulli race and the GEN01 Creators (though Muinnellim is usually hunkered over so you don’t see its full height much). The GEN11 Successors are not full height yet, but they’ll maybe only gain an inch or two in height, making them significantly shorter than their Predecessors. I also didn’t include the GEN08 Creators since… well I’ve drawn enough Noisulli on one page, oh my gosh. But they average to be about the same height as the GEN09 Creators.

This is part one, and part two will be posted up next in a couple days! Also yes I tagged all of this because why not.

Whoops my hand slipped. (Actually this was going to be a small animation but I fizzled out.) The text is just my rambling haha.

Also tossing around some Iolaria concepts! There’s many versions of Iolaria: a virus/disease form, the crystal-like features on Noisulli, a nanotechnology form and a whole species of Iolarians. All of these are capable of using a Noisulli has a host.

And I’m working on some initial symptoms Noisulli would have getting inflicted with the virus version of it. They’d become somewhat blind and able to only see blurry lights and shadows before other phases of Iolaria kick in. Bloody nose is not one of the symptoms. (albeit it’s fun to draw)

Obligatory "Ranul holding Muinnellim skull" sketch. :’D I just like drawing those branch-y/antler things.

The background is reused from an older map I did of the Noisulli’s planet and its three moons. (From left to right) Citcra, Elpam, Aniram (and its mini shield surrounding the moon) and the main planet Esrevinu, with the artificial sun/shield surrounding it.


Two small drawings from this past week! I’d post them separately but… nnggh.

The first one’s actually an old drawing of Muinnellim that I found and finished up real quick. The second one is a kind of out of character doodle of Ranul. I just like the colors. :T

I literally haven’t had any time to draw much, plus I have terrible art block! Or actually not really “art block” as more just “I’m going to draw Ranul over and over again”. My original characters are fun for me to draw again yaaay

“Come ride with me
Through the veins of history
I’ll show you why God
Falls asleep on the job

And how can we win,
When fools can be kings
Don’t waste your time
Or time will waste you”

Every single song Muse has done makes me want to draw Noisulli! |:D
It’s literally so fitting for the *coughnonexistentcough* storyline I made haha.