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The brain-disease model overlooks four fundamental truths: (1) our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring well-being; (2) language gives us the power to change ourselves and others by communicating our experiences, helping us to define what we know, and finding a common sense of meaning; (3) we have the ability to regulate our own physiology, including some of the so-called involuntary functions of the body and brain, through such basic activities as breathing, moving, and touching; and (4) we can change social conditions to create environments in which children and adults feel safe and where they can thrive.
—  Bessel van der Kolk in “The Body Keeps The Score”
Guilty Kiss

( The reader teases Peter a little too much, and things get out of hand. )

A/N: My love for Peter Parker ( and Tom Holland ) knows no bounds. And I’m still sobbing over Tom Holland. TBH if I had a boyfriend like Peter, I would tease him every moment I get. Except that I’m usually the flustered shy one. Requests are open, BTW, so send them in!  

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“Where is my evac, Clint?” Your voice is tinged with irritation as you switch on your comm-link. Breathe, (Y/n). Don’t yell. “Clint? Please tell me that you aren’t sleeping on the job.”

Your heels click against the tiled floor of a long, narrow passage. You’ve disabled the two guards stationed at the entrance of the archives before they could raise the alarm but there’s no telling how long it would take before someone competent realizes what’s going on.

“I’m here, I’m here. Sheesh, can’t a guy step out to get a cup of coffee for one second –”

Somewhere in the distance, an alarm erupts, screeching through the airways. Dang it. The patrol must have found the bodies.

“Not when I’m in blind in a Hydra facility. So help me, Clint –”

“Alright, alright, no need to get huffy with me. Besides, Spidey’s got your back.”

A smile flits across your face at the mention of Peter. The awkward, adorable boy is easy to be with, and is even easier to love, and you like him. A lot. You’re sure that Clint can hear the smile in your voice when you say, “He’s securing the perimeter. So no.”

“I’m in Wing C. I think.” Ripping the emergency map off the wall, you consider the corridors and say, “Yeah, definitely Wing C. Files are with me.”

“Nice job, kid. Get to the roof, and I’ll pick the two of you up from there.”

The affectionate nickname sends a wave of warmth crashing over you, and your smile widens. “Sure. See you in ten.”

“Peter, you there?” Turning off your comm-link, you pull your phone out of your pocket, dialling his number by heart. You hope he’ll pick up. “It’s me.”

He does. Peter’s voice sounds as though he’s holding his phone at arm’s length. He’s put you on speaker too; you can hear muffled screams and thumps on Peter’s end, but none of them sound like him. In fact, it sounds as though he’s having fun.

“Spider 1 to Agent 1. Copy. Over.”

You make a mental note to never, ever let Peter watch anymore James Bond movies. His “spy lingo” is downright atrocious.

And for the millionth time since the two of you had started dating, you start to laugh. “You have seriously been watching too many spy movies. Is the perimeter secure?”

“Hey, you watched them all with me! Over.”

He’s avoiding the question, you realize, and your smile falters the tiniest bit. “Peter?”

“Um.” His voice is sheepish as it floats over the speakers. “Um, yeah, it’s secure. More or less. Over.”

“What’s less?” You ask, pinching the bridge of your nose and bracing for bad news.

“Less as in one of the guards may have called for backup before I could stop him. So prepare for incoming. Over.”

“Thanks, Spider 1,” You drawl out sarcastically, your voice rising above a symphony of rapidly approaching footsteps. As yet unnoticed, you duck behind a now abandoned security desk, keeping your voice hushed. “Now could you please get over to Wing C? Our ride’s waiting.”

“Copy that. Spider 1, out. Over.”

There’s a loud commotion. A group of men whisk past you. Six go down the hall you’d come from, and one mutters, “We aren’t paid enough for this.” Some enter the elevators. They’re all dressed haphazardly, as if they’ve been roused from sleep and had had to hurry. There must be a facility close by. Like army barracks, maybe. You’d have to be careful to avoid it.

You gaze longingly at the doors to the stairwell leading to the roof.

Two men stay behind and assume their positions, forcing you to inch your way around the desk to continue to hide your presence. You sit for a moment, trying to decide on your next move.

There’s only one thing to do, really.

Crawling to the end of the desk, you peek out around the edge, noting the exact positions of the guards. Yanking your ICER ( ‘Incapacitating Cartridge Emitting Raygun’ ) out of your thigh sheath, you cock your weapon and fire. Sticky pellets containing 50,000 volts find their way into bare skin. Their bodies perform involuntary twitching dances; they’re unconscious by the time they hit the ground.

Your heels click as you stride forwards, picking your way over motionless arms and legs. The door to the stairwell flies open, a black-clad figure appears in the doorway. Oh, well. Too late to hide now. Shrugging, you walk closer, but no one else comes to stop you. Fixing a pleasant smile onto cherry red lips, you ready your ICER.

“Hey, baby,” The mook leers, eyes lingering far too long on your chest and legs for your liking. “Did you come here to play?”

Gross. Your smile slips. You’ve just taken out two of his underlings, and that’s the best he can come up with? Forget the ICER; you’re going to enjoy beating this guy up. You aren’t going to give him the satisfaction of a response. Instead, you tuck your ICER back into your thigh sheath and shift into a defensive position.

“That’s funny, babe. Where did you learn that? On TV?”

Okay. One response. A stinging anticipation winds through you as you stalk forwards. “Why don’t you come over here and find out?”

When he makes his next move – a punch that practically oozes contempt and confidence – you’re ready. You duck, avoiding impact, and he swipes air. You deliver a vicious kick, buckling his knees. As he goes down with a yelp of pain, you elbow him in the back of the head. Yeah. Forget honour. You’ll go with dirty.

He attempts to rise. You waste no time in leaping onto him, planting yourself on his neck and pinning his shoulders to the floor. As far as most deaths go, this one isn’t all together unpleasant; at least this creep is being suffocated by the thighs of a girl, which is more than he deserves.

“My name is not babe. I’m (F/n) (L/n), and I am this close to crushing your misogynistic skull with my thighs.”

His face is turning a funny shade of puce. You let him suffer for a few more seconds before you pull out your ICER and stun him.

“Holy shit.”

Peter’s soft, awe-filled whisper catches you completely off guard. From your place atop of the Hydra mook, his face still crushed between your thighs, you offer Peter a wicked grin, which makes his heart stutter in his chest. He gulps audibly, a gesture which does not go unnoticed by you.

Relax, Peter,” You purr, looking up at him from under thickly dusted lashes. “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to see you crush him with your thighs,” Peter manages, his gaze ping-ponging from the mook unconscious on the floor to your unconventional seat, your face radiant and flushed and pretty. “I don’t know why I rushed over.”

“Because you love me?” Batting your eyelashes, you smile a sweet, sweet smile, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. “And your life would have a noted lack of (Y/n) if I wasn’t around?”

Much to your surprise, Peter actually nods. You can’t see his face under his mask, but you know Peter’s smiling over the blush that paints his cheeks. Huffing out a laugh, you release the male from your clutches, straightening your skirt and thigh highs. Unlike Agent Romanoff, who prefers skin-tight spandex during combat, you’re particularly fond of skirts, which allow for ease of movement.

That, and it’s easier to take down people when they’re busy ogling your bare legs.

Peter’s trying not to stare. The operative word being ‘trying’. He’s manfully covered the eye-holes of his mask, but his fingers are splayed too widely for them to truly be effective at blocking your figure out.

You keep a neutral, pleasant smile on your lips as you stand, the one that Peter hates because he can’t tell what you’re hiding. An idea is forming in your head, the gears in your mind turning. You feel a bit mean for what you’re about to do, but the desire to see Peter squirm wins out.

Slowly, deliberately, you hitch your skirt up so that it settles high up on your hips, revealing the wide gap of skin between your stockings and your skirt. Your tongue darts out to swipe across glossy lips as you walk over to Peter, swaying your hips strictly more than necessary.

You’re rewarded with a strangled squeak. He’s given up his charade of “a little peeking”, and is unabashedly staring at every shimmy and shake of your hips. You’re sure Peter knows exactly what you’re playing at, but he doesn’t have it in him to tell you to stop, it seems.

Peter’s stammered protests are swallowed up when you push up his mask to press a kiss to his lips. It starts slow at first, but soon speeds up into something wild. His hands settle on your hips while yours try to tug his shirt off – only to remember that he’s in spandex, not cotton. You groan in frustration, Peter hastily untangles himself from you and hastily backs away.

(Y/n)!” Peter sounds scandalized as he tries to protest again, his voice dazed and accusatory all at the same time – although he doesn’t sound all that mad that you’d technically seduced him into an impromptu make-out session in a Hydra base. “We’re still – We can’t!”

“I know, I know,” You say on a laugh, giving him a last, quick peck on the mouth before Peter tugs his mask back into place, hiding cheeks tinted pink. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist.”

Dropping your voice into a conspiratorial whisper, “I’ll take care of your, ah, problem later at home, okay?”

You dance off down the hallway with a laugh, your skirt still hitched up high, swishing around your thighs as you go. Peter groans from behind you, and you wave cheerily at him over your shoulder.

You can’t wait to get back home.

Nyx-Chapter 13

Summary: Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn. she was doomed to walk the earth in search of her consort Erebus.

Warnings: My usual. Angst, Violence And Smut

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Avengers x Reader

A/N: There is smut in this chapter, (The first bit, but there are major plot points too, so minors i aint gonna tag you, If you do, for the love of chuck skip over the first bit)

Thor’s POV:

“A double date?” you ask Thor in disbelief, the bit of croissant you were about to plop into your mouth hanging precariously from your fingertips. “Explain!” you demand, dropping the remnants of your breakfast back onto the plate, appetite completely forgotten.

Thor looks down sheepishly. He had not thought having lunch with Sergeant Barnes and his Lady would elicit this reaction from you. Sighing deeply, he removes the discarded breakfast from the bed, placing the tray on the nightstand. “I did not know it would upset you so, my love, I apologize. Sergeant Barnes merely wants to start afresh. I had hoped this would be a good start.”

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Your name: submit What is this?

It was a simple cover story: happy, new couple who just moved into the community attending a neighborhood dinner party.

Sam had excused himself to the bathroom halfway through the dessert course. When he didn’t come back as expected, you offered a tight smile and snuck away from a table full of people who didn’t seem to be interested in you to begin with.

You find Sam upstairs in the dark, snooping through Laura’s and Dan oversized master bedroom.

“Sam,” you whisper, moving closer. “What the hell are you doing up here?”

“Trying to find out whatever their hiding. There is no way those two are clean.” Sam pulls open the drawer of a bedside table, rifling through papers. You sigh and pad across the carpet, checking the hallway. “Help me look, they’re all too busy talking about themselves to care if we fade away for a few minutes.”

“I can’t see anything in here.” You open what appears to be Laura’s underwear drawer and reach to the back. Hell, if you were her it’s where you’d hide the goods. Your hand closes around a stiff object wrapped in a piece of cloth. “I think I’ve got something.”

“What?” Sam moves to your side, bending down in the dim light. You unwrap a old, silk scarf to reveal a slim pink vibrator. Sam chuckles and you immediately scowl and re-wrap it. “I was thinking something more ancient artifact, less sex toy.”

“Shut up.” You hiss, placing it back where you found it. “I need a flashlight or something. We should come back when they’re not home.”

“Hello? Sam? Y/N?” You hear a faint voice coming down the hallway.

“Laura’s coming.” You murmur shoving the drawer closed.

“Shit, come here” Sam grabs you by the waist and before you have a chance to protest he lifts you up so you’re sitting on the edge of the dresser.

“What are you doing?” You gasp as he spreads your knees, nudging between your legs, yanking his neatly tucked shirt out of his pants.

“Cover story, I had a few too many glasses of wine and I wanted to fool around with my wife.” He shrugs as his mouth closes over yours. Any ounce of protest you had melts away and his tongue dips past your lips. He combs fingers into your hair, grabbing a fist full as his other hand slides up under your dress, bunching the material around your hips. He pulls you forward, his groin flush with your pelvis.

What come next is completely involuntary. You push your body into his, grinding into the crotch of his khakis, A wanton moan slips from your mouth and slides into his. His lips head south, traveling down your neck where he stops to suck at your collarbone as you gasp.

The overhead light flips on as you hear Laura’s shocked voice ripping you from the moment “Oh my God!”

Patience (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you write something based on Shawn’s song patience?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,095

a/n: patience is my favorite song by Shawn, thank you so much for requesting this, I teared up while writing it! Of course it’s based off of patience, but I found another great song to listen to while reading this is Waves by Dean Lewis. tell me what y’all think!

“What do you mean she took it back?”

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Welcome Home

PAIRING- reader x steve rogers


WARNING: Smut (obvs) UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it safe in real life kids seriously, don’t be a fool wrap your tool) ORAL SEX and swearing! 

Request from Anon- Since I love your Imagines, I thought I could request something to you :) Maybe some Steve smut where you’ve been dating for a while and Steve just came home after a two-month Long Mission and you both have missed each other like crazy. So as soon as he enters your shared Apartment wearing his uniform, you both practically devour each other and have passionate sex in Different places, like the shower and finally end up in the bed where you then spend the rest of the night cuddling? :) I LOVE UU

Oh boy was this fun!!! I hope you guys enjoy ! x

GIF NOT MINE (but this is the suit I imagined, bby looks damn fine! )

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“He’ll be home soon (Y/N) don’t worry about it” You tried not to glare at the archer sitting across from you.

“It was supposed to be an quick mission Clint, simple gather information then leave. It’s been two months” You complained, Clint gave you a look. You didn’t mean to act like a whiny needy girlfriend. But you missed Steve and you weren’t going to apologies for missing someone you loved and cared about.

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TEN | “Am I irritating you?” + “Will you just shut up and kiss me?”

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Ten |  Drabble 

req; ten with 1 + 9 please |  9 ten nct^^

Drabble Prompt: 1 & 9. “Am I irritating you?” + “Will you just shut up and kiss me?”

Recently things between you and Ten haven’t been good. Mostly as a result of the lack of communication between the two of you, but it was unavoidable as he was an idol. He also underwent surgery recently, so of course it was unlikely you’d be able to see him.

You decided to visit him at the dorms and cook his favourite meal together. As a precaution, you made sure to do the shopping before hand and here you were, standing in front of the apartment door with multiple shopping bags in your hand. Not too sure how you were going to knock on the door that soon swung open to reveal your boyfriend, dressed and ready to head out.

“Where are you going?” was met with “What are you doing here?”

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About Daisies and Sunflowers - Chapter Six (Part One)

A/N: I had a vote and almost everyone voted for smut lmao so I’m going to post this in two parts! If you don’t feel comfortable with smut, then just know that it happened, and the next part of chapter six will be out soon hopefully. This was uploaded and written mostly on mobile, so I’m super sorry for any spelling and/or formatting mistakes! Anyone who isn’t on the taglist, but wants to be can send me an ask or a message and I’ll tag you in the next part!

Pairing: prince!Evan Hansen x fem!reader

Warning(s): SMUT!!!, awkwardness, small bit of cursing, run on sentences, probs poorly written bc I haven’t written smut since my 5sos stan days *shudders*

Word count: 2,284

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“Marry me?”

You stared up at Evan, blinking in surprise. Your silence made him anxious and he moved away from you, sitting up on his knees. You followed him, sitting in the same position. “I-I’m sorry, I kind of just a-assumed-” He began to stutter out. “Yes,” you interrupted. He shut up immediately and stared at you.”W-What?”

“I said, yes.”


“Yes, I’ll marry you!” Evan’s heart almost burst. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your lips. “I love you so much,” he mumbled. You grinned and grabbed his hand, standing the both you up. “Then show me.” He looked at you confused. “What- what, um, do you mean? By show you?” You giggled softly and whispered what you meant into his ear. His face turned red and he sputtered out a mess of incoherent words. You quickly backtracked. “If you don’t want to, it’s fine, it was just a suggestion!” Evan didn’t answer you. He stared down at your clasped hands, looking as if he was contemplating something.

Then, suddenly he was pulling you. You followed him as he gently led you into the palace and through the grand hallways. “Ev, where are we going?” You asked him quietly, trying not to wake up the other people in the palace. His heart fluttered at the nickname you gave him, but he didn’t say anything.

The two of you walked for a bit longer until you finally stopped in front of a door. Evan opened the door and pulled you in, shutting it quietly behind you. You glanced around the room and saw that it was a bedroom; Evan’s bedroom, judging from the pictures and little plants around the room. “Evan, what are we doing here?” You asked, a little clueless.

“Well, y-you said you w-wanted to-”


“If you don’t want to anymore it’s fine!”

“No, I do! I do.”

“Oh. Good.”

The two of you stood there awkwardly, not really sure what to do next. Both of you were obvious virgins, and while that fact comforted you slightly, it also made you more nervous, because neither of you knew what you were doing. “So, uh… what do we- what do we do next?” You asked him your face flushing bright red. Evan cleared his throat and took his crown off, messing up his hair a bit. He set it on his desk and moved closer to you. He looked at you hesitantly as if for permission, before resting his hands on your waist at your nod.

You leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss on his lips and wrapping you arms around his neck. The sense of innocence within the kiss almost made you smile at the irony, considering what all of your actions were going to lead to.

His hands slowly travelled south, resting now on your hips. You could feel them shaking through the fabric of your dress and you rested your hands on them in an attempt to comfort him. You broke the kiss and started to leave a trail of kisses down his jawline and neck. He whimpered softly once you reached the space behind his jaw and under his ear. You smiled softly against his skin and focused on that spot. The prince was practically putty in your hands. You bit down experimentally and he let out a low moan, making your stomach fill with heat.

Evan worked up the courage you bunch your dress up in his hands, pulling it high enough to slip his hands under it. The moment his hands touched your thighs, goosebumps spread across your skin like they had in the garden. He moved his hands higher and higher, until he could feel the fabric of your underwear under his trembling fingers. You let out a soft gasp, not used to the feeling of someone else’s hands touching you in such an intimate way. Evan pulled one of his hands away and moved it back to the zipper. “Is this,” he cleared his throat in an attempt to speak through his arousal, “is this okay?” You nodded, almost desperately and he dragged the zipper down.

Once your dress hit the floor, Evan stepped back to admire you. His breath caught in his throat, and the small strain in his pants became even more noticeable. “You are so beautiful,” Evan whispered. He brought you close to him once more and kissed along your collarbones, his hands itching to roam all over your newly exposed body. You pulled away from him, making him whine. You giggled softly. “Help me take your clothes off?” You said, looking up at him through your eyelashes. He gulped and nodded, his hands moving to remove his sash. Once that was removed, you began working on unbuttoning his shirt.

You removed his shirt and were surprised at the amount of chest hair the prince had. You must have been staring, because Evan suddenly covered himself with his arms. “I-I’m sorry if I-I’m not well-built or anything…” He said quietly. You quickly shook your head, pulling his arms away from himself. “No, you’re perfect, Ev. I just never really imagined you would have chest hair. It’s okay though, it’s actually extremely attractive…” You rambled, leaving kisses along his chest. He blushed and leaned down to capture your lips in his once more.

He nipped and nibbled at your lips with more skill than the first time the two had kissed, and it made it slightly difficult to focus on unbuttoning his pants. He took your shaky hands away from the button and quickly undid it himself, pulling pants down and kicking them away. You pulled away, admiring his red, swollen lips, before letting your gaze trail down his body. You blushed at the size of his bulge through his underwear and tried to recall any and all information from the romance books you stole from your mother once or twice. You hesitantly reached your hand forward and cupped him, rubbing your hand against his bulge gently. Evan’s eyes squeezed shut and he whimpered loudly. He moved your hand away and picked you up, wrapping your legs around him. He carried you by your thighs over to his bed and laid you down. He hovered over you and stared down at you, struck by your beauty.

He lowered his head to trail kisses down your chest and in between the valley of your breasts. He hoped he was doing everything right as he reached behind you and unclipped your bra. He slowly pulled the straps down your arms and bit his bottom lip harshly when you were fully exposed. “Holy shit…” he mumbled, staring at you. You blushed deeply, certain that the redness on your cheeks was going to last for days after that night. After pulling the last of your underwear off, he kneeled on the bed, in between your legs, just staring at your naked body below him. Just the sight of you lying below him in such an intimate way almost pushed him over the edge.

“Evan… please touch me…” you whined, impatient. Evan gently brushed his thumb over one of your nipples and the small moan that left your lips was music to his ears and he wanted to hear more. He leaned down, his hands resting on either side of your head. He hesitantly left a gentle kiss on the same nipple, noting how to arched into his touch, before moving to the other one. He had no idea what he was doing, but you seemed to like it, so he continued to leave soft kisses and bites against you. You contemplated whether or not to ask him to touch you on your clit, a spot that you had read was supposed to be extremely pleasurable. Before you could ask, however, Evan’s hesitant hand brushed against the small nub. Your body jolted involuntary and he pulled away to look at you with wide eyes. “Do that again, Ev…” you breathed out, your eyes shut tight from pleasure.

His fingers brushed against the small nub again, more deliberately this time. You let out a moan and Evan gulped. You looked so beautiful, moaning below him, he almost couldn’t take it. He began to rub your clit in a different motions, trying to figure out which way would feel the best. All of the ways elicited a quiet whimper, but it wasn’t until he moved his fingers in a circle that you truly moaned. “Shit… like that…” you moaned, gripping onto the sheets you were laying on. He began to move his fingers in a repetitive motion, until you were a sweating, panting mess. He leaned down once more to kiss and bite at the skin on your breasts.

Eventually, the teasing was too much to handle. Your hand gripped onto his hair and he looked up at you from your love-bite covered chest. The look in his eyes made you heart stop and you bit your lip. “E-Ev… I want you to make love to me,” you whispered. His eyes widened and he rushed upwards to kiss you. He moved his hands to cup your cheeks, deepening the kiss so that his tongue was playing with yours. You reached your hand down to his underwear and played with the waistband for moment before slipping your hand in. Evan whimpered loudly into your mouth as soon as you wrapped your hand around his length. Once you began to stroke it experimentally, he let out a strangled moan and pulled your hand out of his underwear. “I’m gonna… y’know… take the rest of my clothes o-off now,” he said, wincing at how weird he sounded. You giggled and bit your lip. “Take your time, I’m ready whenever you are, Ev.”

The poor boy was so flustered that in his rush to remove his underwear he fell off the bed. You let out a soft laugh and sat up, leaning over the edge to look at him. He looked utterly embarrassed and almost as if he was about to cry. “I-I’m sorry, I ruined the moment, didn’t I? I-” he began to ramble. You gently reached down and grabbed his hand, guiding him back onto the bed. You made him lay down, your body hovering over him. You slowly removed his underwear for him and threw them down beside the bed. They two of you stayed there in silence. “S-So, uh, do you want me to, like, be on top or…” You asked. He shook his head, sitting up. “N-No, um, here just-just lay down and I’ll… you know….”

You did as he asked and he moved to where you had been sitting. He gulped nervously, and he wondered if now was a bad time to worry about whether or not his hands were sweaty. He leaned over top of you and kissed you softly, trying to distract the both of you from what was about to occur. “Are-are you still sure that you want this?” Evan asked you, mumbling softly into the kiss. You nodded and braced yourself.

You knew enough about sex to know that it wasn’t necessarily going to feel good at first. You were pleasantly surprised, however, when there was only the slightest amount of pain discomfort. Evan slowly slid himself into you, pausing when you winced. “Did I do something wrong? Are you okay?” He asked quickly, pulling back out of you. “No, no, it’s okay, Ev!” You told him, “Please, put it back in.” Evan blushed at the bluntness of your words but followed your request.

After a few minutes of trying to find a rhythm and Evan whispering apologies under his breath every time you flinched, you finally realized why people enjoyed sex so much. Pleasure tingled through you and you let out a small moan as he hit a particular spot inside you. “God, Evan…” you whimpered. Evan grew even more excited, if possible, at the sound of you moaning his name. He buried his face in your neck and let out soft grunts, speeding up his thrusts ever so slightly.

Both of you were trembling, whimpering messes. Every moan and pant Evan would let out sent a shiver down your spine. He was desperately clutching at your hips and waist, trying to find a way to keep himself grounding in all the pleasure he was feeling. He began to leave soft kisses along your collarbone as his thrusts got faster. Your toes began to curl and uncurl, a warm feeling building up in your stomach like a balloon about to burst. You moaned and dug your nails into his shoulders as your high crashed over you like a wave. Evan’s hips began to stutter as the feeling of you tightening around him became almost too much. He shook with his orgasm, moaning your name over and over into your ear.

Neither of you lasted very long, considering it was your first time, but it didn’t matter. For you two, it wasn’t about the pleasure, though that was definitely a benefit, it was about the emotional connection and declaration of love that came from such an act. That night, the two of you gave each other all of yourselves. Each pant and moan was a love letter to the other, the sweat on your skin a show of your adoration for each other.

Evan let out one last moan before falling beside you. You immediately cuddled into him, smiling sleepily. “I love you,” he whispered huskily. He pressed a small trail of kisses down your face, starting at your forehead, pausing at your nose, and coming to an end at your lips. You giggled softly, mumbling, “I love you too.”


Title: Reflex

 Summary: It was a reflex, involuntary, based on instinct. So no one could really blame Bilbo for what happened.  In fact, if anyone should be blamed, it perhaps should be Thorin, he shouldn’t have spooked the poor hobbit!

 Warnings: Mild Violence.  Injury.  Fluff.  Humor.  

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Originally posted by inchells

***GIF NOT MINE!!! I found it in the search thingy…I thought it was perfect…

A reflex, in its simplicity, is an involuntary motor response caused by a stimulus. This is similar to the fight or flight response.  When confronted with a stimulus, a person, or more specifically their body, reacts in a certain way.

There are many different stimuli that could cause a reflex to take place, the most common being fear and pain.  What is even more interesting is how people will react differently to that stimuli.  

For example, one person may feel pain and they will cry and clutch the affected area close to their body.  While another person may react by shaking the area and staying silent, such as shaking ones hand after touching something too hot. Everyone reacts differently, so you can’t really predict what will happen.

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Friends - Tommy Shelby

Can I please request a Tommy imagine where the two of you are best friends but extremely close and flirty. Like you kiss, and hug and everyone can see that you and Tommy like each other but you never make any attempt to go into things. If that makes sense?? So not fwb, just kisses and cuddles. Thank you x

There he was, stood as fine-looking as ever. His eyes flickering over to you every now and again with a daring smile plastered on his face. You returned the actions and allowed your eyes to dance down his body, noting down the new suit that he had brought and his freshly cut hair. He was handsome, the most beautiful man in Small Heath and it made you wonder why he had no girl.

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Unfaithful : Part Four

Pre-apocalypse romance : Negan x Reader

Fiction dedicated to @negansmainwife

“Dear Jodi! This became possible thanks to you! I enjoy writing it for you, keep hitting me with your feedbacks, they give me inspiration! Love you!!”

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Time slowly passed inside your aunt’s house, avoiding Negan was like mission impossible, even if your eyes didn’t meet his , hearing his voice from distance made you lose your breath!!! It was emotionally tiring, but you tried your best to pretend like everything was peachy. You caught him staring at you many times but when you do glance back at him he looks away.
Every morning, you and Negan exchange dry smiles and few formal words like greetings or thank yous , Lucille didn’t pay attention to any of it. Negan spent more time outside, wether working, or playing ping pong with bunch of his students in the garage and in the night he goes to the bar with his cousin Jack.
Almost two weeks passed ,and you two remained that way, treating each other like strangers .
Till one night, Negan thought he had enough with this shit. It was already past midnight , he was feeling hot and bothered, he couldn’t get you out of his mind, usually he doesn’t care much about being shut down after flirting with someone, but you! You were something else, he wanted you, all of you! Especially that he knows very well that his marriage with Lucille is ruined and over even if his wife is still in denial. Negan sighed, he wished he met you somewhere else, he wished you weren’t Lucille ’s niece. He turned his head to look at Lucille who laid next to him peacefully asleep, she already had a pill prescribed by the doctor before she went to bed , she had sleeping troubles before but it increased when Negan confessed to her that he slept with his colleague, the English teacher Tabitha ,a year ago!

Memories flashed in Negan’s eyes and he whispered “fuck!”. Then he carefully pushed the covers away and got up on his feet.

He pulled on his pants , and headed to your room, he gently turned the doorknob and pushed the door open, light crept into your dark room, you were asleep and your chest was heaving in a slow organized rythme, you were wearing a white transparent nightgown, without knowing it, you gave him a good view of your tits. Negan bit hard at his lower lip , seeing your sexy form and innocent face gave him a hard on. He extended his hand towards you, his fingertips softly traced the skin of your collarbone, then went up to your jawline and lips.
Eventually as you became half asleep,you felt something creeping on your body, you involuntary slapped his hand away without opening your eyes, but Negan teased your soft skin again , you whined annoyed and you quickly opened your eyes.
At the beginning, you didn’t recognize him, it was a little dark , his shadow was looming over you ,it got you frightened , made you gasp and before you made another sound, he placed his palm on your mouth and put his index finger of his other hand on his mouth as a sign for you to keep quiet.
You held his hand and push it away before you whispered.
“Are you crazy? What in earth are you doing in my room??” You were mad at him sneaking into your room like that and afraid that Lucille would catch you, after all she wouldn’t let her husband’s visit to your room in the darkness slide .
“Hush! I just wanted to fucking talk to you!” He smiled as he sat on the matress next to you, while you supported your body with both your elbows looking up at him.
“Now??? What if Lucille. ..!”
“She’s asleep, a fucking earthquake wouldn’t wake her up!” He grinned as he scanned your heaving chest.
You pulled your sheets to cover yourself before adding.
“Can’t this wait till tomorrow? ”
“Tomorrow? You never let me talk to you, for the last couple of weeks you fucking avoided me Y/N !!! That was fucking tough on me , seeing you around and never been able to talk to you!”
“You mean get in my pants, I know your intentions Negan! !! You only want sex! That’s something you won’t get from me! I’ve seen you staring at my body many MANY times!!!“ You turned on your side, your back was to Negan and you huffed .
“Now, I wanna get back to sleep if you don’t mind! Good night! Please leave!” You closed your eyes waiting for Negan to leave, but instead he leaned over, you could feel the matress dipping behind you, he placed a hand on your ass and gently took your earlobe between his teeth and roughly whispered.
“Not until I give it you , girl! I know you want it, you can deny it all you want but your fucking body language doesn’t lie ”
Negan pulled the silky sheets away, then he pulled the hem of your nightgown up and grabbed tightly at your ass , you were putting on white cotton panties , you wished you were wearing your sexy lingeries but who care at this point, Negan wasn’t complaining.
All you knew was that you didn’t want him to stop, you didn’t even try to!
Negan’s hand moved to your pussy , he slid a finger under the fabric of your panties down to your slick folds, you were already getting wet and you let out a moan.
“Hot damn, if you fucking denied yourself the desire, your pussy wouldn’t doll, it’s craving for a dick!” He breathed out then he turned you over so you can lay on your back.
His finger started rubbing your clit , you loudly gasped at the sudden beautiful sensation , you tugged at the bedsheets and arched your head back your lips parted in a silent scream ,Negan grinned in amusement and slid you out of your panties, once he removed them, he groaned
“What a beautiful fucking pussy! How long since you felt an orgasm doll?”
You didn’t want to recall love life past at that moment. You only had one relationship your whole life, when you were at high school you fell in love with the school’s most popular hunk, the football team’s quarterback Tom Robinson, you gave him your virginity and everything you could give. You went to college together, you thought you were living a fairytale till he changed and became an abusive asshole to you!!! Of course you broke up with him , and you always struggled to keep him out of your head. Being single and lonely was tough but it was better than being an abused girlfriend. Negan was right, you wanted to have sex so you can let all the tension out of you!! Attempts to ignore his question failed, and you couldn’t take his teasing much longer so you answered .
“More than 9 months!” You whimpered as you licked your lips , eyes fixated on Negan’s bulge.
“whole fucking 9 months!! Ouch ! Then, Get ready for one hell of an orgasm baby doll! ”

Negan parted between your legs, tightly gripped your thighs with his strong hands, your subconscious was crazy shouting at you to push the guy off of you and end this ridiculousness but your body was yearning for Negan’s dick to get inside of it.
Your body beaten your subconscious with a KO, the second Negan’s lips sucked your clit, your eyes widened and you loudly moaned. He is definitely much much better than you ex.
Negan’s tongue teasingly caressed your already dripping folds, you brought your hands up to tug on his hair and you rolled your hips to feel more.
Negan’s nails digged in your trembling thighs, pinning you down in place so you won’t move.
“Ah… God! !! Negan!!” You breathed out in anticipation.
Negan lifted his eyes to look at you and he purred smirking.
“Easy Babygirl, best is yet to fucking come, and you WILL come in the hardest fucking ways!”“
His dirty words and husky voice and the way it vibrated against your drenched slit , made wonders. His stubble tickling you down there. You arched your head again , eyes closed and hands pushing Negan’s face down, you even gathered your thighs tightly, he was barely breathing but he like how rough you suddenly went. He groaned as he lapped at your juices. Then he inserted his tongue inside wiof you.
“Oh God!!! ” You squirmed as his head moved up and down with his tongue fucking you.

Your breath accelerated and your toes curled, as a familiar burning sensation started building up in your stomach, God! How much you missed that feeling, even touching yourself didn’t do the trick. And Negan was really really skilled at this.
Negan felt that you were coming as your inner walls clenched around his tongue ,
He roughly growled.
“Give it to me, doll ! Come and milk my fucking face! Fuck!”
And it was all it took to push you over the edge, you wrapped your thighs around his head , squeezing on him as you pushed your head back and let out a loud moan , your body was quivering as you released on his face, then you loosened up your shaky legs , panting. Negan lifted his head up looking at the mess he did, your hair sprawled on the matress, and your tits hardened under the soft thin and transparent fabric of your nightgown.
“Hope I fucking nailed it doll! Better than the college boys you fucked !”
You stared at the ceiling, blushed.
“I only had sex with just one, and you are much better than him!”
You couldn’t believe your ears , what you just said! Did you just praised him for tongue fucking you , but it WAS the best orgasm you ever had to be honest.
Negan chuckled and said
“Oh that’s just an appetizer, I already fucking told you , the best is yet to come, I’m gonna fuck you till I make you weak in the fucking knees!!”
What Negan didn’t know is that he DID make you weak in the knees.
He extended his hands, trailing across your body till he peeled off your gown leaving you naked.
“Fucking shit!!! Your body is fucking sexy!!!”
Then he lowered his face again, this time his tongue was tracing your hipbone then your stomach then he reached your hardened nipples and gently tugged at them, swirling his tongue around them. You gasped as you digged your nails in his biceps.

“No .. n-no!! This ..this is wrong! We can’t. . You..we shouldn’t do this!” You stuttered trying to push Negan off of you. He immediately stopped, breathing heavily.
“What is it doll?!”
“We can’t do this Negan! This is so wrong!”
Your eyes welled up in tears and your voice shook in regret.
Negan sighed and nuzzled his head into your chest and muttered.
“If you want me to stop just say the fucking word, but please don’t talk about what’s fucking right or wrong! ”
You blinked and a tear rolled down your face, you wiped it fast so Negan won’t see it then you decided fast, you lifted his face up between your soft palms.
“This will be the first and last time we do this, only this once ok?!”
You warned, and you were absolutely serious , there was no way to back off now, especially that you craved for him being inside you , you wanted to feel more. Negan softly held your gaze for a moment, he glanced at you in disappointment and nodded. You pulled his face closer to you till your lips crashed on his, fused in a hot wet kiss. You two moaned in each other’s mouthes, Negan’s hands squeezing your breasts ,then rubbing his thumbs on your nipples.
He broke from the kiss gasping for air, his fingers trailing across every inch of your exposed flesh, then he quickly unzipped his pants, freed his throbbing member and give it few strokes .
You bit hard at your lip, his dick was huge, bigger than your ex ’ s and you found yourself a little nervous, you didn’t have sex in a long time and now this huge most likely skilled dick is going to get inside you.
Negan teased you as he rubbed the tip of his cock on your slit.
You wordlessly begged him, your moans ringing in his ears, he suddenly pushed forward, stretching out your tight pussy in one hard thrust. You screamed then you bit on your hand.
Once you were adjusted to his cock inside you, Negan picked up the pace, he thrust in you mercilessly. His thrusts were fast, hard and deep, you panted as he pounded in and out of you! his balls were slamming into your ass, and the wet sound of his dick pumping into your wet pussy were music to his ears, he groaned and let out a stir of curses.

“Motherfucking shit! Oh fuck!!! You’re so fucking tight, you’re fucking dripping, hot fucking damn!!”
His thrusts became harder and faster, he hit a spot you never thought it existed in your vagina!!! Negan lifted you a little up and bent your knees more, you automatically wrapped your legs around his waist, your feet pushing him to go deeper, you started to feel that burning overwhelming feeling again, you never thought not in your wildest dreams you’d ever reach two orgasms in one day not to mention that you’re about to reach the second one only few minutes after the first one. You cried out , you accidentally scratched his arms, buy he didn’t care, all he noticed was that your inner folds were clenching around his dick, your creamy release moisting the tip of his dick , his veins bulged out as he muttered.
“Fuck, I. .I’m. ..fucking com.. ahhhhh!”
Negan pulled his cock just in time to release on your thigh, his body quivering, he bit his lip and closed his eyes then he threw his head back and moaned just when the last drops of his thick sperm dripped down your thigh into the matress.
“Fuck!” He mumbled then he opened his eyes to look at you.
“This was the best fuck I ever had, honest!!! I ain’t bullshitting you doll!”
“I’m sure you say that to the other ones including Lucille! ”
You slid from beneath him then you put you nightgown back on, Negan chuckled at your comment, then he wiped the sperm off your thigh with your panties.
“Negan please leave! You got what you wanted!” Your voice trembled a bit.
“And you got what you fucking wanted too, right?! Even the fact that I’m your aunt’s husband didn’t stop ya, did it now?!”
His words hit you like a brick , You tried to keep your face expressions unreadable, you wanted him to leave. But Negan knew you were upset with him AND yourself, he could see regret and disgust in your eyes. It was unlike him to regret anything but he surprisingly did, he hated himself for saying such hurting words that fit only an asshole. He wanted to apologize, he wanted to stay with you , to snuggle up with you and wake up in the morning to your beautiful face but that was impossible for the moment.
“Yeah , now go !”
You pulled the sheets and covered your whole body including your head. Negan got off your bed , zipped his pants then headed to the door, he stopped and turned to you.
He wanted to know if you’re really ok, but he didn’t want to push you further, he just left and closed the door.
Once he’s out of your room, you bursted into tears, you tightly grasped at your pillow and silently cried! You just realized that all the tension and attraction you felt these past weeks wasn’t just sexual, it was more than that! And you knew you were emotionally and physically fucked.

Body memories are involuntary.
Body memories can take a long time to heal, most likely because they are the last memories to be addressed. To be respected. To be listened to. I mean, really. My body remembers, at a cellular level? What is this, the Science Fiction channel? “When the body remembers the traumatic incident at a different time from when the mind remembers the incident, it can feel very crazy making,” says Discussing Dissociation’s Kathy Broady, LCSW.

Remember, memories, flashbacks, in all their forms, are our body’s way of getting our attention. If we don’t accept, honor, and deal with them, no matter how crazy they may seem or feel, they will return again and again. Why? Because you need to heal. Your body lived through the same experience. If you are dealing with body memories, your body is telling you, “It’s time we heal this. Together.”

—  Survivor Manual
The Nervous System

The Nervous System is made up of the Central Nervous System(CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System(PNS).

Central Nervous System(CNS)

The CNS has two main functions, of controlling behaviours and regulating physiological processes by receiving and sending messages to and from various parts of the body. The CNS is split into two parts:

  •  The Spinal Cord:
    • Relays information between the brain and the rest of the body, allowing for bodily processes to be regulated and voluntary movement to be coordinated
  • The Brain: split into four areas
      • Cerebrum
        • Split into two hemispheres:
          • Left: aware of past and future, controls the right side of the body and is the logical side
          • Right: aware of the present, controlling the left side of the body and is the creative side.
            • These are joined by the corpus callosum which is a band of nerve fibres allowing for communication between the two
        • Split into four lobes:
          • Frontal: associated with reasoning and motor skills, sexual habits, risk taking and socialisation
          • Parietal: deals with sensory information, perceotion and spatial reasoning
          • Temporal: Deals with sound and language, linked to memory (hippocampus)
          • Occipital: deals with visual information
      • Cerebellum: associated with otor skills, balance and muscle coordination
      • Diencephalon: contains two key structures
        • Hypothalamus- regulates temperature, hunger and thirst, so is the link between the endocrine system and the nervous system
        • Thalamus- relay station for nerve impulses (from senses)
      • Brain Stem: regulates automatic functions while linking brain to spinal cord

Peripheral Nervous System(PNS)

The PNS is everything eithin the nervous system that isnt the brain or spinal cord. It is in charge of relaying nerve impulses from the CNS to the rest of the body and vice versa. It is split into two sections:

  • Somatic Nervous System: sends sensory information to and from CNS, allows for quick reflex actions
  • Autonomic Nervous System:regulates the involuntary actions of the body such as breathing and is vital for everyday functioning. This is further split into two subsections:
    • Sympathetic Nervous System- “Fight-or-flight”:
      • uses noradrenaline, a stimulant which allows for quick actions in emergency situations where we feel threatened. This sends neurons to every organ or gland when needed, and increases heart rate, blood pressure. and dilates blood vessels. It allows for the release of stored energy, enhancing functions needed for survival and temporarily stops non-vital functions such as urination and digestion
    • Parasympathetic Nervous System- “Rest-and-digest”:
      • uses acetylcholine, an inhibitant to restore calm after an emergency, slowing heartbeat, reducing blood pressure, restarts digestion and allows for energy conservation.
Mine | Tommy Shelby (P.2 of Church)

many of you asked for a part 2 of church so here you go. i’ve purposely left it on a bad ending so i can write another part if people want that. this is slowly becoming a series but if other people do what another request, it will be a while before it’s uploaded. thank you for all ur lovely comments and enjoy.

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In a Taxi (Victor Zsasz x Reader)

part two of three for a request from @multi-villain-imagines

Also tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff  @aya-fay @awordwhichmeans

Here’s a link to the first part Under the Table

A link to part 3 Handprints and Restraints

Setting : cab ride home

Contains : A mild threat of violence (not to the reader), fingering, denying sexual release, promising of future punishments,  Dom/Zsasz, let me know if I missed something or mislabelled something.

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Jace x Fem!Reader

Requested By @mukesbitchin

Warnings: reader nearly dies, upset Jace, angsty Jace, fluffy Jace

“Jace we have to go.” You stop and watch as he finishes practising, making an impressive jump and grinning at you.


“Where’re we going?” He gasped as he jumped to his feet and caught his breath.


“We have a patrol and we’re on our own.” You rolled your eyes when he began bouncing along side you.


“So it’s just you and me?” He winked when you nodded and followed you to the weapons room.

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does this make sense | drabble 01

• pairing: min yoongi x reader 
• original series/chapter: dtms 01 
• words: 3,213
→ request: Yoongi’s pov in dtms when he first sees and talks to the reader.

His eyes were drawn to you straight away. It was no secret that most of the time at these kinds of parties he was on the lookout for a quick hook up anyway, but there was something different about you from the word go. First, he didn’t even know how to walk up to you and start a conversation, even though you were hardly intimidating. It didn’t make sense, but he found himself second guessing the situation anyway, and the more he left it, the more, dare he say, nervous he got…?

It had been over an hour since he’d first seen you, and you were sitting on the sofa, clutching your drink to your chest. You were alone, and had been for most of the night, and Yoongi wondered why the hell you were here to begin with? Did you get stood up or something? He found himself staring openly by now, watching you take a swig of your drink and he smiled to himself as he watched you wince, visibly uncomfortable with the burn of whatever you had in the cup. It was cute, and he wondered for the second time that night — why the hell were you here? You didn’t seem like most girls he saw and met at these parties, the disinterest in your face was laughable… but also intriguing, and he wanted nothing more than to go up and talk to you…

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Wings [Part 44] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - Fights break and brawls cause the death of another. The only thing keeping you away from confronting your captivator is Yoongi’s, Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s safety.

Prologue ; Part 43

Taehyung let out a ground rumbling roar as his hands tore away from each other, the rope tearing apart like it was paper. Lunging forward, he caught Hijin off guard, his hands wrapping securely around his throat.

You watched in horror as you saw Taehyung’s body shaking. You couldn’t swallow the scene in. You almost let out a scream when you noticed that his body was shaking not with rage, but because it was growing. He was growing.

His hands grew larger, the fingers growing long and slender and his fingernails turning deadly sharp. His legs grew muscled as they ripped through his pants; the shirt he wore tore at places where they couldn’t accommodate his growing, muscling back and chest. He hadn’t stopped growing until he was at least seven feet. Your knees wobbled so vigorously that they almost buckled.

You felt a shoulder suddenly bump into you, throwing you off your feet. Landing on the floor with a thud, you groaned as you noticed the circle of men and women that had been surrounding you earlier, had gone berserk. Growing into heights ranging from six to seven feet, all of them ran or flew from one end to another as they threw punches at whomever they could. It was a damned brawl. Never ending streaks of colors from maroon to gray to black to white flashed across your eyes in the speeds of light. You looked around in panic, and you had turned around just in time to see Yoongi attacking Hoseok, throwing him off his feet and onto the floor, Yoongi’s wings spreading behind him - a blinding ivory pair.

If it weren’t for the current circumstances, you would have no doubt gaped at them, and probably complimented him for owning such a beautiful pair. But words flew right out of your head the moment you saw Hoseok counter attack Yoongi, swinging his now muscled arm to his face. Out of sheer luck or honed skill, Yoongi dodged it, greeting Hoseok’s stomach with a punch so forceful, he was sent flying backwards, giving Yoongi enough space to stand up and take a breath. He began looking around and while you fidgeted with the rope that was cutting into your flesh, you wondered for a second if it was Namjoon he was searching for.

Namjoon - where the hell was he?

As if in cue, a female voice shouted, ‘Namjoon! Come back here, you coward!’ And Namjoon almost tripped over his own clumsy feet as he heard her. His mother. He couldn’t possibly face her. Not now. And she wouldn’t possibly harm her only son…would she?  

He kept running, not risking a glance that he could very well have taken, if only to save himself. He felt a hand wrapping around his throat and yanking him down. He should have never doubted his own mother’s strength - or her mercy. With predatory stillness, his mother loomed over him, her eyes rimmed with such clarity of red and yellow, that he could have sworn she was nothing more than a warrior - a warrior doing her job. The job of killing - purging those who weren’t needed. There was no such thing as family, not here.

He didn’t stop her, didn’t ask for her mercy, nor did he scream - his mother’s nails, long and edgy came down with brutal force, ripping his chest open, enough for him to open his mouth in a silent scream before she mauled him, her fingers piercing his eyes. And just like that, her son, the coward, the traitor, Kim Namjoon, was dead.

You knew it had served him right, for betraying Jin and killing him - but you couldn’t help but feel queasy. He still didn’t deserve such a horrible death. Your heart was hammering in your rib-cage, threatening to jump out of the confines of it as you watched the horrific scene. You saw the woman leaping to her feet, and to anybody else it would’ve seemed like she was wiping away the blood from the face. But you could have sworn she had shed a few tears, if not none.

In the center, Taehyung who had Hijin in his hands was furious as he threw punches after bone breaking punches and with every fist he hit with on his face, you heard a sickening crack. You moved your legs just in time to miss a knife that had been thrown to a man standing in front of you, him falling onto the ground, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. It looked like as though he was watching you. An involuntary shiver raked your body; you had to move. Now.

'Y/N!’ You started, your head snapping around the moment you heard your brother’s voice. You crawled against the snow covered forest floor, the snow stinging your exposed skin as you tried to look for Jungkook. Then you saw him. 

He was resting against a tree, his back against it’s bark, his head lulling to a side every time he tried to look up. When he finally did, you felt fear drop your heart into an abyss. His face was paled, the blood quickly draining out of the open wound from where Namjoon had inflicted on him before, on his side. Yelling his name, you barely cared if anybody had heard you while you tried to shuffle to your feet. Pressing your face to the snow covered floor, you kicked on the ground with a step and got onto your knees before getting on your feet. You spared a glance towards Taehyung - he got hit square on the jaw by one of the men from the circle. You winced.

Turning around, you began running towards the tree where Jungkook leaned against when you tripped over something, falling on your face. Cursing viciously, you turned your head towards the thing you had tripped over. 

It was no thing.

'Jimin!’ You shrieked, the chaos around you being forgotten for a moment as you stumbled to your feet again and falling on your knees by his side. You didn’t stop trying to free your hands from the flesh cutting ropes as you shifted him, pushing his shoulder by your own to get a look at his face that had been touching the snow. If he was alive…no, he had to be alive.

Blue lips and lifeless eyes greeted you.

Somehow in all the chaos, Jimin had been struck, killing him. You hoped it was an instant, least painful death. But seeing him in that state…

That was when you had registered the wetness seeping in through your pants material. You looked down with wide eyes. Blood. Jimins blood. Red, thick, and sickening. It was pooling around him from a wound on his back that you could now see; it must have gone deep into his gut for him to be dead in moments. You turned your head away and vomited. 

Shuffling away from his body, tears that you hadn’t noticed flowing had caused snow and dry soil to stick to your face and the blood stained your knees. Managing to make your way to your injured brother, your eyes critically scanned his posture before searching the ground for something sharp that could cut through the thick ropes. Anything.

Then you noticed a sharp, double edged dagger lying on the ground. 

Telling Jungkook to hang on to whatever was left inside him, you looked around before making a grab for the dagger. You instantly hissed, dropping it back on the ground. You hadn’t grabbed it by the hilt. Stupid move, to have been rushing like that.

You looked behind you at the dagger and you noticed it was not a dagger. It was a black colored feather. A feather that had a sheen unlike an actual feather, the bent edges gleaming at your face. It had no hilt - it was a sharp dagger in itself. What had it even come from?

You shook your head. You’d think about it later. You swallowed a lump in your throat, making another grab for the sharp feather. You bit down on your lips as it cut into the skin of your palm. Angling it towards the rope as much as you could, you began flicking your wrists, the blade slowly but surely cutting into the fiber. The moment you felt your wrists snapping free, you heard a loud thud.

Hoseok had fallen to the ground, in front of Kimroe, lying at his feet as he recoiled while Yoongi was heaving in front of the two. Kimroe kept on a conceited look, while Hoseok seemed wounded; wounded badly. Either he had taken the blow that was directed from Yoongi to Kimroe or…now that you criticized the smug smile on Kimroe’s face, it had taken you just two heartbeats to figure out he had shielded himself against the blow from Yoongi with Hoseok’s body. So much for a King, or a father. You saw Yoongi snort in retribution, his nostrils flaring as he eyed him down.

Hijin was on his back, desperately clawing the air as Taehyung raised a hand and swiped it across his face and neck. And you could feel the blood - his blood spraying on your side as you kept still on your knees. The groan that erupted from Hijin’s throat - or what was left of it - came out as a gurgling strangled voice before his head snapped upward like in a struggle to breathe, before it rolled to the side. A heaving Taehyung watched the body of the Angel that had once been a threat - a powerful one - being reduced to nothing but a carcass.

Taehyung looked up and in an instant, he locked a vicious gaze with yours. His expression softened, his eyes gleaming lesser and lesser as he took notice of the evident fear in your eyes. With blood smeared on his face, he had no heart to hold your gaze and longer and looked away.

You pushed the urge to vomit again back down along with the distant feeling of disappointment when Taehyung looked away. You had to get to Jungkook. Standing up, not bothering to spare a glance to anywhere else, you ran to your brother.

As you began cutting at his binds, the sharp edges began digging further into your skin, you trying to bite down the screams that were threatening to escape your throat. Once you snapped the last fiber of the dreadful rope, you dropped the weapon. Where did it come from? You wanted to kill whoever brought that thing. As though hearing your thoughts, a sharp whistle of wind sounded and you heard the bark in front of you snap. Your widened eyes slowly raised to the tree to the point where Jungkook’s head had been not too many seconds ago. It was the same, black colored feather-dagger. It was wedged into the tree like it was a loaf of bread. And then another flew by your ear, slightly grazing it as it impaled into a woman who had been running towards you. Your breath hitched, but not at the cut that had formed on the flesh of your ear, but at the woman. Murderous eyes were lifelessly watching you as she bared her teeth one last time, before she dropped onto the snow. She was dead.

You turned around immediately, and you saw Taehyung’s massive wing unfolded as his back faced you. It looked normal and harmless until the sun’s rays got caught in its edges and it gleamed dangerously. His wing…it was a weapon. A very deadly, flesh-cutting weapon and it was as dark as the night sky. Darker than ink, if it could be. That was where the feather-like blades had come from. And you noticed that every time he stiffened his wing, a feather hurled towards its target. 

A hand caught your forearm.

Before you could scream, Yoongi’s hair flashed in front of you and then you saw his face. He was pulling you up. He was asking you to stand up. Quickly shuffling to your feet, you helped Jungkook up before Yoongi grabbed your hand again. A swift jerk of his head and he had begun hurling towards the safe house, sprinting across the forest floor, dragging you, who pulled a weak Jungkook along. His drained energy almost cost you your leg.

Yoongi cursed as he noticed your delay to catch up with his pace, making him return to you and telling you to run to the safe house.

Quickly! I’ll bring Jungkook!’ He didn’t give you time to answer as he pushed you forward, right onto the battle field.

“Remember what I taught you, Y/N.” Yoongi’s words rang in your head as you looked around.

You ran. At the moment that you’d begun running, all you could see was the safe house. The gates. You just had to make it through. Yoongi would bring Jungkook. You could hide in there, and wait until it was safe. Safe. That word now held two connotations in one. It held the significance of death as well as security. But what if all of this was just an inclination towards death’s hands itself? What if Taehyung couldn’t make it? What if Yoongi couldn’t bring Jungkook to safety? What if…

You had then realized that you had left so many words unspoken between yourself and Taehyung. And for that one split second, you stopped running.

'Y/N!’ You heard Yoongi roar, 'What are you doing?’

You turned around to look at Taehyung. If he did not make it, you’d forever blame yourself for letting yourself fall into this mess. For causing so much trouble for Taehyung. His eyes met yours - the passionately hungry-for-violence eyes watched you and for a moment, a flicker of calm and affection flashed across the blazing red orbs. Then they widened.

A man stood in front of you in the blink of an eye, his height registering briefly as seven feet. You had had enough time to only see the red and yellow rimmed pupils and the fiery red wings behind him before you felt your breathing stop completely, your feet losing all grip against the ground as he raised you like a rag doll into the air. Your own eyes widened - with shock and reflex.

'Why, Y/N, never seen the King of the Underworld in his true form before, have you?’ He chuckled darkly. Black spots danced in front of your vision as you fought against the urge to slip into the darkness that had already begun pulling you down. Your eyes briefly met Jungkook’s. You must have looked sorry for him to be looking at you with such fright.

You saw more black spots fill in your vision, his long, slender fingers already having found their place around your delicate throat, literally squeezing it. But you knew he was playing. With you and Taehyung. And with your life. Your hands desperately clawed at his large ones - a petty attempt at survival.

A cold laughter. 'This is a gentle reminder that looks can deceive, my dear Y/N,’ he purred. He knew what you were thinking. He knew that you were deeming his transformation from a gentle and kind looking middle aged man to a horrific, scarred-to-the-bone demon as impossibility. And he had found so, so much humor in that. Oh, how much you wanted to hold on to that last shred of light - the only thread that was now keeping you intact and alive in the real world. You tried to gulp, but to no avail. Your breath was leaving your lungs, swift and in large amounts. No…no, you couldn’t possibly die like this-

'Oh no, you can.’ Kimroe jested, hearing your thoughts. You let out a sound what was somewhere in between a yelp and a groan. He clicked his tongue, 'It is a shame though that I need you to live, at least for this. And then, we can see what to be done with you, Y/N,’ He moved his hand, and you felt your feet come in contact with the earth. But it would be too soon if you tried to let out a relieved sigh, or even show it in your eyes. So you just exhaled deeply through your nose as you felt his grip loosen. But what came next was so unexpected, that you had barely any time to let out a gasp, let alone a scream.

Stars flashed in front of your eyes just as soon as the black dots had cleared from your vision - he had hurled you across the ground, and onto a tree. Your head throbbed, and you didn’t know if he was just being merciful, letting you bear pain, but not enough to cause you to black out. Of what was left of your clearer vision, you saw Taehyung struggling against the grips of at least three men who were holding him back.

'What dumb bastard used ropes to bind him?’ Kimroe demanded, his fingers pinching the bridge of his now crooked nose - personally, you had definitely preferred the human version of him much better. But this wasn’t the time.

By luck or not, that dumb bastard who had bound Taehyung with the ropes had long been dead. It had saved him from Kimroe’s wrath. He waved a hand in dismissal at the two men who had brought the carcass of the guard, his orders loud and clear as he said, 'Get him in metal shackles. Now.’ he pointed to Taehyung with a crooked and bloodied finger. Your blood was on them. Your blood. Taehyung growled.

'No,’ He said sternly to another guard who was proceeding with shackles in his gloved hands to Yoongi, 'I need him bound to the gate.’

As you tried to lift your head, Yoongi’s back facing you - you had clear view - save for the stars that were still in your sight - of the dirty, sadistic smirk on the King’s face.

The gate - you thought hard. Why would he want Yoongi tied to the gate?


'It’s metal,’ You whispered, horrified. The gate was what had initially been a barrier for anybody else who dared enter the boundary, and then a boundary of invisible magic, something Yoongi had made or…no, he couldn’t have. Your head pounded as harder as ever as you calculated the possibilities. From what you knew of the Fallen Angels, and from what Taehyung and Yoongi had spoken to you about, you knew it would have been impossible for Hijin himself, let alone Kimroe to get through the Barrier. Especially if Yoongi had been the one to put it.

No- no, it couldn’t have been possible. You prayed it wasn’t what you thought it was. You played your role well to pretend to be almost in a state of unconsciousness, as though the hit on the head had begun casting you to oblivion. But on the inside you were thrashing, trying to calm your raging and horrified heart.

The safe house was not guarded by Yoongi’s Barrier. It was, all this time, guarded by Kimroe’s Barrier, and Kimroe’s alone. And this entire time, they had played themselves into the position of check mate, running right into his trap, right into his hands. Now, all he had to do was clasp the two hands tight together, to pick the pawn and thwack the king away.

Because now, as you watched Yoongi being held by both arms and carried towards the gate while Taehyung bit down on his lip from the silent agony that was ripping through his skin due to the metal stinging his arms, you knew Kimroe had long been the hunted and the hunter.

Ignoti Nulla Cupido (14/20).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 960.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Angst, mention of mild sexual assault.

A/N: Finally it’s here, as always feedback is much more appreciated. I want to know what you guys think,

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All he could feel was a hard cold surface pressed to his face, a distant voice calling his first name, the gentle touch of a hand to his cheek as well as on his hair.

The voice was luring him to a bright light, just one word was what he could understand, James. The voice becoming louder as he approached the light, he couldn’t resist it: he knew the voice but couldn’t really tell to who it belong to, the effect it had on himself was scary but he also knew that it was his only opportunity to get out of the darkness around him so he followed it without doubts.

Finally, his eyes were wide open, a face he knew too well just above him and suddenly he couldn’t help the involuntary reaction of his body of taking deep breaths as if he was drowning.

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Is anything real?

!!! Really quick warning!!!!
This includes panic attacks and derealization, so if that bothers you, please don’t read! Thanks!

“Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down.” Evan kept whispering as he sat on his bed at 1:32 AM, he took in a rasped breath, attempting to remember the stupid fucking breathing techniques that never even worked anyways. This was one of his usual freak outs. He felt major derealization, and it had made him panic, was he dreaming? Was anything real? He couldn’t manage to figure it out. He curled himself up as he grabbed ahold of his hair, pulling on it, “Stop, stop, stop.” He hissed, wiping the tears off his face, frustrated. In the heat of the moment, he texted Connor, “Hey, is everything real? Or am I dreaming?” He quickly sent it, he just needed some kind of reassurance, even if his mind was racing. Evan lucid dreamt a lot, to the point that when everything was calm and quiet, he felt like he was in a dream. And when he realized he was dreaming, he would panic, and it would turn into a nightmare. So he shook, now scrambling to the corner of his room, where nothing could come up behind him, in case it turned into a nightmare. He buried his head in his knees, his whole body involuntary shaking. He knew he was supposed to breathe slow, but how the hell was that even possible when he was so scared? Evan knew that trick was bullshit, at least for him. He hadn’t been able to find any coping methods that worked. Evan dug his fingernails into his arm as he attempted to push himself farther into the corner. Evan flinched when he heard his door open, God, here it fucking was! The stupid fucking serial killer or monster in the dream. Evan screamed when a hand touched his arm, he defensively swung out, his eyes shut tight, because if he couldn’t see it, it couldn’t hurt him, right? That’s how dreams worked! When the unknown figure fell back, Evan opened his eyes, only to see Connor on the ground. Evan’s eyes grew wide, “Shit! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, I thought, I don’t know what I thought? I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Evan scrambled, trying to speak while he gasped for air, his heart pounding out of his chest. Connor kind of just stared for a moment, “What the hell is happening to you?” He snapped, “Are you high?” Connor questioned, in a now impressed tone. Evan shook his head quickly, before putting his head back in between his legs, trying to calm himself down. Connor probably thought he was a total weirdo, he was probably going to tell everyone everything, and then everyone would hate Evan even more, and the thought of that made Evan panic more. But much to Evan’s surprise, Connor moved closer, “What can I do, Hansen?” He asked, his tone less harsh than usual. Evan quickly held out his hand, his head still in between his knees. Connor hesitated before taking it. “We’re real, right?” Evan whispered. “Yeah, we’re real, it’s all real. You’re not dreaming, I promise.” Evan nodded, before looking up at Connor, they made eye contact, and Evan felt his face flush, he quickly closed his eyes tight and shook his head, “No! I don’t believe you! You’re not real.” Evan grimaced at the sound of his voice. Connor squeezed Evan’s hand, “Evan, there’s one thing you should know about me, I never break promises. I am not lying to you. I swear.” Connor said calmly. Evan didn’t respond. After about ten minutes of just Connor squeezing his hand and just talking about things that were real, Evan started to calm down, he read somewhere that panic attacks could only last twenty minutes, he wondered if that had only been twenty minutes, because it felt like hours. He took a few deep breaths, and finally brought his head up. Connor blinked, still holding his hand. “Are you okay now? What happened?” Connor asked. Evan nodded “Yeah, I think so? I um, it was a panic attack.” He muttered, “A common symptom is derealization, and it makes it really worse,” Connor looked decently confused. “Basically, it’s where I feel like nothing is real, and that I’m dreaming. I usually don’t get this bad, but I didn’t take my meds today and I guess that kind of…” he trailed off, Connor hadn’t let go of his hand. “Why’d you come over?” Evan asked, Connor raised his eyebrows, “You texted me, and I got worried when you didn’t reply.” He explained. Evan nodded, “Thank you, for worrying about me. I’m sorry, that sounded weird, like really weird.” Evan suddenly felt arms wrap around him, hugging him tight. Evan froze, his muscles tensing up as Connor embraced him. “Fuck Hansen, you really scared me.” Connor said. “Oh um, I’m I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, to like cause you trouble, I’m sorry you had to come all the way over here,” Evan sputtered, uncomfortable at the sudden touch, but also not that uncomfortable, it was all confusing, and extremely tiring. Connor pulled away, standing up. Evan rose to his feet, still sort of shaking. “Hey, next time that happens, if there is a next time, call me and I’ll come over, okay?” Evan stared in shock, before slowly nodding his head, “Thank you, Connor.”