okay so: here is my Big Post on Rewriting SU. this is super long like 7 pages in word so here it is under a cut, mobile users i am so sorry. the basic gist of it is to keep it as close to the original as possible while dodging character assassinations, giving underdeveloped characters some breathing room, sorting out the mess that is rose’s character, and so on.

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Dance With Me

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I’M ALIVE! I promise. But I know, I’ve been gone for aaages, and there’s no excuse for me other than the worst writer’s block. Again, I’m sorry. I can’t promise that I’ll post every week like I used to, but I can say that I’m still on here, even when I’m not writing :) Hope you enjoy! x

Word Count: 1,775 (A lot shorter than my usual, I’m sorry.)

This is Dunkirk!Harry and inspired by this imagine. (Yes I read Bucky stories, don’t judge me. Sebastian is beautiful.) Feedback is greatly appreciated.

“Dance with me.” You utter, fingertips lacing with his. A breath escapes his lips as you tug him into the empty space of your living room, running small circles into the back of his hand. 

The music plays further as your bodies connect like puzzle pieces. Your chest presses to his and you sigh, resting your head against his collarbones. You gently lay kisses onto the area as he squeezes your hands softly. Inhaling his scent, you lift your head and meet with his eyes. They pierce your own but remain sweet and full of admiration.

The record player is a few meters away from you, belting out the song though you can’t help but sing along.

“And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now.”

The words drip out with passion and Harry leans in to close the gap. 

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Life is like driving a car and seeing Jesus on the side of the road. Some put Jesus in the trunk so that when they get a flat tire in life, they can pop open the trunk so that Jesus can use the jack and the spare to fix their problem. Other’s see Jesus on the side of the road and invite him to hop in the passenger’s seat so they can have Him tag along as they continue to set their own life’s direction. In truth, however, following Jesus is giving Him the driver’s seat and letting Him steer your life wherever He wants it to go. So tell me, when it comes to your life, are you driving or is Jesus?
260 Miles.

Request from anon: Can I get an imagine involving being best friends with Amy&Kat and they invite you on a road trip with Ethan, Mark&Tyler for the week and they try hooking you and tyler up? Maybe make them drive together or share a room? Please&Thankyou!

Author’s Note: 1. it got hella long and 2. it got a little off track, so there will definitely be a part 2 some time in the future! Hope you enjoy it, though.

You were worried that you weren’t going to be wanted there. After all, you had barely met the boys, let alone hung out with them for any extended period of time. Amy and Kathryn had assured you that it was going to be fun, and yet, you still weren’t convinced. Still, you threw your tote bag over your shoulder and approached Kat’s car, getting in the backseat before you were greeted by your two best friends.

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Beauty and The Best: Pt1 (GASTON/READER)

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You just moved to from Paris to Villeneuve. It was a generally quiet little town, every day was always the same. Thankfully, you didn’t live in the town. You enjoyed how Paris had been and now it felt more amazing than that. You arrived here for a job at Prince Adam and Princess Belle’s castle. From what you knew, a spell had been broken about 2 years ago, although it sounded fake. You wouldn’t doubt anyone, but the story still seemed sketchy.

The stories didn’t stop you from coming to work at the castle, you would be able to live there along with the other staff members because of how far away the village was. The architecture was like nothing you had seen before with great and intricate arches and rising towers topped with gold statues. Long paned windows were at every wall and a huge reflecting pool and a rose garden. A hedge maze covered a good acre or so of land behind the castle. Long stairways and bridges connected towers to each other and provided a way to protruding balconies.

You were on your way there from Villeneuve. You could see the tips of the towers, although it was about a day’s ride to get there you had started on horseback. You learnt very quickly that this was much easier when making trips into town for the Prince. He usually only wanted you to send out invitations or hand out letters to the staff’s families. You had only sent out a few dinner invites this time. The road back was long and surprisingly unpathed, no signs to show direction. Tress always loomed over the path, and wolves were always silent. Most villagers were overjoyed by how wolves seemed to be dying out. Some, however, were terrified and thought it was an omen. This never phased you, there was less chance of being attacked then. You did began to be slightly alarmed when small animals started disappearing and most of the trees, especially those along the trail, had been scratched all the way up to two times your height. You continued on steadily, not a sound being made by the forest.

When you finally arrived at the castle, Lumiere tiredly greeted you at the gates. He was a close friend, as was his wife Plumette. They were a cute couple. Mrs. Potts and Chip were even closer. Mrs. Potts treats you as a daughter and Chip saw you as an older sister. He followed you around, copied you, and usually would try to do what you would when making a decision. It was cute to say the least. When you entered it was no different.

He ran up to you from his spot next to the door and jumped up into your arms. “Y/N, Y/N! Finally! I wanted to show you something!” You had barely gotten here and he was dragging you off. Chip had you by your sleeve while he ran through hallways and to the courtyard behind the building. He shoved you into the hedge maze and pushed you through one of the bushes. “Over here!” He pushed past you and ran up a hill where the stone floors ended. He ran up and you followed him until the ground leveled out. You now saw that you stood on a high cliff. You were able to view the entire forest from where you stood.  “Look!” The young boy nearly fell down when he ran right up to the edge. “Chip, be careful!” He nodded shyly, “Sorry Y/N.” You smiled. “It’s alright, now what did you need to show me so badly?” He pointed down to a small clearing just below the cliff. “Look down there!” You leant forward cautiously and looked down. The only thing there was a small clear pond made by a little waterfall running from the cliff. The pool created a little stream that trailed into the woods. You pulled back.

“Do you mean the pond?” Chip shook his head. “No! What’s by the pond!” This didn’t make a lot of sense but both of you were patient. “The stream?” Now he looked exasperated. “The thing that’s always walking around it! Didn’t you see it?” Thing? What did he mean by thing? “What do you mean, dear?” He looked over the ledge and gasped. “It’s not there! It always stops there to drink and catch fish!” You doubted the pond was big enough to have any aquatic life bigger than your finger,but that didn’t seem too important now. “A bear?” “No! This… thing. It’s like a great big kitty, with big deer horns and spikes on it’s back!” This must’ve been his imagination. “Sweetheart, nothing like that exists.” “Yes it does! I swear, it was on all fours drinking water just this morning!” This all sounded very fake but it was evident that he was passionate about this. “How about we go to bed, and tomorrow we can wake up nice and early to see it! Okay?” Chip grinned and cheerily agreed. You both walked back to the castle as the sun slowly set.

episode summaries

“The Long Haul” (4x16)
Stef’s mom, Sharon, and her boyfriend, Will, return to the Adams Foster home with some exciting news. In an effort to come clean with Jesus, Emma writes him a letter but she learns that he is hiding a secret of his own. 

“Diamond in the Rough”  (4x17)
Stef starts a new assignment in human trafficking where she meets a young girl turning tricks on the streets. 

“Dirty Laundry” (4x18)
Lena is at her wit’s end when everyone comes to her to handle all their crises and Stef is never around to help. Aaron invites Callie on a road trip to visit his parents. 

This was written by Dustin Gorton (driver in Breakfast Run vid & friend of Eric & Dylan) this past 4/20:

Everyone wants to talk about anniversaries.
Births… Deaths… Relationships… Businesses… Friendships…
One year. Five years. Ten years. Fifteen years. Twenty years. Twenty Five years. Fifty years.

Okay. So here is me caving. I’ll talk about an anniversary.

18 years ago.

18 years ago I was 18 years old… I was an adult by the legal standard of society. I was a child by the standards of what I know today. I had no idea of how fragile and precious life is. I had no idea of how much love I would come to offer the world. I had no idea what true friendship was. I had no idea what was truly important in life. I had no idea that my life was just beginning.

I just as equally had no idea that my life could just as easily end…

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So… I’m very curious about the new LIs, Zig and Becca. You can date Zig, but Becca seems to be a ‘premium-only’ LI. Also, unlike Zig, Becca wasn’t invited on the road trip so it would seem like she wouldn’t make an appearance this book. Like how Madison, Tripp, and Logan probably won’t cause they’re on the cruise. This didn’t make sense to me because it seemed like they were going somewhere with her. In the last chapter of book 3, it seemed like Becca was developing feelings for MC despite insisting their fling were just that… a fling. Becca was really interesting as a LI choice, something very unique to the original trio and Zig so… I thought it was strange they’d just cut Becca and her romance story after it really just begun. That’s when I realized… She’s going to make a surprise appearance.

My theory is that the gang runs into Becca somewhere while traveling across the US. They’re already in Maine, picking up Chris and his sister then they’ll be going to Texas to get Kaitlyn. Chance are they might cross the state Becca lives in and she might want to tag along last minute cause summer break with her family was really shitty for her, as revealed last book that they don’t exactly get along.

So, what do you think?

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you write some prompts where best friends a and b go on a road trip after high school and fall in love/reveal feelings for each other? Thank you, I love your blog sm!💖💖💖

-so I’ve totally had a crush on you since like, middle school and when you invited me on this roadtrip it was hell because I liked you so much. And then…you turned it around by kissing me when we were watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon

-Our friends all invited us on a road trip and we couldn’t say no, so we went and it was super awkward until someone yelled about the sexual tension between us and we finally talked about it


-“Oohhhh my goooood. Just fuck it out already and stop torturing us.” *awkward silence and lots of blushing*

-“So I’ve sort of liked you for a while and I know you maybe probably don’t feel the same way and I’m really sorry if I make things awkward for you but I couldn’t hold it in any longer-” (I’ll let you decide how the character is cut off ;))

let's make a harmony and life will sing (city in the rearview and nothing in the distance)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.–let’s make a harmony and life will sing (city in the rearview and nothing in the distance)–Skye, Antoine Triplett, Leopold Fitz, Jemma Simmons (TripSkye, Fitzsimmons)

She needs this van, and endless miles of open road, and someone to drive them with. A road trip in twenty songs.

or four dorks in love take a road trip

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Road Trip (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: during a post-finals road trip with teenage!Daryl you are alerted of the oncoming apocalypse. (2,255 words)

based on this request: what about a teenage!Daryl where you decide to go road trip with him, so he can be a few days away from home and then suddenly the zombie apocalypse begin.

an: not my gif found on google let me know if you need credit. i LOVE teenage!Daryl also this is an au obviously bc daryl wasn’t a teenager when the outbreak happened. also i know nothing about american stuff like wtf even is a ‘final’ so yea sorry if it’s all wrong - gabby

Finals week had been the worst seven days of my life, but the stress and anxiety the exams had caused me was worth it when I received my overall results. I’d really outdone myself, and was shocked that I’d actually passed Calculus, let alone got an A, seeing as that was the one class I shared with my best friend, Daryl Dixon. He was a terrible influence on me, being the school’s most common instigator of trouble, and this was reflected by his extremely low grades. I knew Daryl was struggling at home with his family before announcing that he’d failed the majority of his exams, so naturally I was concerned for him.

My parents surprised me with my very own pick-up truck as a congratulations gift; it certainly wasn’t new and had most likely been driven by at least five other people in my family before me, but I was in love with it, unable to wait for my first road trip. Because I was worrying about Daryl and thought he could do with a break from his family, it was expected of me to text him right away.

“Guess who’s got a truck!!!!!!” I typed eagerly, my thumbs moving at a ridiculous speed. I added a car emoji on the end for good measure, grinning to myself in anticipation of how aggravated Daryl would get as he couldn’t read emojis on his fossil of a phone. I was annoyed they hadn’t made an emoji for a pick-up truck yet, the little red car looked nothing like my new ride.

“Your joking” was his reply, and I had to repress my immediate reaction to correct his awful grammar. Another text came through before I could respond. “No emojis!”

“Nope not joking, pick u up for a roadtrip tomorrow!” I sent the text before going for a test drive, but not without adding two lines of poop emojis first. Just as I’d turned the engine on, my phone buzzed and Daryl’s name popped up.

“Fuck u and your emojis”.

My parents weren’t easily persuaded towards the notion of Daryl and I going on a road trip, not only because Daryl was such a nightmare and I’d gotten into trouble with him before, but also because of all the weird news reports on television about some sort of supposed flu where those who are infected go crazy and eat people’s flesh. The reporters were so vague that it had to be a load of bullshit; I didn’t believe a word of it. I’d laughed at my parents for being so gullible, and promised them that I’d stay safe before making my way to the Dixon household.

Two obnoxious beeps of my horn was all it took for Daryl to start yelling from his bedroom window that he was coming and for me to wait in the car. I rolled my eyes at his lack of punctuality and began to rustle through the bag of snacks I’d bought, looking for the chewing gum. 

“Can I come with you, beautiful?” Upon looking up from the bag, I noticed that Merle had poked his head through the open window and was wearing that revolting smirk of his. 

“Hello, Merle,” I sighed, used to his teasing after years of being friends with Daryl. Merle had to have been almost 27 by now, and I wondered why he was still choosing to live at home if his parents were so nasty. Daryl couldn’t wait to move out, only he needed a job and some money in order to make that dream a reality. “No, you can’t come with us, you’d bore us.”

“Ain’t you sweet, Y/N,” he joked, before standing up and shouting for his younger brother, running a hand through his curly hair. “If he doesn’t hurry up you’re gonna have to take me along instead.”

“Don’t make me wind the window up and slice your hand off, Merle,” I sneered, gesturing to the way his hand lay at the perfect position to do so. Soon Daryl was shoving his older brother out of the way and getting into the truck, flipping Merle off through the window as we drove away. 

“I could stab him in the face sometimes,” Daryl complained, throwing his bag in the back and propping his feet up on the dashboard. I tossed him a bar of Hershey’s without taking my eyes off of the road, knowing that was his favourite chocolate.

“Nice to see you’ve made yourself at home,” I grinned, opening my mouth to allow Daryl to feed me a square of chocolate. “I bought a blow-up mattress so we can sleep in the bed of the truck.”

“Where are we goin’?” He asked, rummaging through the bag to see what else I’d bought. 

“Thought we could head south across the mountains to Atlanta and then do some shopping in the city when we get there.”

“Woooo,” Daryl replied sarcastically, not a trace of excitement in his voice. “You know I love shoppin’.”

We’d been driving for just under three hours and already we’d made four stops. First, Daryl needed the toilet, then he wanted a coffee (which he made me pay for), then I needed the toilet and finally Daryl decided that, even though I’d asked him ten minutes before at the previous stop and he’d said he didn’t need it, he wanted to go to the toilet again. Irritated, I’d made him go in a bush by the side of the road. 

And if that wasn’t enough of an annoyance, Daryl was now bringing up a past disagreement from four months ago, while smoking a cigarette even though I’d told him not to smoke in my car.

“I’m tellin’ you, that ain’t your CD,” He insisted as we listened to the Foo Fighters, a CD which most definitely belonged to me.

“It is my fucking CD, I bought it from Target,” I snapped, shutting him up. “I didn’t steal it from your room, end of.”

“Someone’s miserable.”

“Well, someone’s making me wish I didn’t invite them on this road trip.”

Before Daryl could respond, I was slamming on my breaks to avoid some guy stumbling aimlessly across the road, my tyres screeching.

“Woah,” Daryl breathed, tugging on the seatbelt around his neck. “That dude’s drunker than my Dad.” The man came towards the bonnet of my truck, arms outstretched towards us and his clothes covered in what appeared to be blood. 

“Daryl, is he okay?” I asked, my foot hovering over the accelerator pedal in preparation to get us away if need be.

“Y’alright man?” Daryl called, leaning his head out of his open window. “You need help or somethin’?” The man made awful groaning noises and staggered towards the passenger side of the car. Without indication, the guy had suddenly grabbed Daryl’s arm and was bringing it up to his mouth, teeth snapping towards Daryl’s skin. I slammed my foot on the pedal and zoomed down the road, thankful that there were no other drivers about as I sped at over 100 mph. 

“Did he bite you?!” I screeched, trying to pay attention to both the road and to a pale-faced, terrified Daryl.

“No, but the fucker was goin’ to!” He panted, before urging me to stop the car. We halted in the middle of the road and it suddenly dawned on me that we hadn’t seen another driver on the country roads for over two hours.

“Where is everyone, what the fuck is going on?” I was almost hyperventilating, wondering if the stories on the news held an element of truth. “That guy tried to eat you, Daryl!“

“Shh, s’alright, Y/N,” he soothed, grabbing my arm and forcing me to look at him. “He’s probably on meth, did ya see the state of his nose? It was fallin’ apart.”

“His whole face was falling apart, Daryl, he looked like he’d died.” Tears brimmed in my eyes, and Daryl nervously reached up to wipe away one that had fallen down my cheek. A loud bang from the rear of the truck startled us and caused me to yelp in fear. Looking through my rear-view mirror I noticed another guy coming towards us, a similar wobble in his step as the man before and the same hideous noises emerging from his throat. 

“Y/N, there’s another one, drive,” Daryl ordered. I sped down the road again, my knuckles white from gripping the wheel and Daryl fumbled to switch the radio on.

“We’re unsure of what’s really going on but everyone must remain inside. If you can get to Atlanta we’d urge you to go as soon as possible, you’ll be safe there. If you see anyone acting suspiciously move as far away from them as possible. Don’t let an infected person bite you.”

The news reporter sounded just as terrified as I was, Daryl and I glanced nervously at each other as we practically flew down the country lane. A familiar ringtone blared out, and Daryl grabbed my phone from the dashboard and answered it for me.

“Mrs Y/L/N… we’re doin’ alright… Y/N is drivin’…”

“Put it on speaker, Daryl.”

“How the fuck - sorry Y/N’s mom - do I do that?” He held the phone towards me and I tapped the speaker button and soon heard my mother’s voice.

“Y/N, either get back home as soon as you can or head straight to Atlanta,” she pleaded, and I could tell she had been crying. 

“We’re closer to Atlanta than home, mom,” I replied, a crack in my throat from the tears threatening to spill. “We could be there in an hour if I speed.”

“Get there as fast as you can, the state’s been issued a warning about this disease, make sure yourself and Daryl are safe.”

After promising her I’d call her back when we got to Atlanta, and saying “I love you” repeatedly, Daryl hung up and remained silent as I cried, my watery eyes focused on the road. He reached over and rubbed my thigh comfortingly for a fraction of a second, before leaning back and lighting a cigarette. I didn’t have the energy to tell him again to not smoke in my car.

The highway into Atlanta was rammed with cars full of people with the same aim as us, so we made the smart decision to drive around the outskirts of the city instead and wait until the traffic had died down. 

I wanted anything but to see another ‘person’ like that, their eyes glossy and skin loose around their decaying face. So I drove quickly, hoping that if there were any around they were unable to run and catch us up. 

“Daryl look, there’s an old guy over there by that RV,” I said, slowing down and pointing to where I wanted him to look. “Shall we ask if he knows what’s going on?”

“As long as he ain’t gotta bite my face off,” was Daryl’s reply, so I drove with caution towards the old guy, winding my window down as he strolled almost cheerfully towards us.

“Excuse me, do you know what the hell is going on?” I asked, and the man simply put his hat on and squinted towards the city, where the busy highway was still visible.

“You probably know as much as me, kids,” he sighed, chewing on his bottom lip. “I’m Dale, by the way, and you are?”

“I’m Y/N, and this is Daryl,” I introduced the two of us and Daryl gave Dale a small nod. “Anyone else with you?”

“Two girls I helped on the way here, Andrea and Amy,” he replied, gesturing towards the RV. “Come on out, I’ll introduce you all.”

It was cold, but mine and Daryl’s combined body heat was slowly warming our bodies as we shivered underneath our blankets. We’d all decided to stay put on the city’s outskirts for the night; I’d blown the mattress up and put it in the bed of my truck. Although Daryl was reluctant at first the cold eventually forced us to press our bodies together, and despite seeing half-dead humans walking around earlier in the day, strangely, I felt the safest I’d ever felt. 

Daryl had always just been my irritating best friend who was forever getting me into trouble, but now as we lay underneath the constellations above in the bed of my pick-up truck I began to feel a greater attachment to him.

“Daryl, we’ll be okay, right?” I whispered, looking towards him instead of up at the sky. He grabbed my hand underneath the blanket and squeezed it tight, and I looked towards the stars again in hope that the white moonlight would wash out my blushing face.

“Right,” he breathed quietly, although he didn’t sound too sure. “Y/N?”


“If it ain’t too much trouble could ya get the Hershey’s from the truck?”

“Are you joking?!” I laughed, nudging him playfully and reluctantly standing up. “I’m taking the blankets with me, though.” I grabbed the blankets and draped them over me, squealing with giggles as I ran away from a cold Daryl who chased me into the truck, demanding I give them back.

Soon enough we were making out on the back seat of my truck and the windows were beginning to steam up. We no longer needed the blankets for warmth, and we no longer craved the taste of chocolate, but instead the taste of our lips colliding and the touch of our bare skin brushing against each other.


Requested: Yes, by @jared-padaloveme
Thank you for the request dear! I hope you like it.

Summary: Hey! I really love your work and i was wondering if you could write a drabble for me with the prompts 36 and 91 with Sam. I hope you don’t mind me being too specific but i don’t want them to be in a relationship but she likes him and he likes her but they don’t tell each other. Thanks!!!

Prompts: 36. “Sorry, I thought I was alone..”
91. She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about.

Triggers: Mentions of abuse (mental, physical, verbal), PTSD, tears, insecure reader

A.N.: hey guys, I know this was meant to be a Drabble but it ended up a little longer. I hope you enjoy it. THIS POST DOES NOT EXCUSE ABUSE! Abuse is not okay. I simply used the idea to give the character a tragic backstory. I’m very sorry if it offends anyone.
The first time Sam Winchester saw her she was beheading a vampire, chest heaving, blood splattered all over her skin and clothes. Both brothers had been impressed with her abilities, and after a few drinks and long conversation, they’d invited her on the road with them. It didn’t take long for Sam to notice the nightmares, the crying out in the middle of the night. There was something dark in her eyes, something guarded. They saw scars she refused to explain, scars that could only come from deep cuts. She’d flinch when they moved too fast, eyes downcast. She only talked when spoken too, and she kept to her own space, no matter how much Sam tried to bring her out of her shell. She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about. She was kind and loving, always making sure the boys were taken care of. She made sure Dean didn’t drink himself into a coma, and that there was enough food in the bunker. She made sure they didn’t fall into a pit of depression and alcohol, and Sam couldn’t thank her enough for that. Dean on the other hand was too occupied with the Mark of Cain to notice. That was another reason he was thankful for her. She was a good friend, a person to confide in when he knew Dean couldn’t be that. Sam had to be the strong one now, help Dean through this. That was his job, and she was more than happy to help. If only she’d confide in him. If he was being honest with himself, he had feelings for her, maybe even loved her. What he didn’t know, is that she felt the same, but didn’t feel worthy. In fact, she was currently in her room, sitting in front of the mirror, tear stains on her cheeks. Just as Sam walked by her open door, a whimper left her lips, and he stopped, looking into her room. His heart broke at the sight of her, head buried in her knees, shoulders shaking with sobs. He couldn’t help himself. He stepped inside, walking slowly over to her. His hand fell on her shoulder, stepping back when she jumped to her feet. She looked down when she noticed it was him, furiously wiping her tears.
“Sorry, I thought I was alone” Sam’s shoulders slumped at that. Why was she apologizing? Why wouldn’t she talk to him?
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” She shook her head, plastering on a fake smile.
“Nothing, I’m fine.” Sam scoffed.
“Come on, you expect me to believe that? You think I haven’t noticed the nightmares, the flinching when we move too fast, how you never look us in the eye, or how you don’t talk unless we ask you something? We’ve noticed alright? And we’re worried about you! I’m worried about you!” She set her shoulders, holding her head high as she stared him down.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Sam.”
“Don’t lie to me! Please Y/N! Talk to me! I care about you alright?” She gulped at the confession, and deep down, she knew what he was saying, but she didn’t acknowledge it. She didn’t think she deserves too. She slumped in defeat, sitting down on her bed.
“I was in a relationship with a man named Ryder for seven years before I met you boys.” Sam had sat down beside her, staring at her as she talked.
“At first he was kind, compassionate and caring. But then he changed. He was drinking all the time, he left at all hours and came home smelling like a bar and someone else’s perfume. He started verbally abusing me, telling me how worthless I was, how pathetic. I let him get to me. I was upset of course and confronted him. That was the first time he hit me. The abuse got worse as time went on. He broke me, made me hate who I was. It wasn’t until a few months ago when I found out he was possessed. My mother had passed, and I tried convincing him to go to the funeral. We’d fought about it, and I saw his eyes go black. The pastor at my church knew about hunters, and he told me everything when I’d gone to confide in him. He helped me tie Ryder down and exorcise him, but he was already gone. I became a hunter after that, and then I met you guys.” He didn’t say anything, just pulled her into a tight hug, holding on until he thought she’d break when he felt her start crying. He took in a deep breath, pulling away to make her look at him.
“You are not pathetic, you are not worthless. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. You’re kind, and smart, and compassionate, funny, brave, courageous and outgoing. You always take care of us, making sure we eat and sleep, and shower. You make sure Dean doesn’t drink himself to death and that I remember to take care of myself when I get too focused on research. You are the most important member of our team, the most important person to me! And I swear I will spend the rest of my life proving it if I have too!” She was crying by the time he’d finished talking, unable to form words. He pulled her back into his embrace, feeling her doubt, her still lingering insecurities. He knew this wouldn’t just go away, but he’d be there, every step of the way.
“I promise”

roadtrip/camping aus
  • I asked if everyone needed to pee an hour ago, no I’m not going to find a rest stop you’re gonna piss on the side of the highway. 
  • You managed to have the bonfire blow up and burned down your tent and now you want to share a tent with me?  Oh, stop with the puppy eyes that never works on- ugh, fine.  Just for tonight.
  • You couldn’t find a position of fall asleep without totally leaning on me, I finally felt bad and let you lean on my shoulder
  • It’s really cold in my tent, can I share with you?
  • Hey, it’s sorta dark out there, could I use some of your firewood?
  • Our car ran out of gas 8 miles from the closest stop, we both went to go get supplies.  We’re 7 miles out and you twisted your ankle, nice.
  • We were hiking up a trail and got caught in a storm there’s lighting like everywhere.  WHY ARE YOU HIDING UNDER A TREE?  DUDE.
  • You told me that you’d stay up as we continue driving through the night.  I love you but could you please chill with the Frank Sinatra?
  • I ran into you on the same trail, my dog seems to like you a lot.  Uhh…
  • It’s your turn to drive, but you looks so peaceful and cute and I can’t get myself to wake you up dammit.
  • Don’t mind me looking like an idiot while I try to find phone reception in the middle of nowhere
  • We made the dumb decision to set up camp really late and like you swung a freaking pan at me.  BABE, CHILL.
  • Why the hell did you invite me to come road tripping with you…?? um, your father has been glaring at me for the past 4 hours.
When I first began riding road racers, I thought pedaling with heavy gears and pulling your weight forward was the manly way to pedal. But my friend, who was the one to invite me to road racing and is very well-versed in bicycles, said that the correct way is to use light gears and pedal as fast as you can. When I went touring with that person afterwards, I thought, “I’ll try out what they said and use lighter gears,” and when they observed, “Nabe-chan, you’re using light gears today,” I said without thinking, “I’m going with sissy pedals (yowamushi pedal) today.” Because I had thought until now that pedaling with heavy gears was cool, I felt that pedaling at high pace with lighter gears seemed rather sissy. The instant I said it, though, I thought it would be a great title for a manga, and planned to use it on the off-chance that I ever got to draw a bike manga.
—  Watanabe Wataru-sensei explaining the origin of the title “Yowamushi Pedal” (March 2014 issue of Spoon 2Di)
the signs as ice creams⭐️
  • Aries: Mint Chocolate Chip - excited, bold, adventurous
  • Taurus: Chocolate - classy, sensual, indulgent
  • Gemini: Strawberry - fun, vibrant, enthusiastic
  • Cancer: Peanut Butter - warm, inviting, comforting
  • Leo: Rocky Road - dramatic, unexpected, generous
  • Virgo: Mango - natural, soothing, refreshing
  • Libra: Caramel - balanced, charming, artistic
  • Scorpio: Coffee - passionate, addicting, magnetic
  • Sagittarius: Butter Pecan - curious, original, optimistic
  • Capricorn: Vanilla - classic, reliable, mature
  • Aquarius: Coconut - unique, lively, independent
  • Pisces: Cookies n' Cream - dreamy, creative, gentle

On Samosir Island in Sumatra I would head out and paint landscapes.  I observed the fantastic houses, but out of shyness and respect for the owners’ privacy, I didn’t paint them on site.  One late afternoon, though, I stopped on my walk to study one particularly fascinating house I was finishing a painting of.

One of the locals came over to see what I was doing.  I showed her my paintings, ans someone else quickly hunted down the artist of the house so I could meet him.  

I was invited down the gravel road to see the front of this beautiful traditional home.  In addition to the standard Batak details, decorative murals were added to many of the surfaces.  

The artist had built and painted the house for some Europeans, but they didn’t live here anymore.  (Samosir Island and Lake Toba used to be much more popular with Westerners).  He asked me why I hadn’t painted the front side of the house…because I could only see the back from the road! 

My camera traveled around as different young guys hopped up on the house to take their picture with me.  Finally, in the fading light, I got a photo of the actual artist on the stoop of his beautiful house. 

Walking on the sidewalk you and Calum were headed out to dinner. The band was in Atlanta tonight for the show tomorrow so you and Calum decided to venture out into the city and get something to eat. 

You were one of the few people the boys invited on the road to come along with them. You’d known Calum since primary school and became friends with Michael, Luke, and Ashton through him. Since the band started you began to have a little crush on Calum and you have ever since.

As You walked up to a Diner you looked back at Calum, as he was following close behind you.

“Let’s eat here” You decided.

“Alright c’mon” Calum agreed opening the door for you. Walking in, the two of you were seated in a booth. Sliding into the booth first you and Calum sat on the same side of the booth. The waitress slid two laminated menus across the table and asked what the two of you wanted to drink.

“We’ll have two Cokes” Calum answered, ordering for you. The waitress looked at you and you nodded in approval.

“Alrighty, I’ll have your drinks out in a second” She said walking to the next table over.

After you guys got your order in you began talking with Calum. 

“Hey Cal.”


“You know all the guys have had at least one girlfriend in the time that I’ve know all of you but you’re the only person who hasn’t had one. Do you like anyone Cal?” You asked him.

Calum started to blush be he looked down at his phone that was set on the table.

“I don’t like anyone right now. It’s hard on tour you know?” He answered. Calum looked up with pursed lips.

“Who has time for girlfriends when I’ve got you” He joked putting his arm around your shoulder and pulling you in for a little hug.

One week later

“Me, Luke, Bryana, and Michael are going to go out to eat do you guys wanna come?” Ashton asked walking into the back of the bus where you and Calum were playing a game of Fifa on the Playstation.

“No we’re good” Calum answered.

“Suit yourself” Ashton walked back to the front of the bus closing the door behind him.

“Hey (Y/N)” 

“Yeah what” You looked over at him, his eyes still fixated on the screen.

“You know last week how you asked me If I liked anyone.”

“Yeah what about it, do you have a girlfriend now?” You asked with raised eyebrows. Calum paused the game and looked over at you scratching the back of his neck.

“Well umm, I…I’ve liked you for a long time and I don’t want to make things awkward for us but it’s ok if you don’t like me back” Calum nervously mentioned trying to hold eye contact with you.

“You know-” You got up and made your way over to the other couch Calum was sitting on sitting next to him.

“I’ve liked you forever Cal” You said resting your head on his shoulder.

“Perfect! Then if I were to ask you on a date right now you would say yes right?”


“(Y/N) would you go on a date with me, like now?”

“Of course Calum. You have to find my shoes though”

Calum smiled to himself.

“Alright I’m on it”




Via Instagram / girven_road : 😉EPIC DAY OUT FOR GIRVEN ROAD💯
Was invited to head up to Brizzy to hang on set for the day! Kaya chilled in the directors chair @taikawaititi 🙏 while watching these two bring the scenes to life.Got to meet and chat with one of my all time fav actors, Sir Anthony Hopkins.Waaaatt!!😲 @kayahorne chilled with @chrishemsworth and talked surfing while @twhiddleton and I spoke about watching the All Blacks at @girven_road on Saturday night.💪
Looking forward to catching up for Burgers and Beers soon✔.