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Quick bottom upload to get this shoe edit out in the world, here you go! The skirt’s a really low poly one from base game reshaped and its uv map cleaned up. I like them lady hips  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

The mesh has both morphs and four recolors, all with black shoes. All files have been compressorized. Anyone wanting to recolor the skirt, here’s an uv map to make it easier!

Credits: bunhead, whose awesome shoes I used as a base for these!

Download at SFS!


Allegra’s a funny sort of PI in my game: she’s reluctant to call herself one, but somehow it’s the job that brings food to the table. Her entire life and her way of looking at it are filled with similar contradictions she’s too much of a positive nihilist to bother stressing over. Adjusting quickly to new situations is kind of her thing.

Aged up to adult, CC shown and listed above. Thanks to all the creators!

Again, if you have pictures of her or any of my sims, tag them with serabiet, I’d love to see them :)

Download at SFS!


Not exactly Maxis made, but this Lilith’s been filling the original’s combat boots for a while in my game nevertheless. I checked the original in bodyshop for comparison and oh boy I seem to have taken actually way more liberties with the interpretation than I thought I had, heh.

Aged up to adult, comes with the cc shown and listed in the third image. She comes in default S2 skintone and green eyes.

I’d love to see her in other games, so do tag me if you post any photos!

Download at SFS!

Soooo. I got the itch only yet another vtmb playthrough can scratch the other day, and it usually leads me to redownload some good ol similar aesthetic cc. Now I’m looking at this him666/jirka skinblend and wondering if I could update it a little. Picture vaguely related. Starting a crusty city hood with early 00s grimdark goth vibes and brooding melodramatic sims wearing pvc and lace is very much on the table.

Any old goff fave pieces of cc any of you would like to see polished? Feel free to comment!


Sims No Filter Challenge

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

Got tagged by @blackswan-sims and couldn’t resist, thank you! :D I picked my pseudo Lilith Pleasant for this, since she’s the one I’m currently feeling the most. Ngl, I love layering cc on a sim’s mug. Also that awkward smile is very on brand for L!

Tagging but you don’t gotta if you don’t wanna: @ergo-cyn, @simbic, @witheredlilies, @emperorofthedark, @marvelann, @sariadeea, @ghostwaltzsims, @digitalangels


Not an upload post, but showing what i’m about to share with you in a few days! Feeling all sorts of casual here.

  1. Yesterday I converted the basic straight-ish leg jeans with workboots from this post to adult and teen females, repositoried the textures, and then figured why not go all the way and make them available for elders and kids as well while I’m at it. So I just need to make those mesh conversions and then everyone can wear something safe and casual!
  2. There’s this one S2Store outfit I hadn’t seen before called Veronique, and I was kinda digging the t-shirt on it, so I separated it into a top (bonus: the separate group sort!) and put some autumn colors and textures on it. The waist seam was annoying to align so for the time being it’ll only be available for teens.
  3. Rented-space is a treasure with all the 3t2 hair conversions for real. I retextured and re-alpha’d a couple of those, a ponytail and pigtails. Some minor transparency issues may have arisen when I messed with the alpha textures but in game they weren’t big enough to bother me at least.

I was working on a Helga and that M&G hair in the spring, but right now I have zero memory what I was going to do next with them. I think the Helga one needed bone assigning and some reshaping, and the M&G number is currently sinking into teen heads when they smustle. Or when they turn their heads even a little in general. So those are going to be a while.

If any of you have any secret hopes of age/gender conversions of any of my past uploads, let me know, it might appear in this next batch of stuff.


Favourite makeovers from the past year in bodyshop. There are 212 sims in my backup folder which means that’s how many of the premades i’ve done some facial structure adjustments on. As a rule I’ve tried to stick to the spirit of the original face and character, and just worked on softening any extreme texture distorting features. Except most face 1 and 2s, took more liberties there for variety’s sake.

I want to make a new police officer uniform default because imo Tank is way beefier than that (like almost lbb bodyshape beefy) but ughh, first hunting down suitable mesh parts, then putting them together and then textures? Not today.