involuntary movements


Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) is a universally fatal brain disorder. Early symptoms include memory problems, behavioral changes, poor coordination, and visual disturbances. Later dementia, involuntary movements, blindness, weakness, and coma occur. About 90% of people die within a year of diagnosis

As said by this nurse (reddit user elshad85):

I’m a hospice nurse. I’ve seen lots of shitty ways to die, but Creutzfeld Jakob disease scares the shit out of me. One day you are ok, the next your having a hard time walking, maybe a little weak. Within a few weeks to maybe a few months things spiral downwards, you are less able to move, you start falling, you get anxious, your memory starts to sputter, and no one knows what’s going on. 2 to 6 weeks before you die (or maybe much closer to your death) someone hypothesizes that maybe, perhaps you have a prion disease. Nothing they can do until you’re dead and can cut your brain open to be sure. In the meantime you become psychotic, agitated, and have pain in your head (the neurologists will tell you this doesn’t happen, but my clinical experience leads me to believe otherwise). Finally, you die, and your family is left wondering how the hell this happened to a young, healthy person so quickly.

Truly horrible, like dementia in super fast forward mode for younger healthier people.

Sebastian Michaelis finding out his s/o is ticklish! - requested by anon

Omgomgomgomgomg this is adorable!! ^//^ I had so much fun writing this! Anyone who requests Sebastian or Ciel (or both, both is always good!) gets virtual cookies and the satisfaction of knowing they made me smile :)

NOT MY GIF - Sebastian is beautiful omg

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- Our dear Sebastian would find out accidentally

- It’d happen when your guard is down

- Lying on your bed, Sebastian beside you, his gloved hands trailing up and down your back lazily, cradling you to him

- He’d come into contact with a hip or a rib and you’d jolt, and he’d still, watching you slightly wide-eyed

- “My, my,” he’d murmur, a devious smirk tugging at his mouth, “what have we here?”

- He wouldn’t understand your reaction, and would become curious

- Holding you tighter to him, he’d trail his hand down your back again, waiting for you to jolt

- There.

- He’d chuckle, looking down at you.

- He wouldn’t ask as such, but you’d murmur, “I’m ticklish.”

- There’d be a beat of silence and then, “is that so.”

- It wouldn’t be a question

- “Such a display of weakness is unbefitting of a young Lord/Lady”

- He’d seem to relax fully on the bed, and the two of you would lapse into silence

- You close your eyes, enjoying the quiet company with Sebastian

- He’d start chuckling and you’d frown, and then

- He’d tickle you lightly at first, testing the waters

- He’d be fascinated by your body’s reactions and would want to know more

- So of course, he’s gonna perform little experiments on you

- What happens if he tickles here? And here? Ooh, what about here?

- He’d watch your face carefully, chuckling at your reflexes and involuntary movements, your chest heaving from laughing so hard, your jaw and sides aching

- He’d come to see that the laughter is actually a form of panic

- He’d make a mental note to research it at some point

- He’d eventually stop, though, satisfied for now

- He’d ask if you like being tickled or not and would listen to your answer intently, a light furrow on his brow as he tries to understand

- He’s so confused by humans xD

- I have no doubt that, at some point, the little shit we all know and love would use his demon speed to tickle you

- Not for long, though, he doesn’t want you to get sick

- He’d probably come to use tickling as a method to get you to smile or tell him when something is wrong

- It’d become a bargaining chip - tell me this thing or get tickled, your choice

- He’d make another mental note to try it on Ciel - omg I’d pay to see this!

- Sebastian would definitely enjoy the experience, and would definitely creep up behind you for surprise tickle attacks

- He wouldn’t do it if you told him not to

- … That’s a lie, yes he would!

- The next thing is: is Sebastian himself ticklish?

- I’ll leave that for you to decide! :3

Omg I’d love to see Sebastian use this on Ciel omf! :D

bad day || min yoongi

Anonymous said: Hiya!! I was just wondering if you could write some yoongi angst/fluff? I don’t really have many ideas but maybe you guys have been really distant and then something bad happens to u then you start crying and the first person you think to call is yoongi? Idk I just rlly need some good yoongi fluff and ur such a good writer, so who better to ask than you? Tysm if you decide to do it ❤️

Min Yoongi x reader

Summary: Your day just keeps getting worse and worse, and it all gets too much. Luckily, Yoongi knows exactly what to do to make everything better. 

Genre: angst/comfort

Words: 1721

sorry I changed it a bit and just wrote general yoongi comfort because you guys seem to like that (and so do I)~~ thanks for requesting!! <3

he’s beautiful LOOK AT HIM

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To say I had been having a hard day would be an understatement. 

It started off badly when I found out I had saved an alarm for 7pm instead of 7am the night before. The alarm was for an exam I had that day - I had stayed up all night revising for it. Yoongi and I had decided to go on a date afterwards to celebrate, and I had planned to wake up early to get some extra work in. 

But instead, I woke to my phone ringing and a friend in my class asking if I was okay, and where I was, because the test was about to start. I threw on some clothes and barely even locked the door before I was running to my college, knowing the bus would take too long. I arrived, sweaty and barely awake, just in time for it.

But my rush of a morning and anxiety levels that were already off the charts meant I had a complete mental blank in the middle of the test, and forgot everything I had stayed up so late cramming into my head. I almost cried when I handed the paper in, knowing without even getting it back that I had failed, and thinking about how important it was to my final grade. I pushed back tears, knowing I just had to get through the rest of the day before I could see Yoongi.

However, my optimism was quickly crushed when I realised that I had forgotten to bring my money in, so I couldn’t buy any lunch, and with the speed that I had got dressed and left this morning, I hadn’t even had time to eat. On top of that, I had a huge argument with my friend after the exam. It was about something stupid, but still hurt and upset me all the same.

By my last class, I just wanted to go home. The only thing keeping me going was the thought of seeing Yoongi, and just forgetting about everything else. As the day dragged on, my head and body began to ache, and the urge to cry became more and more prominent. All I wanted to do was get home.

Then I missed my bus. It might not seem like the biggest deal, but with the rain that had begun pouring down, and the difficulty I was already having at even getting enough energy to walk, it pushed me over the edge. Everything seemed to pile up as I watched the bus drive off and stood in the rain, knowing all my books were getting soaked, and I would have to walk the whole way home. There wouldn’t be another bus for an hour. I ran my hands through my hair, groaning, and felt my eyes sting. A lump formed in my throat and I gritted my teeth in an attempt to stop myself from crying.

I stood there for a moment, my mind blank. It was almost an involuntary movement as my fingers shakily reached for my phone, sheltering the screen from the rain with my other hand as I squinted to dial Yoongi’s number.

“Hey,” He answered casually, and I could tell from his voice that he was smiling. I let a tear slip from my eye as I blinked, and it clung to my eyelashes along with the raindrops, before falling and tracing a hot pattern down my cheek. I tried to smile, but my lips were shaking and the lump in my throat only grew at the sound of him speaking.

“Hey,” I said back, my voice wavering. “Would you mind doing me a favour?” I knew my voice was high pitched and shaking, despite how hard I was trying to keep it steady. I just wanted the day to be over.

“What is it?” He asked quickly, and I knew he had heard the tremor in my voice; the tears that had built up in my eyes again.

“Can you come get me?” I ducked my head away from the rain, feeling my top begin to soak through.

“Of course. Where are you?” His voice held a hint of panic, but he remained calm and as soothing as ever. I could hear him moving, probably already walking towards the door.

“I’m at the bus stop outside college.” I almost whispered, trying to calm down my breathing and still my shaking hands. I couldn’t stop replaying the events from the day, my mind running over every stupid thing I had done.

“I’m on my way, baby, do you want me to stay on the line with you?” I let a sad smile lift up the corners of my mouth at how sweet he was. As much as his voice was calming me down, I didn’t want him to talk to me and drive at the same time.

“No, don’t worry, just focus on driving. Thank you so much.” I whispered, my teeth beginning to chatter.

“I’ll be there soon, okay? Just hold on.” I nodded even thought he couldn’t see me, and put my phone away when he hung up. I was shivering all over by then, both from my anxiety and the cold. The street was completely deserted and I sighed shakily, feeling the water begin to drip down the back of my neck, praying for Yoongi to get to me as soon as possible.

It was almost fifteen minutes before he came. Not that it was his fault, of course, but by that time I couldn’t even feel my fingers, and I was completely soaked. Yoongi’s car rounded the corner and slowed beside me, and I quickly got in, barely able to shut the door with how badly I was shaking. He started driving almost as soon as I was inside, but looked over at me worriedly as he did so.

“Y/N.” I heard him say as he took me in, and he grabbed my hand, taking a sharp breath in when he felt my skin. “You’re so cold, oh my god.”

I started crying, overwhelmed by the warmth inside the car, and suddenly thinking about how I was probably ruining his seats with my soaking clothes, along with everything else clouding up my head.

“Oh, Y/N, baby, no.” He breathed, clutching my hand tighter, keeping his eyes on the road but glancing at me with a pained expression. “Just breathe okay, you’re fine, I promise. Everything’s fine.”

I nodded, hunched over, trying to keep as little of me on the seats as possible. The whole way back he spoke slowly and reassuringly to me, never letting go of my hand. I began to calm my breathing, feeling his effect wash over me. By the time we got home I wasn’t crying anymore, just exhaustedly sniffling, still shivering from my wet skin and clothes.

We hurried inside, through the rain, and I gasped at the warmth inside Yoongi’s apartment. I wiped under my eyes, shaking out my shoes, embarrassed at how I was behaving. He slipped off his own shoes before turning to me. 

He sighed again at the sight of me and gently took my head in both his hands, pushing my face into his chest, ignoring the way my soaking hair began to stain his shirt.

“Come on.” he took my hand and began leading me upstairs, still shivering. “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

He sat me down on the bathroom counter, helping me out of my soaking trousers. I felt pathetic, and uncomfortable, and kept my head down as he pulled off my socks gently, hands warm agains my frigid skin.

“Arms up.” He commanded softly, and I obliged, too tired to even respond. He gently pulled my shirt off and put it in the hamper with the other clothes. He kissed my forehead quickly.

“I’ll be back in a second.”

A moment later he came back in with some of his own clothes, and helped me pull them over my still shivering body. In his hoodie and sweatpants, I followed him into the bedroom, where he pointed at the bed, not saying anything. I followed wholeheartedly, practically falling into the covers and letting out a sigh of relief at the warmth that I was enveloped in.

I was much calmer by the time Yoongi came back in, my breaths even and my eyes tired. I gave him a grateful smile as he placed a mug of hot chocolate on the table beside me, without a word. He walked over to the other side of the bed, getting in and opening his arms.

I sighed again, happily moving closer and letting him wrap his arms around me, rubbing up and down my back slowly as I pushed my face into his chest.

“What happened?” He murmured, pressing his cheek against the top of my head. I closed my eyes, frowning.

“I just had a really, really bad day.”

It sounded stupid, but he hummed in response, tracing his fingers up my spine.

“Wanna talk about it?”

I shook my head against him and felt him nod, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.


“I’m sorry.” I muttered, thinking of the date we were supposed to have, and his car seat, and how he now had to take care of me.

“No, no.” He spoke softly, tightening his arms around me. “Don’t be, okay?” He tilted his head back to see me, and I looked up at him, meeting his eyes. After a moment he leaned down and pressed a delicate kiss to my lips, barely touching, and then one to my nose, before wrapping me up again. He didn’t say anything more, but he didn’t need to. I knew just through his actions everything he was telling me: he loved me, and supported me, and just wanted me to be okay.

I found his hand and took it gently, tightening my grip around him with a small smile. The day became less significant - almost forgotten about - and the things that had seemed so terrible didn’t seem as important as I breathed him in, my body relaxing against his side. He brought my hand to his mouth and pressed his lips against the back of it gently. 

“How did I get so lucky?” I murmured, and he let out a soft chuckle, running his fingers through my hair and down to my waist.

“I could ask the same thing.”


Gin and Juice: Part XIV

a/n: In which some things are better and others are worse

Hello lovelies! This is part 14 and there’s a lot here. A lot to unpack. I’m not going to say much. I just want you to remember that every story has its ups and downs. This is Shawn’s lowest point. It can only get better for him from here. Remember that when you want to scream at me. I also want to recommend listening to LANY’s “If You See Her” before reading this. At least look up the lyrics. It’s really where my head was at while I was writing this. 


warnings: 3.7k of alcohol, more of it than we’ve ever seen before. 

Flashing lights….

He entered the frat house to a chorus of cheers, his name shouted from every corner, “Shawn?! Shawn! SHAWWWWNNNN!” He spotted Zubin and Mike across the room and headed straight toward them.

Persistent whirring and beeping….

It didn’t take long to find his bottle of gin, the green glass whispering to him from the kitchen. He ripped the cap off in one twist and tipped the bottle back, too impatient to find a glass. The sharp burn hit the back of his throat and it was like coming home after the hardest day of your life to a woman that never let you down, a woman that would always be there no matter how bad you fucked up, how much you lied, how much you said or didn’t say.

Bursts of red and white filtered through his eyelids, too heavy to open….

An hour, a whole bottle of gin, and an innumerable number of straight shots later, and she was the only thing he could see. The blue eyes that haunted him that first football game after he met her were on every girl’s face. Her smell was all over this rank frat house and he couldn’t find where it was coming from. He stumbled, up and down stairs, into and out of empty and occupied rooms, but she wasn’t there. And why would she be? She was determined to cut him out.

A high-pitched siren that wouldn’t go away, wouldn’t leave him alone….

He barely made it to the bathroom door before falling in, his feet finally giving out beneath him. The cold tile felt good against his cheek. His body was shutting down and he could feel the numbness spreading from his limbs inward, pushing him farther and farther into the deep dark that he remembered, that he craved, that he needed to snuff out her light. The last thing he saw before he succumbed to the black was her face, deep in sleep and pressed against his chest. He could still feel her steady exhales softly brush his skin, the involuntary movement of her fingers lost in a dream. He could still hear her whisper his name, a breathy, satisfied sound, a confession of love before she dared to say it out loud. Her peace had been his haven—until she’d shut her dorm room door.

He knew was that he was moving. He also knew that he was lying down, a treacherous battle raging between his churning stomach and resistant muscles. He didn’t know where he was. Why he was there. The images ripped through him unbidden and murky, as if he was looking into the bottom of a well.

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Unrequited || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: One where jughead likes the reader and reader likes him back but he’s too scared and when reader admits their feelings jughead denys his. If that makes any sense

A/N: I hope this isn’t too short! I really like writing angst, so I had a good time writing this. 

Y/N/N: Your nickname

Gif: @markwatney


Just tell him.

You repeated the silent mantra over and over to yourself as you made your way to Pop’s. You looked down at your shaky hands and clenched them into tight balls in an attempt to stop the involuntary movement. Today was the day. You were going to tell Jughead Jones III you liked him. And you were terrified. You didn’t know if Jughead liked anyone or not. As far as you knew, he’d never had a crush on anyone. You had been wrestling with these feelings for about a year now, debating whether or not to tell your raven-haired best friend the truth. You eventually decided to go for it. It was now or never.

Jughead, meanwhile, was at Pop’s typing away on his laptop. Unbeknownst to you, Jughead also had feelings for you. But it wasn’t for the past year; it was for the past five. He never told you because he was scared of your reaction. Scared of losing your friendship. You were his everything.

The jingle of the front door of Pop’s being opened signaled your arrival. Jughead looked up from his novel and waved you over. You sat in your usual spot across from him.

“Okay, so I was able to get the Sheriff’s latest report on Jason Blossom,” Jughead began, turning back to his laptop. “I thought we could go over it and use the most important details for the novel.”

You nodded slowly, not really paying attention. Jughead, noticing your lackluster response, looked up at you again.

“You alright there, Y/N/N?”

You nodded again.

“Yeah, I just—I just have to tell you something.” you said.

Jughead rose his eyebrows at your statement and closed his laptop giving you his full attention.

“Okay,” he said. “What’s up?”

You looked down at your hands which were still shaking and intertwined them. You swallowed before you began to speak.

“I, um, I like you, Jughead,” you stuttered. Jughead’s eyes widened. You wrung your hands together harder.

“I’ve, um, liked you for a while now. I just needed to tell you how I really felt, and I guess I just wanted to know if you felt the same way?” you asked, finding the strength to look up at your best friend.

Jughead was speechless. You liked him. You liked him. And he liked you. Excitement flooded in him for just a second. But then he thought about what could happen. You two could break up. Your friendship would be destroyed. You two could end up like his parents. That last one hit him the hardest. He didn’t want to break your heart. He was so involved with his own thoughts that he barely heard your voice.

“Jughead?” you asked again, worried this was a disaster.

Jughead swallowed as he made his decision. Better safe than sorry.

“Y/N… I—uh, I… like you as, um, a friend.” he said tentatively, each word hitting him harder than the previous one.

Your heart sank.

“Oh.” you said, softly. Jughead saw the fallen look on your face and he knew he had made the wrong choice. But it was too late.

“Yeah.” he said softly, mentally hitting himself. Stop! Snap out of it!

You slowly got up from the booth.

“Okay, well, um, thanks for telling me the truth.” you said, voice breaking on the last word. You cleared your throat in an attempt to get some power over your emotions back.

“Y/N.” Jughead said, getting up.

“No, it’s okay,” you said, trying not to start crying right then and there. “I’ll text you later, okay?” you said, the two of you knowing you wouldn’t.

“Y/N, wait.” Jughead said again, reaching out to you.

“I’ll see you, Jughead.” you said avoiding his hand before you speed-walked out of the diner.

Jughead sighed as he sat back down at the booth, rubbing his hand over his face. What had he done?


A/N: Hope you enjoyed it!


June and Jennifer Gibbons are also known as ‘the Silent Twins’ due to the fact that, as they grew older, they became increasingly isolated to the point that they only communicated with each other. The pair developed their own language in their childhood, a phenomenon known as ‘cryptophasia’ which can occur in up to 50% of young twins. 

The twins experienced a difficult upbringing on account of the extensive bullying that they experienced at their school, which may have contributed to their increased isolation during their youth. When they were both 14 they commenced counselling in an attempt to improve their communication, but this was largely unsuccessful. Whenever they were separated they would both slip into a state of catatonia. 

As they grew older they began to exhibit antisocial behaviour, including fire setting. Following convictions for arson the pair were detained at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital, a high secure forensic hospital, where they remained for 14 years. They attributed the length of their stay to their selective mutism, as opposed to the risk they posed to the public, with June stating “Juvenile delinquents get two years in prison… We got 12 years of hell because we didn’t speak… We lost hope, really. I wrote a letter to the Queen, asking her to get us out. But we were trapped.“. Both girls were placed on high doses of antipsychotic medication, with Jennifer developing the debilitating condition ‘tardive dyskinesia’ as a result of this treatment. Tardive dyskinesia is a movement disorder characterised by repetitive involuntary movements, typically in the face.

It is reported that the girls realised that for one of them to live a normal life the other had to die, and that Jennifer was the one who wanted to make the sacrifice. In spite of this Jennifer’s death did not appear to be self inflicted. June reported that Jennifer was behaving strangely the day before their transfer out of Broadmoor to Caswell Clinic, that she was slurring her speech and said she felt she was dying. She died in transit, with her head in her sister’s lap. The post-mortem examination revealed that Jennifer had died from acute myocarditis and that there was no evidence of poisoning or an overdose. Myocarditis is, in fact, a rare but fatal side effect to a number of antipsychotic medications. Jennifer had already had poor reactions to antipsychotic medication in the past, another adverse reaction to a drug would be a plausible explanation for her death.

anonymous asked:

*anxiously slides over note* please consider any one of them with Chorea? *sweats*

*slowly accepts note like a shady drug deal before leaning in to whisper:*
Let’s do this.

Roman with Chorea

  • Roman who doesn’t tell anyone he has chorea. “I’m just… fidgety!”
  • His hands wave at inopportune times, and he’s hurt himself by breaking things on more than one occasion.
  • He “dances” wherever he goes. Really, he’s trying to hide the symptoms.
  • Sometimes, his foot will tap for no reason. “I’ve been struck by inspiration!” he’ll claim, “I’m going to write a new dance-break!”
  • Roman can’t perform in professional theater because of the constant movements give directors second-thoughts. (But community theater? Watch out, world.)
  • If he gets anxious, his speak tends to slur a little and the involuntary movement of his arms and legs become jerky. “Fidgety. I’m just… fidgety.”
  • Is he acting strangely? No, no. He just fidgets. There’s nothing wrong with him.
  • There’s nothing wrong with me.
  • Treatments take away his spirit and leave him feeling like a zombie. Patton and Virgil hate to see him like that.
  • Sometimes, when he’s singing, he feels normal. Like he won’t shake or fidget or kick his leg randomly. (He usually ends up kicking the piano without intending to do so.)
  • “I’m sorry, I’m… fidgety.”
  • Roman who tries to embrace himself and his differences, but still needs to be reassured now and again. (Logan and Patton constantly tell him that he is an astoundingly creative individual and that his disorder is completely manageable.)
  • Roman who constantly apologizes for his stumbling, jerking, and twitching. His hands shaking with anxiety and mind racing with ideas of rejection.
  • Virgil who compares his anxious fidgeting to Roman’s disorder, trying to be supportive, but failing when he notices that Roman’s movements are completely out of his control.
  • But he loves him anyway. And he says it over and over again.
  • “It’s okay to be fidgety. It’s okay to be different. You taught me that.” and Roman loves Virgil all the more for it.
  • I didn’t know what chorea was before this. Thank you for enlightening me.
3:00 AM Love

Summary: (Krii7y) This is just a really short and sweet fic about these two being soft boys in love because I was in need of some fluff. 

Hope you all enjoy! :) 

It’s not the dream that wakes him, or even the echoing thunder outside which shakes the surrounding walls, but instead the goosebumps risen across his bare skin. The hazy images of what was once dancing behind eyelids vanishes too quickly for him to remember any details, but they’re unimportant anyways, when the more pressing concern is the missing blanket. It leaves him bare under the ceiling fan, shivering and frowning at the lack of warmth.

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Ok guys, so here’s something rather interesting to take note of:

Disregarding the obvious ‘friend’ David scrawled on top of the label (what are you doing david, stop being so precious) we can clearly see this bottle, which for the sake of this post I’m taking to be his own, are Pills PX.

Now Ze and me got to talking about this, and I noted how PX Pills are in fact an actual type of medication. With a simple search, you’ll find they’re being used to treat: Restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder; parkinson’s disease and tardive dyskinesia.

(In other words, various types of disorders that cause involuntary spasms, tics or movements)

This in itself is already very interesting and could say a lot about David’s character. However, there’s an even higher potential for angst here:

Tardive dyskinesia is known for being diagnosed in people who have been taking anti-psychosis medication for extended amounts of time. (We’re talking months/years here)

I’m just saying…













A PSA on Alcohol Poisoning.

Hey there everyone, today I at the beach I came across an intoxicated boy and gave him water and his friends clear instructions to call his mother or an ambulance, as he very obviously had far to much as he was sitting there sobbing and drooling. To my horror they not only ignored me, but dumped the poor boy face down in the hot sun and bolted.

Even if you are underaged it is important at this point that you contact emergency services.

And if the intoxicated person is responsive and easily agitated do it in a way that will not anger them to avoid getting punched by an angry drunk.

Heres how to tell Alcohol poisoning has set in.

Usually self-diagnosable

Symptoms after drinking include slurred speech, incoordination, and mood and behavior changes. Sometimes, coma can occur.

People may experience:

Whole body: blackout, dehydration, or flushing, blueish color, cold skin

Cognitive: amnesia, mental confusion, or unresponsiveness

Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting

Behavioral: aggression or lack of restraint

Also common: depression, euphoria, problems with coordination, rapid involuntary eye movement, or slurred speech.seizures


At this point lay the person on their side to avoid them choking on their vomit and make sure they can breathe. The young boy I helped had actually been so drunk he forgot to and I had to coach him for a good few minutes to make sure he was getting air.

Keep them out of too hot or too cold areas as well!

If you absolutely have to move the person and they are unresponsive make sure their neck is supported and at an angle they can breathe clearly at, but its best to avoid moving them long distances.

Please be careful! And better yet, just dont drink/and or like an idiot.

okay real question

human/AI differences aside, if SAM has enough control over Ryder’s body to stop their heart and restart it (read, control involuntary muscle movement in their body)….

do yall think he could just give Ryder a spontaneous orgasm

I know he’s still trying to figure out many aspects of humanity, like humor and our relationship with death, but how familiar is he with human sexuality huh

I’m just curious okay

anonymous asked:

OK, so that character flaws thing is really cool and helpful, so I'll ask a similar question: what do you think are some of the best character quirks in general? Just anything actually noteworthy as character development that isn't a good or bad trait per-say or too cliched? The way they dress, fidget, etc?

oh this makes me happy, i’m glad i could help

since you said character quirks, i’m going to assume you mean things characters do and not traits, which are a part of their personality (you can totally let me know if i misread or assumed wrong) 

i don’t have favorites, but here are some i don’t see often

involuntary twitching & erratic movements - sometimes my muscles just move and feel the need to move, something i can’t control. side note, sometimes happens because of too much caffeine or nervous energy

carrying small charms - whether they mean something or not, these characters carry the trinkets everywhere. 

phobias - especially uncommon ones, and the things people do to avoid them. my cousin’s boyfriends were scared of water but took him to this park and they had to cross a bridge. to get across it,,, they crawled on all fours. 

scars and extreme stories - that small mark on their wrist?? they got from holding a kitten wrong, of course they’re not going to tell people that. no,, they got that scar by skydiving. how?? well- [twenty minutes of exaggeration]

improbable dreams - like a character wanting to become a cat, of to replace their arm with a shark. just fun things.

no fear (just kidding) - fearless characters are cool too, but i especially love when something really mundane happens to be their biggest fear and they’ve been so careful about hiding it

averagely average - at everything they do, from school to arts & crafts.

really into collections - like,,, they might even have a problem. no, _ you don’t need more rocks/swords/buttons. stop, put that down

falls asleep anywhere - you might find them in the tree or in some odd position you’ve seen your cat in. 

wears a wig - i’ve not seen characters that struggle with premature hair loss and the struggle that comes with it (while i think that people should be proud regardless)

has personal traditions they never stray away from - like there’s this really good book they have to read every year, or every wednesday means hanging out in the tub with some candles or something.

mx. not perfect - they’ve always been seen as such, but they just,, don’t,, understand??? maybe, if they have siblings, they know them the best, but everyone else seems oblivious to their super obvious imperfections??

pep talks themselves - it doesn’t help everyone, but it helps them and that’s what counts

natural manipulator in a not-cruel way - how do they always wrangle their friends into taking naps when they need breaks? how do they always get their friends to eat?? we just don’t know

religious - i, personally, don’t have a religion, but i don’t mind seeing characters who are guided by their faith. 

always knows - about something specific, like what phase the moon happens to be in, or when it’ll rain next

thinks they’re a mythical creature - doesn’t matter if you think it’s silly or not real, they’re still going to believe.

i think that’s a good amount

maybe these will spark up some ideas?

thanks for sending in an ask

Watching Highways

A/N: I’ve been struggling a lot with myself recently and Newsies has made life somehow more tolerable. I actually have the disorder mentioned in the story, so it is slightly personalized. I took everything listed in the beginning from personal experience. 

Also, i’m sorry for the messy naration, it slightly switches from 2nd person to 3rd at a point. I didn’t over read it either so there will be spelling errors. 

Enjoy, guys! 

Words: 2,039

TW: Bullying , cussing 

Tagged: @sincerlyyme

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Take A Break

Pairing: Mike Faist x LawStudent!Reader

Warning: mentions of curse words and breaking down


- “YES! definitely would love like a law student! reader x connor or mike!!”
- “If you’re still accepting requests, could you write a law student reader x Mike Faist where the reader is super stressed out? Thanks!“
- “omg i would kill for a law student reader x mike faist tbh“

Word Count: 1943

Note: this is extremely fluffy i’m warning you guys. but hey i enjoyed writing this. send me more requests please even if it isn’t career!reader i’m willing to write a n y t h i n g. hope y’all like this. as always, feedback is appreciated.


You knew law school was going to be very difficult. You came from a family of lawyers so you’ve heard the stories over family reunions and Fourth of July barbecues. They would tell you how they consumed liters of coffee so that they can go through their entire tenure in law school. 

You knew you could handle the pressure. You were taught that a lawyer entails a strong will with an unwavering spirit. You had to be tough because you would have to stand up for your clients.

Still, having someone by your side would make things better. You knew you would eventually need someone to be there when times get tough, when you feel like you couldn’t handle it. Every student breaks down ones in a while and they had someone.

You had Mike. You’ve been together for three years. You met him when you were still in college and watched him play as Jack Kelly in Newsies: The Musical. You were disappointed when you heard Jeremy Jordan wouldn’t be there but that disappeared when you watched him perform his heart out. He saw you after the show, talked, went out for a cup of coffee, and that was that. 

You had Mike and he had you. That’s how it is. But recently, you thought that changed.

With Dear Evan Hansen being one of the most-awaited musicals of the year, performing eight shows a week and rehearsing for the rest of the time became the reason why you hardly saw him anymore.

He’d still be asleep when you had to get up for your classes and when you get home, he’d be out there on a show. By the time he gets home, he’d give you a kiss and then sleep while you studied one case file after another.

You couldn’t blame him. He was tired too. And besides, you were busy. You didn’t see the need to wake him up. Both of you were too caught up with your respective careers, too focused on making a name out there. You always thought that career would always come first and that both of you would be perfectly fine despite the heavy demands of your careers.

Until today.

It was all because of the bar examinations. Coming from a family of lawyers who passed the bar on their first try, this was nerve-wrecking. The pressure of following in the steps of your predecessors had you sitting in your room, tears prickling your eyes and threatening to fall.

“Taxation law is a fucking pain in the ass.” You mumble to yourself, rubbing your eyes to clear your vision from tears. It was no use. 

Tears continued to form even when you rubbed them away. The bar examination was three days away and you were still having a hard time with that particular area. 

You’ve been studying for 28 hours and yet you feel stuck. You let out a sigh as you grabbed your pen and continued to hit the books. 

Two hours into reviewing, you felt your back and your neck starting to ache. You tried to shrug the pain away but it was no use. Your body yearned for rest, specifically on the soft bed behind you.

Soon enough, your hands were starting to shake. You tried rubbing your hands together in attempt to put a halt on its involuntary movements but it didn’t help.

The next thing you know, you were sobbing. Tears blurred your vision and you knew you were getting your notes wet. Your buried your face into your hands, crying.

You pushed everything off your table. The books, papers, and notecards, scattering on the floor.

“I can’t do this. I’m going to fail this exam, fuck.” You were mumbling to yourself as your confidence dropped. You placed one of your hands to your mouth, trying to silence your cries. Your other hand reached for your hair, tugging on it in frustration. 

You couldn’t stop crying, you couldn’t calm yourself down, you couldn’t even breathe properly. 

You didn’t hear Mike knocking on your door through your cries.

He knew that the bar examinations were near so he took a day off to surprise you. He knew that he hasn’t been around lately so to compensate, he wanted to spend the entire day with you to help you relax.

He bought his hard drive with him so you can watch movies, bought popcorn and ice cream, he even stopped by a flower shop to buy you a bouquet of sunflowers because he knew you loved them.

He walked up to the apartment. Normally, he’s just use the key but he had so many stuff in his arms that he decided to just knock on your door. 

“Y/N! Could you open the door? I have a surprise for you.” He said loudly, grinning from ear to ear. He was excited to spend the day with you.

He waited for five minutes and you still haven’t attended the door. Mike’s eyebrows crunched up in confusion. He tried knocking again. “Y/N? Are you there?”

He placed his ear against the door, only to hear soft cries from the other end.

Mike quickly put the flowers, food, and his bag on the ground. He started fishing around his pocket for the key.

When he the door, what he saw made him run to you immediately.

You felt arms wrap around you tightly. You didn’t even have to look up. You knew it was Mike. Even if you haven’t spent most of the past weeks with one another, you’d never forget how it would feel like to be in his arms.

Your crying still hasn’t seized. Your fists were still curled up in you hair and you leaned back against his chest. Mike was hushing softly, rocking you in his arms in attempt to calm you down. He ran his fingers down your hair. He pried your fingers off your hair and interlocked them with his.

After some time, your sobs reduced to tears falling from your eyes. Your throat started to hurt from crying and you felt numb, tired. 

Mike continued to mumble soft nothings in your ear, even mumbling a series of apologies for not being there. Still cradling you in his arms, his eyes scanned the room. He stared at the heap of books and papers scattered on the floor before shifting his gaze on you.

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” You whispered softly, not a trace of hope could be heard from your voice. 


“I can’t even go though an exam without bursting into tears. How am I suppose to defend a client in front of a jury and a judge?” Your voice started quivering and Mike’s heart broke. He knew this was your dream and here you were, losing confidence at what you do.

He pressed a kiss on your temple. “Y/N, everyone goes through a rough patch every once in a while. Not everyone is perfect. People break down once in a while, it’s a way to release stre-”

“Lawyers aren’t criers! They’re tough. I mean, who the fuck cries because of tax law? Apparently, I do!” You exclaimed in frustration.

Mike hushed you once again, twirling your hair with his finger. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of that. It’s better to let everything out once in a while than to keep it all in. I bet Obama has broken down before,” He joked. 

You managed to crack a smile at his last sentence, which quickly fell after another though flooded your head.

“I just, I don’t know anymore. I really don’t want to disappoint my family, Mike.” You spoke softly, staring down at your intertwined fingers.

He gave you a sad smile. “I know you don’t. But if you focus on just becoming a bad ass lawyer rather than being the ultimate perfect daughter, which really can’t be achieved, maybe that would help in lifting the weight off your shoulders,”

He held you closer to him, his chin sitting on top of your head before speaking again. “Focus on yourself, Y/N. Focus on what you want and what you want to be. Your parents already know how hard you’ve been working and I believe they are proud to have you as their daughter.”

“But what if I fail?” You began wiping your tears away, chuckling bitterly. “Still proud of me?”

“Behind a single success is a series of failures. You’ve worked hard to achieve your dream. You’ll get there one way or another. Even if that means failing it for the first time,”

He tightened his embrace. “And let me tell you this, Y/N. I am incredibly proud of you. You will be an amazing lawyer. You’ll be a hero out there.” 

You felt tears welling up in your eyes once again but this time, they’re tears of happiness. You looked up at him. You placed your hand behind his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. 

“Thank you, Mike.” You said as you pulled away. “It was a good thing you came or else I would still be a mess.” 

He frowned at you, yet still holding you in his arms. 

“Hey,” He took a hold of your chin, making you look at him.

“Me being here was pure luck. The next time you feel upset, you get me. You can call me, text, email, call Ben or Will, I don’t care. No matter how small it may seem, you contact me when you feel bad and I’ll be here to help you as soon as I can.”

“Mike, it’s fine. I can handle most things by myself. This was an exception. I know you’re busy with-”

“I’m saying you don’t have to handle it by yourself unless you really want to, unless you really want to be by yourself for a while. I will respect your decision. Just know that no matter how busy we are, I’ll always be here for you. “

He placed a kiss on your forehead. “You will always come first.”

“I love you a lot, you do know that right?” You tell him.

“And I’d never forget it. I love you too much to let yourself get in the way of your own dreams.” He said.

“We got each other’s back no matter what?” You asked, already knowing the answer.

No matter what,” He confirmed. “I mean, it’s kind of my job. You know, as your boyfriend and all.” He continued with a cheeky grin on his face.

His gaze shifted to your pile of books. “Now, what do you want to do?”

“I think I’ll just review for a fe-”

“I have popcorn, ice cream, movies, and flowers for you.” He cut you off. 

You stared at him, mouth agape. Mike nudged his head towards the door. You snapped your head to that direction, only to see your favorite snacks in their favorite flavors and a bouquet of sunflowers.

He nuzzles his face into your neck. “C’mon, Y/N! Take a break. You need it.”

You giggled at his actions, pulling him away from your neck. “Fine! But help me review afterwards?” You say, putting your hand out for him to shake.

“You got yourself a deal.” Mike said, shaking your hand before pulling you in a kiss.