invited him to join their company

Characters: Gray x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Prompt: Shyness with strangers

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“Who is that?” Gray asked to your friend. He was currently at her house warming party with mutual friends and he had noticed someone he had not seen before.

“Oh, her?” Your friend nodded towards you. You were currently sitting on the sofa talking to a close friend with a drink in your hand.

“Yeah…I’ve not seen her before.” Your friend laughed at his curiosity and raised an eyebrow at him.

“She’s my friend from work. She joined our company a month back so that’s probably why you don’t know her.” Gray nodded and kept his eyes on you. He found you pretty…really pretty in fact. The way you were talking to your friend made you seem warm and inviting. That big smile didn’t leave your lips and he could hear your laugh from where he was standing. I’m going to talk to her, he thought confidently. Thanking his friend, he slowly made his way over to you.

“Excuse me?” Gray said with a smile. Trying to seem cool in front of you, he wanted to have a good first impression. Suddenly the smile left your lips and you narrowed your eyes at him. Oh.

“Yes?” You asked coldly. Your friend nudged your waist as Grays expression fell by your tone. He wasn’t expecting this. It was almost as if he was seeing a different person.

“I…I was…” Gray was at a loss for words, not sure how to continue.

“I’m going to get us more drinks!” Your friend suddenly exclaimed, standing up and picking up your glass on the way.

“She’s shy, don’t worry about it.” Your friend whispered to Gray as she walked past. Gray offered you another smile and you nervously looked up at him. He could tell what was going on. You weren’t comfortable around strangers so this was your defensive mechanism. A barrier put up to avoid you getting into any awkward situations.

“Can I sit here?” Gray asked politely, trying to show you that he had good intentions. You looked at the empty space besides you and paused. Wondering if you could have a conversation with him without embarrassing yourself…it’s worth a shot.

“Sure.” You moved over a little to give him more room, wishing that you had something to calm your nerves. Gray sat down and looked around him; your friend was now collecting your drinks so he guessed he had a few moments with her.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Gray asked casually, trying to break the ice. You tried to smile a little as you nodded. You could feel your heart beating fast as you could tell he was more confident than you.

“Yeah, it’s a fun party…and you?”

“It’s a really nice house, there’s food, and alcohol so I can’t complain.” You laughed slightly and agreed with him.  

“Here are the drinks.” Your friend approached the two of you with drinks in her hand. She quickly passed them over to you and offered Gray one.

“I just saw an old friend, y/n. So I’ll see you in a few.” Your friend grinned and started to walk off. Inside your head, you were freaking out. Why did she leave me? I can’t hold a conversation with him alone. Quickly taking a gulp of your drink you tried to think of something to say.

“So…what do you do?”

“I work in the music industry.” Gray said sheepishly “It’s a great job, I enjoy it.”

“That’s the main thing.” You head was buzzing for things to talk about again but nothing came to mind. Maybe if you casually checked your phone it would give him a hint to go away. You grabbed your phone and went to look at your unread texts, however you had elbowed Grays arm in the process. Making his drink spill onto his dress shirt.

“Oh shit.” You muttered, at the wine that seemed to go everywhere. Why me? Feeling your face match the colour of your drink, you quickly looked for tissues to help clean up the mess you created.

“Its okay.” Gray went into his pocket and quickly patted down his shirt, finding your expression amusing.

“I am so sorry! I-I-I should have been more careful. I apologise!” You frantically said as he tried to get the stain out.

“No, its alright. These things happen.” Gray pulled his shirt forward so he could look at the mess better.

“If anything it adds a nice design” Trying to brighten her mood. He wasn’t mad he was just glad that she was smiling at his joke.

“I’ll pay to get it dry cleaned.”

“Does that mean I get your number?” You scoffed at his sudden flirty tone as you felt yourself open up to him.


“I’ll take you out to a place where there isn’t any wine. And I’ll even wear a black shirt so if you spill something it won’t show up.” Laughing at his plan, you quickly nodded


This is written for my close friend, Mia. Who I love and adore deeply so I hope you like it x

- Admin E