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I feel like it comes across Audrey Horne is my favourite character because she isn’t. Laura palmer is, she’s the show for me. At twin peak’s core its always been about Laura palmer even 25 years later. She’s the one. She’s the heart of the show. Audrey Horne is what makes twin peaks so dreamy, Audrey was the one to go and risk her life to find out who killed Laura. She put herself in real danger where she was fearing for her life, to find out her abusive father was involved and left to make things right before she got blown up (in a coma now I think????) WHERE IS SHE????

Being Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Daughter...
  • Lin would cry the day you were born but he would also brag a lot.
  • He’d shower you with gifts but he was also careful not to overdo it
  • Chances are, (depending on your age and whatever year you’d picture this for) you’d be friends with a lot of the Hamilton cast/ and or their kids
  • There’s no doubt about it you’d be a freestyling genius much like him and musically talented.
  • And Lin would be so proud of this
  • Lin’s heart would melt every time you called him ‘dad’
  • He is probably one of the most caring, sweetest, and involved father out there.
  • And if your mother wasn’t in the picture, Lin would be sure to work to fill in her shoes.
  • He would attend all your school events and extra curriculars too.
  • On mother’s day he would plan a brunch inviting his sister and mother over making sure you knew you weren’t alone when it came to the amount of females in your life.
  • Whenever he goes to Richard Rodgers Theatre or goes to work for whatever project he’s working on he is constantly pulling his phone out to show his fellow coworkers pictures of you
  • He can’t help it
  • But one thing is for sure, Lin would make sure you knew how strong of a woman you were. Being a strong activist for equal rights Lin knew how easy it was for girls in today’s society to feel weak and defeated by the powerful and he never wanted you to experience that. So he would make post-it notes and stick them in your lunchbox, on your mirror, and anywhere he could find with sayings such as…
  • “I am woman hear me roar!”
    “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
    “A strong woman looks fear in the eye and gives it but a wink.”
    “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
  • And because your father is one of the most encouraging and inspiring figures in the world, not only in tweets but reality as well, he excels at giving the best, most needed pep talks when you’re down in the dumps.
  • Lin had you speaking Spanish as soon as you said your first word
  • Lin would practically document your entire life. He liked taping you and taking pictures while you were doing casual activities such as coloring, singing, dancing, playing with your dolls, running around the house, etc.
  • Tobillo basically being your best friend
  • That dog follows you wherever you go
  • Lin has thousands of videos from when you were learning to walk, practically waddling around and Tobillo was right on your heel the entire time following you.
  • The whole Hamilton cast would be obsessed with you
  • Especially Phillipa
  • That girl loved you as if you were her own
  • And if you were old enough, you would join the Schuyler Sisters in their inbetween shows closet talk.
  • Sleep overs at Jasmine and Anthony’s while your dad is out of town
  • And they would absolutely LOVE having you over
  • You made them want to have kids that much more and Anthony loved taking you to the movies and Jasmine loved taking you out shopping
  • Speaking of shopping, Renee, Jasmine, and Phillipa are always spoiling you with the newest trends and what nots.
  • The Hamilton cast would be like another family to you
  • Always running around backstage with Groffsauce, who usually was assign babysitting duty.
  • The Schuyler sisters- as well as Leslie teaching you how to harmonize
  • Daveed loved helping you with your freestyling
  • You and him always got in heated battles- in good spirits of course
  • Playing childish games during intermission and between shows with Oak, Daveed, and Anthony.
  • Trying to braid your dad’s hair during his Hamilton days
  • Let’s be real, Lin would dedicate Dear Theodosia to you
  • And during Stay Alive (reprise) and It’s Quiet Uptown he had genuine tears pinching at his eyes as he fathomed the thought of losing you
  • But Lin would always run to you and spin you around every night after shows
  • The two of you would walk hand and hand together home and Lin would sing you to sleep every night
  • He’d love making you breakfast and basking in that domestic life
  • I could see him making some of the best pancakes in the world
  • And one morning when you were little, you convinced him to let you have a sip of his coffee
  • “Daddy, what’s that black stuff in there.”
    “It’s called coffee, bebé.”
    “Can I try some?”
    “Uh, I don’t think so, Y/n. You wouldn’t like it.”
    “Please, papi.”
    “Oh alright.”
  • Like he predicted, you hated it. The liquid burned your throat and young little you cried at the bitterness for at least a minute which broke Lin’s heart.
  • Lin would be the type of parent that would love to show you off to family and friends but when it came to posting pictures of you on social media, he usually made sure your face was covered, just to keep an element of privacy in his life.
  • But he does love tweeting stories about you or cute things that you do
  • Your childhood years would be a little hectic. Lin probably wouldn’t be around as much as he wants with filming, acting, composing and all but he would make an effort of a lifetime to be as involved as possible.
  • By your late teens you had already seen much of the world but that didn’t mean you were bored by any mean. Adventure was in your soul.
  • Lin would spend a lot of time with you during his time working with the film Moana. He liked to come to you to find inspiration.
  • Family trips to Disney World and Land
  • Lin is constantly trying to help you with his homework
  • “You know I was a teacher.”
  • Coming to him when you start learning about the American Revolution
  • “Well I mean you came to right person. I did write an entire musical about this stuff. Just use the album for a reference, it’s mostly accurate.”
  • Walking into your house one day after school infuriated as you set your pop quiz on the Schuyler Sisters in front of him, a large 9/10 circled with red pen.
  • “And I quote, I’m the oldest and the wittiest… My father has no sons… dad you cost me a perfect score! Why did you lie in the lyrics, I thought you said I could trust them!”
    “I’m sorry I forgot they had other siblings!”
  • Similar to your father, you swore like a sailor
  • Which also meant you were constantly getting scolded and death glares from your father who claims “He didn’t raise you to speak like that.” Even though you both know he did.
  • But honestly I could see Lin being into girl drama. Like when he picks you up from school and sees an annoyed look on your face he’d just shake his head and say,
  • “Spill the tea, honey. I’m ready!”
  • And on your bad days after dropping you off at home after school, Lin would drive to the nearest DQ and Chick-Fil-A and movie store returning home with gifts in toll.
  • He was one of the only people in the world you trusted enough to tell everything too
  • Dad jokes, so many dad jokes.
  • “Dad I’m thirsty. Do we have any-“
    “Hi thirsty nice to meet you I’m Lin-Manuel.”
  • Being very close with your grandparents
  • Your grandpa teaching you how to cook
  • Your grandma would spoil you tbh
  • Girl talk with your Aunt Luz
  • Your dad would be really big on making sure you knew and understood the importance of equality and treating others with respect. 
  • Weekly meals at their place where your grandpa is also telling tales
  • “You know pequeño, when your father was your age I couldn’t get him to shut up!”
    “He was always doing his rapping, talking fast and never making sense but he had passion just like yourself so don’t you ever give up on yourself carino. If your father did he would not be where he is today- and neither would you.”
    “Thank you abuelo.”
  • And when you finally do make it, doing whatever or being wherever that may be, you’ll have Lin’s as well as the rest of your families support because Lin knows exactly what it feels like to have millions of people doubt you and laugh at you for doing the unexpected so his support will never run out.
  • When Lin finds out you have a passion for writing and composing, he immediately takes you with him for a daddy daughter date to the studio.
  • He pretends to be out of ideas for a song and you play along knowing it would be a lot less painful to take the easy path.
  • “Well there are a few different projects I’ve been working on lately. They aren’t too good… pretty shitty-“
    “Sorry… but uh, you can have a look I suppose.”
  • Becoming a co writer beside your dad on his next project
  • Going on walks and hikes together with Tobillo
  • But for real though Lin would be insanely protective over you
  • Like when it comes to you Lin always needs to know where you are and constantly has eyes on you
  • When you got your first boyfriend/girlfriend Lin would FLIP
  • You’d suddenly become a player in the game ’21 questions’ or more like 101 questions when it came to your dad
  • He demanded meeting your significant other and no matter the gender, he held his strong demeanor and hardly cracked a smile- well until he saw how happy you looked in their presence.
  • But eventually he’d come to term with it. Although he would always see you as his little girl, he knew you had to spread your wings and he was not about to hold you back from doing so.
  • And when you finally land a lead role on an upcoming Broadway show, Lin is ecstatic.
  • Every day he calls you to ask how rehearsals are going partly because he’s interested and excited for you but also because he remembers his restless days and nights where he’d come home so stressed he’d forget to eat for days. He didn’t want to see you go through the hardships he did.
  • Ironically enough the new production is held, opening night, in the same old theater you grew up in, Richard Rodgers. Home sweet home. 
  • And on opening night you can guarantee your father is sitting front row with four bouquets of various flowers surrounded by all your family and friends as well as a handful of the original and new Hamilton cast.
  • And he would cry. A lot.
  • But he would also be that dad that right before the show starts, as the lights are dimming, he stands up and shouts,
  • “Go Y/n!”
  • His proud dad tweets would be never ending that night
  • After the production he was sure to be the first backstage and the first to hug you.
  • “You did it, you did it! I’m so proud of you, mi ángel. Congratulations!”
  • You’d be lying to yourself if you said your dad didn’t have a surprise party planned for after the play because he did.
  • Not to be a downer but there would be days where Lin would cry himself to sleep thinking he hasn’t done enough, or given you the life you deserve. He worked himself far too hard to make sure you had everything you could ever need and knew you were loved, but sometimes he couldn’t help but fear the worst.
  • Although at times he can be overbearing, you wouldn’t want it anyway else.

This was so fun to write oh my lord, hope you enjoyed!

-Daizy xx

McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale Part 2

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent (mentioned)

Words: 4507

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst. Angry reader and allusion to the murder of Jason Blossom.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N: I’ve completely fallen in love with Riverdale mainly because I grew up reading the comics. IT’S AMAZING! With that being said I will be taking requests for Riverdale!

This is to hold you guys over because Ash and I will be unavailable for a little way. I have tons of homework and I’m not at liberty to say what Ash is busy at!

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“What the hell?” Archie exclaimed following the three of you. His friends trailed after him.

“Jesus christ.” You groaned rubbing your arm from where you had been manhandled. Scott smacked Stiles in the back of the head before he looked at you, “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Argent sent us.” Scott said, “Beacon Hills has trouble and we need your help.”

You were pushed back as a tall red head protectively stood in front of you with his arms crossed. To your horror Archie and his tag alongs had joined the group also causing Stiles to curse as he pointed a skinny finger as you.

“Please tell me that the Scooby-gang doesn’t know about the Nogistune.” Stiles hissed.

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Being Batman or Superman rebellious daughter would include?

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Being Bruce Wayne’s rebellious teenage child would involve..

  • Bruce really has no idea how to deal with you disobeying him
  • He feels so out of his depth as a parent
  • Like, he’s freaking Batman but he can’t control his own kid
  • He wants you to have the best childhood possible and be there for you as much as possible because it’s something he couldn’t have after his parents died
  • But you make it really difficult for him
  • He tried being strict
  • He’d set a curfew and you’d purposefully come home late
  • He even tried locking you in your room a few times but you just snuck out anyways
  • You get along fine with Alfred, which makes it all the more frustrating for Bruce
  • It gets to a point where if Bruce wants you to do something, he has to get Alfred to ask you to do it
  • If Bruce asks you to clean your room, you won’t do it
  • If Alfred asks you to clean your room, you’ll do it
  • It’s especially frustrating for Bruce because he literally has no idea why
  • He’ll never admit it, but he’d sometimes follow you as the Batman, just to make sure you’re alright
  • Also to make sure you’re not getting into too much trouble
  • He would definitely vet all of your friends too
  • Checking criminal records, school incident reports, whatever he can get his hands on
  • He doesn’t want you hanging out with bad influences
  • One time when he was shadowing you, a couple of thugs recognized you and decided to try and mug you
  • He obviously wasn’t going to let that happen
  • He beat the assholes to a bloody pulp
  • The hug you gave Batman as thanks was the first time you’d touched Bruce in what felt like months
  • Ever since then, you’d practically idolized Batman
  • You liked that he didn’t care about what everyone thought and just did what he thought was right
  • The fact that being a vigilante was essentially illegal didn’t seem the phase you at all
  • A part of him was happy that you seemed to idolize the Batman so much
  • Another part of him is a little concerned because Batman is a lawless vigilante
  • He wants you to look up to someone better than Gotham’s dark knight
  • The Batman is a symbol of what needs to be done
  • It’s not meant to serve as an excuse to do whatever you want
  • And he doesn’t want you following in his footsteps
  • He doesn’t want you to live the life of a vigilante like he has
  • Bruce wants you to make Gotham a better place the right way
  • He wants you to believe in Gotham as much as he does

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Hello! First things first your blog is amazing! I fucking love it, and second I was wondering if you could wrote a 'Being Eric's (from divergent) daughter would involve' headcannon, if you do it would be amazing, thanks xx

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Being Eric’s Daughter would Involve…

  • He’d freak out when he found about the pregnancy
  • He’d probably be extremely worried that he wouldn’t make a good father
  • His wife/girlfriend would have to calm him down and assure him that he’d make an amazing father.
  • He’d be horrified while you were being born, but once he finally gets to hold you in his arms he’d be the happiest man alive
  • Your birth would be one of the few times that would actually bring tears to his cold eyes
  • You’d learn to fight from a very young age. As a leader he’d have private access to the factions training room and gyms, allowing him to spend a lot of teaching you everything he knows
  • Any boy who even looks your way would get the stare of death
  • Boys would be afraid to talk to you because of who your father is
  • In public he would not be very compassionate, but behind closed doors he’d be a very loving father
  • Him always being there for you when you need to talk or when you need a shoulder to cry on
  • He makes sure that you know he’s always there for you
  • He is always supportive unless it’s about boys
  • He completely freaks out when he finds out that you have a boyfriend, but he finally comes to the realization that his little girl is growing up
  • You would be a complete daddy’s girl
  • When the time came, he’d be overjoyed if you picked Dauntless
  • If you ended up picking another faction, he’d be a bit upset, but supportive nonetheless, and he’d come visit you every single Visiting Day.
  • Despite his previous self-doubt, he’d be an amazing father.


A/N: I was having a ton of writer’s block when I tried to write this, so a special thanks to my good friend @mentally-in-canada for helping me! Ilysm girl

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Kakashi with his child (preferably a girl) headcanons?

Hatake Kakashi With a Daughter Headcanons

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  • Kakashi’s daughter will inherit his unruly hair and as a proud proponent of letting his hair go free and wild, he has no idea what to do with his daughter’s hair. He tries his best but to his bewilderment, the more he tries to brush it out the wilder and fluffier it gets. When her hair is sticking up like she’s been electrocuted, Kakashi sighs, gives up and ties it up on top of her head in a style that reminds him of Shikamaru’s hair. It’s the only one he knows how to do.

  • He is a very involved father, especially for every major milestone. He tried to teach her to say “mama” and “daddy” until he was blue in the face, but the first word ended up being “Pakkun”, much to his secret delight and the irritation of his wife. When the time came for her first steps, Kakashi would spend hours just sitting a foot or so away from her and attempting to coax her over to him with sweets. It took a few days and a lot of patience, but he succeeded in the end.

  • He’s a very laid-back parent. Of course he will intervene if he feels like his daughter is in any real danger, but he also understands that little bumps and bruises are part of the learning curve and an unavoidable part of being a child. Kakashi is very much a “learn by experience” dad, and encourages his daughter’s curiosity and imagination while keeping a watchful eye on her at all times to make sure she isn’t doing anything too dangerous. If she happens to fall or bump her head, he just heaves a long-suffering sigh, picks her back up, pats her on the head and sends her on her way.

  • Kakashi is serious about instilling the lesson that protecting your important people is what makes people strong, and sets about drilling it in her head from the time she is a newborn. Even if she doesn’t choose to be a shinobi, he still believes that it is a very important lesson to learn and probably the best advice he can ever give her as a father.

  • Kakashi is the bedtime storyteller every night, because his daughter thinks it’s funny that he uses different voices for each character. She loses it when he pitches his voice high when voicing a female character and erupts into a giggle fit, which in turn makes Kakashi laugh. Needless to say, it takes Kakashi forever to get her settled down enough to go to sleep. He doesn’t mind though, story time is his favorite too.

  • He will occasionally blackmail Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke into babysitting his daughter. Naruto and Sakura don’t mind - they love his daughter. Sasuke on the other hand will scowl and grouse, but give in anyway because of that whole “pardoned him for all of his crimes” thing that Kakashi keeps cheerfully reminding him of. Surprisingly, Sasuke is his daughter’s favorite babysitter. She thinks he is hilarious and often pesters Kakashi to go visit “uncle grouch.” 

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Supercorp prompt! I've always had this headcanon that if anyone asked Kara to name her favorite physical feature about herself, she would say the tiny scar on her eyebrow b/c it happened to her as a child on Krypton and it's a lasting physical reminder of the life/planet/family she used to have. She gets to look in the mirror every day and see it. I'd love to read (if you're interested in writing it!) you take on that convo with Lena...

Kara is not mysterious.

She’s not, though she makes a valiant attempt at it. She’s secretive and brilliant and more than talented at putting on an act, but she’s not mysterious. While there are dozens of things that don’t make sense about her, she has a refreshing habit of wearing her heart on her sleeve, consequences be damned, and even if Lena doesn’t understand what Kara does, she certainly can follow why.

Which is why the eyebrow thing is so…confusing.

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Kim Jonghyun Mafia AU
  • like many of the other members of 101, you had gotten involved in 101 business due to your father’s involvement before you
  • your dad, who had passed away, had been one of the main managers of the drug flow through 101, but since you were fairly inexperienced, you entered the 101 as a runner (someone who delivers small amounts of drugs to people and collects the money)
  • the guy who replaced your dad, kim jonghyun, was apparently kind and forgiving, but you had yet to ever meet him for yourself
  • one time, the person you were delivering to got violent, insisting that you were asking for the wrong place
  • he’d shoved you and slapped you a couple times, but you’d managed to break free and run off, unable to complete the deal
  • not being able to collect the money/drop off the product was a big deal, and you were scared about what kim jonghyun might do
  • you returned back to the 101 hq, informing the correct person about what happened, and he sent you up to jonghyun’s office
  • you waited outside uncomfortably, pacing back and forth
  • finally, the person inside shouted “come in!”
  • you pushed the door, heart in your throat, and when you saw kim jonghyun for the first time, your heart beat even harder, but for an entirely different reason
  • you’d been expecting some crotchety old man to have replaced your father, but kim jonghyun was a young, extremely handsome 20-something, sitting at his desk in the crisp suit required of all 101 higher-ups, suit jacket slung over the back of his seat casually
  • stacks of papers surrounded him, and he pushed a file of papers aside to focus on you
  • you then noticed that he was frowning
  • “come in, sit down,” he said gently, gesturing to the seat across the table from him
  • you took the seat gingerly, watching the man in partial fear
  • “how did you get hurt?” he asked in concern, leaning on his elbows to get a closer look at you
  • your hand darted up to your face, wincing as your fingers touched slightly puffy, raw skin. apparently, the slap had left bruises
  • “did the pickup do that?” jonghyun asked again, this time a bit more sternly
  • “y-yeah,” you said quietly, unsure of what was to happen
  • “and you had no way of defending yourself?” he continued, frown growing deeper. “no gun, no weapon, no training?”
  • you shook your head and he cursed under his breath, reaching over to pick up the phone on his desk
  • “yah, kang dongho,” he snapped, running a hand through his inky black hair, “when you get new recruits, make sure you actually teach them how to fire a fucking gun before sending them my way.”
  • he hung up the phone and turned back to you
  • “are you alright?” he asked, “the guy didn’t try anything else, right? you don’t need a visit to the hospital?”
  • “no, no,” you replied, shaking your head, “he just shoved me around a bit, it’s no big deal.”
  • “well, we won’t be dealing to him again,” jonghyun informed you, “we don’t deal with pickups who think it’s okay to rough up our runners. but you,” jonghyun looked up at you, as though contemplating something, “you need to learn how to shoot a gun.”
  • you looked up at jonghyun in alarm, “i really don’t think that’s necessary,” you replied, “i’ll be fine.”
  • “well, you have the tattoo, right?” jonghyun raised his eyebrows as your fingers reached up, brushing over the 101 tattoo located right under your collarbone, “any true member of 101 should have a gun, i’m not sure why you weren’t taught.”
  • when dongho had brought you through the 101 initiation, he’d told you that he’d promised your father he’d do whatever it took to keep you from harming other people, which was why you were assigned as a runner instead of on a different team
  • but, jonghyun was your boss, and so you opted for not saying anything
  • “i’ll drive you up to the shooting range tomorrow,” jonghyun said, returning to the files he’d been working on, “get a good night’s rest
  • “thank you.” you replied, hurrying out of the room 
  • the next day, jonghyun picks you up from your apartment
  • despite his high ranking in 101, he’s definitely kind, but a bit quiet
  • most of the car ride was spent listening to the radio, and you were unsure how to make conversation
  • he pulled into the parking lot, showing you inside the small store that accompanied the range
  • after picking up the proper gear– glasses, earplugs and ear coverings, he disappeared into a back room, reappearing with two small, compact black handguns
  • first, he taught you how to load the gun, watching carefully as you followed his directions
  • then he took you over to one of the targets, instructing you on how to stand, where to hold the gun, hand placement and such
  • finally, he decided that it was time to actually fire
  • he shot a few rounds first, making sure that you understood exactly what to do before stepping aside
  • he took off the hat that he was hearing, handing it to you– it was important to wear a hat so that the ejected brass wouldn’t hit you in the face
  • after tugging the hat on, you positioned yourself, doing your best to listen to jonghyun’s advice
  • the kickback was intense, making you stumble a bit
  • jonghyun caught you by the shoulders, making sure you were okay
  • the first shot had completely missed, but as you spent more and more time shooting, you were able to consistently hit the target
  • “i think this is okay,” jonghyun said, once you were able to hit at least some part of the target 9/10 times. “i’m not looking for you to be able to kill people, just defend yourself.”
  • once you were done at the range, you drove back to the city, and jonghyun said that he’d buy some lunch quickly, feeling bad that he’d kept you for so long
  • the meal was nice, and you could tell that jonghyun was forcing himself to make conversation with you, despite him not being a super outspoken person
  • as with any conversation with another 101 member, the subject of how you got involved came up
  • you explained to him about your father and how you’d gotten dragged in due to your involvement
  • you’re deuce’s kid?” jonghyun was surprised that nobody had bothered to tell him that his former boss’s daughter was now working under him
  • you shrugged, eating another french fry, “it never came up, i guess.”
  • you returned to your usual jobs with a handgun tucked into your waistband 
  • jonghyun would periodically check in with you to make sure you were safe and okay
  • and every time, your heart would explode out of your chest
  • one night, you’re returning from a job when you get called up to the main office
  • kang daniel is lounging in his usual chair, ha sungwoon was investigating what books daniel had on his shelves, and jonghyun was pacing back and forth
  • “ah, (y/n)!” daniel smiled, gesturing for you to take a seat
  • he explained that there was a yakuza boss who had specifically requested to meet with 101, wanting to form a trade deal/pact
  • “why am i involved in this?” you frowned, crossing your arms
  • “yeah daniel, why is (y/n) involved in this?” jonghyun snapped, clearly upset at what was happening
  • daniel glared sharply at jonghyun
  • “you know the drug trade better than anyone at 101,” daniel said bluntly, “better than jonghyun. you grew up around the trade– you understand rates, you know the different traders in asia. you need to be present at this meeting.”
  • you sighed, pushing your hair back, “when is this meeting?”
  • “tomorrow,” daniel explained, “jonghyun will be acting as a front; there will be a camera placed on jonghyun’s body. you will be in the vehicle with sungwoon, directing jonghyun via in-ear.”
  • you contemplated the suggestion.
  • “why can’t i go to the meeting as well?” you asked, “wouldn’t jonghyun going alone be dangerous?”
  • “you’re not going,” jonghyun said firmly, “you just learned how to shoot a gun, this is going to be dangerous.”
  • you glared up at jonghyun momentarily before turning back to daniel, rolling your eyes
  • “fine, i’ll do it.”
  • soon, you found yourself sitting in the front seat of sungwoon’s car, laptop in between the two of you
  • one upside to staying in the car was that you were able to wear your sweats– jonghyun had to dress extremely nicely (when you saw him in his expensive suit and gelled hair, you’d almost passed out)
  • jonghyun walked into the hotel where the meeting was, letting himself be lead to the back room
  • “okay,” you began, eyes scanning over the scene, “i think they’ve replaced all hotel staff with their own people, but i’m not positive. the guy who just boarded the elevator definitely had a tattoo.”
  • jonghyun entered the room he’d been guided to, taking a seat across from akio, a prominent yakuza leader
  • akio began making his offer, smiling sleazily over at jonghyun
  • you listened closely, trying to pick out what exactly akio’s offer was
  • jonghyun pulled the contract towards him, scanning it
  • “wait, jonghyun, go back to the second page,” you said quickly, leaning forward to examine it.
  • “jonghyun, you need to get out of there, it’s a set-up,” you said urgently, “svt is behind this, they’re trying to get you to switch to akio so that they can take our current deals with other groups from us, since we would have switched allegiance. you need to leave,now,”
  • you watched worriedly as jonghyun did his best to refuse the offer, citing that he would need to consult with higher-ups
  • “how did you know?” sungwoon asked as he watched jonghyun quickly walk out of the room
  • “svt doesn’t have any drugs specialists,” you explained, watching anxiously as jonghyun sped through the halls of the hotel, “they sorted their offers by class, but they listed heroin under pharmaceutical, not as an opiod. the yakuza wouldn’t make a rookie mistake like that, and svt has been trying to corner 101′s hold on the drug market here for years.”
  • sungwoon whistled, nodding, “you really are deuce’s kid.”
  • jonghyun was able to make it out and sungwoon quickly pulled up to the hotel, picking him up
  • “thank you, (y/n),” jonghyun said breathlessly, quickly buckling his seatbelt as sungwoon pealed off, heading towards the 101 hq
  • after explaining the situation, several of the guys, including jonghyun, decided that they would go out for drinks, but you just decided to head home, feeling exhausted
  • it wasn’t hard for you to fall asleep, given how much you’d gone through that day, and you quickly drifted off
  • however, you were woken up by the sound of someone pressing your doorbell, making the loud rings echo through your apartment
  • groaning, you dragged yourself up, thinking maybe 101 had some kind of emergency
  • sure enough, jonghyun stood on your doorstep, but when you looked closely, he looked like he was about to fall asleep
  • “um, jonghyun?” you asked tentatively, staring at him in concern
  • jonghyun looked up at you, sighing
  • “you really are an angel,” he said with a small smile, ruffling his already messy hair, “you even answer the door at three in the morning.” you frowned, noticing how slurred his words were
  • “jonghyun, are you drunk?” 
  • “y-yeah,” jonghyun managed to get out, stumbling a bit 
  • sighing, you helped him into your apartment, sitting him down on your couch
  • you brought him a piece of toast and some water, watching in concern as he tried to dip the toast in the water– you’d never seen the quiet, closed off jonghyun act like this
  • “(y/n),” jonghyun began, looking over at you, “you know i really, really like you?” you stared back at the man in shock. “you’re really the perfect one for me, but you never seem to look my way.”
  • “just,” you shook your head, a million thoughts swirling, “just eat your bread so that we can sleep, jonghyun.”
  • jonghyun pouted at you before stuffing the entire slice of bread into his mouth
  • once he was less wasted, you made sure he was sleeping on his side, so that he wouldn’t vomit, before returning to sleep yourself
  • the next morning, you awoke to the sound of loud cursing and the faint smell of smoke
  • getting up, you raced out to the kitchen, where jonghyun was desperately fanning the toaster, billows of smoke coming from it
  • “um, jonghyun?” you asked carefully, trying to suppress a laugh
  • “ah, you’re awake,” he said sheepishly, “i wanted to make you breakfast, but i burned the toast, so now there’s only eggs.”
  • “it’s fine,” you laughed, grabbing the plate that was on the table, “we can just eat this, i don’t mind.”
  • the two of you ate in relative silence, until jonghyun set down his fork
  • “(y/n), I’m really sorry,” he sighed, “first i show up to your house drunk, and then I burn your toaster.”
  • you chuckled, “it’s fine, I’m just a bit unused to seeing you in this light.”
  • he groaned, ruffling his hair in embarrassment, “I really wasn’t planning on confessing to you drunk at three in the morning, though.”
  • you wrinkled your nose, glancing over at him, “you meant that?”
  • he turned a bit red, nodding, “yeah, I did,” he shrugged, “i do really like you, but i wanted to confess properly, not while I was wasted.”
  • “it was cute,” you replied with a grin, “i’ll accept, as long as you truly meant it.”
  • “actually?” jonghyun looked up at you happily with a wide smile, “you really are an angel.”

stream jelly pass it on

Princess of Themyscira: Part 4

AN:This chapter came fairly easy, I love how it turned out.

Words: 1813

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

The only thoughts on your mind as you climb the steps up towards your grandmother’s palace are ones of sleep. Your body aches, your spirit is sore, and to be completely honest, you feel a bit hollow inside. All you want is to collapse on your bed and sleep. Of course, life isn’t that easy.

    At the top of the stairs, you find your grandmother and your sisters waiting for you. You’re a bit surprised. Usually, by this time, they’ve drunk themselves into a stupor, having told each and every one of your mother’s battle stories. The hangovers typically last for days, and you’re usually the one to hold back your sisters’ hair in the morning.

    You say nothing as you take a seat at the top of the stairs, and turn to face the horizon. The sun is just beginning to rise, and no one seems inclined to say anything, so you sit in silence until Io finally asks, “What was she like?”

    You turn towards your sister and stare. You’d heard the stories, how Io had been madly in love with your mother, and how she had cried for days when she had been officially banished. After a moment you say, “You knew her longer, shouldn’t you know?”

    Artemis’s hand lands roughly on your shoulder, “We knew Diana, Princess of Themyscira. Warrior of the Amazons. We did not know Diana, mother of Y/N, Warrior of Man’s World.”

    You bite on your lip, “You don’t want to hear what I have to say.”

    “And why not?” Euboea asks.

    “Because it involves Man’s World. It involves my brothers. It involves my father, and however much love you have for my mother, and for me, you have just as much resentment for them.”

    “Have we ever shown this resentment? Said bad things?” Hellene asks.

    Your answer is swift and unforgiving, “Yes.” You can see the shock on the faces of your friends, of your grandmother, and from the rest of my sisters. “It didn’t take you long to accept me, despite being hesitant at first. But I remember the hushed whispers in those early days, what you all would say when you thought I wasn’t around.”
    You swallow thickly, “You hate my father for having taken my mother away, but if you knew my mother as you claim, then you would know that no one could make her do anything. And to understand who my mother became when she left here, you’d first have to understand my family. And that starts with my father. And to be honest, I don’t know if it’s a story you’re going to like.”

    There’s several long minutes of silence before Io finally says, “Diana was our sister. We wish to know her. You come from her, if you say we need to start with your sire, then that is where we shall start.”

    You take a shaky breath before nodding once, “Well, to start, he wasn’t my sire. He was my father, and whatever your misgivings toward men are, he was a good man. He was born into wealth, to a loving mother and father. My grandmother, his mother, wanted a child desperately and it took several miscarriages before she was able to have my father. But he was her world. And my grandfather, Thomas, was a doctor. He turned away from corporate America to help people. To try and relate to those less fortunate than him.

    “They were murdered in front of my father when he was eight. That one moment defined the rest of his life. He was left in the care of the family’s butler, Alfred.” You smile at the name, and pause for a moment as the memory of the older man takes center stage in your memory.

    “Alfred was amazing. Managed to raise my dad, and my brothers and even helped raise me. He and mom got along so well. He took care of cleaning and cooking, and everything, and anytime one of us had a problem we would go to him.”

    You pause to wipe away a tear, before continuing, “As my father grew up, he became obsessed with vengeance.”

“Of course.” Artemis’s voice is sure, understanding, as she says, “If any of us were in the same position we would do the same.”

You smile, “Except he didn’t.” You receive puzzled looks before saying, “He found the man who murdered his parents, only to find out he’d been hired to do the job. He had a gun in his hand, he could have killed the man but decided against it. Decided that he wouldn’t become the very thing his parents had tried so hard to fight.

“He went on a journey across the world. Trained under hundreds of masters in escape and martial arts. He was gone for nearly eight years, and when he returned, he took on the persona of Batman. He donned a mask and a cape, and worked to protect the city he loved. That’s how he met my brothers.

“Dick, Jason, and Tim all came to him in different ways. Each had their own journey with him, but they all were of the same mentality. To protect. It’s the same way he met Mom. The Justice League was formed out of need, not desire. Some Earth shattering crisis, where Mom first appeared. She thought dad was too broody. She worked so hard to get him out of his shell.

“The thing that did it was her almost dying. She took a hit for him. It would have killed him, but it only wounded her. Unlike most of the League, Dad didn’t have any powers. He was extremely smart, cunning, and a master of fighting. But he wasn’t invulnerable.

“Tim said that he never left her side after that. He refused to even eat until she woke up. And her first words to him were, ‘Your rules be damned, Bruce Wayne. I love you, and no matter how hard you push me away, I’ll fight even harder to get close.’ Jason said he just gave up after that.

“Dick said they became one of the most sappy couples ever after that. Only at home though. When they were in uniform they were all business. At least that’s what they claim. Dick said that a lot changed when he let Mom in. She didn’t let him isolate himself, or deny his feelings. She forced him to admit stuff, to become more open.

“My father, who apparently had a hard time admitting he cared, finally admitted that his number one fear was to lose those important to him; my brothers and my mother.”

You pause again to swipe at the tears running down your face. “I remember coming home from a night out with my brothers to find them dancing in the kitchen. We watched them for an hour. He was singing to her. Mom was the only one who could convince him to sing. He had such a pretty voice. He would have given her the sun and the stars if she had let him.

“My brother Damian came after they had been together for about two years. When my father had been traveling he met a woman named Talia. She was a smart woman. A strict woman. And a hell of a fighter. Unbeknownst to my father, a night together had created Damian.

“Damian resented Mom at first. Said there were months of snipes back and forth but my mother never backed away or coddled him. Any smart alec remark was met with one of equal standing until something happened that nobody would talk about. All I know is that Talia never came around again, and my parents were given full parental rights. I came about two years after that.”

“And?” Calyce asks.

You smile, “We were happy. We were a family. I grew up with four older brothers who meant the world to me. Who I could go to. My father wouldn’t go out on patrol without reading me a story before he left. Damian taught me fighting basics to defend myself. The others tried to coddle me too much, he said. But neither Mom nor Dad wanted me to join the family business.

“They wanted me to have a normal life, and I did. Or at least as normal as it can be in that situation. I grew up with the other league kids. I had chores and dance class. We had family trips and family dinners. Mom would tell me stories about her childhood. Dick taught me how to tumble, and Jason would taught me how to ride a bike. I’d spend hours playing video games with Tim. He made me my first cup of coffee for exams. Alfred nearly blew a gasket. Mom just took pictures.

“On weekends Mom would take me horseback riding, and we would race. My favorites memories are the ones of all of us together. Birthdays, galas, movie weekends. But my favorite is one of my mom and dad dancing.

“There was always something going on in the world. Some crisis, but I remember thinking I had never seen two people so at peace in that moment. I had never seen two people so in love. He used to call her ‘princess.’ And it wasn’t some in some condescending way either, it’s because that’s what she was, and she deserved that respect.”  

You take a deep breath, “My dad died about three months before I came here. It sent Mom into a rage. She destroyed that incoming fleet. Despite his own resolve not to kill he never tried to persuade her otherwise. He knew she did what she thought was best, that it was a last resort.

“What she did to that fleet though, it was pure vengeance. They had taken the love of her life away, and she was going to kill them for it. She became a different person after that. She was very withdrawn, and when the invasion got worse, they decided as a family that I needed to be saved.

“Alfred drugged me. Slipped something into the coffee Tim had made. They were all there as my eyes closed. They all told me how much they loved me. When I woke up, my mother was carrying me on the beach here. She’d packed a trunk with things she said were important. Put the key around my neck, and well… you know the rest.”  

This time, you let the tears come, you allow yourself to sob as you say, “She wasn’t so different from the woman you tell stories about.”

Artemis’s arms surround you, and she pulls you close, “She was very different, little one. She was a mother, not only to you but to your brothers. She was a wife. She was in love. She was a warrior.”

You swallow thickly, “She was Wonder Woman.”

Vikings Preference "When they realize that they're in love with you"

(Woooo more Vikings preference :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-He’d realize he was in love with you after you had saved his life from a near death experience and even more as you’d personally take care of him and his injuries. Having you by his side so much, he’d understand how much he meant to you and he himself realize needs you in his life.

Rollo-He’d realize he was in love with you after you’d take it upon yourself to teach him something he isn’t familiar with. He’d come to realize how much it means for you to help him and how you would be so caring of him that it all just made him fall for you even more, and have a hard time keeping it to himself.

Floki-He’d realize he was in love with you as you’d constantly offer him help to build the boats. Seeing how adamant you are, no matter the weather or how busy your day would’ve been, it would all only make him feel so grateful to have someone who could share his passion and admit to you how much he loves you.

Athelstan-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to enjoy seeing all your efforts into learning about Christianity. His faith meant the world to him, so seeing you truly putting your all into it would make himself feel special to you and would come to love each moment you are both alone and away from others as you both study the Bible.

Bjorn-He’d realize he was in love with you as each time you’d come around to visit him in his camp during raids, he’d feel better about the situation. It wouldn’t matter how badly injured he was, seeing you walk towards him, coming over to spend your time with him, would make it all better and for him to know that he was in love.

Ubbe-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t come to enjoy seeing you working as a slave. As he’d keep his mind on you constantly and try to help you with your work, he’d come to understand that he felt that way because he was falling in love with you, making him offering you a marriage to save you from your labor.

Hvitserk-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d get shy and nervous around you, especially when you would laugh and joke around with him. Although, he would usually be confident and flirty around girls, when it came to you, it would all seem to go away and he would only hope that you’d make him smile all again.

Sigurd-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to enjoy playing music with you and being alone together. Seeing how good you got at playing your instrument thanks to him and that you both make beautiful music together, it would only make him fall in love with you even more.

Ivar-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to realize you were the only to truly care and understand his feelings. Having you around him, spending your time just listening to him and talk to him as well as being the few to make him laugh and feel more comfortable would make him fall for you each day.

Halfdan-He’d realize he was in love with you the moment he laid his eyes you. It was the first time he had ever seen you within the camp and the instant you approached to greet him with a smile and hand him a bowl of water to clean himself, that’s when he’d feel his heart beat faster and himself growing warm from all of it.

Harald-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d notice all your efforts into making him happier day by day. It wouldn’t seem to matter how bad or angry he was, having close to him and cheering him up the many ways you would, would all make him feel better and understand how he can’t be without you.

Aethelwulf-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you involved with his father. Knowing how his father has an interest for you and from seeing the way he would show it, would all serve to make him irritated around the both of you and soon to understand that he was falling for you.

King Ecbert-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t want you to leave his side and go back to Kattegat. He knew he was interested in you the instant he met you but as your stay would come to an end, he’d get irritated and would do anything to convince you to stay, only to understand himself.

Arne-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t want anyone else to take care of his injuries but you. From the first time you did it, he felt so comfortable and at ease, he knew he didn’t want anyone else to be there for him but you and surely made you understand that feeling.

Lagertha-She’d realize she was in love with you as she’d end up putting her trust in you and no one else. Among the people around her, she’d feel that you were the only one she could trust so much and would end up telling you all her worries and so, making her understand she was in love with you.

Aslaug-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d seem to be the only one to see her as a strong and capable woman rather than just being a beautiful face. She’d find it interesting to speak with you about her hopes and goals so much that she’d come to understand her feelings for you.

Thorunn-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d keep looking for her and make her understand that her scar truly isn’t anything serious. Listening to you and feeling your touch would all make her heart skip a beat and understand her feelings for you.

Helga-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d understand her feelings of wanting to be a mother. She’d just come to enjoy how you’d try to help her get that feeling again and soon would realize herself.


I’m back writing your prompts, yay! My writer’s block is gone for good finaly so here is another one-shot! I really liked writing this one, having Jughead the one losing his perpetual composed self. I hope you will all enjoy it too!

(P.S. I’m not ignoring your older prompts, I was just craving to write this after last episode and Jughead’s pain, which I’ll never get over. Don’t worry, darlings, I’ll write all your prompts during this hiatus to help all of us deal with all those beautiful Bughead feels! <3) 

The glass doors of Riverdale’s General Hospital closed with a light swoosh behind a rushing Betty Cooper, her messy bun bouncing vigorously with every urgent step her white sneakers took. With her white pajama t-shirt still under her maroon grid bomber jacket and a pair of grey yoga pants – the girl minutes away from dozing off to a dreamless slumber just before her phone disrupted the calmness of her room – she anxiously jogged down the quiet corridor, due to the hour, and stopped abruptly in front of the reception, the elder head nurse shooting her an exhausted glare.

“I’m looking for Forsythe Pendleton Jones.” Her voice came out with difficulty, Betty now registering how out of breath she was, probably by the fact that her house was at the other side of town and she had chosen to walk, or most correctly run, all the way to the hospital.

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The Adrien Diaries...

Okay, so this is particular entry is a Valentine’s Day special… that’s over a week late. Deal with it, inspiration for the most awkward scenario only struck yesterday after talking to both @animatedsuperchick19 (who suggested the game they are playing) and @mr-hawkmoth (who talked me into this being an Adrien Diaries/Aftermath Addendums). Blame them for sunshine boy’s suffering.

 Now, this has an Aftermath Addendums coming, as well as ANOTHER Adrien Diaries Entry… Although if ya’ll are hoping to get poor Mari’s POV anytime soon, keep waiting XD


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@57fandom59 Although this video was posted a long time ago, it none the less proves why the “Goku is a Terrible father/husband” argument is, in my opinion, bullshit. Yes, I will agree Goku is not the best father, but he is in no way the worst.  

Beloved Baker Street Chapter 1

Originally posted by sherlockjw

Summary: Sherlock voiced his deduction. “She’s from out of town though. Intended to stay only one night before returning to-”

“Cardiff.” Y/N finished, leaning against the doorframe.

Sherlock studied her for a moment in silence, eyes narrowed.

Y/N Hudson was the brilliant daughter of Mrs. Hudson, owner of 221 Baker Street. Returning to London to work as a forensic scientist and be closer to her mother, she never expected to be swept up into the whirlwind life of Sherlock Holmes…

“How is Pennsylvania? Are things going well?” Martha Hudson asked, her voice slightly distorted through the speaker of a phone.

Her daughter, Y/N, held the cell phone wedged in between her ear and her shoulder as she folded some newly laundered sweaters.

“Better than the lab back in Denver, I must say.” The young woman replied with a sigh. “I blame you and Papa you know, mum. I was raised to expect so much more action!” She laughed.

“Don’t remind me, dear. I hate to think on what your childhood was because of your father and me. Although I think I can say it was mostly your father.” The older woman lamented.

“Oh mama, I was only teasing. I turned out just fine.”

“Yes, well I think that was due to you, muffin, not anything that I did.”

Y/N smiled at the pet name she’d heard so often growing up. Y/N Hudson hadn’t seen her mother in person since right after her father had died, some years before. The young biochemist had flown out to London and spent a few days with her mother, repairing the relationship they had lost when Y/N left at 18 to go to school and get away from the “business” her father was involved in.

“Mama, I was thinking…maybe I should look for a job over there and come live in London. I know it’s a big change, but frankly, I hate my job here. Besides, I’ve been wanting to live closer to you for a while.” Y/N suggested, nervously playing with a lock of hair.

Over her 26 years, Y/N had had a complicated dynamic with her family. Her parents’ marriage was an ill-advised impulsive decision that neither could see lasting. Barely a year after Y/N came into the world, they moved to Florida. Her father, Frank, got in with a really bad crowd and eventually began to run a drug cartel. Mrs. Hudson didn’t know about his dealings until Y/N was in elementary school. By that point, she did her best to keep Y/N away from Frank, but the father wasn’t one to be separated entirely.

He taught the young child how to shoot a gun, and put her into self defense classes. He was a terrible man, but he cared about his child. During her adolescence, Y/N resented her mother’s choice to stay, determined to leave it all behind and become independent as soon as she possibly could.

Always intelligent and fascinated by science, Y/N was accepted to Reed College on a full scholarship. Belongings packed, and with all the money she had saved over the years, Y/N left. Her mother found a note the next day saying that Y/N was going to college. She assured Mrs. Hudson that she loved her, but she needed to make a new life for herself.

Y/N graduated top of her class with a major in biochemistry and a minor in history. At first, she worked in research, alongside dedicated scientists. Inevitably, the work was too dull for the quick minded young woman. Needing to work her brain, Y/N changed careers. Being a CSI fit her perfectly, but she still felt as though something was missing. She missed her mother.

“Really? That’s all I’ve wanted since you left for school, but I knew you needed to come back in your own time.” Mrs. Hudson said ecstatically.

“You wouldn’t happen to know if Scotland Yard is hiring, would you?” Y/N half-joked.

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Snake Eyes | BTS Mafia AU (1)

Pairing: reader x jimin | Mafia/Gang AU

Genre: angst

Summary: You were assigned to protect, watch over, and defend him. Falling in love with him was just an inevitable side effect.

Word Count: 2,804

A/N: okay, so I have no idea how to properly knock out someone by cutting off their oxygen supply so I just googled it & winged it lol. hope it’s somewhat realistic.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

This week couldn’t get any worse. His father had gotten into a terrible car accident and suffered a heart attack. The girl he had been interested in completely blew him off. He lost his car keys. He had to attend an emergency meeting, where he defended his spot as the successor of his father’s pharmaceutical company. Not to mention he spilled hot, steaming coffee all over his favorite suit that morning.

That’s enough suffering for a week, right? But life seemed to have more in store for Park Jimin.

Just as he was storing some important company files in a random cereal box—it was his favorite hiding spot, because who would ever dare to look in a cereal box?—his phone began to ring. He placed the cereal box back into his pantry and frowned when he recognized the phone number as the hospital’s.


“Is this Park Jimin?”


“I’m sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but your father just passed away.”

“I’ll be right there.”


Room 511.

Why did his room have to be on the fifth floor? You huffed as you hurried to put on some scrubs and a hospital mask. Careful as to not step on the nurse you just knocked out, you made your way out the door and immediately met your partner’s curious eyes.

“Not the nurse outfit I originally had in mind, but oh my, you look so innocent!” Jungkook chuckled at your appearance, resisting the urge to snap a quick picture of you to send to the guys to laugh at later. “So cute-“

“Can you not right now?” You interrupted with a hiss. “We have a person to kidnap!”

“You act as if we haven’t done something like this before.”

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anonymous asked:

TodoDeku AU where they're princes of enemy kingdoms and Midoriya accidentally gets invited to Todoroki's Ball, one Endeavor set up to find a suitor. Midoriya wears a mask to hide his identity and just internally screams when he sees how pretty Todoroki is??? But he looks so sad and lonely??? So Midoriya just sweeps him off his feet and Todoroki just falls for this sunshine boy that he doesn't even know, who winds up disappearing at the end of the night and he makes it his duty to find him again

“Midoriya sweeps him off his feet” i hope you mean literally lmao.

is this a lowkey cinderella au? that. that is 10000% fine. 

shouto probably wouldn’t like, make his search for izuku public, because that’s not how he rolls. shouto would probably go on searches himself in the middle of the night, ask questions at isolated bars or taverns, and even start investing in his own like. underground communication system. his newfound system ends up discovering scandals involving his father and many of the nobles of his kingdom, and shouto compiles their shit to fucking expose them.

shouto’s crush would end up letting him completely reform his kingdom.

and, yes–when he finds izuku again they both start courting each other and its The Cutest Shit cuz neither princes can communicate to save their lives.

anonymous asked:

May i get Todoroki with number 57, please?

Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki looked absolutely perfect in a suit. 

You knew he hadn’t wanted to attend such a large, fancy event, since it involved his father, but there were still appearances to put up and his sister had begged him to at least go to make his own hero contacts. He felt uncomfortable in his suit and fidgeted the entire time, but his only saving grace was being able to have you accompany him. 

“You look good, Shouto,” You swat his hand away from his tie and laugh as he looks pouty for a few seconds, before his father takes the stage and his neutral expression returns. “Lets take our seats, alright.” 

You don’t listen much to Todoroki Enji’s speech, instead playfully kicking at Todoroki under the table and lacing your fingers with his. You knew the more he listened to his father talk the more annoyed he’d be, but at least you could provide a few minor distractions to keep him from going completely insane. 

The speech is over before you both know it (mostly because Todoroki kept giving you looks while you shrugged and pretended it totally wasn’t you trying to play footsies with him under the table), and Todoroki’s shoulders finally relax. You glance over and see couples begin to head to the dance floor, soft music flowing through the room. 

His father would soon be coming to sit at this table, so maybe you could…

“Hey, Shouto,” He glances over at you, and looks surprised to see you standing beside him, hand extended. “May I have this dance?” 

He seems to hesitate for a fraction of a second before he takes your hand and stands up, leading you to the corner of the dance floor farthest away from the table. He knew how to slow dance because of his mother, he remembers long ago when he used to stand on her feet, twirling around the kitchen, during a time when things weren’t so bad.

“Thank you.” He mutters in your ear, half-way through the dance. Your arms are wrapped around his neck, his hands on your hips, your bodies only about an inch apart.

“What are you thanking me for?” 

“For making tonight… tolerable. Thank you.”