invited him to join their company

Doomfist often invites Symmetra to his estate to play chess with him. They have endless discussions regarding politics and philosophy while they play, and each time, he always offers her a spot on the Talon team. He greatly admires her abilities, but he wants her to join on her own accord. While she initially only agreed to meet him because Vishkar wanted connections with his company and support, she came to respect his intelligent and charismatic nature. She still has yet to give him an answer about Talon, but he’s a patient man.

Home | Domestic Life

Summary: You finally get home with Tom after a long press tour junket.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,153

A/N: Y’all wanted domestic life with Tom, so here it is!! This will be an on-going series, with no real plot. I just want to keep the theme of the imagines grouped. I hope you guys enjoy this and welcome to the Domestic Life series :)

It had been an exhausting few weeks for Tom after his long press junket tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming. You were there for a week and felt tired, so you could imagine how he was feeling. He had invited you to join him for the last week because he missed you too much. You were guessing Harrison and Harry weren’t enough to keep him company. However, today was the day you headed back to London with Tom and you were so excited.

“We will now be arriving in Heathrow. Welcome to London,” the pilot announced.

“We’re home,” he said and kissed you softly.

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BTS Reaction- Falling in love with you

A/N: I suggest to listen to Serendipity by Jimin while reading! ^.^


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BTS reaction to you being vegetarian


At the beginning of your relationship he would feel pretty bad about eating with you. He just didn’t want to offend you or make you feel uncomfortable.

But after a while he stopped worrying and even learned a few vegetarian recipes to surprise you with when you came to see him.

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He couldn’t care less about you ate and what you didn’t.

“I already have a brat that makes me buy him lamb skewers, I’m glad I don’t have another one.”

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He found out you were vegetarian when he invited you for dinner at a barbeque restaurant that just opened and he was excited to try. After you told him you can’t go he immediately changed the plans for that night and told you he could go there another day with one of the boys.

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He always made sure you were okay with joining him at dinners organized by his company since there will definitely be people that will ask you why you didn’t want to eat meat.

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Since he went on numerous diets since he became an idol he knew places that had vegetarian meals, so he had plenty of restaurants to choose from when you two decided to eat out.

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It was easy for him to accept and respect your choice. But that didn’t stop him from doting on you and making sure you eat well. 

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He was a little bummed that he couldn’t take you to his favorite korean barbeque restaurant but he quickly got over it.

“It’s actually kinda reassuring knowing that my meat is the only one that goes into your mouth.”

“I’m breaking up with you.”

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about Dany's anti-slavery policy, priding herself on being a liberator, while also proudly waving the Blood of Old Valyria flag, worshipping her Valyrian roots and bonding with Dothraki? Dothraki have enslaved many in their path and Valyrians were big-time slavers themselves, having enslaved Ghiscari and then expanded their empire to Essos, stocking their mines with slaves along the way (as per TWOIAF).

Hello anon,

While your question was clearly meant as hate-snark, I’m going to answer anyway. These mischaracterization have been making the rounds of late and I would like to address these claims and clarify what the text actually says.

Like those who are descendants of the First Men and the Andals, Daenerys is descendant of a conquering genocidal culture. As the First Men massacred most of the Children of the Forrest when the invaded Westeros and the Andals tried to do the same to the First Men when they invaded Westeros, the Valyrians subjugate those that they conquered and killed as well. Now, I won’t defend the actions of any of these races, they were wrong, but our current heroes are no more responsible for what their ancestor did than you or I are responsible for what our ancestor did.

Having said that, the Valyrians were a particular nasty group of people and I want Dany to eventually learn and understand this and to refute that part of her heritage. However, while Dany is proud of her Valyrian heritage, many of her actions have been in complete opposition to what the Valyrians did and stood for.

There is a particular under-analyze element of Dany’s slave revolution and I’ve noted it here and there but I’ve never fully addressed it and it is the symbolism of the dragon. In the time when the Valyrians ruled, the dragon was a symbol of oppression, of subjugation, or cruelty. It was the mean by which the Valyrians were able to conquer whole swaths of Essos, to overpower their opponents and to bend them to their will. Now let’s fast forward to four hundred years after the Fall of Valyria, once again there is a Valyrian in Essos with dragons. But there is a twist to this story, this descendant of Valyria is using her dragons to free people, to give them their lives back, to undo what her ancestors created. Where once the dragon was a symbol of fear and terror, now it was a symbol of hope. Where the Valyrians were once the Masters, this Valyrian is a Mother, giving her children life. A life that had been taken from them. The astounding irony of this has been completely lost on most fans.

It is interesting to note that Dany isn’t the only Targaryen to fight the slave culture of the Valyrians. Her great (in both distance and importance) ancestor Aegon the Conqueror used his dragon to fight the expansion of Volantis when they invaded the Free Cities of Essos.

From the World of Ice and Fire:

Volantis, the mightiest of the Free Cities, quickly laid claim to Valyria’s mantle. Men and women of noble Valyrian blood, though not dragonlords, called for war upon the other cities. The tigers, as those who advocated conquest came to be known, led Volantis into a great conflict with the other Free Cities. They had great success at first, their fleets and armies controlling Lys and Myr and commanding the southern reaches of the Rhoyne. It was only when they overreached and attempted to seize Tyrosh, as well, that their burgeoning empire collapsed.

Unnerved by the Volantene aggression, Pentos joined the Tyroshi in resistance, Myr and Lys rebelled, and the Sealord of Braavos provided a fleet of a hundred ships to aid Lys. Also, the Westerosi Storm King, Argilac the Arrogant, led a host into the Disputed Lands—in return for the promise of gold and glory—that defeated a Volantene host attempting to retake Myr.

In the wake of all the conflicts, and the struggles that continue to this day over the Disputed Lands, the plague of the Free Companies was born and took root. At first, these bands of sellswords merely fought for whoever paid them. But there are those who say that, whenever peace threatened, the captains of these Free Companies acted to instigate new wars to sustain themselves, and so grew fat on the spoils.

Near the end, even the future Conqueror, the still-young Aegon Targaryen, became involved in the struggle. His ancestors had long looked east, but his attention from an early age had been turned westward. Still, when Pentos and Tyrosh approached him, inviting him to join a grand alliance against Volantis, he listened. And for reasons unknown to this day, he chose to heed their call…to a point. Mounting the Black Dread, it is said that he flew to the east, meeting with the Prince of Pentos and the magisters of the Free City, and from there flew Balerion to Lys in time to set ablaze a Volantene fleet that was preparing to invade that Free City.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. And while Dany is proud of her Valyrians heritage, she certainly doesn’t warship it, not when she’s destroying what they created. What Dany is truly proud of is her Targaryen heritage. This is understandable given that her family legacy is all she has left of her family. She’s the last known member of her House, being proud of where she came from gives her a sense of belonging.

Which now leads me to how Dany came to embrace the Dothraki culture of her husband Drogo. As we know throughout her childhood Dany was powerless and oppressed by her brother. She was his pawn and subject to his whims. But when she married into the Dothraki culture she learned to find her inner strength. To assert herself and to demand that other respect her to acknowledge her personhood.

And this is incredibly important to Dany’s development. A part of her will forever be grateful to the for allowing her to gain that strength. Yet, we have seen sense AGOT that Dany is willing to defy. The Dothraki and their practices. We saw it when she began to grab the Lazareen women and take them as her own to protect them, as best she could, from being raped or worse. This of course was an inadequate way of saving these women, but at the time she was using the tools she had. But what I want to look at is the sort of conduct that Dany as a leader has allowed her Dothraki to partake in.

First, let’s look at how Dany address her newly formed khalasar.

A Game of Thrones, Daenerys X

“You will be my khalasar,” she told them. “I see the faces of slaves. I free you. Take off your collars. Go if you wish, no one shall harm you. If you stay, it will be as brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.” The black eyes watched her, wary, expressionless. “I see the children, women, the wrinkled faces of the aged. I was a child yesterday. Today I am a woman. Tomorrow I will be old. To each of you I say, give me your hands and your hearts, and there will always be a place for you.”

Here is where Dany frees slaves for the first time and realizes that people should be free to chose who they follow. From the Red Waste, to Qarth to Slaver’s Bay the Dothraki who followed her did not engage in rape and they did not grab random people to enslave. They followed Dany’s orders to the letter. When we get to Meereen we learn that there are dire consequences for those who break the orders of the Mother of Dragons.

From A Storm of Swords - Daenerys VI

Meereen had been sacked savagely, as new-fallen cities always were, but Dany was determined that should end now that the city was hers. She had decreed that murderers were to be hanged, that looters were to lose a hand, and rapists their manhood. Eight killers swung from the walls, and the Unsullied had filled a bushel basket with bloody hands and soft red worms, but Meereen was calm again. But for how long?

She clearly will punish those who break her rules and laws and will not just turn a blind eye to lawlessness. Which is more than can be said of most Westerosi lords because while the Dothraki are uncivilized savages, the Westerosi are civilized ones.

Dany has her flaws and there are still many things she needs to learn but if you want to have an honest debate about her character I suggest you do it by not mischaracterizing her character and misrepresenting the text.


The big spoon

Pairing: Thor x Reader.

Warnings: Angsty-ish, swearing, mentions of smut, overall fluff.

Summary: You’re in Asgard for a long season, and this means that Thor gets to go out on missions of his own. To your eyes, Thor has never been the weak one. God forbid him to be, but once the god of thunder has had enough of battles, it is in your hands, and in yours only, to make him regain the confidence that has always characterized him.

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“Thor Odinson.” You let the satin bed sheet reveal your naked torso. The exasperating feeling was too big to even worry about your nakedness. You were too accustomed to sleep with no clothes on, and nothing would change that. You folded your arms over your chest and cocked a menacing eyebrow at the Asgardian. “Calm the fuck down and tell me what is wrong with you.”

Out of a sudden, he stops and looks at you in a way he has never done before. He looks like a lost puppy under the rain, and as much as you tried to remember a time where you had seen him like this, you can’t recall it. True, Thor never lets his guard down, not for a minute, let alone around you. And that’s when it hit you. Thor has never seemed weak up to now.

He walked with heavy steps to the edge of the bed and sat down on the mattress. With a sigh, he covered his face with his enormous hands and you could’ve sworn you heard him crying. You crawled out of the bed and wrapped your arms around his torso, pressing your chest to his naked back.

You don’t know what to say, or if you should say something. The only thing you are able to do is to try to hold his breaking heart together, because if the unbreakable Thor is under you, crumbling down like a tower of cards, then you were sure as hell you’d break down right there because you were an easy crier.

“I just…” he mumbled in a broken voice, “I should’ve done so much more to save them…”

“Save who?” You whispered. “Love, save who?”


You gasped quietly and held on to the wall of muscles that Thor was even tighter. You placed soft kisses on the crook of his neck as you tenderly caressed his pecs. He placed a hand over yours and intertwined it. You knew this was not enough of a breakdown for him, and you’d never be calmed until you got more information from him.

You let go of him enough to find your makeshift pajama and slid the garment down your torso. You stood from the bed and pulled his hand to make him stand up and walk together towards the bathroom. You let the water run on the jacuzzi and poured some bubble liquid too. The foam started to show up and the soft steam from the water was letting you know that it had the perfect temperature.

Your hands slowly roamed up his strong arms, and your eyes met Thor’s troubled ones. You weren’t sure what was going on, but you knew very well the terrible consequences of any battle. You still had Sokovia engraved on your skin. It hurt a lot, and some days it hurt more than the others, but were trying to keep your head up, but Thor had fought for a lifetime, and his life was hundreds, and maybe thousands of years longer than yours. So in simple words, you still had no idea what was going on in that mind of his.

You cupped his face, not breaking the eye-contact; it was your silent way of telling him that you were still there with him, not matter what happened. You slid up the linen shirt and his bottoms and walked him nearer into the tub. The water had stopped a while ago, and once he sat comfortably, you heard him sighing heavily, as if the warm waters carried away his fears and worries. You took a piece of cloth and scrubbed gently the soapy water and bubbles on his skin.

“(Y/N)… I—” he stuttered—

“Don’t.” You shushed. “Just relax and don’t talk, not now.”

You were kneeling on the edge of the tub, but he turned around and skilfully took you in his arms to put you in the water too. It wasn’t part of the plan, but you could enjoy yourself if you were already there, all wet. You slid up your shirt and threw it aside. Just when Thor was coming up to you, you placed a hand on his chest and stopped him.

“Sit still, or I’ll have to strap you. And the first and last time we tried, it didn’t work.” You kindly scolded him, folding your arms over your chest. He pouted, but you were stronger. “I mean it. Sit still.” He sighed, but reluctantly accepted.

You carried on with your cleaning task trying hard not to fall into the trap of his muscles, because you were damn sure you’d never be able to leave that without coming undone at least twice. You could feel that he was feeling a bit better because his muscles were not tensed and his breathing was soft and barely audible, unlike when he’s worried about something, which apparently is always because more than once you recommended him to get those breathe better straps, but no. All he needed was something relaxing. Then you remembered that the other times when his breathing was calmed was when you slept after having sex.

He placed a hand on your waist, just when you were getting ready to straddle his hips. It was kill or be killed right now, and you weren’t sure if you were the one who’d make it alive. Your breath got caught in your throat at the sudden touch, but he just smiled at you and your unexpected nervousness. He leaned in to capture your lips in his, in a tender kiss that was his own way of saying thank you.

You were the one to break the kiss, and after that, you leaned in again to rest your head on the crook of his neck. You needed to let him know that you were there for him no matter what. He wrapped his arms around you and cradled you, cherishing the skin-to-skin contact

The water was starting to get colder, and you decided it was time to get out and go to bed. It had been a long night of getting him relaxed. You came out first, grabbing a robe that hung behind the door, and grabbed his too, you pulled the Asgardian out of the soapy water. Before you could cover him, he grabbed you and lifted you bridal style and walked to the bed.

Before he could put his body over yours, you rolled onto the other side of the bed. His brows furrowed in an annoyed and confused expression, but the night of pampering was not over yet. You slid under the covers and invited him to do the same, but before he wrapped his arms around you to spoon you, you stopped him. You were going to play the big spoon.

“What?” He asked, in the peak of his confusion.

“Thor, what is the one thing you always do when I’m not feeling well?” You ask him. He didn’t answer. “You take care of me. And this includes cleaning my wounds, and you even join me for a movie marathon of awfully sad movies. You give me your silent company and you comfort me even if I tell you that I don’t deserve it. I don’t know for sure what you’re going through because you’re not telling me and it’s probably not the same as what we all go through back on earth, but you have to know that if I see my boyfriend that’s on the verge of a mental breakdown or about to cry I will try to take good care of him. Because that’s what partners do. I am not a girlfriend to cuddle only. I will care about you the same as you care for me, Thor.”

“Don’t worry about me—I’m fine—”

“Really?” You argued. “Thor, I believe I know you better than you think. The only moment you’re breathing so softly is when we finished having sex, and yes it is very often, but the remaining time you’re breathing and snoring like your life depended on it. So don’t bullshit me with all the “I’m fine” crap, because I’ve said that enough times in this relationship. It takes one to know one, or so they say.” The two of you stayed in a terrible silence for what it seemed like forever. You deeply exhaled and patted the empty spot on the bed. “Come to bed and let me take care of you,” you pleaded, “because I know you’re not fine, and that even if you won’t tell me what the fuck is going on, I want those fears to let go of you at least for tonight.”

He sat on the bed, making the mattress sink with his weight. He was giving you his back, but when he turned around, you saw he was about to cry. His eyes shone brightly, and a soft hand went to cup your face. He was shaking and he didn’t know what to say, but it was fine, you didn’t really want him to say anything at all. You sighed and covered his hand with yours, turning your head a just a little so kiss his palm. He smiled and accepted your earlier invitation to slid under the covers that were so eager to accept him.

He found his position to sleep and you wrapped yourself around him.

“I know I say this enough times to make you sick and tired of hearing this, but I love you, (Y/N), my princess.” He said in a barely audible whisper. “I am so lucky to have you by my side.”

“Get some rest, my love.” You soothed him, pressing your cheek to his back and tightening the embrace. “Tomorrow will be a new day, and hopefully a better one.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Probably a mess, but come on, let’s close our eyes and sleep.” You kissed the back of his neck and took a deep breath before feeling yourself completely exhausted and ready to get some well-deserved sleep.

If You’re Up For It...

Description: I guess it’s a sort of part two to ‘Help Me Out’. I suggest reading that one first for some Chris smut, but this can stand alone, too

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader x Sebastian Stan

Warnings: lmaoooo all the smut, threeway with Sebby and Chris, good stuff that I dream about on the daily, kind of dom!chris too, fuck

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Chris rolled off of you, panting. His cum decorated your lower abdomen, and your own release was slick between your thighs. You were working on evening out your breathing when the phone rang. You reached over, grabbing it from your night-stand, seeing Sebastian’s face light up the background.

You slid your thumb across the screen. “Hey, what’s up?”

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Across the Table

Just a short piece about dinner with the Charming’s from Killian’s perspective.

The first time he’s invited to dinner it’s an awkward feeling.

He’s never had to do this before; dine with the parents. He’s had dinner in the company of the Charmings before, sure, but this was under a whole different circumstance. Now he was joining them as Emma’s boyfriend, specifically for them to get to know him without the main topic being whatever villain they were facing.

No, the topic this time would be him, and it was completely unchartered waters.

He’d never been the subject of any lass’s affections as a lad; he’d been a slave on a merchant ship. Not exactly suitor material. And once he’d enrolled in the navy, his time was dedicated to being the best at his job; making something of himself for Liam to be proud of. There wasn’t time for courting.

Of course, once he’d turned to piracy, it was nothing but giggling barmaids, sneaking off with him in lure of his pretty face, or lonesome wenches chasing the thrill and danger of his profession.

And then Milah came along…

Killian had never been the type of man to take home to the family, which is why he was suddenly unsure of how to act.

He wanted to give a good impression. He wanted to show he was worthy of Emma and deserving of their acceptance, but he also refused to change who he was just for the sake of impressing them. He was stuck straddling a indecisive fence.

“Sorry about this.” Emma kept whispering to him, showing she was embarrassed and insisting that her mother was responsible for the event.

But Killian knew, although Emma wasn’t keen on her parents making a big spectacle, she was just as nervous as he. It was new for her too. She’d never brought someone home to meet her mother and father. She too wanted to make a good impression of herself.

It was that knowledge that had him determined to make it go well.

The night turned out a lot better than he’d expected. The awkward conversation had soon blossomed into stories of the Enchanted Forest. He’d found himself triggering fond memories for the couple with his recounts of past adventures.

He’d even managed to get David to laugh.

By the end of the night, Emma had a smile on her face, pride beaming from her that told him it was all worth it.

“We should do this again.” Snow announced, and the thought doesn’t have his blood running cold.

For once, he’s in agreement.

The third time he’s invited to dinner it’s bleak.

He’s not quite sure why he’s been invited over, not when the source of their association is currently shrouded in darkness and isolating herself across the other side of town.

But Snow insists on him being there.

It’s quiet. Small talk is seldom with each of them lost in their own turmoil, running the same questions through their heads. What did we do wrong? How did Emma fall so far? How do we get her back?

It warms him slightly to know that he’s still included; still welcome even with Emma’s absence. But it pains him even more that she’s absent in the first place.

Although they eat in peace and manage to find some comfort in each other’s company for the evening, it still feels like a failure.

The next dinner can only be described as bizarre.

There’s more people at the table this time, and they’re seated in an Underworld version of the loft, trapped and unable to get home, but it’s strangely pleasant.

He feels guilt.

Guilt that they’re in this predicament because of him; having to take on Hades himself because of him, but he can’t help finding comfort in knowing they did it because they feel he’s worth it.

He matters. He has a family; a place.

The underlying stress of the situation is overshadowed by their hope and reluctance to give in. They’re optimistic and determined to get back home and it rubs off on him. He shares smiles with Emma and holds her hand through it because it may not be an ideal situation, but they’re together.

And they will get back home.


Their last dinner would be marked down as his favourite.

It was the five of them once again- six if you count the littlest Prince, but it was different in so many ways.

They were no longer crammed into the loft.

This time, it was their home playing host.

His and Emma’s.

Their newly developed status is exciting and they find themselves thoroughly enjoying every moment. Both hesitant yet eager to prepare the meal together because it’s new and adventurous; not knowing who should be in charge of what, just knowing that they want it.

The charming’s being their guests, welcomed into their kitchen, sitting at their table. Killian can’t keep the smile off his face the entire night. He doesn’t remember feeling so at ease.

He pours the wine that night, he laughs the loudest, he doesn’t hold back from stretching across his seat to place a kiss on Emma’s cheek. He’s offering the dessert this time, Snow as asking if there’s anything they can do to help, David is thanking him for a great evening- It feels magnificent.

And she’s glowing with happiness too. They all are.

It was home.

It was how family is meant to be; how it should feel.

He can’t help but think about what the next dinner will be like.

Will it be back to short uncomfortable conversation with growing silence? Will he be able to share stories with them again after knowing what he’s done in the past?

Will it be on his and Emma’s wedding day? Surrounded by decorations and congratulations as they toast to good health and a happy life?

Killian is unsure of the reception he’ll receive the next time their family dinner comes around, but he knows for damn sure he needs to get off this submarine and back to Storybrooke to find out.



Summary: Reader is selectively mute, but she can only watch Dean suffer for so long before speaking up.

Pairing: Dean/Reader

Warnings: Mentions of the murder of reader’s parents.


You were quiet. Very quiet. In fact, the Winchesters never heard you say a word. You were mute. A selective kind of mute.

You weren’t deaf, and you could tell Sam was a little bit disappointed that you didn’t know sign language. That was followed by Dean teasing him about wanting to practice so he could impress a girl named Eileen. You found that incredibly adorable.

You were a hunter. That much you had in common with them. And being mute didn’t make you any less capable.

Meeting the Winchesters was a random coincidence. You happened to stumble across one of their cases, or maybe it was the way around. You weren’t sure. All you know is that one second you’re sitting on a bar stool, writing down your order to hand it to the bartender, and the next you’re swinging your sword (yes, sword, because you’re a motherfucking badass) and killing demons while they tried to hold down two big guys at the back.

At the end of the fight, they looked around the place, which looked like a scene from a horror movie.

“How did you do that?” The tallest one asked. You just shrugged and cleaned your sword with a dead guy’s shirt.

“That was AWESOME!” the other guy said. “You’re a hunter, right?”

You stood there for a moment before nodding slightly. The two men looked at each other confused before the tallest one talked.

“I’m Sam, this is my brother Dean.” He said while Dean gave you a flirty smile. And you would be lying if you said it didn’t make your heart skip a beat.

You took a napkin and quickly wrote down your name.

“Y/N.” Sam read out loud.

“Wait… are you mute?” Dean asked with a frown.

“Dean!” Sam shushed him.

“What?” Dean snapped back. You smiled at their brotherly behave. You liked them already.

They invited you to join them the next morning when they say you leave your motel room and get on your bike.

“A Harley’s kind of girl. I like.” Were Dean’s exact words. “You’ll fit right in with us.”

And of course you said yes- erm, well, you just nodded your head. But you screamed a big yes in your head. You had been alone on the road for so long, you craved for some company. Especially one with those green eyes. You moved into the bunker soon after that.

The Winchesters tried to make you talk a few times. They didn’t push, but they tried to coax some replies out of you. Especially Dean.

“What would you like to do today? Wanna go see that new horror movie? If not, just say so!”

“Hey Y/N, you read a lot. You sure you’re not reading some kinky erotica, Fifty Shades of whatever?”

“We’re having burgers for dinner, unless you wanna order something else…”

You wanted to say something most of the time, but you just couldn’t find the words. You weren’t always like that but watching your own parents being torn apart by a demon left you traumatized enough to put you in a nut house. So instead you would take a deep breath and open your mouth, but your words would die in your throat and your shoulders would drop in disappointment.

Dean started to pick on this and the last time he tried to get you to talk and noticed your reaction, he just draped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer.

“It’s fine, sweetheart. You don’t have to say anything. I get you.”

You loved him. Deeply. It was a good thing you didn’t talk or you would probably have confessed your feelings in a very embarrassing way a long time ago.

You couldn’t help yourself. You had the same taste in music and movies, and even in cars! You loved going out for a beer with him, even if it meant watch him flirt with some other girl, because it meant to see him relaxed and in a good mood. You loved his jokes, even the cheesy ones he used as pick up lines for you.

He could make you laugh. The first time he heard you laugh and get a tiny little glimpse of what your voice might sound like he was completely shocked. It only lasted a second and a half. After that he just looked proud and smug because he got you to laugh.

But it’s been a few days since any of you laughed. Lucifer was out of the cage, Chuck was gone with Amara, which was a good thing but now there was no one left that could put Lucifer back in his cage, and to top that, Mary was brought back to life, just to leave a few days after.

It’s been tough on all of you, but especially for Dean. He took Mary’s absence really hard, and you could tell he also took it personally.

Your suspicions were confirmed when one night, after Sam went to bed, you witnessed Dean down a bottle of scotch, one glass at the time. He wasn’t exactly drunk, but tipsy enough to ramble about how crappy he felt.

Soon his words shifted. They went from his mother situation to blaming himself. He rambled on how maybe his mother wouldn’t have left if he was a better man, if he hadn’t go to hell or looked after Sammy better. Maybe she wouldn’t have left if he wasn’t so broken.


That’s the word he used. And you hated that word. Every time it came out of those lips you day dreamed about so much, a little piece of you broke too. You used to think you were broke too, and maybe you were, but living with the Winchesters taught you that the right people, the right friends, could always help you glue the pieces back together.

You watched as Dean sighed for the tenth time and downed what was left in his glass.

If only he knew how wrong he was, how much he meant to you. And not just you, but the entire world! He was a hero.

You couldn’t take it anymore. You just couldn’t. So after a moment of gathering all your strength, you got up, walked around the table and sat down next to him, your chair turned around so you were facing the other direction.

Your next few breaths were heavy and your throat felt dry, but you pushed yourself into finding your voice.

“In Ch-China…” you started with a little bit of a struggle. In the corner of your eye, you could see Dean’s head slowly turn to look at you. “… the-there a tradition… named Kintsugi.” You said slowly. Dean leaned back on his chair and now you could see the look of shock on his face. Words started to come to you one by one. “When a vase… or a plate… or anything like that breaks, the-they glue the pieces back together with liquid gold.” You explained lowly. “It makes the cracks more visible, but it also makes the piece m-m-more beautiful and adds value to it.” Finally you got the courage to look at him in the eyes. “You may think you’re broken… but to me, it only makes you even more beautiful.” You confessed and Dean’s breath hitched. “It’s like… you’re made of gold.” You finished.

None of you said anything for a moment, and for the first time in years, the silence bothered you. You placed a hand on his shoulder and got up from your chair.

“Get some rest. Things will be better in the morning.”

Before you could take a step, you felt Dean’s hand taking yours.

“Thank you.” And with that, he left you go to bed.


What did you think? I’m thinking about turning this into a series. Let me know!!

William Nylander - The Publicity Stunt

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A/N PLEASE READ: Okay so, there is a fake character in this story named Vitaly Dernov (Pronounced Vih-tally). This name is completely random I just searched first and last names on google. I did this because I plan on him being an asshole and I didn’t want to reflect that on an actual player. I want you to picture him as this big super star player that isn’t the nicest person. I hope you enjoy this!

Word Count : 2080

Warnings: Drinking, Cursing

Prequel / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six  / Part Seven  / Part Eight/ Part Nine

Life went well while living in New York City. I had a nice place to stay, good friends and an amazing job. I also had the phenomenal opportunity as being part of the social media team of the NHL. Working so hard for this job included several years of school, along with long nights, stress and dedication. Finally, this past year, I was offered the job, and have now been a part of it for ten months.

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Mr. Brightside - Gabriel x Reader

Written for @girl-next-door-writes Christmas Birthday Challenge, for which you can still join!

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Thanks to the lovely @sumara62 for being my beta. You’re the best! 

Prompt: Mr. Brightside by The Killers
Warnings: Angst and something else.
Words: 6,216

It was a quiet day at the bunker.  

In retrospect, it had also been a quiet and slow week.

Times past, Gabriel would immediately snap himself to the closest beach, drink a couple piña coladas and nail every girl sporting a bikini. But things had changed.

He had changed.  

Nobody had asked him to do so, he just started to without noticing. At least he was aware it’d all began when he met her. The little doe-eyed hunter who looked at him dumbfoundedly as she stood between the Winchesters. Gabriel had no idea who she was, given that she wasn’t around when they were trying to stop the Apocalypse.  

As much as he tried, he couldn’t ignore the strong pull he felt towards her. He knew it wasn’t good news; he knew tagging along with the Winchesters was a bad idea. But he wanted her, to protect her, to be with her.  

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elvhenyoung  asked:

Time for some fluff cuz I think we all really need it, again. (Also morning, dear~) Again a mix US, UF and SF Skelebros after a really hard and tiring day at their work are met with their S/O who had drawn them a bubble bath with relaxating scented oils and candles (with their favorite scents), and additional pampering for whole evening.



Blue is just so happy!!!! He pulls you into a tight hug and kisses your lips before excitedly stripping in front of you to get in the bath like a little kid. He invites you to join him because hey, you put this together, you deserve a reward to! You join him in the bath and the two of you splash around playfully and just enjoy each other’s company. Blue forges you a bubble beard and snaps a picture will you cover his entire head with bubbles and the two of you just continue to laugh. 

After your bath, the two of you help each other dry off with small little kisses and mutters of gratitude. Before either of you put on your clothes, Blue attacks you with tickles, leaving you writhing on your bed with happiness and laughter, as you breathlessly beg him to stop before you roll over on top of him and get your revenge.  


If there’s one thing Stretch knows how to do, it’s relaxing. He’s pretty good at finding ways to wind down by himself, but it makes it 10x more special if you help him and do it with him. Bubble baths aren’t really his thing, but if he gets to go in there naked with you, he’ll gladly do it. 

Once you two are in the bath together, and despite his height over you, you lay back behind him and massage his tense bones, letting release all that tension and melt into your arms. Stretch falls asleep during your massage. Careful to not let him drown. 



Like Stretch, bubble baths aren’t really his scene, but you put in all this work, for him? Why? He doesn’t understand why you would do such a thing for him. Red doesn’t deserve this, his “hard work” usually just consist of taking really sneaky naps, there’s no reason for you to put together such a lovely and relaxing evening for him. But you did and Red has no choice but to go along with it. 

When he gets in the bath, he encourages you to get in with you, and Red touches you everywhere, non sexually. He just like feeling your nice skin under his fingertips. In this state, he is very vulnerable, but he trusts you enough to allow himself to be. 


Ahhh now you’re speaking his language. Romantic candles? Warm drawn bubble baths? Deep massages? This is the perfect relaxation setup for Fell. But what makes it more perfect is you naked in the bath with him. With you, he can shed that touch persona and let loose, covering you in kisses while you massage his bones. Fell isn’t one for touch, but right now, it feels so good so he lets you do it. 

Afterwards, it’s passionate love making. Since he’s so relaxed and isn’t up for anything intense, Fell goes for soft domming instead, focusing on making you drown and both pleasure and pain as a thank you for making him so happy. 



Black can’t sit still enough in the bath for a massage. Heck he can’t keep still at all to relax, he’s too hyperactive. He loves the setup though, and once you get in the bath with him, he’s all play. Black will have splash water on you and you two end up having a splashing war, and as competitive as he is, Black wins, but in the process, there’s barely any water in the tub anymore and you both made a big mess. But Black doesn’t care. Once he wins, he pulls you into a deep kiss and doesn’t let you go. 

Don’t worry, he’ll clean up the mess. 


Oh, Rus just swoons. You both get in the romantic bath together and Rus is the one massaging you. He doesn’t care about himself, as long as you feel good, so does he. And oh stars, his fingers are divine. When he’s finished, you two just sit in the tub, kissing and touching each other until you’re both breathless and dizzy. You stay until the water turns cold and the candles die down, because neither of you wants to move. He wants to stay like this forever, with you in his arms, the smell of you rubbing on him, his fingers stroking down your bare back. 

Eventually, you two fall asleep in the tub. But don’t worry, in the morning, Rus wakes up to you shivering and he feels bad so he carries your naked self into bed and wraps you in a heap of blankets. When you wake up, Rus already has a warm drink and pancakes ready for you. 

anonymous asked:

MTMTE bots of your choosing (mass-displaced) going w/human s/o through a haunted house (like the ones at Halloween Horror Nights)

Hey dude! Thanks for sending in this awesome ask and letting us choose which bots we wanted to do! :D Silver and I worked on this together and the bots are actually using holoforms since mass displaced at an Earth event would not be flying under the radar lmao. 

Also, because Whirl and Cygate’s holoforms are women, they are referred to as such through out the post. ^.^ Hope you enjoy! 


  • Whirl cackles loudly and clicks her claws together when she first finds out what a haunted house is and that her s/o wants her to go along. A chance to scare some pathetic humans? Sign her up! She is secretly also just excited to spend some time with her s/o but she pretends it’s just all about the haunted house. She’s also pumped to get back into her awesome holoform again so she can hold her s/o without worrying about her claws and hurting them. When they arrive at the haunted house, it’s huge and terrifying even from the outside. Whirl’s s/o chose one that they remember from their time on Earth as being infamous with how scary it is. They’re slightly nervous because Whirl has an almost crazed smile on her lips as she gazes up at the imposing haunted house but mostly they ready to be thrilled. Grabbing Whirl’s hand, they rush in before they can back out, missing the spark of mischief in Whirl’s eyes as she follows her s/o.

  • So of course, as soon as they’re inside, Whirl is gone. She’s off to investigate the haunted house and the workers, but mostly to scare people as much as she possibly can. Naturally, Whirl’s s/o is pissed at this turn of events. They only see Whirl here and there throughout the haunted house when she’ll pop out and scare the human or others. By the end of it though, the human isn’t even scared even more and just giggling at Whirl’s harassment of the others in the house. At one point, she grabbed a prop chainsaw and cut into another prop, spraying fake blood over everyone. It caused one girl to faint dramatically and Whirl’s s/o to nearly die from laughter. They might have a strange sense of humor - they are dating Whirl after all. Towards the end of the house, Whirl meets up with them again, yelling something they can’t quite understand before picking them up and taking off. Turns out, Whirl had finally gotten caught and was being chased by the authorities. By the time they arrive back on the ship, the human is mentally putting this night down as ‘the weirdest and best night of their lives’ and planting a kiss on Whirl’s surprised lips. ;)



  • Ratchet is definitely not looking forward to this little trip with his s/o. The last thing he wants to do is be cramped in a stuffy, lame haunted house with a bunch of screaming humans. Not to mention it takes a lot to get him scared because of living through the war and all the things he’s seen. Still his s/o practically begs him to go with them and claim that they’re too scared to do it by themselves. When he of course asks why he should care about that, they retort that they could always go with Rodimus … and be in the dark with a bot known for his flirty ways and sometimes wandering hands. Ratchet’s optic twitches as his mind automatically runs through all the scenarios and a minute later he’s grumbling something under his breath about  an “orange idiot”. That’s when his s/o knows they’ve won and they give a quick peck on the cheek as a thank you, which he waves off in his typical grumpy manner (he liked it though, he always does and his s/o knows that).


  • Ratchet’s not impressed when they first arrive at the haunted house. Even seeing his s/o clearly nervous, he just rolls his eyes and grabs their hand to bring them inside. When they get inside and realize how dark it is, he pulls them closer for ‘safety’ and keeps his arm around them as they go through the house. Never once does he scream though his s/o can hear them cursing occasionally when there’s a particularly bad jump scare. Whenever Ratchet’s s/o becomes scared and turns to put their head in his shoulder or wrap their arms around him, despite himself he murmurs words of comfort in their ear and holds them tight. By the time they get out, the human is shaking from the house and Ratchet has a headache. He doesn’t know why they wanted to do that if it was going to scare them so much. Their answer is because they like having him holding them, which immediately makes him blush. He barks out “you don’t have to go through a haunted house for that!” in his embarrassment, but they just giggle and snuggle up to him again once they’re back on the ship.



  • Rodimus is immediately in LET’S GO mode when his s/o first tells him about the haunted house. It sounds super fun and who doesn’t like being scared right? Plus it’s a great way to  get in some extra time with his favorite person in the entire universe - his kick ass s/o! He’s also super curious about the haunted house and just wants to learn more about a human event. So it takes no work on the humans end to convince him to come, him screaming yes at the top of his lungs when they whisper it to him during a meeting early on in the day. There’s an awkward pause as the human wishes they could crawl away, meanwhile Rodimus is just beaming. When the time comes and they arrive at the haunted house, he has to admit it looks pretty cool and definitely a little scary. He notices his s/o seems to be regretting this decision a bit by the look on their face and pulls them into a toe curling kiss before they go in. He claims it’s to give them courage but really he’ll use any excuse to kiss them. Still it does the trick, as they’re too busy swooning to be scared and follow after Rodimus inside without complaint.


  • Of course, as soon as they’re inside, it’s back to being scared and they squeeze Rodimus’ hand so hard it actually causes him to wince but he doesn’t say anything, too caught up in the terrifying atmosphere. The two end up having a lot of fun running through the haunted house and getting jump scared. Usually when it happens, the two will scream (though Rodimus denies this later) and grab onto each other. A few times Rodimus got so freaked out his automatic reaction was to try and protect his s/o by pulling them behind him and lashing out at the workers. One time he actually punched a worker in the face (hard enough to break his nose) because the worker grabbed his s/o. The two are swiftly kicked out after all that, but they just turn to each and start laughing. As they make their way back on the ship, his s/o keeps teasing him about Rodimus being their Knight in Shining Armor. From that point on, it becomes a cheesy, cutesy nickname they use for him and everyone else on the ship hates it. ;P




  • Rung is actually wary about the thought of going through a haunted house when his s/o first tells him about it and invites him to join them. He doesn’t understand why humans feel the need to scare themselves silly, but in the end he will go along with them for support and to keep them company. As much as he may not find the fear aspect “fun”, he will admit it is nice to spend time doing activities together, and afterwards they can go for some sweet candy apples and Energon sweets. He’s interested in trying out the haunted hayride afterwards if there’s still time! Though…he doesn’t particularly like the look of this place. S/o, are you sure this structure is stable? He’s not scared, but he’s wary as you two venture in and make your way through the maze of rooms and corridors. As cold and dreary as it looks, he does admit that the human workers put a lot of effort into setting this up. Oh my, did…did that painting’s eyes just move?

  • The first time the two come across a jump scare in the form of a cackling human wielding a chainsaw and mask, Rung yelps and is understandably shaken by the surprise. Why didn’t you tell him that they were going to do this s/o?! All they can do is laugh at his expression and give him a reassuring kiss on the cheek, taking his hand and leading him through the halls. He calms down once he realizes that the surprises are actually kind of fun, and he enjoys roaming the halls and exploring the rooms with them. There are several more jump scares from costumed humans, but as surprising as they are he later admits that the were well designed and effective in their tactics. In the end you both return to the ship with straw from the hayride on your clothes and hair and a few souvenirs from the haunted house, including some hidden snapshots of them going through each major surprise.


  • When their s/o first suggested going through the world’s scariest haunted house during their stay on Earth, Tailgate was excited–and also secretly/not-so-secretly terrified, bless this sweet marshmallow! It takes the both of them to convince Cyclonus to join them, and in the end she reluctantly agrees as she follows the two inside the dimly lit building. As brave as Tailgate tries to be, she’s obviously nervous as she tries to take the lead. Don’t worry, she’ll protect them both, just wait and see! It’s not long after their first encounter with a jump scare that Tailgate is clinging to Cyclonus’ dress and their s/o is clinging to her arm. She only reacts with a sigh and opts to carry the smol marshmallow in her arms and keep a hand on the s/o’s shoulder.

  • In all honesty Cyclonus doesn’t see why the humans are so scared of these places, as many of these “jump scares” are easy to predict even in the dark. Still, she thinks it’s endearing to feel the two cling and cuddle up against her sides in the dark, so she’ll bear with it for now for their sake. Of course by the time they reach the end both s/o and Tailgate are already begging to go through it again, even when she points out they already know what’s inside. By the time they’re back on the ship Tailgate is bragging about how heroic she was in the haunted house, while the s/o and Cyclonus both shake their heads. Though she won’t admit it, Cyclonus actually purchased the snapshots of their reactions to the jump scares as a keepsake, wanting to cherish every moment she has with her precious ones.


the perfect boyfriend au (nicky/ovi)

prepare for a ride into my 2am mind.

aka: the Caps hire escort Nicklas Backstrom to be newly out star player Alexander Ovechkin’s fake boyfriend.

Nicky is doing grad studies in criminal psychology and running low on scholarship funds. He could ask his parents, but they’ve given him enough already to help send him to school in america. And jobs for international students that need to work around a grad schedule are hard to find. (any internships in his field are unpaid, hard to get and very time consuming. If he does one, he gets to add experience to his resume, but will slowly starve himself with the inability to take up another job to earn food money.

As with any college student down on their luck he actually looks up how to become an escort(and a porn star, but honestly he doesn’t want to do anything where his mom could one day see evidence of his bad choices) and somehow unexpectedly ends up being invited to join a really fuckin high end company. There’s a shit ton of interpersonal training they put him through, but basically they hired him because he’s pretty, foreign (but speaks very good english), and pretty smart. Their clients are after more cultured company, not just hired dates/fucks.

This is where Ovi comes in. with all the shit going down in Russia, Ovi has been secretly applying for permanent residency/naturalisation in the US. He loves his country, but at the moment, it really doesn’t love people like him. Aka v. fuckin gay. And he’s so tired of hiding. And so fucking lonely. So basically when he gets approved, he tells caps pr he wants to come out. And they’re like- oh, okay, Ovi. We can do that.

So they do.

And it’s a fucking disaster.

Russia flips, but doesn’t know what to do, because Ovi is objectively their best player (in the sense of stats and propaganda the-motherland-is-awesome), but he’s also advertising a lifestyle frowned upon by the federation’s current government.

There’s a big hooha in the NHL with people trying to say Ovi shouldn’t have come out, without seemingly like the backwards bigoted assholes that they are. Some fans are boycotting while there’s also a surge of support for the gay Russian hockey player, subverting the stereotypes of masculinity and queer men in professional sports and it leads to some talk about other players maybe coming out from the underground queer hockey player network.


There are too many people hitting on Ovi. And every time he is seen with a guy in a bar or restaurant or even just having met for the first time in the rink, there ends up being shit tons of stories about Ovechkin’s playboy ways and how his inability to have a stable relationship was just proof that gays were bad or that he was a bad influence on young gay teens.

And it’s just taking away from the hockey. It’s starting to wear on the team, and Ovi, and they really want to get on a playoff run this year. And have it be all about the hockey, not about Ovi’s love life.

So pr is like ‘we’ll get you a boyfriend!’ and Ovi is all ‘i’ve tried! It doesn’t work! No one will date me!’ and pr is like ‘no, a fake one, an actor. We’ll hire someone to pretend so you look settled and respectable gay, and we can control the narrative!’ but hiring an actor is hard because if people know that they’re an actor, they’ll start speculating on the reality, especially with all the shit since Ovi’s coming out. Eventually they get desperate and start reaching out to escort agencies on the sly and that’s where Ovi gets his ‘boyfriend’; Swedish grad student Nicklas Backstrom, who loves hockey and kids and shitty procedural crime shows. Who has never worked for a client before, so the only ones who know he’s a fake are legit the company (who are really good about staying on the dl and shit) and caps management.

And it works.

Except that the idiots fall for each other.

So there will be complications, but no angst because fuck angst. 

And they end up happily ever after with the two spending summers travelling Europe and being dorks in love, and winters in Washington, playing hockey and curling up in bed together on Ovi’s nights off and reading massive scholarly texts and watching shitty cop shows together with Ovi smiling fondly at Nicky who spends the whole time snarkily judging everything the fake cops and csi’s do. And they’re also having lots of emotional athletic feelings sex.

In control VI

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//Yixing x you

Word count: 1,692

Summary: Yixing loses his grip, both on the track and in his life, and you are a countersteer he needs to go straight again


It’s a horrible moment. Witnessing somebody struggling with a painful memory and past, impossible to atone for. Simply because there are no words to be said to such person. No way to comfort their mind, no secret method to calm their heart.

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Damon x Reader

“This is nice.” You admitted to Stefan who chuckled.


“Yeah, the urm… teen crowd gets a little old pretty quick.” Stefan smiled and flicked at one of the lights that lit the bridge.


“I dunno, the Caroline girl… Pretty cute Stef.” You teased making him double over and snort.

“She’s far from my type.” He chuckled and glanced backwards to see Elena stood with Bonnie both looking away when they met his gaze.

“She likes you.” you mumble as you link arms with your best friend and lean your head on his shoulder.

The two of you continued to talk quietly, neither noticing the dark haired vampire watching the two of you huddled together in the seemingly picturesque way.

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Ever since the whole uproar about Split I started thinking how cool it would be to see the roles flipped. Have the neurotypical be the bad guy and someone with DID is the victim/hero. Yesterday the lightbulb came on.

The story opens with a girl in a hospital. She’s beat up pretty badly and a strange man comes to visit. He tells her she was in a car accident with him and he came to make sure she was ok. The girl explains that her mom died recently and she’s on a cross country road trip to find a new place to live. She doesn’t know where she’s going and has nowhere to go back to. She’s just winging it. The man invites her to stay with him until she is healed enough to feel safe alone on the road again.

The girl and the guy get on wonderfully. They flirt and play and generally enjoy each others company. A small romance starts to blossom, but then things get weird.

The girl starts seeing her dead mother in her dreams and hearing her voice when she’s awake. Her possessions start moving around on their own. Slowly, more voices join her dead mother’s. They’re telling her she’s not safe and that she needs to get out. The girl is scared that she’s going insane. Eventually it all becomes too much and she confesses everything to the man she’s staying with. He calmly explains to her that she’s been through a lot and sometimes stress can do extreme things to the mind. There are many parts to a person, he says, and sometimes those parts can be irrational, especially when it comes to fear. The girl feels better and trusts his assurances.

But things don’t get better for the girl. The voices get louder, things keep moving, and now she’s having nightmares of the man being angry and cruel. She sees glimpses of him yelling and hitting her but she knows those visions can’t be real.

One day at dinner the girl asks the man if he ever got “that bump on his head” taken care of. The man looks up slowly and asks what she means. She explains that she’s referring to yesterday when he slipped and hit his head on the fridge. He angry demands how she knows about that and she realizes that she has no context for the memory. She remembers him hitting his head but the rest is just darkness. The dead mother’s voice comes to the girl loud and clear and tells her that she needs to run. The man slams his hand on the table and demands once more that she explains how she knows about the fridge and calls her by the wrong name. Suddenly she dissociates and listens as someone else takes over her body. The person now in charge of her body has the name the man accidentally called her.

During the ensuing conversation the girl gets flooded with memories. It turns out she is an alter in a system. The mother she’s been hearing and the other voices are alters as well. The man is the host’s abusive boyfriend who had beaten her so badly she’d ended up in the hospital. The girl had been in control of the body almost the whole time since then because they boyfriend knew the triggers that forced her to the front. Since she didn’t remember the fight between him and the host, she wouldn’t report the beating until she was too healed up to have proof.

After the big reveal the alter refuses to front and the host is able to get to safety and report everything to the police.

Writing this would be an incredible feat as every tiny detail would have to be carefully crafted to make the mystery work, but I’m still super happy with the idea.