involving you and your younger brother


A/N: This is my submission for @katymacsupernatural ‘s Gif Challenge! Yay

Pairings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Word Count: 681

Reader Age: Younger than both boys, I imagine

Dean groaned loudly as you trudged through the door of the motel room. It had been a constant, near 24 hour, loop of driving and interviewing and the three of you were beyond exhausted and beyond annoyed with each other. The case you and your brothers were working involved a suspected haunting of a high school, so there had been many ‘witnesses’ at the scene. Barely being able to keep your eyes open, you dropped your duffel by the table, slipped your blazer off, and flopped onto the first bed in sight.

“This is the most comfortable, uncomfortable bed ever,” you mumbled into the blanket, taking your gun out of the waistband of your slacks and tossing it onto the other bed. A heavy thud landed directly to your left and you lifted your head to see your mess of a brother, still in his FBI suit.

“Scoot, shorty!” Dean shouted as he attempted to shove you off the side of the bed. You protested and shoved back at him with no luck.

“Why can’t you and Sammy share a bed for once?” you whined and grabbed a pillow, smacking Dean weakly with it. He yanked it out of your grip and whacked you back before shoving it under his head and closing his eyes.

“This is so unfair,” you snapped and sat up, crossing your arms over your chest. You turned towards Sam and pleaded, “Sam, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bed to myself in my entire life, I just want a good night’s sleep, there’s not even a couch for me in here!”

You knew you sounded childish, but you also knew that it would probably work. Sam sighed and nodded. He shook Dean’s legs to wake him up and received a  solid kick to the abdomen.

“Dude!” Sam exclaimed, putting a hand to his stomach. “She’s right, just let her sleep,” he told Dean and sat on the other bed to untie his shoes. When Dean said nothing in return, you maneuvered to stand, giving Dean another shove.

“I’m gunna get ready for bed. I want a bed, Dean!” you yelled and threw your shoe at him, hitting him in the leg. He murmured something incoherent while you closed the door to the bathroom behind you. When you went to brush your teeth, you were greeted by the toothpaste caked almost entirely around the tube and its cap.

“Ew Dean! Come on! Again? Would you quit doing this?” You stormed out of the bathroom, waving the tube around.

Dean, still face-first into the bed, mumbled, “Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, sis.”

You huffed and unnecessarily slammed the bathroom door shut. Annoyed, you wiped the toothpaste off with a grimace. You heard Sam talking to Dean but couldn’t make out what he said. A few minutes later you reentered the room to see your brothers, both still in their suit-tops, facing each other in a stance you knew all too well.

“Loser gets the floor,” Dean said quickly as he got into rock-paper-scissors formation. Sam squinted his eyes and tilted his head slightly. You watched as Dean played scissors and Sam, rock. Dean swore under his breath and turned away, irritated.

“Night, sucker,” you snickered and dove into your now empty bed, yanking the blankets over your shoulders.

“I hate you both,” Dean muttered, giving Sam a push and you a glare. After a bit more bickering, they both changed into t-shirts. Dean grabbed a pillow and the top blanket off each bed, folding one in half to lie on and covering himself with the other.

“Love ya, De,” you called out, feeling slightly guilty for making your brother sleep on the floor, but not guilty enough to give up your bed.

“Whatever,” he grunted, turning over on his side. You were nearly asleep when your gassy brother let one loose.

“Aww c’mon Dean!” Sam cried out and you buried your face into your pillow, avoiding whatever smells were lingering in the air. Dean chuckled and you heard Sam throw something at him. “You’re frickin’ disgusting!”

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SPN FanFic

~Dean gets a little jealous when the new guy catches your eye~

Dean x Reader, Mr. Ketch, Sam

1,426 Words

Warnings: Nothing but fluff, maybe a little Dean Drama

A/N: For @bringmesomepie56 after our convo Thursday night. Not exactly what I said, but this is what came out ;)

“Well, thanks for your help, I guess.”

The Englishman smiled. It seemed friendly, genuine, but it never made it up to his eyes. There was something else in there. Something calculating, secret; something that drew you in despite your suspicions. “You are a lot more gracious than your friends,” he remarked, giving a faint nod towards the Winchesters. They were waiting by the car, uninterested in making any form of small talk with Mr. Ketch, even if he had just stepped in at the last minute to save your asses.

“Yeah, they have trust issues,” you laughed, taking a peek at the boys over your shoulder. Sam was leaning against his door, eyes narrow and observant, making sure you were ok. Dean was behind him, one foot in the driver’s side, his fingers tapping impatiently on the Impala’s hood.

“And you don’t?” His smooth voice brought your attention back to him. The look in his eyes was still a mystery to you.

“Oh, I do, but I can also be easily swayed.” You bit your lip, giving him a flirtatious smirk.  

“I’ll have to remember that.”

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Harry Hook x Reader-Ben’s Twin Headcanons

Requested: By anonymous: Harry Hook dating Belle and Adam’s daughter/Ben’s younger twin sister headcanons please

Warnings: none

Note: I changed this to a reader insert because I did one pretty much exactly like this but with Gil. But that wasn’t a reader one. I hope that’s alright! I had so much fun with this one and totally want to do more with this ship lol. But tbh, the end of this went a different direction than I thought lol💙💜💙💜

(Not my gif)

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You hadn’t been involved in getting your brother back from the pirates, you’d been sleeping. So you had no clue that the cute new vk, son of Captain Hook, had kidnapped your brother.
You knew he had been kidnapped by Uma and others, but not the specifics.

You were in charge of showing him around, you were princess after all.
You wouldn’t tell anyone that you were actually excited that you got to show Harry the ropes.

The entire time you showed him around, he flirted with you and was just totally his crazy but charming self.

Harry and you started dating shortly after he came to Auradon, you knew about what happened on the Isle, but it was the past.
You kept your relationship a secret though, you wanted to make sure it was serious before telling your parents or Ben.

You’re actually the reason Harry gets to keep his hook. You explained to Ben and Fairy Godmother that it held a lot of value to him and that you’d make sure he didn’t hook anyone. You would even convince him to put a little training tip on it so he couldn’t hurt anyone.

Harry secretly teaches you to sword fight and sail, the two of you sneaking out to do so.
He definitely was rubbing his wicked ways off on you.

Gil, Uma, Carlos, and Evie were the only ones who knew the two of you were together.

Gil, you love him, but he’s the reason everyone found out about you two only four months into your relationship.

He had let it slip during your birthday party of course, where your parents and brother were, with your now not a secret boyfriend.

Ben was surprised but supportive, he did threaten Harry, which was a little shocking. Not really though, he had always protective over you.
Adam was all together in shock, it took him a long time to warm up to Harry.
Belle almost fainted. It was one thing for you to be dating a vk, it’s another for you to be secretly dating the one who kidnapped your brother.

It takes about a month for your mother to warm up to Harry, he was always charming though so he wore her down fairly quick. She loved him soon enough. 
It took your father a year to fully accept Harry. He didn’t trust that Harry wouldn’t hurt you, he finally warms up though.

Most are floored that you’re together and don’t think it’ll last long, you prove them wrong though.

The two of you are always flirting, Harry most of all because he loves making his princess flush.

You, way later in the future, inherited the throne to a neighboring kingdom through a distant relative.
Harry pops the question at your coronation.

He comes up behind you with his hook, arm around his waist as he shows you the two gorgeous rings hanging from it, your parents and brother proudly watching on.

You are a beloved Queen and Harry is the perfect pirate King and husband.

White Boy.

You were relaxing with your brother outside on the porch of your house in the South side of Chicago, a place that is known for regular police officers passing by and unnecessary arguments and drugs. You didn’t mind all that much because you never truly bothered with any of that but your older brother on the hand had been sentenced to jail time for a numerous amount of crimes but you would always love him because he was your other half.

Where you lacked in streets smarts you excelled in book smarts and vise versa when it came to your brother, you had been laying on his lap reading while he waited for one of his men to come and talk about the “business” as your brother called it but you knew what he meant you just never questioned him because you preferred not to get involved.

“Yo, Cracker, what’s up.” You brother said getting up causing you to groan moving into an upright position you noticed him and the younger boy did their guy hug which you always found weird, you laughed a little causing them to look in your direction “This your bitch?” The white boy said causing your brother to burst out laughing while you on the other hand was not impressed or pleased so you stood in front of the boy “White boy, I’m no ones bitch. So watch yourself.” You said standing in his face before flipping your hair and walking back inside up to your room.

You weren’t street smart but you had the quickest tongue, a bad attitude and temper, and held your own in any fight but most people didn’t know that because they are so use to the sweet and nice (Y/N) but when in the South side you trust no one, you learned that the hard way sadly. You were listening to music and doing homework when you say your door open removing your headphones you looked to see the white boy from downstairs “Can I help you white boy?” You said sharply glaring at him noticing him examining your room “Nah, I thought this was the bathroom.” He said walking into your room looking at your desk.

You got off the bed and  walked over to him “Well since it isn’t you can get out now.” You said pushing his shoulders back “Yo, you too touchy-feely, at least ask my name before screaming it.” The white boy said grabbing his crotch area causing you to scoff “Fuck no, now get out.” You said now shoving him out of your room slamming the door on his face once he was outside. “Dick.” You mumbled under your breath returning back to your homework until you heard a knock on your door causing you to roll your eyes.

“Yo white boy , you don’t stop do you.” You said while opening the door to unveil your brother who looked very guilty at the moment “(Y/B/N) what did you do?” You said crossing your arms while giving him a challenging look “You know I need to do my business to support us…” he said trailing off which caused you to nod.

“Well the white boy, Carl, he says he won’t be involved in that business unless I get you to agree to be his fake girlfriend to piss off his ex.” He said looking at you with sad eyes, you sighed loudly you couldn’t stay mad at your brother for very long because you knew he meant well and didn’t want you to feel like you had to do anything against your will “Okay. For how long? And how much business we talking?” You said, you weren’t the best at street smarts but you weren’t a sucker.

“About a week, and big money (Y/N/N).” He said sounding hopeful as to your answer, you sighed “Alright.” You said rolling your eyes when you saw your brother nearly beam a ray of joy “Get some sleep little sis, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.” Your brother said kissing your forehead and then began to walk to his room and you to yours.

“Fuck.” You said as you laid down and began to focus on the ceiling not ready for what tomorrow held. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” You repeated until you’d finally fell asleep and woken the next day “Show time.” You whispered to your reflection in the mirror.

VIXX as horror movie characters


•  one of the protagonists that everyone roots for
•  only bc he has an interesting back story that ends up being linked with whatever horrors they’re going through lmao
•  gets easily startled but reassures everyone that it’s ok and everything is under control
•  the only person who still has doubts that a demon is practically following them
•  “listen it’s probably just a kid cosplaying or something hahahaaa:)”
•  a tragic death will follow the explanation of why he was an important character aw


•  the mysterious kid that has all the creepy one-liners/ kinda protagonist ???
•  no one really knows what he’s doing there and why he’s chewing on his sweater sleeves but I mean he’s cute
•  warns people not to go into that room……….but they do anyway and he’s rolling his eyes nonstop through all the screaming
•  you’d think it was too obvious that he’d be the antagonist but damn leo chill with all the staring
•  but tbh he kicks ass right and left the moment anything threatens his besties or his mom
•  the only character that survives, ofc


•  surprise!!!!! he’s the bad guy :’)
•  he’s really petty so he’d be that one villain who drops evidence everywhere but no one really seems to catch on
•  puts threatening letters in his victim’s mailboxes and low key waits by the bushes to see their reaction while they open it
•  “I know what you did last summer. lol jk I know you have no life” *almost chokes from containing laughter*
•  has a thing for one of the protagonists cough Ravi cough so he lets them get away bc he’s smitten
•  only to be forced to kill them later bc ‘wtf bruh you were supposed to love me’ jfc


•  the fuccboi that everyone seems to have a love/hate relationship with
•  has a soft side that shows only when someone points out his insecurities lmao
•  like he rides a motorcycle and everything and acts all tough, but mention his shoe size and he’ll burst into tears
•  makes fun of the people who make a big deal of everything and he’s the only reason jumpscares are in this movie
•  yet he’s the first one to bust out that door if anything remotely creepy happens “lmao not today, binch. peace out, ghostie”
•  actually survives bc he’s smart tho he’s hella unloyal and will leave the rest to die yikes


•  the handsome visual relief/side character/ low-key the character that yall overlook bc of his looks
•  you can find him brooding in a corner any time he’s contemplating whether to call the police or not
•  cracks some jokes here and there to diffuse the tension but tbh he’s a stress ball waiting to explode
•  hella tense throughout every scene he’s in, esp if there’s cryptic messages and letters involved
•  “hell nah…how else would they know I liked strawberries unless they’ve seen my shampoo??? this is weird, bruh, really weird”
•  no one is over his death bc they didn’t even show it…if you close your eyes you can hear the sounds of those salty blogs dedicated to his character


•  the annoying younger brother of the protagonist that no one can hate despite how annoying he is
•  tho its annoying how he’s constantly screaming into the sky when someone gets mysteriously murdered
•  you def thought he was involved in the hacov wreaking on everyone, and tbh he’s had enough of everyone accusing him of this bs
•  proves that he’s innocent by sacrificing himself to save an innocent lil girl aw rip
•  turns out he didn’t even die tho, probably changed his name and moved lmao how petty

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“What am I to you? Am I a joke, your knight,  or your brother? What am I to you? Do you look down on me ‘cuz I’m younger?”

Got inspired while watching Adventure Time the other day and decided to do something involving my favorite song/episode/scene from the show. 

The Great Winchester War

Pairing: Dean x reader

Prompt: Fed up, you threw the soap at him!

Words: 1250ish

Warnings: none, pranks gone wrong, suggestion of sex at the end

A/N: This is for @bkwrm523 30 prompts challenge. Late, I know, but life got in the way. But it’s here!! Sorry for being gone for so long and I hope a little Winchester banter will make it up to you. 

Edit: Big thanks and shoutout to @adriellej for betaing and helping me with this fic :D 

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

“Fed up, you threw the soap at him!” you exclaimed as you slammed your hand on the steel table top. “Or rather…ME!” You glared at the two adult hunters in front of you, both of them frozen in their spots, against the wall behind the older Winchester a greasy splash and a bar of soap scattered across the floor. With a huff you marched off towards the library, leaving a wet trail behind, pulling your soaking wet clothes from your body.

Their miniature prank war had been going on all week. It all started with a snarky comment from Dean and a pair of scissors. He may have gotten a little too close to Sammy’s hair with the metal blades, chopping off some of the edges by accident and sending his little brother into a fit. A lot of apologies and a haircut later you thought that would be the end of it.

It was not.

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Night series: Shades On

Shades On | Jack Maynard | smut
Night series are a little thing I’ll be doing today because of The Vamps’ new album, Night & Day. It will be 7 imagines, one new song for each Buttercream boy, and you can check them here.
A/N: Okay guys, things are about to heat in here! Are you ready? This is the only smut of this series and, of course, it’s with Mr. Jack Maynard by that other radio hit of Night & Day, Shades On. Hope you enjoy it!

⇢ Buttercream masterlist can be found here

Soon as you spotted the boy, you knew he would be your nemesis. You were quite a Conor Maynard’s fan back in the good days, when you were younger and he seemed to be so amazing with that voice and that style, so you followed him on Twitter and, as soon as his younger brother hit Youtube, you found out that the good look thing was something in the genes. Now you were older, Jack Maynard was little bit more interesting than the first Maynard, because, although he couldn’t sing, he could fit better your purposes. None of them involved singing. Or speaking in general.

“Oh, fuck off.” Y/F/N complained when she saw where you were looking, well, to whom you were looking. And who was looking right back.

You laughed. “What?”

“You are going to hook up with Jack Maynard? Really? I mean, I’m so jealous! I hate having you as friend.”

“Oh my God, I’m not hooking up with anyone. Calm down.”

“Yeah, I see your looks, Y/N. Don’t try to deny it.”

You giggled. “Just looks, Y/F/N.”

“And it will be just looks if you continue to stand here like some stupid girl.” She told you.

“What you want me to do?”

“Go in there, say ‘Hi, I’m Y/N, nice to meet you’. For God’s sake, woman.”

You smirked to your friend. “You know one of my lemmas, Y/F/N. If he doesn’t come to you, it’s not worth it go to him.”

She stared you. “You deserve a long walk through hell, Y/N. It’s Jack Maynard, get your ass out of here!”

“He will come to me if he thinks I’m the best in here.” You said with your confident smile. “And I’m feeling quite good today.” You winked, taking the last sip of your drink before hitting the dance floor.

Jack Maynard was quite a statement. And he knew that. One thing he didn’t know was when exactly he started to build his confidence, but he had that now and he also knew exactly how to use it. Jack wasn’t most empathic person in the room, however once he chose you to talk to, you couldn’t resist. It was the Maynard magic or some shit like that.

Jack was feeling particularly marvelous that night, especially when he saw you on that club. Hot looking and eyes that could kill. He could tell that you knew the good stuff, what fit his mood. Just as he fit your purpose.

He watched your movements on the dance floor, sometimes you smiled like you were having fun and others like you could have him as fun. Some random guy approached you and you raised an eyebrow to Jack, should you accept that dude? Jack shrugged and you took that as a challenge. Fine, maybe it was exactly what Mr. Maynard needed to take an action.

For one moment you forgot Jack’s existence. You wouldn’t be there all night and he should be doing something about you two, not only stand there seeing your movements. You proved him already that, yep, you got moves! And, maybe, if he was smart enough, you could do your movements on him. So you started dancing for real with that strange man, looking through your shoulder just once to glimpse at Jack and let him know exactly what you were thinking. He was starring you like you had a spotlight all to yourself. Well, you should have one.

You did that little game for two songs and then you were done. You pushed the guy without saying a single word, bored already with him. You decided go to the bar again, you had only one drink and it was time to get another. You enjoyed dancing anytime in any day at the week, however dancing at Fridays’ nights required a good amount of alcohol, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it. You were at a club, weren’t you? If you wouldn’t be getting drunk, you could just stayed at home.

The bartender who attended you was quite hot, so you smiled at him and flirted a little by saying you wanted the tastiest liquid they had in there. He smiled back to you, promising the second tastiest liquid they had in there, adding his thoughts about being sure that you could do some stuff that would taste even better. You could really.

He went away prepare something you didn’t know yet, so you waited, looking around to see who could be interesting. A smile spread through your face when you captured gorgeous blue eyes coming right at you.

“Hello.” You said to the guy who stopped in front of you.

“Hey.” He winked. “I’m…”

“Jack Maynard.” You completed, not afraid of showing you knew his name. “Nice to meet you, Jack. I’m Y/N.” You held out your hand.

He laughed and shook your hand. “Can I buy you a drink, Y/N?”

Just like the bartender could hear the question, he got right in the timing and poked you to hand your drink, you said thanks with a nice smile, his eyes flinching yours.

“Maybe the next one?” You suggested while taking a sip of the mixture, still not knowing what the heck it was. You looked at the glass while tasting it in your tongue, deciding you liked it or not. Definitely was stronger than something you would order to yourself, something you found good because it meant you caused an impression in the bartender, but bad because you wanted to actually know what was getting out of your mouth while talking to Jack.

“I will need to be around when you end this one then.” Jack commented, you shrugged.

“It’s up to you, I guess.” You told him like you weren’t interested if he stayed or not at the same time showing you were up to whatever he wanted to.

“Therefore, I think I’m staying a little bit more. Is it okay for you?”

You looked into his eyes and drank the lilac liquid you were holding. “Sure.”

You were way too drunk to know what you were doing and for caring if someone was watching you or not. The song which was playing was strangely slow and sexy, at least, it was in you head. Jack seemed to listen that same song too, because his hands were grabbing your hips really tight while you were swinging it against his body. You had one hand holding his hair and the other one passing through your own body while Jack kissed your neck, going up and down it, sucking, leaving marks, blowing and driving you insane.

Suddenly, he turned you around and started kissing you. You pulled yourself like you could make you and Jack become one, starting to breath heavily against his lips. Jack putted his right hand in your ass, seeming he wanted you two to be one as well, and the left was grabbing your hair.

“Jack, mate, not in here, please.” You heard someone saying to him, making you two stop kissing. The club had that many lights when you closed your eyes for the last time?

Jack was as stunned as you. “Huh?” He asked.

For your surprise, the guy who was splitting you two was Joseph Sugg. He laughed at his friend’s face.

“Don’t have sex in the middle of the club, Jack.” He recommended as you two got back into your pieces.

“Don’t spoil my night, Joe.” Jack mumbled.

“You will thank me latter.” Joe smiled and gave a tap on Jack’s back. “Won’t you introduce me this beautiful lady?”

“Y/N, Joe. Joe, Y/N.” Jack said, kinda moody, as he held your hand.

“Hi.” You smiled to Joe.

Jack gave you a side look. “What? No ‘Nice to meet you, Joe. I’m Y/N?’” He teased, Joe was confused.

You smirked, not letting him shook your confidence. “I only do this move one time at evening. I don’t usually need to do that twice.”

He smiled at your answer. Yes, it seemed that he had picked exactly the right girl.

“Well, we really got to get going, Joe.” Jack announced, your smile grew bigger. Now you were getting where you wanted to get. “Thanks for the help.”

“Anytime, mate.” Joe laughed at Jack’s urge. “Nice meeting you, Y/N.”

“Same.” You nodded your head to Joe while Jack pulled you out the club by the head. “See you around!”

You needed to remember to send Y/F/N a text saying you wouldn’t come back with her.

“Need some help with that, honey?” You asked with an eyebrow raised. Jack wasn’t able to open the door because he was too busy kissing you.

He snorted and pushed you to concentrate in opening his flat’s door. Finally, he could and you two entered that. Well, entered was the soft verb to describe it, since it looked like you and him were a canon ball. No time for taking a breath, no patience for having space between you two.

Your back hit a wall and then his back hit a wall. Even you couldn’t say where you started or where you ended. Jack was pretty good in tracing his path through the place, you guessed that he could recognize what wall was it with his back, because somehow you reached his bedroom.

“Jump.” He ordered and you did as the command.

You took his jacket off while you were in his lap, his hands playing with the rubber band of your panty underneath the dress. You also took his white t-shirt off, something you wanted to do since you put your eyes on that piece of fabric. And soon you felt the soft mattress against your back, really different than the roughness of the walls.

He bit your ear and you felt your breath going away, Jack’s hands held your waist while you scratched his shoulders. Once again he was at the bottom of your neck, but now he could go further down, therefore he went. He gave little sucks through your chest and pulled your dress to clear his way.

“No bra, huh?” He approved with a smile.

“No time to waist.” You explained, just before you let a moan escape because he started sucking your nipple. Oh, boy.

And, for a moment, you let your mind think about the other he. Think about him. Just for that short second, your ex-boyfriend passed through your mind. You were sure you and Jack should look like a mess right now. What a shame, your ex would thought. You smiled, delighted that you broke up and now could taste the clouds, sure you were in Heaven.

You grabbed Jack’s hair and pulled him to a rough kiss, switching your positions in bed. Your legs were one in each side of the boy, your clit being stimulated through the thin fabric of your panty as you slide your body until you reached Jack’s belt. You removed it, as well you did it with his jeans, so glad you had only one piece left to take off.

You bit your lower lip, your nails tracing Jack’s abdomen, your mouth salivating, your hands sweating from the expectation. You could feel his muscles contracting according to your moves and, by the time you entered one hand into his boxers, Jack was almost craving for your touches.

“Are you kidding with me?” Jack snorted. “Stop playing.” You slipped your hand out of his underwear.

“What?” You pretended you were confused, sitting in his member. “Don’t like waiting?” You questioned, biting your nail while you moved your hips. Jack moaned loudly. You laughed.

He looked at you and your expression of fun. “No time to waist.” He played back, holding your waist while quickly switching the positions in bed again.

He was on top now and the first thing he did was tear your dress apart. Literally. The strings which held the piece in place no longer existed, but you hadn’t time to think about if the tightness of the dress would be enough to make it useless yet (you would certainly need that later to go home), because Jack’s mouth was doing an amazing job by exploring the part that once was covered by your clothes.

When Jack got into your Paradise’s path, you couldn’t handle it. You were rubbing your thighs to create any friction you could. Jack’s finger once more were playing with the rubber band.

“Tear it.” You wished with a sigh.

Jack smiled. “What?”

“Tear it apart.” You asked. “Please.”

“No time to waste?” He teased.

“No time to waste.” You confessed.

And he really ripped your panty, something you found delicious to hear and delicious to feel. Apparently Mr. Maynard had no worries about clothes and their welfare. Now on, neither did you.

Jack started massaging your clit with his thumb, making whine loudly, it wasn’t enough, though.

“C’mon, Y/N.” He said. “You can get louder than that.”

“F-fuck off.” You mumbled, barely making the words get out from your mouth because you couldn’t think straight. “You don’t… You don’t know about… that.” You argued, your fingers intertwined in the blonde hair of the boy.

“You don’t seem to be a quiet girl.” He said with a smirk.

You were intoxicated, the alcohol and the pleasure becoming one in your veins. “Use your mouth and find out, Maynard.” You suggested, thinking that he would come and give you a kiss.

In a certain way, Jack did kissed you… It wasn’t in the lips you were thinking of when said those words though. You felt your whole body get weak when Jack threw your right leg through his shoulder and sucked your vagina. You took a deep breath and suddenly you couldn’t shut your mouth, groaning like a wild animal. You didn’t even know that you were able to do such noises.

Jack had one hand into his underwear, the other one was holding you in your place. You were pressing your own boobs, something that Jack seemed enjoy to watch.

“I’m… I’m about to c-come.” You revealed, not wanting to do it without him on you. You were out of breath.

Jack putted your leg back in the bed and kissed your abdomen, making the reverse way he traced moments before. You pulled him to a last kiss before getting down his busyness.

His cock wasn’t in his underwear anymore and you were glad, because you would be a bit guilty if all this time he would be confined in the boxers. Boxers you soon get totally rid of. You over the him and you licked Jack’s length before holding it and going up and down. Then you watched Jack close his eyes and moan as loud as you, making the temperature of your own body go up.

While you stimulated Jack’s penis, you gave him little kisses through his body, feeling him shiver each time you pressed your lips against his skin.

“C’mon, baby girl, let’s get into it.” He asked, you stopped holding his dick.

“Condoms.” You remembered.

Jack nodded to you and rolled in bed to take a package of condoms in the bedside table. As soon as he putted the condom, he got under you again and held your waist to position you right.

You decided go slowly for the first time, fully enjoying the sensation of Jack penetrating you. Your head hang back and you heard Jack be out of breath. You bit your lower lip to stop you from howl. You started moving your hips before start riding for real. First as slow as the first enter, then fast like you needed it to be.

Jack grabbed your waist really thigh and it was delicious, but for your surprise, he took his right hand and gave you a slap. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, although you definitely felt something when he did that. You squeaked with shock, and you were even more shocked that it felt so good.

“Sorry.” He said as putting his hand in your waist again. Jack thought you were use to it.

“Do that again.” You asked, trying to catch a breath.

Jack smiled to you, his blue eyes shining right into yours. You felt his hand leave your waist again and really screamed this time when the slap was harder. You started ride even faster, now you really need to come.

Jack’s hand held your ass exactly where the slap was. “I knew you would scream.”

You didn’t worry yourself for replying to that comment, especially when your legs started to tremble and you needed to switch positions once more. Now you were under, Jack didn’t spare any strength, pushing him into you harder and harder. If you screamed  when he slapped you, you didn’t know what the heck you were doing now, all you knew was that whatever people describe it, it was related to the word “loud”.

Jack wasn’t quiet either and hearing him roar only made you hotter. His grip was strong and you felt the bed shake beneath you. You were flooded with the pleasure, couldn’t form one single word properly.

You didn’t just come, you felt like you were running and threw your entire body out of a cliff, diving into a deliciously cold ocean on the hottest day of summer. Jack came after you, shivering and sweating while sighing.

He laid in bed on your side, gasping as much as you.

“This was…” He was out of words.

“Something.” You completed.

“Yeah, you could say that.”

You muscles were melting into that bed, you never felt so tired in your entire life. Maynard magic. You could buy that crap if someone offered you.

You two stayed like that for a few minutes, then Jack stood up to throw the condom away. When he returned to the bedroom, he found you out of the bed searching your clothes.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Going home?” You weren’t really paying attention into him.

“Already? I thought you were staying until the morning.”

You shrugged, taking your dress from the floor and putting it back.

“Not my style, really.” You smiled to him, seeing he had a glass of water in his hand. He offered it to you.

“Well.. This is… unusual.” He was kinda of confused, deciding it was better put his boxer on again too.

“Yeah, I don’t like bother others.” You told Jack and drank the water.

“So you never stay until morning? I mean, morning sex is the best.” You laughed, Jack was almost sad he wouldn’t have sex in the next morning with you.

“I’ll pass it. Thank you.” You returned the glass of water for him.

He watched you finish to pick your stuff, not saying nothing more. You noticed he starring your ass when you were looking in the mirror trying to hide the damaged straps of your dress. You rolled your eyes.

“Can you open the door for me, please?”

He blinked, finally realizing he couldn’t stares your body forever. “Oh, of course.” He got up from bed and followed you when you made your way to the door. “Won’t you even tell me what is your last name?” He questioned with a smirk while opening the front door.

You smirked back to him and approached his body, swaying your hands in his chest and whispering into his ear. “I guess you will need to call me to discover that, Jack.” You stepped away and winked, passing through the door.

“But I don’t have your number!” He complained when you were already walking down the aisle.

You looked over your shoulder. “You should look on your bedside table in that case.”

Liam Dating Stiles’ Younger Sibling Headcanons

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(A part two of this post)

-Hand holding under tables and desks and just all the time tbh

-Liam would take any chance he could get to hug you from behind

-He’d kiss your cheek and Scott would have to hold Stiles back from lunging at him

-Liam might be a werewolf but when you were involved he was hella scared of your brother

-You’d be sitting on the couch watching a movie, his arm wrapped around your shoulders

-And Stiles would just

-Climb over the back of the couch and squeeze between you both

-Scott would be protective of you both as well because you were both like siblings to him

-But he wasn’t as bad as Stiles and often had to tell him when he needed to chill out

-Sheriff Stilinski would love Liam

-They’d bond over sports and stuff

-Stiles would try to convince him to not let Liam come over anymore but it always failed because Liam was “a nice kid and (Y/N) would kill me if I refused to let them see him”

-Stiles would stop at the pharmacy to pick something up one time and Liam would be walking out with a bag as he was walking in

-The bag had condoms in it

-Stiles would nearly murder him

-He didn’t let him come near the house for over a month

-(Liam just snuck in through your window at night. Mostly you just cuddled)

-Soft sweet kisses unexpectedly for no reason

-”What was that for?” “You just look cute is all.”

-Helping Liam to control his anger

-Mason being a third wheel literally all the time

-Telling him how cute he looks when he’s frustrated

-It only makes him more frustrated

-Ruffling his hair omg

-Pack members detouring Stiles before he can round the corner and see you kissing in front of your locker

-The only time Liam and Stiles can get along is when there’s some kind of danger and they both don’t want you to get in the middle of it

-”Keep the door open!”

-At lacrosse games you both both their numbers painted on your face, one on each cheek

-Cheek kisses literally every five minutes

-Sometimes you aren’t allowed to sit in during pack meetings because Liam gets distracted by you and just stares

Playing with Fire- Part 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Demons weren’t supposed to fall in love. So why did you feel so strongly towards him, a demon hunter?

Genre: Demon/Assassin AU, angst

Word Count: 1937

Parts: 1 // 2 // ?

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a one-shot prologue thing, but I decided to split it up into parts because why not~

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captainemwinchester  asked:

90 please and thank you

Of course! Here you go!

90. “Catch me if you can!”

Prompt List | Send Me Numbers!


“Y/N! Get your ass back here!” Dean’s voice was heard echoing throughout the bunker. Sam sighed at this. From his spot in the library, he could hear the footsteps of you and Dean.

“Catch me if you can!” Your voice followed not long after Dean’s. The younger brother shook his head at this, but left it alone.

“Y/N Winchester. I swear.” Dean growled at you, but you laughed it off. A table separated the two of you. Enough space for you to talk to him, but keep yourself safe at the same time.

“Oh, Tiffany? That’s a new one,” You smirked, scrolling through Dean’s messages. Another girl he was hooking up with, but you stole his phone while he was in the shower.

“Don’t.” Your oldest brother warned. Sam watched from a distance; obviously not getting involved, but still hiding his smirk.

“Would it be a shame if I…” Your fingers finished the sentence for you, as you started typing away. Dean’s eyes went wide as he lurched forward, over the table, reaching for the phone.

His grab was successful, but you had already hit send. Eyes immediately looking for the message you sent. As soon as he found it, your laughter was already heard, as well as your footsteps signaling your escape.

‘Hey, Tiff. Sorry about leading you on. I guess my boyfriend probably wouldn’t approve. :/ ’

So Close, Yet...

What are we having tonight? Mafiatale!Sans x Reader, Mafiatale!Papyrus x Reader, and Mafiatale!Gaster x Reader!

Appetizer:  Should be working on other stuff, buuuuut

Main Course: You like to think you’re a nice person. You’re always kind to the people around you. You like to bring sunshine into their rough lives, and try to keep a smile on your face despite the rugged times. You’re not even mean (most of the time) to the short skeleton who won’t stop teasing you, and you always greet his younger brother with a hug. You don’t even turn them in when you find out that they’re involved in organized crime, or even tell them you know for that matter.

So yeah, you consider yourself a nice person. You know, besides the fact that you’re a serial killer.

Dessert: It’s rated T, but honestly has some rough violent imagery so if you’re not good with that you gotta skit skat paddy wack, my friend.

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Find Me - mafia!au

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[ jae ]

+ requested 

word count; 3k

genre; angst, fluff, mafia!au

[ your pov]

“They’re here!“ you called down the hallway.

"Who are here?” Jae jokingly asked. You rolled your eyes playfully at your boyfriend before clicking the button from your apartment that buzzed downstairs, allowing your friends to pass and come up. You loved that you got on so well with your boyfriends friends. You recalled the first time ever meeting them and how nervous you were that they wouldn’t like you or something. Instantly, you clicked with them and talking was easy. However, your boyfriend and his friends were far from any other normal twenty year olds. They were part of one of the biggest gangs in your city. When you first met Jae, obviously you were unaware about this. You were furious and utterly distraught and upset with him, especially for keeping it a secret from you. Jae was constantly worried about your safety, but you knew he would protect you, no matter what. Therefore, you knew it was important to  keep away from any of his business and never get involved in anything. You were not stupid and it was dangerous business.

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Binary Star

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3,790

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos. 

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Bloom (2/?)

The story of Captain Swan’s pregnancy, told in many parts. Affectionately nicknamed “The Happiest Pregnancy Ever.”

In this chapter, Henry and Hook discuss brotherhood. Many, many thanks to @unfolded73 for the beta!

[Chapter 1] 

You can also read on AO3!

Chapter 2: Brotherhood

There were few things that made Killian happier than spending the afternoon on the open seas, the wind whipping through his hair, and the smell of salt in the air. He was grateful Storybrooke was a seaside town, allowing him to set out whenever he pleased. Though the pirate in him bristled at having to keep permits and licenses on him at all times, he worked with the law now – Deputy Sheriff Jones, what a title! – and reminded him that he couldn’t enforce the law if he was also breaking it. Killian supposed it was a small price to pay for the happiness he was feeling now. He had a home, a family, and a child on the way. It was everything he thought he would never have.

He wished Liam could see him now.

He was comforted by knowing that his older brother was in a better place now, unburdened by his own unfinished business. However, he wished that he could show Liam how his life had turned out, that he had finally done something right and had carried out the hero’s journey that they both so wanted many years ago.

I hope you’re proud, brother, he thought wistfully.

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What had to be done


I was in search for my half brother because I needed his help. I found him sitting on a small wall by himself. “Brother may I speak with you privately in my chambers,” I asked? Sure,” he said confused. I lead him to my chambers. I closed the door behind us. “What would you say if I asked a really huge but personal favor,” I asked? “It depended on what,” Jon snow said. “I have found out i am unable to give y/n and I a heir,“ I tell my brother sadly. “I am so sorry Robb but how am I involved,” the young basted asked? “Well this is going to sound weird but will you have sex with my wife and conceive a heir with her,” I ask straightforward?“What is y/n thoughts on this,” my younger basted brother asked? “She has agreed as long as you do she understands we need a heir,” I tell him. “Yes brother I will but what if she doesn’t get preganet the first time,” he asked sounding worried? “You will have to do it again, ” I say laughing at my half brothers nervousness.

Skip to that night
(Your POV)
(Warning sexual content skip this part if you are not ok with this)

Robb left to Jon’s chambers as Jon came to your chambers. You were already
Undressed. When he saw you his eyes almost bulged out of his sockets. “Do you like what you see Snow,” you teased. “Very much my lady you are quite beautiful, ” the basterd says. You stand up walking over to him. You lean up and kiss him. He deepens the kiss before turning you around and pinning you against the door. “Jump,” he growls on your lips. You do as he says. He caught you and you wrapped your leg around his waist. Jon carried you and layed you on the bed. His lips connected with yours again and his hands ran all over your body. He removed his lips and presses kisses from your neck to your waist. He left lingering kisses on your inner thigh. You couldn’t suppress your moans. You were wet and needed him. “Jon please stop just fuck me already,” you moan. He stuck three fingers into you and used his thump to rub your clit. You took your nipples into your hands playing with them until his spair hand slapped them out of the way and he took that hand and massaged the one tit and nipple before taking the other tit in his mouth. You were a moaning mess. You could feel a orgasm building and soon enough you were moaning, “Jon I am about to cum.” He pulled his hand out and replaced it with is tounge. He used his hands to massage your tits. Soon enough you back arched off the bed you moaned Jon and coated his tounge with your juices. He licked it all up. “You taste so good,” he moans in your ear huskily. You two kissed passionately. You flipped around so you were on top. You pulled away breathlessly before saying, “You have to much clothes on.” You took his shirt and pulled it off and threw it to the side. You unbuttoned his pants and slid them down agonizingly slow before throwing them somewhere. His cock sprang form his pants. You pushed him back down. You crawled downwards so you were leveled with his favorite toy. You licked strands up and down before taking the tip in then you took his whole cock. You made sure to deepthroat him. You massaged his balls. Jon Snow’s eyes practically rolled to the back of his head. “I am going to cum,” he says as he pulls your hair and mouth fucks you. When he cums you make sure to swallow it all. You then you go up so your pussy and his cock are leveled. He grips your hips as you sink down on him. He moves your hips back and forward as you bounce up and down. After a few minutes he flips you over. He thrust in and out of you fast and hard you can feel a orgasm building. After a few more thrust you moan, “Jon I am going to cum.” “I am to gorgeous just hold on a few more minutes,” the basted says. He kisses you. Soon enough his thrust got sloppy and you both came. You both layed on the bed breathlessly. You both steadied your breath before he got up and got dressed and so did you. “That was fun Robb is lucky,” Jon says. “Well you are to until I get a son,” you answer back. “True,” he says. He kisses you one last time before leaving.

(4 months later)
Robb’s POV
I was talking to Jon in the garden. When my beautiful wife came running around the corner excited. I caught her in my arms giving her a kiss. I sat her down. “GUESS WHAT,” she yells in excitement. “What,” I asked laughing. “This time worked you are going to be a dad,” she tells me with a smile. Jon looks a little bit disappointed but I couldn’t be happier.


“Just give on more push lady y/n the the baby is right here,” the maester said. “One more big push then our baby will be here,” I told her reassuringly. She gave one last push and a baby came out the maester cut the cord and handed it to me. “Lady y/n you need to keep pushing there is another baby,” the master told her. “Keep pushing beautiful we have another baby,” I tell my wife reassuringly. She pushes a few more times and after one more big push our baby comes out he cuts the cord before handing that one to me. I handed the first one to her and I kept the second one. “Our eldest is a girl,” she says smiling. “Our youngest is a boy,” I tell her after checking. “What are there names,” the master asked with a smile. “I think we should name the boy Jon and the girl Lyanna,” she says. “Jon and Lyanna of house stark,” I tell the master. After a couple hours I let her sleep and take them to go meet everyone. I figured on showing Jon first. “Hey snow come over here,” I yelled from across the court yard. He came over. “Jon meet Lyanna and Jon of house stark,” I tell him before adding, “thank you for your help.” “no problem I just did what had to be done.” the young basted said.

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I’ll Always Save You- John Shelby

Request// A john Shelby imagine where you (his wife, pregnant or not your choice) get kidnapped and he has to get the entire family together to get you back.. Pleaseeee

*I love y’all for all the positive feedback you’ve been giving me! Thank you guys so much and I’m going to try and post a couple new prompts this week. xoxox*


“Tommy,” John yelled out in the empty betting house. “Tommy!”

“What the hell is it, Johnny Boy?” Tommy and Pol made themselves known by exiting the office to find a hysterical John pacing across the wooden floorboards.

“They’ve got her, they took Y/N.” He made little since out of context, but the fear Thomas heard as your name fell from his throat had him on high alert. You and John had been married for over three years and he had never seemed as happy as he was after meeting you. It was almost as if the war never happened, and John was once again the boyishly charming lad that everyone once knew.

“What? Who took her?”

“Fuckin’ Sabini’s men. They came to the house and ripped her from our bed while I was out.” John’s breathing became heavy, every word whispered making the situation more real.

Now, Tommy paced as well. Tonight had been a low point for the Shelbys. Arthur had been arrested for the murder Billy Kitchen while Michael had been thrown behind bars by Officer Campbell for the burning of the Marquis of Lorne. The pile was just adding up.

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Sharing a Bed (pt. 1)

Original Imagine:  Imagine having to share a bed with one of the boys, and waking up to them with morning wood and rutting against your thigh.

Reader request:  I adore your blog so much! I had to stay home sick today and your blog let me have fun! Anyway, can you write one about sharing a motel bed with one of the boys, and waking up with him having morning wood? Fluff please. If you do end up writing it, thank you so much!

Reader Gender: Female

Character:  Sam Winchester

Word Count:  2048

Warnings:  Fluffy, no smut!

Author’s Note:  Normally I write Dean one-shots, but Sam was begging for some love. Let me know if you’d like a sequel (which would probably be smutty).


Dean strolled across the parking lot, twirling one set of keys in his hand. You stood up from where you’d been leaning against the Impala next to Sam, hoping he was playing some kind of not-funny joke on you.

“You got two rooms, right?” you asked, pretty sure you already knew the answer.

“Nope,” he smirked. “Just one.”

“Seriously, Dean?” you grumbled.

“Hey,” he argued. “It’s all they had.” He walked around the back of the car, opened the trunk and started dropping bags to the ground. “I tried to get another room, but in this one-horse town we are stuck with what we can get. There’s two beds, maybe we’ll get lucky and there’ll be a couch or something.”

But, of course, luck was not on your side. There were only two twin size beds and a rickety table with two wobbly wooden chairs. A faint mildew smell permeated the room. You wrinkled your nose as you followed the boys inside.

Dean tossed his bag onto one of the two beds before sitting on the edge of it. “Okay, (Y/N), who’s it gonna be? Me or Sam?”

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He Tian x Mo Guanshan -Don’t ever leave me again-

For you, dear anon! <3 Thank you for waiting for me to finish this, it took a while but I stuffed my whole heart into this. Don’t worry, it’s not just angst, there is some major fluff at the end. *wedding bells tolling in the background* I hope you enjoy!



He Tian raised his fist, threatening and his eyes burning like black fire. Hate was oozing from every piece of his body, nothing else mattered besides the feeling of loss and regret. God, he was so fucking gone.

The other man stared right back at him, sinister as the night and a cruel smirk adorning his lips, wide and disgustingly wrong. Black strands of sweaty, bloody hair stuck to his prominent high cheek bones and forehead, throwing dark shadows over the top half of the face he loathed. He couldn’t stand it and rammed his hand into the mirror, breaking it into thousands of pieces, destroying his own accusing reflection, the last thing he wanted to see. A silent scream ripped his throat like one of the glass shards, his whole body felt heavy, so heavy. His knees gave in and he sacked against the wall, slowly sliding down at it, his cut hand leaving bloody prints on the white tiles. As if he’d give a fuck.


 His lips twitched from holding back a laugh. There was nothing. The bathroom door was still open, the house still empty and he was still not…

Slowly, he leaned his head back, staring at the ceiling.

Pathetic, his father would have said. His brother would have said. And worst of all, if he would have witnessed him in this godforsaken second, he would have been of the same opinion.

It was his fault and he deserved this, if he hadn’t just been that sure of himself. Not that sure of his strength. Not that sure that everything would stay within his control. Not that convinced of his options to work out as planned.

Guanshan, his one and only weakness.

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Stuck In The Middle With You

Imagine catching Dwalin staring at your breasts.

Dark waves shone in the lamplight as you dragged the thick bristles through your loose locks delicately. You admired the ripple of your hair as you sat hypnotized by the motion reflected in the mirror before you. It was a calming habit you had fallen into since the Mountain had been reclaimed. Upon the journey to Erebor, your hair had been left unkempt in favour of your axe as you tended to it every night with your whet stone. Now that there were no foe to swing your blade at, you needed less dangerous hobbies…and not just for your own sake.

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