Follow Up

Thanks for the invites to the epic road trip. Look like I could do it with about 100 or so hours of driving round trip.

I really need to find more people in UT, KY and all.

the ghost adventures crew in a horror movie

zak - the idiot. does extensive research on ‘the “cursed” house’ down the road, invites all his friends over to go fuck around in it, tries to fuck with ghosts

aaron - the sensible one. “i dont know about this guys-” “aaron shut up, did you hear that?”

nick - the throwaway. opens the basement door. first to get killed by spookies.

billy - the “fuck it”. brings a oujia board, shows up high, sees a ghost and kind of just stares at it for a while, slowly narrowing his eyes

jay - the tagalong. brings a bunch of ghost hunting equipment even though he doesnt believe in ghosts, is lowkey gay for zak

Life is like driving a car and seeing Jesus on the side of the road. Some put Jesus in the trunk so that when they get a flat tire in life, they can pop open the trunk so that Jesus can use the jack and the spare to fix their problem. Other’s see Jesus on the side of the road and invite him to hop in the passenger’s seat so they can have Him tag along as they continue to set their own life’s direction. In truth, however, following Jesus is giving Him the driver’s seat and letting Him steer your life wherever He wants it to go. So tell me, when it comes to your life, are you driving or is Jesus?

Are you guys on the new video app @vidkuhq?

We’re on the road for @the1moto show to debut our giveaway bike and we’ve created a Vidku group to post videos of our journey. Add us @croig on Vidku to get invited to our Road to the One group to follow along!

Video by @el3_productions.

#roadtotheone #croig #caferacersofinstagram #BCxCROIG #caferacer (at Los Angeles, California)

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Via Instagram / girven_road : 😉EPIC DAY OUT FOR GIRVEN ROAD💯
Was invited to head up to Brizzy to hang on set for the day! Kaya chilled in the directors chair @taikawaititi 🙏 while watching these two bring the scenes to life.Got to meet and chat with one of my all time fav actors, Sir Anthony Hopkins.Waaaatt!!😲 @kayahorne chilled with @chrishemsworth and talked surfing while @twhiddleton and I spoke about watching the All Blacks at @girven_road on Saturday night.💪
Looking forward to catching up for Burgers and Beers soon✔.