iocaine powder

Don't you know that that storybook love doesn't happen till the end?

Seriously, watch the princess bride again. It’s on netflix right now. It’ll make you feel better.

Pay attention to how hopeless and “too late” everything seems. Westley dies. Twice. Buttercup gets married. Twice. You think the six fingered man kills Inigo. You think Buttercup is going to kill herself. It all works out in the end, of course. And then there’s the closing credits song.

I also still say, no matter what happened the first four times, both of the cabbie’s last two “iocaine powder” pills in asip are poison, and he plans to die as he takes sherlock out with him. It’s for his kids, and he’s a walking aneurysm, he’s dead anyway, he’s just making his death matter. Sound familiar???