Shinra X Celty: why it works

Let us just begin with the fact that um THEY LIVE TOGETHER. Not to say that every couple that ever lives together belongs together, but in this particular case it’s true. Why the fuck else would you just stick your head inside the shower when you think that the hot Irish fairy you live with who happens to be in the shower? Shinra just sort of waltzes into the apartment, hears the shower running, and goes right in on his merry way expecting a naked Celty there. I mean, sure it turns out to be his father, but HE STILL WENT IN THERE. Was he expecting shower sex from her or something? Why else do you go into someone’s shower right when you come in the fucking door? Pretty sure casual shower sex in Shinra’s apartment must be a thing. Just saying.
Then there’s the fact that she has this little palm pilot thing he gave her in order for her to be able to communicate. However, when this thing almost breaks, Celty isn’t worried because it’s her only form of communication, but that it was a present from Shinra and she doesn’t want it broken. I’m pretty sure being able to communicate is a little more important than who gave it to you, unless that is you love the person who gave it to you.
Then there’s the whole he thinks she’s perfect just the way she is thing, despite her not having a head. That’s pretty much the equivalency of telling a girl she looks pretty without make up and doesn’t need to put it on. Shura is basically telling Celty “ you look beautiful without a head and don’t need to search for your head”. Which is pretty sweet of him.
Then in the last episode when they talk about “the cutest couple in Ikebukero” Shinra gives himself a slight complex over whether they should go downtown to show the world that they are.
By the way, it says that he’s in love with her I don’t know A MILLION FUCKING TIMES. Who wouldn’t love him back after all he’s done for her? And if she doesn’t? Then why the hell do they worry about each other so much?!
It works.
And you Know it.
I will go down with the ship.

p0wersurg3 asked:

6, 14, 24, 34, 35, 38, 43

6: Age you get mistaken for

I got mistaken for a high schooler this summer :P

14: Biggest turn offs

Feet, immaturity, braggadocio

24: My relationship with my parent(s)

Both better and worse than when I was living at home. I’ve been able to become more independent in recent years, which makes me appreciate them all the more, but this freedom has left me unable to endure their company for more than a week or so at a time without feeling like I’m in high school again. :/

34: What I find attractive in women Face, intelligence, sense of humor, eyes, boobs 35: What I find attractive in men Face, intelligence, sense of humor, eyes, general body shape 38: My childhood career choice Astronaut… still holding out some hope >3< 43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately Neil Patrick Harris
The days have been unforgiving.

I can’t sleep. After the PLM interview, my sleep-wake cycle turned upside down and is downright crazy right now. I wake up at wee times of the morning and can’t force myself to sleep. The moment I opened my eyes even just for a little bit, my mind then starts telling me stories and what-ifs. What if I fail? What if I am wrong in the step that I am taking now? What if I will not be accepted? Argh, the horror!

Having a very active mind doesn’t really help, too; I hate my mind, I really do. It relives the wrongful pasts and vivifies the horrific future that may befall me if bad things happen. 

Zombie mode, indeed, and apparently it will be with me for a very long time.

Weekend master post.

People: me, and the fantastical “miss new booty”


Shit ton of driving. SHIT TON OF DRIVING.  Includes driving in circles to get to the venue and miscommunication with a cop.

Raves: the most mind blowingly loud and epic shit I’ve ever been a part of concert wise.
Showtek is amazing live. Being blasted with a dry ice based fog was epic, the perfect cool down. Booyah, SON.
All the bass. Bass. BASS.
50,000 watts of bass.
Like, when it hits you, you literally vibrate and your hair gets blown back (thanks to my girl Kalei for that description btw). That kind of bass. You can feel it in your bones. And. It. Is. Awesome.
Also, being showered in soap bubbles.

Then driving in circles on the way home. Sorry, babe xD. Almost being run off the road due to some dumbass not using the mirrors on his car was fun.
Jack in the box the lifesaver at 2 am.
Angry Orchard. Yum.
Being taught good technique.
Surprisingly not bad intro to the parentals. I told you.
Drive to SF.

“You look like such a bro right now man.”
“You’re like the least threatening black man I’ve ever seen.”
“Vans…the douchiest shoes…”
“Maybe they think you’re security?”
“Watch out for them prosti-tots.”
“Oh my god…those hips…are they even attached?”
“I dont know If I want to be her, or do her”
“…I want to do her as her.”
“Be ready for this shit.”
“That was good…that was really good, man.”
“This is why I don’t like it when people come to raves in their underwear”
“Ready for round two?”
“Dont miss the exit this time, dumbass.”
“Lemonade is the shit”
“Three tacos?”
“Im just waiting for your mom to come around and be like…are you sure you dont want the guest bed?”
“I’m not that drunk yet.”
“Judging me over coffee.”
“No, I did not sleep with your son”
“Them accents.”
“Keep talking. Just keep saying words with your mouth.”

When someone leaves you with “You still suck” but it doesnt phase you, you’ve found a good friendship.

“I love you, but youre being an asshole right now” is pretty much a summation of the two of us.
p.s. fucking doge meme.

Ride or die friends, man. Nothing beats that shit.