invoice currency





I won’t draw:

  • Porn (bare chests are ok!)
  • Furries (animal features like ears/tails are ok!)
  • Mecha
  • Complicated weapons/armory
  • Gore (mild gore/blood/injuries are ok!)


  • Payment is via PayPal invoice. Currency is EUR.
  • I will start working once I receive payment on the invoice I send you. Please only serious buyers.
  • When e-mailing me, please specify the type of drawing and colouring (or the lack of it) you want, so I can calculate a price!
  • Please provide with visual references! If that’s not possible, describe your character(s) in the most detailed/understandable way you can!
  • If possible, you should write a brief description of the character’s personality, it will help me a lot in drawing!
  • You can’t resell/redistribute/trace my art in any form or claim it as your own. With my permission, you can edit it to your desire, but credit is a must. You can print your commission for your personal use.
  • More examples here on my tumblr! Feel free to ask anything via e-mail!!

Once again, reblogs are really, really appreciated, even if you can’t commission me! :} ♥