When I first began riding road racers, I thought pedaling with heavy gears and pulling your weight forward was the manly way to pedal. But my friend, who was the one to invite me to road racing and is very well-versed in bicycles, said that the correct way is to use light gears and pedal as fast as you can. When I went touring with that person afterwards, I thought, “I’ll try out what they said and use lighter gears,” and when they observed, “Nabe-chan, you’re using light gears today,” I said without thinking, “I’m going with sissy pedals (yowamushi pedal) today.” Because I had thought until now that pedaling with heavy gears was cool, I felt that pedaling at high pace with lighter gears seemed rather sissy. The instant I said it, though, I thought it would be a great title for a manga, and planned to use it on the off-chance that I ever got to draw a bike manga.
—  Watanabe Wataru-sensei explaining the origin of the title “Yowamushi Pedal” (March 2014 issue of Spoon 2Di)

I finally found canola fields 🌾 @thegrampians always surprises us!
Thanks @connorjvaughan for helping me with this shot, you’re a legend! Also thanks @jacksonloria for inviting me to this road trip, it was awesome mate, looking for my skate class 😬

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Life is like driving a car and seeing Jesus on the side of the road. Some put Jesus in the trunk so that when they get a flat tire in life, they can pop open the trunk so that Jesus can use the jack and the spare to fix their problem. Other’s see Jesus on the side of the road and invite him to hop in the passenger’s seat so they can have Him tag along as they continue to set their own life’s direction. In truth, however, following Jesus is giving Him the driver’s seat and letting Him steer your life wherever He wants it to go. So tell me, when it comes to your life, are you driving or is Jesus?
Whose Bunk to Choose Bunk (Band pref)
You were the boys’ good friend and they invited you on the road with them. The music blared loudly on the tour bus. Riding along, You sat beside Michael as he relentlessly teased Luke. Calum and Ashton were dancing together to ‘Fancy’. Calum began to swing his hips around and Ashton attempted to twerk along to Iggy’s rap. Calum began to laugh uncontrollably. Choking on his laughter he yelled.  “Yeah you Irish should not twerk irwin!” He exclaimed between gasping for air and cracking up.  Ashton giggled loudly and just skipped around to the beat. You laughed as you noticed them.  “Michael! Stop throwing gummy worms at my face, I’m tryin to tweet something!” Luke yelled at Mikey who just continued to do so. You chuckled at their love hate relationship but got Michael to stop, saving Luke.  “Thanks (Y/N)” Luke said nicely as he stuck middle finger at Michael.  You couldn’t help but giggle at the stupid things they did to each other.  “Hey! Mates! Start getting to sleep, you’ll get 4 hours of sleep before we get to the next venue!” The gruff voice of the driver boomed over the noise.  “alright!” Ashton replied loudly. “Kay guys, c'mon we gotta get some sleep seriously.” Ashton said as he faced his band mates. “Come (Y/N)! Calum waved you over as he climbed into his bunk. You ducked to peer at Calum’s sleeping quarters. "You can sleep in my bunk.” Calum smoothly offered. Before you could answer, Luke got up from his spot and rushed over to Calum.  “No, I want to cuddle Calum!” Luke yelled. He snuggled into Calum’s bunk and hugged him. Michael came up behind you and leaned his arm on his top bunk. “You can go ahead and sleep in my bunk (Y/N).” Michael suggested with pleasant eyes and a slight nod. He smiled brightly. You snickered at Michael’s adorableness and almost got ready to climb up, but Ashton screeched from his bunk,  “Nooo! (Y/N) you’re more than welcome to sleep in mine.” He peeked out and grinned up at you. Luke got out of Calum’s bunk and joined. “Hey! (Y/N) I owe you for saving me from Mikey, you can sleep in mine!"  They all began to argue amongst each other on which bunk you would sleep in. You moved out of their way as they yelled above each other. You sat back on the bench as they playfully argued among one another, debating on who’s bunk would be more suitable and whose was better in general. You watched them amused and soon enough, fell asleep where you were.

On Samosir Island in Sumatra I would head out and paint landscapes.  I observed the fantastic houses, but out of shyness and respect for the owners’ privacy, I didn’t paint them on site.  One late afternoon, though, I stopped on my walk to study one particularly fascinating house I was finishing a painting of.

One of the locals came over to see what I was doing.  I showed her my paintings, ans someone else quickly hunted down the artist of the house so I could meet him.  

I was invited down the gravel road to see the front of this beautiful traditional home.  In addition to the standard Batak details, decorative murals were added to many of the surfaces.  

The artist had built and painted the house for some Europeans, but they didn’t live here anymore.  (Samosir Island and Lake Toba used to be much more popular with Westerners).  He asked me why I hadn’t painted the front side of the house…because I could only see the back from the road! 

My camera traveled around as different young guys hopped up on the house to take their picture with me.  Finally, in the fading light, I got a photo of the actual artist on the stoop of his beautiful house. 


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Video by @el3_productions.

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