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Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!

When you consider, in Catching Fire, that Haymitch is Reaped for the Quarter Quell and Peeta up and volunteers to go into the Games for a second time, just so he can protect Katniss, how can you have any doubts about that man?  

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You are never far from healing, for healing is not a destination.
It is more like a remembering; a constant invitation.
It is like the Sun; always there, yet sometimes hidden by innocent clouds.
When you feel far from healing, when doubt rages, and sorrow fills your being, and pain stings and burns; when yesterday’s joys seem so far away, and tomorrow’s happiness is a distant fantasy;
when you feel like you’re living the wrong life, and nothing seems possible, stop, just for a moment.
Bring your attention out of past and future.
Invite curiosity into the moment.
Into the body, the breath.
This living scene. This day, this hour.
What’s it like to be alive, just for a moment?
Can you feel your feet on the earth?
Can you feel your belly rise and fall?
What if you’re not far from healing?
What if you’re not actually broken?
What if healing IS presence?
This timeless sense of being alive?
What if the future is unknown, and your fears are all in your mind?
What if the Sun never stops shining, even as the storm rages?

Battle of Hogwarts!AU

Harry knew his world had taken a 90 degree turn the moment Draco told the rest he didn’t recognize him in the manor. He saw the desperation-and whatever internal battle had been going on in Draco’s head all these years, perhaps-in the boy’s eyes, for Merlin knows what, and he knew something between them had changed. Drastically, so.

He knew his world had taken yet another 90 degree turn when Draco quite literally switched sides in the middle of the war. The yell of “POTTER!” had never felt so inviting until the one moment Draco found the courage to stand up for what he believed in, abandoning everything he had ever valued-/his family/-to help Harry with the Elder wand after laughter or agony about his presumptuous death had just faded.

The loud yell of “Avada Kedavra” from Voldermort was all he heard before the battle was on again, full throttle…

It was minutes later, or hours perhaps, when everything had finally subsided after Neville had destroyed the last Horcrux. It was minutes later, or hours perhaps, when Harry walked through the doors of the Great Hall and found out who was the victim of Voldemort’s final killing curse.

Harry could’ve Draco Malfoy’s shade of Blonde anywhere amidst a crowd, and there he sat with his eyes seemingly blank over the body of his Mother, her face ghostly pale even more so than usual. And as Harry got nearer, he recognized the look in his eyes, it was the same one that he wore when he’d saved Harry back at the Manor, conflicted between what he wanted to do and what was expected of him.

Harry didn’t hesitate. He walked over towards a sitting Draco, placing a hand on his shoulder before being unable to resist the urge to pull the boy’s head towards his stomach, embracing him tightly in his arms. And as if Draco had been waiting for the slightest shimmer of warmth, he lets loose; rouge tears fall down his cheeks for everything that had gone wrong in his life-for everything that had led him to this very moment, staring down at the body of one beautiful moments who despite all her flaws had had her moments, Draco couldn’t have asked for a better Mother. Neither cared that they were being watched by the entire Hall, mostly without any judgement, and sometime between Harry embracing Draco and Draco returning the touch, Harry’d started crying along, grieving for all their losses.

The war had turned Harry’s life upside down. But in that moment, when everything changed, he wondered of he’d been walking upside down all along and if /finally/ someone had shoved him back right-side up…

One of the saddest things about being alone, I feel, is getting excited over something- hearing your favourite artist on the radio, reading something intelligent, seeing something beautiful- and having no one to turn to and invite to share the moment with you, no one to express your admiration and euphoric joy with. When this becomes evident I suddenly lose that joy.

Request - Deputy Jordan Parrish “The Deputy gets the girl”

The class had been restless for the entire morning. They had been whispering about a real deputy coming to school and you could see the nerves in their eyes. You smiled. For weeks you had been listening to their stories about sheriffs and thieves and you had thought that maybe this was the right moment to invite Jordan to talk about his job.
“Are you all ready to meet a real deputy?” You closed the book on your desk and you saw how all kids did the same, nodding. “I will ask if he wants to come in, but only if you are really really really quiet.” You put your finger on your lips and you noticed how all the kids bit their lips, making sure not to make a sound. You never had much trouble to keep them in check, but you had to admit that it had never been this easy.
“Is this the class of Mrs. (Y/L/N).” He knocked on the door and you watched how all the mouths dropped as soon as they noticed the uniform he was wearing. He had brought everything he was allowed to bring with him and for a moment you couldn’t hide your own admiration.
“Yes, Deputy Parrish.” You nodded and smiled, his lips whispering a quiet I love you, before he turned to the class.
“So, these are the kids that want to know everything about becoming a deputy?” He waited until the kids nodded again and you sat down in your chair, leaning back while he was talking about the job he clearly loved so much.
“Sir?” A kid on the front row raised his hand. “Is it true that deputies always get the pretty girls?” He seemed serious, but you couldn’t help your cheeks from blushing. For a short moment Jordan turned his head towards you and you noticed the smile on his lips and the little lights in his eyes, before he turned his face back to the class.
“Deputies are no superheroes, but…” He stared at you again and you bent your head, biting your lips. “Yes, this deputy got a pretty girl.” He smiled and you saw how one girl in the back raised her hand this time.
“Are you and miss (Y/L/N) in love?” She started smiling and you stood up, taking a deep breath, before you felt how Jordan grabbed your hand.
“Yes, miss (Y/L/N) are in love.” His voice wasn’t even shaking or trembling.
“But Mr. Parrish is here to talk about his job, not to talk about me.” You cocked your head a little and you squeezed his hand. “Being a deputy is not about getting the prettiest girl.” You let his hand go again and walked to your seat.
“No, but as a deputy it’s important to have friends and people you love.” Jordan swallowed and straightened his back. “Not everything you do and see as a deputy is nice.” The smile on his face disappeared. “Sometimes people get hurt or worse and that’s not always easy.” His eyes looked at you. “Then you need people who listen to you and care about you.” He looked back at the class. “That’s why the superheroes and the deputies get the pretty girls.”

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Hi! I know college! 5SOS still starts at 7pm GMT but that's like 3am where I am and I really still wanna take part so I was hoping I could send in some of my prompts already? Thanks! "“no, don’t eat more sugar." with college best friend! calum

Sometimes, having an athlete as a best friend was the worst decision you’d ever made.

Because whilst being soccer star Calum Hood’s best friend came with its perks, endless party invites included, there were moments when he was the bane of your existence.

“No, don’t eat more sugar.” He mutters, snatching the chocolate out of your hand, causing you to pout at him. “It’s bad for you.”

“So is alcohol, but that didn’t stop you last night.” You counter, leaning across the sofa to grab it back. “Besides, I deserve it.”

“For what?”

“Dealing with your drunk ass.”

“I was not that drunk.” He laughs, ignoring the groans from some of his frat brothers in the surrounding rooms. “You were worse.”

“And which one of us tried to kiss Luke?”

“The wrong one.” Luke mutters, entering the room with a yawn. His blonde hair was flat and messy, but he only wore a pair of sweats. “Would of much preferred it if it had been you Y/N.”

“Wow bro, feeling the love.” Calum fake pouts, smirking as Luke flips him off. “Besides, I’m a better kisser than Y/N.”

“Doubt it.” Luke grumbles, grabbing his snapback from where it had been discarded on the mantelpiece the night before.

“I just wanted a victory kiss for scoring the winning goal.”

“You could have scored six goals blindfolded as you baked a cake, and I still wouldn’t have wanted to fucking kiss you.”

They smirk at each other as Luke leaves, Calum’s attention returning to you. He cocks an eyebrow when he finds you glaring, hands drumming on your leg which was draped across his lap.

“Yes Angel?”

“Who says you’re a better kisser than me?”

He lets out another bark of laughter, both of you rolling your eyes as Michael shouts from upstairs at you to shut up.

“You wanna prove me wrong?” He smirks, puckering his lips and grabbing your face. “Come on, give us a kiss.”

“Fuck off.” You giggle, pushing away his face. “In your dreams Hood.”

“Every night Angel.” He nods, leaning back with a grin. “Open offer, if you ever want to show me you’re the superior kisser.”

“I’ll bare that in mind.”

college!5sos blurb night with @tadpolehemmings and @cliffwoes

it’s taking me forever to write this pregnant!trans!Sam fic so here’s a little sneak peek for @holydarkhallelujah@casquecest​ and @purgatoan

He’s torn for a moment between inviting Cas to stay for more conversation or letting him leave, but the decision is made for him. “I’m afraid I have to leave soon,” the blue-eyed man says. “I promised my youngest brother that I’d take him to see Logan tonight.”

“No, that’s fine, no worries.” Sam smiles, hiding the little pang of disappointment.

“This was very enjoyable, though. I’d love to have dinner with you again.”

“Me too.” An idea occurs to him as he stops with his hand on the front door. “Would you like to go to a Fourth of July picnic thing on Saturday? It’ll be at my brother’s place, barbecue for dinner and fireworks afterwards.”

“That sounds very inviting, but I wouldn’t want to intrude on a family celebration.”

“You wouldn’t be, there are always friends of the family there too. You count as a friend now, and anyways I was trying to find a date for it.” The last part was a lie – before today he’d been planning on going alone – but it was a leap of faith he was taking, hoping the man in front of him was as interested as he seemed.

Confusion crosses Castiel’s face. “A date? But don’t you have… someone? I mean, you’re…” He motions vaguely in the direction of Sam’s stomach.

Sam looks down, smiling a little ruefully. “No, there’s no one. In the past, yeah, but not any more.”

“Oh. Well. Then I’ll gladly come to the picnic.”

“Great.” A genuine smile plays across Sam’s lips, and it’s returned by Cas.

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Imagine a ball in Val Royeaux

One of the grandest fetes in years, with Divine Victoria herself present in all of Her radiance.

There are whispers in the crowd that the Divine has special guest that she’s invited, that a momentous occasion shall take place.

And the doors open. The announcer must check his scroll twice, because surely this is impossible, never in a thousand years- but Victoria clears Her throat, and the announcer states the names. 

“His Worship, the Lord Inquisitor of the Inquisition… and his husband, His Holiness Divine Caelius of the Imperial Chantry.”

And in walks the Inquisitor, with Dorian on his arm.

Dear Cwotelings, 

I know I normally post typographies, however, I felt as though this was too important not to share with you. 

Dennis Ngango is a close friend of mine from South Africa and every week he posts a motivational podcast to SoundCloud. His voice, stories and advice radiate positivity and he as a being, is the true personification of happiness. 

If you have a few moments, I invite you to close your eyes and listen to some of what he has to say. And if you find that you don’t, I hope your day is good all the same :)

- Cwote (xoxo)

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Request: My Person - A Robbie Kay x Reader imagine

Request: Hey are you taking requests? If you are you write an angst Peter/ Robbie imagine where he chooses another girl over the reader (the reader and Pan or Robbie whichever you choose are not together) making the reader very sad and insecure? You can end it however way you want! 

A/N: Dear lord this took me way to long to get finished for you and I am so sorry! I hate taking so long to get requests done for you guys and I just want to say I’m Sorry a million times! I hope this is somewhat what you want! Hope you enjoy!

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Hey Xy do you know if anyone is being invited to alpha testing Evosaur after submitting an e-mail for alpha? I think I signed up a few months ago but I never got an invite so I was wondering if I just wasn't selected or it was an error on my part or if alpha testing isn't ready yet. Thanks and hope all is going well for you!

The signup is for newsletter that will inform you that Alpha is released. The game does not exist yet in a form for you to be invited to at this moment - but what you sign up to is an email that will say something like “HEY! You signed up for Alpha invite, here you can check how to join!“

Who Are You pt. 1

Summary: What happens when the popular boy, Jongin, finally meets someone who challenges him…
Members: Jongin (Kai) x Reader (appearances by other EXO Members)
Type: Angst
Length: 2,261 Words

So I really like writing angsts, and I just find it so interesting. Anyways, I wrote this and I wasn’t asked to do a smut or fluff, so I wanted to try my hand at just an angst. I hope you like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Also, I wrote this a long time ago, but I can’t seem to find it on my blog anymore…. so here it is again.

Pt. 2

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“Jongin, you should see this dude. It looked like he is about to throw up!” Baekhyun yelled from across the room. Jongin stood beside some girls in the crowded living room. He had come to the party because some of the guys from the football team had invited him. From the moment since he came into the small house, the girls started flocking around him. He had to admit, it felt good to see all the hot girls around him, but it was a bit annoying at the same time. “Sorry, ladies, looks like there is something else I should see.” He said as he winked at the girls.

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Send me a character and I will answer with the character(s) he or she is most likely to:

No one requested Chakotay but I don’t want him to be the only one left unanswered so –

Kiss behind the warp core: B’Elanna.
Kiss on the bridge: Chakotay respects the bridge as an extension of Janeway. He would’t kiss anyone on an occupied bridge, but I can imagine a scene when they’ve returned home and everyone but Janeway and Chakotay have disembarked but she’s feeling the full impact of actually getting there and leaving the bridge for Earth and he congratulates her on keeping her promise and she tears up and he seizes the moment. 
Invite on a holodeck date: He’s way more likely to invite someone to his cabin, where he cooks them dinner. 
Sneak into their cabin at night: Janeway.
Have an unrequited crush on: Tuvok.
Be in a long term relationship with: Janeway.
Start a family with: Janeway.
Die for: Janeway, B’Elanna, most people in the line of duty.
Kill for: Janeway, Seven, Tuvok in the right circumstance. 
Break the rules for: They’re just guidelines. 
Break the fabric of space-time for: Janeway. (He and Harry do this in “Timeless”)

Boyfriend For Hire

Band Member: Luke

Type: Relationship AU

Description: The moment the invite dropped on through your letterbox, you realised you were screwed. Your ex-boyfriend was getting married and he’d told you to bring along your boyfriend. Great. Well, it would be if you actually had a boyfriend.

You took a deep breath and quickly proofread the message.

Needed urgently: guy to come with me to my ex’s wedding this Saturday. It’s complicated. Please don’t be weird.

You hadn’t got any other choice. You’d exhausted your list of friends, pleading and begging for one of them to come with you to the wedding that had caused more angst than you believed your own future wedding would. You were going to refuse, his new girlfriend couldn’t stand you because of reasons you didn’t know. It had been the handwritten note Zack had sent with it that made it impossible to say no, it almost made the bride Sophie sound like a civil human being. The sweet words still captivated you a little now but you weren’t in love with him anymore. Your love for him had faded once he’d moved away and you found your only fascination with him was with his charm. But Zack had mentioned hearing about your new boyfriend, suggesting he accompanied you so they could ‘exchange tips’. You’d frowned at the letter, questioning what boyfriend it was he’d heard about. Sure, you’d dated after your breakup but none of them had really been long term commitments.

So you swallowed hard and pressed submit.

You’d almost forgot about your advert until you got a message from your best friend asking if you’d solved the problem. She had suggested that you simply claimed you were ill or took her and said that you and the fictitious boy had caught the flu. You had been tempted until you checked your replies. Amongst the weird replies asking for all sorts of unsavoury things, one actually sounded promising.

Well hello there, Luke, you thought to yourself when you saw the picture he’d attached ‘to prove I’m not sixty and/or look like a serial killer’.

You read what he’d put about being up for a laugh and an open bar meant it was a promising day already. You laughed, smiling as you typed out a reply and gave him your number.

It was barely five minutes after when he replied.

Pick me up at 12.

It took your forever to settle on an outfit. Your best friend kept asking if you were sure you were over Zack but you weren’t really thinking about seeing him, you were focused on Luke though you’d be lying if you didn’t want to show off how amazing you looked in your navy coloured dress. This boy you’d messaged over the past few days had some sort of hold over you, he was funny and sweet and made you feel the butterflies you’d missed so badly.

“You can do this,” you muttered to yourself as you walked up to his front door. “He’s just a guy.”

But part of you couldn’t help but wonder if he might not be Luke at all and you were wrong to reject your best friend’s offer of driving you to the venue. You knocked on the door and stood back, praying it wasn’t some 42-year-old man called Harold.

The door opened and your heart dropped when it wasn’t him. The guy was still attractive but he wasn’t Luke.

“Is Luke here? I haven’t fucked up and got the wrong address, have I?” you asked, realising there was probably a perfectly innocent reason.

“Oh! You’re actually you!” the guy said with a grin before opening the door fully for you to go inside. “Mike! You owe me money!”

The guy with the red hair appeared from the top of the stairs and sighed. “Shit, it actually did turn out to be the right girl.”

“We’re happy it’s you but we bet Luke you were some old dude,” the guy who was holding the door explained.

“You’ll look after him, won’t you?” Mike asked with a serious expression. “Ashton and I raised him right, we expect you to treat him like the prince he is.”

You raised your eyebrows but nodded anyway. “Uh, sure.”

“Good,” Ashton said. “Luke! Get down here!”

You hadn’t expected him to be so tall, it almost took your breath away. But those eyes, you hadn’t been prepared for them to be so blue. And that lip ring, if he kept biting it, you weren’t sure you’d make it until tonight to have a drunken kiss with him.

“Hey,” he said shyly. “Sorry about them, they think they’re funny.”

“It’s okay,” you replied perhaps a little too brightly. “But the taxi is waiting and the taximeter is going.”

He nodded, telling the guys to lock up once they left his house. You walked awkwardly to the taxi and let him help you inside. The journey was quiet with only the odd passing comment about the wedding venue and how pretty the drive up to it was. You found the bar, it was the easiest place to talk away from the guests who you recognised.

“So what have you told them about your boyfriend?” Luke asked before sipping his drink.

“Nothing really apart from that we’ve been together two years apparently. Whoever told Zack can be blamed for that. Other than the length of time, we can run with it.”

He nodded slowly then broke into a cheeky smile. “Would you be against having some fun?”

You almost choked on your drink and Luke’s cheeks blushed intensely when he realised how that sounded.

“I meant messing with the guests a little!” he informed you quickly. “Shit, I didn’t mean… well, that.”

“At least wait until after dinner,” you said joked. “Honestly, it’s fine. I like the idea, Zack’s family were never my biggest fans, even more so after I broke up with him and he started seeing Sophie. I know her from school and she hates me. But let’s not go crazy, I don’t want to ruin it for them.”

Luke nodded. “I know, I remember what you’ve said. Zack seems like a nice guy even if Sophie hates you.”

“He is, he was my best friend once upon a time,” you said with a ghost of a smile. “We better go out there, I doubt being late will make his mother like me any more than she currently does.”

Luke laughed, following you out. He caught your hand and held it in his. You looked up at him, confused to why it felt so right. You dropped your gaze quickly and missed the look he gave you completely. Luke was staring at you trying to work out how easy it was to imagine you were actually his girlfriend. He didn’t want to know why his heart quickened in pace when you smiled at him or why he felt like you were perfect after a few days. He spent the ceremony trying to work out why he wanted to keep holding your hand even though you were practically a stranger. But you weren’t to him. The phone calls and the texting over the last few days had made you feel more like somebody he could actually fall in love with.

After the ceremony, you led him outside to the lawn where they were handing out champagne like it was cheap. Zack spotted you and made a beeline for you, towing his new wife with him.

“You made it!” he said with more enthusiasm than he’d ever shown you before.

You introduced yourself to Sophie who looked at you like you’d come from a faraway planet.

“It’s a beautiful venue,” you complimented just to break the awkward silence.

“I bet you could only dream about this kind of wedding,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

You frowned at her but Zack moved in to kiss your cheek lightly and you congratulated him. You moved across to say the same to his bride only to find she’d disappeared amongst a gathering of Zack’s family.

“Don’t mind Sophie, she’s not exactly happy you’re here,” he explained like it was a joke. “You must be the boyfriend!”

Zack stuck out his hand to Luke who shook it while smiling.

“I was worried you wouldn’t come,” Zack said to the both of you. “I know it’s odd to come to your girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding but she was my best friend before we dated and I always said I’d want her here no matter what.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to stand in her way,” Luke said as he held Zack’s stare. “She wanted to be here and I wanted to support her.”

“That’s good,” Zack agreed. “I’m glad she met somebody who does that for her. She’s a special girl.”

Luke tugged on his lip ring before answering. “She deserves to be happy and I hope she is.”

Luke wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer into his side. You wondered if the guys realised how stern they were being but when you looked up at Luke’s tightened jaw, you wondered why he was so serious around Zack.

“So what do you do, Luke?” Zack questioned after sipping the champagne.

“I’m a musician, I play and sing in a band,” he explained.

“Our guy cancelled last night, Sophie was up for hours trying to get a replacement,” Zack said, obviously hoping Luke would pull a guitar out of his arse and volunteer to play a song.

Somebody tapped the microphone and announced the bride was about to throw her bouquet.

Luke looked down at you with a smile that said he had something in mind. He leant down to whisper in your ear. “How are you at catching?”

“Not too bad, why?” you said back with a suspecting glare.

“Just trust me,” he said with a wink before looking back up. “Zack – I’ll play a song after Sophie throws her bouquet.”

Zack’s eyes lit up and he thanked Luke, pointing out the guitar on the stage like he might not have seen it before he’d agreed to play an acoustic set. He scurried off to tell Sophie, leaving you with Luke.

“I’m not explaining,” he said simply. “Just go catch her bouquet and I’ll piss her off a little.”

“Don’t ruin the wedding by announcing you’re having some sort of affair with her mum, Luke,” you sighed.

He laughed, shaking his head and pushing you into position. You waited and tried not to laugh as Luke coached your through some rugby stances he thought might be useful. He held your high heels for you, sitting them on the edge of the stage while he got the stage sorted for him. Catching the flowers looked hopeless when the bridesmaids stood next to you but with one word from Luke, they all seemed to arc around you and seemed to block the others from even attempting. The giggling gave you a clue, you overheard one say that it’d annoy Sophie that you of all people got her expensive bouquet anyway.

You jumped and managed to catch it easily enough when the bridesmaids got in everybody else’s way. You acted thrilled, seeing Luke’s face pretending to be surprised. You screamed, jumping up and down with the new allies like you’d won the lottery. You saw Sophie’s miffed expression and couldn’t help but feel a little better.

“Hey, babe!” Luke’s voice came over the speakers. “You caught the bouquet!”

You held it up as proof, waving it like some kind of victory flag.

“Well, they say you’ll be the person to get married next, don’t they?” he asked and the crowd cheered back to him as a yes. “Oh, right.”

He sang your name softly and you bit your lip to resist laughing.

“Will you marry me then? I can’t imagine the flowers could be wrong,” he said with almost a serious look of love on his face. “I’ll write songs about how beautiful you are and I swear I’ll never ignore your text messages even if you’ve sent me another funny cat video.”

Luke surprised himself with how easy it was to say these things as he strummed the guitar. Maybe it was true. Maybe he could get used to acting like your boyfriend. Maybe he was hoping he could ask you out on a real date after this.

“Yes!” you shouted, throwing your arms out dramatically. “I will marry you!”

And you were completely oblivious to how he smiled as he turned his face away to find the guitar pick.

“Then I dedicate this song to the future Mrs Hemmings,” he said softly. “Oh, and the newlyweds.”