names and their aesthetics

Auguste: salted caramels, trying to remember the dream you just woke up from

Isabelle: the feeling you used to get when you heard an ice cream truck in the distance, sleeping in

Zoe: worn out sneakers and loops in roller coasters

Esmé: soft hands, the sound of an audience’s applause the moments after you finish performing and are still on stage

Emma: humidity after summer rain and wearing a knit spaghetti strap top with no bra underneath

Ruth: peppermint candies and racing heart beats

Kaia: blurry vision under water, a maroon beret worn over tightly curled hair

Skylar: velvet chokers, black patent leather mary janes, starless nights

Anna: red chinese silk dresses, a thin gold chain bracelet

Ella: doves, thick black eyeliner, “Midnight The Stars And You” by Al Bowlly


My Bamon feels today 💔
This hug lifted me up to cloud nine
They truly are amazing together
I kept watching this over and over again 💔❤

Closed RP with Gingerfantrolls

> You are Xaviaá and boy are you exhausted.  It was a nice day outside and you where off work for once. So you decided to troll and visit your new friend. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to be at their flower shop… In a way you couldn’t HELP but worry about them.  

> This was causing you to be distracted as you walk around and do your normal routine of shopping for goods like food. Though this wasn’t really good food for you.. Mostly chips, microwavable foods, sodas. Jeeze you would get better stuff but you rarely had the time to cook.

> At this point, you’ve paid for your food and was making your way outside when you seem to have bumped into a troll by accident! Oh boy, this is why you need to pay attention to things. You bump into poor trolls like this. 

Shooz, are jou okay? I didn’z mean zo bump inzo jou..