inwards and onwards


he could resurrect peace from pain and
bring it to me
calm and open handed

he silenced
that aching longing
with whispers and
questions and ideas

he tells me
we share the same soul

in my heart i let him run his thumb
across my thick lips

when he looks me dead in the eyes like that, and sees my soul

is that bravery
… or seduction?

to create in this time
this space

to invent and transcend
and redefine

love is an exploration
deeper and further

onward, inward.

and isn’t that the very essence of art?

When we concentrate our attention on the origin of thought, the thought process itself comes to an end; there is a hiatus, which is pleasant, and again the process starts.
Turning from the external world and enjoying the objectless bliss, the mind feels that the world of objects is not for it.
Prior to this experience the unsatiating sense enjoyments constantly challenged the mind to satisfy them, but from the inward turn onwards its interest in them begins to fade.
Once the internal bliss is enjoyed, the external happiness loses its charm.
One who has tasted the inward bliss is naturally loving and free from envy, contented and happy with others’ prosperity, friendly and innocent and free from deceit.
He is full of the mystery and wonder of the bliss.
One who has realized the Self can never inflict pain on other.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Inward & Onward

How does one break habits they use to cope,
And escape their commonplace of sanctuary?
What could be wrong with the sense of safety,
Or does everything have an unwelcome cost?

We waste more money on fear and comforts, 
Two feelings which can change with the wind.
A need harboring the gross number of wants,
Because convenience is the simplest excuse.

Perhaps we should be asking ourselves why,
As it is clearly the most demanding question.
We direct it at others when we want to know,
But shy away at the thought of responsibility.

Yet this query is as dangerous as its answer,
Creating both greater truths and grander lies.
Which would make it another shield or pillow,
Unless we use it to free our-self from desires.