inyourmattress  asked:

Hi Ona! I'm a new reader, and greatly adore WTMYH. Every time I see a new chapter up, it just makes my day. :] I've been wondering if your decision to make Frisk Androgynous was to keep with Undertale's theme regarding them? And if so, do the other characters refer to them as such because of a conscience request on Frisk's part? Or is it to simply keep with Undertale's original concept? Please forgive me, if this has already been asked, I as just wondering about it today.~

Hey there! I’m glad you like it! :D

I’ve never really considered Frisk’s nonbinary status as something that was really up for debate, personally, so writing them as such in the fic was an easy choice. It’s not explicitly stated in the fic, but yes, the use of ‘they/them’ pronouns is a request of Frisk and Hope’s. Eventually Frisk’s nonbinary status is going to get touched on more specifically as we encounter more humans.