Tom on the cover of IO Donna, shared on their Facebook. Photo by Jeff Vespa.

Tom Hardy, l'attore di The revenant - Redivivo, è il protagonista della cover di IODONNA in edicola da domani mattina. Gli piacciono i personaggi oscuri, psicotici e un po’ pericolosi, come quello che interpreta nel nuovo film The revenant - Redivivo che gli è valsa una nomination all'Oscar. Ma non farebbe male neanche a un pesce. Leggi l'intervista

Tom Hardy, actor of The Revenant - reborn, is the protagonist of the cover of IODONNA on newsstands tomorrow morning. He likes the dark characters, psychotic and a little dangerous, as the guy who plays in the new movie The Revenant - reborn that is worth in to an Oscar nomination. But he wouldn’t hurt even a fish. Read the interview [Google transl.]


Interview in IO Donna, 15 gennaio 2016. [Google translation]

Tom Hardy: “How exciting to be bad …”

He likes dark characters, psychotic and a bit dangerous, like the one he plays in new movie The Revenant - which earned him an Oscar nomination. But he would not hurt even a fish

by Alessandra Venezia☆

Tom Hardy is no joke. Within a few months the London actor appeared in three films formidable: Mad Max: Fury Road, Legend and The Revenant, all in the running for the most prestigious film awards. If in Legend he doubles interpreting twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray, two famous gangsters of the London scene of sixty years, in Revenant, Alejandro Iñarritu’s thriller western, he is a mercenary trapper and traitor who would sell his soul for a handful of money.

The most admired actor of his generation - intensity and physical presence is compared to Marlon Brando - Hardy continues to surprise. The screen changes his skin like his characters, to the point of becoming unrecognizable; his conversation is unpredictable, closes like a hedgehog and then discover how a defenceless boy. It may sound harsh, but then it is sweet and vulnerable. A man full of contradictions and contrasts: he loves acting, but confesses that he sees very few movies; He has soldiers and military friends, but cannot bear arms and could not kill even a minnow. Has a turbulent past of drugs, alcohol and rehab that he has left behind: married to British actress Charlotte Riley (met on the set of Wuthering Heights in 2009), he has become a father for the second time a few months ago. “I grew up, now I have responsibilities …”.

You became famous playing strong characters, brutal, extreme, like Bane of the Dark Knight. Then a return to John Fitzgerald of The Revenant, a man without mercy. What fascinates you about these violent creatures?
I find them exciting, ever-changing and therefore potentially dangerous.They are often psychotic who want to change the world, adapting it to their needs, rejecting any social rule. But I do not have them, I will only observe certain human behaviors, to imitate, to replicate them on the screen.

Are you a fan of gangster movies?
It’s embarrassing, I know, but I’ve never seen or The Godfather , or theSopranos , and I never idolized gangsters. But I find it interesting, as an artist, to investigate the concept of “psychotic”: certain behaviors concern not only criminals or serial killers, you can find them even in business, in politics. You can also meet a grocer paranoid.

How do you feel when you must turn for weeks into a fierce creature like Fitzgerald? Happily indifferent, because these characters are not real. To play Fitzgerald had to be implacable, emotionless; there was no passion or desire, nothing visceral. perhaps it is difficult to see certain violent scenes on the screen, but for me it was easy to leave everything outside the door, before returning home.

A few months ago you became a father for the second time. Will that change the characters you bring to the screen?
As a rule, as a general rule I do not discuss anything that concerns my children: I think that should be protected from the life of the parents, to become independent adults. Becoming a father helped me break that crust of selfishness that forces you to concentrate your forces always and only on yourself: finally there is someone who is more important than me. Becoming a father is a wonderful gift, terrifying and rewarding.

And the film roles?
Nothing will change: Tommy will always be the actor, while Tommy dad belongs only to the personal sphere.

What is the most violent thing you have committed in life?
If Tommy responds to this question he is likely to end up in prison (laughs). But … Killing a fish is a rather violent action, don’t you think?

What made ​​you decide to play (be an actor) as a boy?
At first it was a reaction to the encouragement of adults when improvising, then I realized that I was pretty good and I began to invest more time and energy: they have resulted in a great passion, and then a discipline that has transformed it into my profession.

Your tattoos are as popular as your characters. Remember the first?
I was 15. The most recent, on the forearm, just a few months ago: a wolf, a heart and a heart vo. They remind me to live and speak from the heart in his hand. I’ve fixed from years every stage of my life with a tattoo, and by the time I’m old I will never forget my past kings. A mental note, a visual sign that will be with me and in me forever.


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