io don giovanni


Io, Don Giovanni

I watched this film on the plane last year… twice.  It was so good!  Italian, but I watched with subtitles.  It centers on Lorenzo da Ponte who wrote the librettos for Mozart’s most famous operas, including Don Giovanni.  You see him and his conquests and how he supposedly based the character of the Don on himself (hence the title).  Not sure if that’s historically accurate, but I don’t care because the movie was so cool!  They used real opera singers to play the opera singers and they included FULL opera scenes.  It was frivolous and fanciful, melodramatic and random, just like any good Italian opera should be!

Other highlights:  Casanova and Salieri show up.  Lorenzo is really hot.  A girl student of Mozart cross dresses to play cello in the opera orchestra.  A diva cat fight in the beginning.