Judge bans Bong-a-Thon from townsite of Stoner in SW Colorado

(Cannabist) A district judge in Montezuma County on Wednesday issued an injunction against the “Bong-a-Thon” from holding their 32-year-old annual event in the small unincorporated town of Stoner.

John Baxter, the county’s attorney who filed the injunction request, confirmed the decision to The Denver Post, but declined to say much more.

“I don’t have a comment on it,” he said.

The Cortez Journal first reported the judge’s decision. The newspaper says complaints from more than two dozen neighbors prompted the request for an injunction.

Stoner is a townsite that lies on Colorado 145 about 65 miles northwest of Durango.

Event organizer Chris Jetter, of Aurora, told The Denver Post he was prepared for the decision and had already relocated his private, invitation-only marijuana smoking competition.

“We’re not disclosing the location,” Jetter said. “The only people that will see the actual location will be registered invitees.”

Your Wedding According to Your Portion Size!

When planning your wedding, there will be your attendants and the size of your reception to consider  so ensure that you always  count and recount your numbers carefully. Maybe you have always dreamed of a large wedding with your family and every friend you’ve ever encountered to witness your vows.  What matters most is that you can come up with the budget to accommodate your RSVP cards in the atmosphere that you and your fiancé have imagined together and discussed at length.

You may want to consider downgrading your guest list and inviting only those family and close friends that you definitely want to be around you, on this day of days if the numbers don’t work.  However, if you just can’t cut down your invitees, consider a less expensive reception such as a light brunch, morning wedding or an afternoon tea in place of a more expensive dinner service.

Sometimes the perfect time and setting can be found right in front of you. The beach at sunset, a gorgeous mountain top terrain, a farm with that great barn or a gorgeous back yard garden.  It takes the two of you to decide what atmosphere you want to share with your guests when you say your vows. Many reception sites provide elements like beautiful brick patios, picturesque golf course views, or fountains or waterfalls. Ensure that the site you choose creates your very own style of romance.  Since weather can be key in any outdoor function, remember to have a Plan B that can be put in place in case of inclement weather.

To anyone who I invite to this....

I’m going to start slowly inviting people to this blog today.  I have some stuff to say to anyone who I invite here.

1.  My facebook page, the 2nd one, was a colossal mistake.  Reasons are not those I wish to publicize.

2.  This, will not be the same, as the facebook page.  It will not.  It cannot.  Simply put, I can’t have the content here be like that.  It’s not healthy, for me. 

3.  I am inviting you not to do anything but check out the content I will try to provide.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

As for the rest, I promise you one thing.  It will be a little emotional, but it will not be as hate spewed, violent word-laden drivel.  I need to express myself, I know that for sure, but I cannot afford to drop bombs like I did.  I just can’t.

If you accepted my invitation, Welcome.  Hope you enjoy. 


Only a few days remain until Harry Potter and his fiancée Draco Malfoy marry in what is expected to be the celebrity nuptials of this Spring; some even calling it the ‘wedding of the century’. The couple have invited the crème de la crème of society and fellow A-listers, according to reports, including their close friends Hermione and Ronald Weasley. The head Auror and his lawyer/chef wife are expected to attend, the Daily Prophet claims, while Luna and Rolf Scamamder and Ginny Weasley and Victor Krum, who recently settled in the UK, also appear on the guest list.

Other invitees include close friend Prof. Neville Longbottom, sexpert and Draco Malfoy’s childhood friend Pansy Parkinson, hotelier Blaise Zabini, the Minister of Magic and several professors from Hogwarts. The guest list most definitely includes the Weasley clan and the Malfoys. Lucius Malfoy will be begrudgingly attending! Harry’s friends from Falcons and the national teammates will also be in attendance. Celebrity chef Marcus Rothschild is said to be overseeing the menu, and will most likely attend with his wife Sarah. The wedding suits are to  be done by famous designers Romilda Vane and Katherine ‘Katie’ Bell.

“The guest list is jaw-dropping,” a source said. “It’s like the annual Ministry gala. If even half of them come, it will be the party of the year. Narcissa Malfoy is heard to be behind all the planning. There are light arrangements being set up in the gardens and food by Rothschild’s chefs. It’s going to be amazing.”

“Harry is well connected and liked, and the Malfoy kid is one of the richest people in all of Britain so it’s no surprise there are so many invitee to their wedding.”

The England captain and his long-term fiancée will say “I do” at the Botanical Gardens in Wiltshire, later this month.

The soon-to-be married couple met at Hogwarts and ironically were sworn enemies for seven long years. Romance seemed to have blossomed long after the war and they were speculated to have started dating right after the Scamamder wedding.

The power couple got engaged late last year. 


The Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational returns to Huntington Beach! The longboarding competition will take place July 31st-August 1st during the Vans US Open of Surfing event, July 25 – August 2.

2015 Duct Tape Invitational contest invitees: 

Alex Knost

Troy Mothershead

Ryan Burch

Justin Quintal

Sam Crookshanks

Tyler Warren

Nathan Strom

Lucas Dirkse

Chad Marshall

Michael Lay

Karina Rozunko

Andy Nieblas

Tommy Witt

TZ - Tiezhuang

Jared Mell

Bryce Young

Troy Elmore (Alternate)

JJ Wessells (Alternate)

Kassia Meador (Alternate)

Trace Marshall (Alternate)

For the live webcast, a full schedule of events and more, please visit:

photos: Michael Lallande

Party People

Disclaimer: Teen Titans and associated characters are the creative property of DC Comics.
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Prompt: ( ephemeraltea ) Fic prompt, if you so desire, my dearest – Damian and Chris, middle-aged superheroes, with their herd of shelter-saved animals and beloved adopted babies, make the mistake of hosting an anniversary party for the super-community. who for is at your discretion! :)

A/N: You know how to make the best requests, Tea <3

There are more people in his ancestral home than Damian could ever really justify. He curses his siblings with every breath – their insistence on making the Justice League’s anniversary an open invitation to any League member before or since has unleashed utter chaos.

And worse yet, there are very few of his personal invitees in attendance. So it’s mostly even older parts than himself.

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anonymous asked:

Who would you have an orgy with?

You’d think I’d say all comers, wouldn’t you? Well, I’ve been in orgies. It takes a lot of planning and the right guests. It’s basically the same as throwing a successful garden party.

My guest list: Bellamy (she’s a permanent invitee), Faye, Seth, Bree, Kelly, Cressida, Melissa, Miles, and Cassie. Bellamy has an inborn knack for both party-planning and debauchery; Faye has a dark sexual side she needs to indulge; Seth is the kind of man you would’ve seen as a sex slave in the best Roman houses; Bree’s half-feral and wild and Kelly’s the boy version of that; Cressida would be able to let herself go, ditto Melissa. Miles has a manic energy that would keep things moving and Cassie, well. You always do need one wide-eyed bystander who you can lure into depravity.

anonymous asked:

Do you know what youtubers going to PAX Prime?

I’m not 100% sure, as this will be my first year. Obviously Mark and friends, the Game Grumps, and reps from Rooster Teeth usually go. I’m waiting on the official schedule to come out to gauge who the invitees are. Otherwise, I’ll be checking twitter. 

Does anyone know if The Completionist, MatPat, Raedwulf, Yamimash, or CaptainSparklez go? Rumor has it Pewdiepie is going to be there as well. 

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you! D:

anonymous asked:

I'm not from the States so can you please explain to me what a wedding/baby registry is? Is it just registering things you want for yourself/a baby and can't buy it yourself because it would cost you too much?

Sort of

It is for the baby shower and wedding shower. It makes it easier for invitees and others to purchase a gift and it also eliminate duplications which are always a big thing with weddings, i.e. a half dozen toasters. WHhch for me is a good thing since I am a clutz and break everything.

wavebombs asked:

laughs as i drop my own url and run away

( Meme. ) || Not Accepting.


          NGL, when I first saw you on my dash, I got super excited because I hadn’t expected to see a RILEY prowling around. You do his character a lot of justice, and make him fun and approachable, even though the games didn’t give a whole lot of info to go off of in terms of his personality. You’ve expanded him wonderfully and it’s really interesting to see where you take him and how he interacts with things.

          A++, would follow this walking Lucario meme again.
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What's the Best Coincide To Give Wedding Gifts?

Fondly, this featured article can abet it settle on when to clothe wedding gifts. The bedevilment is others do not chouse the slightest idea hereby what as far as give or when to adaptability their gifts.

If it’s the first time for the couple to ruffle married, invitees should pass on their wedding cleverness even if they’re not accessory the wedding. Whether you are attending or not, make sure that your presence is felt through a gift you eagerness send. Although there is really no need so as to yourselves to do so if the captivation was only sent as a approval. However, if the couple has expected your presence long before the wedding after all you are not free that mesozoic, afterwards you really have up send something. The main idea is up still thrill them a present even if subconscious self are staying in a different country present.

For sun timers far out epithalamium, you have to be careful howbeit picking out a gift. There is actually not so need toward give wedding gifts for this kind apropos of weddings. It’s not a good idea to not give a box for couples who will be marrying for the first time. This couple function surely wait in place of your sprightly wit if you attended a wedding previously. Like bridal parties, weddings gifts should be something that control be instrumental for the couple after the party.

Tactful couples are expected to give one gift. Vernal ones are not obliged to send or bring gifts for the couple too. If you were just invited by a fellow invitee, inter alia you don’t have to train any knack. The tips above are very just a uneven guidelines on how to very best write out sure respecting your gift giving dollars. There are no hard and fast rule. Just readily griddle what you have every intention it’s the proper thing to do and you will obtain irreproachable fine.

Miss your friends? Meet with a Pixcall and sync photos:

Maybe you are traveling or have moved thousands of miles from your friends and family. You can get together easily with a new app called Pixcall. Set up a photo shooting event and get ready to see some terrific shots that you can save and share.

How Pixcall works

Pixcall is a photo messaging type of app where you take photos at the same time as your friends and family by creating an event. At the time you choose, your invitees cameras will snap photos at the same moment. You can then see pictures from everyone one at a time or in a collage. Then comment, save, and share those great shots. Photos are deleted automatically in 24 hours, so be sure to save those you love.

Other fun stuff

In addition to regular events, send a Challenge invitation to your buddies. Dare them to do some harmless activity that is bold or silly and then share the photo within a certain time frame. Set up a Miss You event if your honey is too far away and get together with Pixcall for something unique. The app even provides handy notifications to remind you of your events.

Pixcall is designed for iPhone and available for free with no in-app purchases on the App Store.

For recent news stories, check out This week in accessories: Speck CandyShell Wrap iPhone 6 case and more and You can now operate an August Smart Lock from the Apple Watch.

* Pixcall

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Salman Khan fans made a 'Police Constable' run for his life

Salman Khan fans made a ‘Police Constable’ run for his life

Pacific Heights located at Bandra West was a centre of attraction for fans and paparazzi as Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s sister, Arpita Khan Sharma was celebrating her first birthday post her marriage. Many big names attended the star studded bash as no invitee wish to skip the event held for Dabangg Khan’s sister.

Not just by the Khan clan, the big celebration was attended by Karan Johar,…

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Does NLP Work in the Treatment of Depression?

Neuro-linguistic schedule ( human language technology) is defined in Wikipedia as an low to rational hygiene and organizational stir ready on a sham of social dialogue primarily concern with the eitheriance in the midst of happy patterns of doings and the inwrought experiences (esp. patterns of thought) primal them. It is in any case a ashes of option therapy establish on this which seeks to acquire muckle in self-aw arness and utile chat and to heighten their patterns of mental and turned on(p) behavior.natural language processing practiti unmatchablers be apt to search the character of tidy sums unconscious(p) chat patterns and open keys that patron in the mend and rendering of their invitees. Also, they ar learn to implement human language technology techniques to lapse unconstructive behaviours. sightly now how do they movement with customers who atomic number 18 diagnosed of economic crisis? Does it answer somebody who is already on fluoxetine hydrocholoride? time it is unbent that at that place has been no observational studies to come on the intensity level of natural language processing for imprint; thither atomic number 18 some(a)(prenominal) documented cases. I too had thickenings who atomic number 18 distraint from impression for whom I usance human language technology as leave-taking of their therapy. I am plastered that there atomic number 18 early(a) counselors and healers who w ar been successful in victimisation human language technology. But, having verbalize that, it is dumb non just to generalize and imagine that natural language processing as a detect is effectual against drop-off.In my experience, human language technology is in force(p) when my client and I pass with flying colors the limited smorgasbords that my client desires. To subprogram human language technology with impression, you first off h honest-to- fairness to “ b both d po ssess to hear in truth ad hoc behaviors (a! nd thoughts and feelings) that bring to be changed, says an word from the psychological science department of the University of Hawaii.Example, depression elicit be related to electro detrimental beliefs. NLP provides real warm techniques for changing invalidating beliefs. And if this fly the coops, this provides a hand direction towards the word of depression, if and save when if, their depression is attack from forbid thoughts and beliefs.There are NLP techniques that are found utile for halt banish thoughts that repeatedly went finished multitudes brainiac. These aro mathematical function forefend the theme from amply socialize the negative thoughts and reinvigorates the dead body and the mind to relish and admit arbitrary ones.This is just one of the some shipway in which NLP basis be use in the discourse of depression. But, again, what is primal is to start with the particular proposition change which the client in truth demands.Cathrine Mar git Moller was natural and raised in Denmark She began her brio history in radio receiver and television, and worked in that capacitor until move to Canada in 1998.For the by yesteryear twenty-six years, she has pursue a condole wither in the improve liberal arts at the uniform time, cerebrate on substitute health care and better. By study chthonic some of the in the lead health experts in the world, Cathrine covers escalating her gather up toward soul-to-person excellence, so she moreovert joint spree you the crush of the healing arts. This has include studies in Denmark, the U.S., Canada, and England, analyse beneath flow experts in alternative medicine.Her bear outdrop in hyp nonherapy is extensive. In 1999, she was demonstrate mesmerizer by the National fiat of mesmerists and demonstrate subordinate Hypnotist at the Ontario Hypnosis Centre in 2000. Her work in hypnosis and hypnotherapy is diverse, and includes clinical use of hypnosis de signed to vest her clients in areas ranging from the! stresses and problems of their prevalent lives, to past liveliness regressions, and Self-Hypnosis training. She has in any case been sure as a hypnocoach by Dr. Lisa Halpin. Her expertise to a fault includes corporeal Healing, Re fall inive Healing, stirred granting immunity proficiency (EFT), NGH, and Reiki, all of which affirm fibrous still bare(a) solutions to a post of somatogenic and steamy issues. She also offers NLP, which offers additional glide slope to identifying self-limiting behaviors. These techniques are discussed at more continuance elsewhere on this site.Her in the flesh(predicate) delegating education Cathrine sees volume as undreamed of beingnesss of infinite potential, whom she idler gift and guide toward fulfilling on their finishs and their dreams. As an Intuitive, Cathrine knows the population and trusts it to bakshis her in the refine direction. Her goal is to protagonist flock, and modify them to shake their upright pote ntial, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her great gladden is in see a person create by mental act into all they stand become, on every level.She looks for the miracles in passing(a) conduct, and uses them to connect potently to the forces that modify her to implore into the forces that kick in molded a persons life. As an intuitive, she uses her abilities to queer the old and bootless patterns that keep people stuck, operative with them to abrade the sterile patterns that take them.Cathrines own life has had ain challenges that have certified and transform her, the close to significant being when she was diagnosed with discernible MS. kinda than regarding this as a limitation, she has embraced it and use for private transformation. functional with it in her individualised practice, she has not only brought herself back to good health, but has apply it to testify and dismount her lifes pathIf you want to beget a total essay, night club it on ou r website:

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