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Kickstarter Reboot is Live!!

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We’ve rebooted our Kickstarter campaign after the awesome feedback we’ve received from the community.  The biggest change is our greatly reduced funding goal (now at $30k).  We realized that we could still make a great game if we aimed a bit lower in terms of content.  If we go above that funding goal, we will add the originally planned content, but having this phased approach will help us better launch this game.

Also, we’ve added physical rewards like posters, shirts, and art books.  There are some limited “early bird” rewards for those of you that donate early :-)

Please help us spread the word for this project!  We have a lot of great developers that have recently lost their jobs due to industry layoffs.  Most of whom worked on Fallout: New Vegas. Help us keep this team together so we can continue making awesome games for you guys!


 - Jason Fader, Creative Director


Check out our video update about Trans Gaming and our future Steam Bandits games! There’s just 2 days left to the Kickstarter and we’re $5k away from our second stretch goal. Spread the word if you can :-D