Remember that Foo Fighters website with a countdown that I posted here like 2 days ago I guess? Well, turns out it is a timeline of the whole 20 year career of the Foos and it belongs to a friend of mine…………….. (kinda upset with him for not telling and making us all fools but whatever god bless his heart)

anyway… IT’S A BEAUTIFUL FUCKING WEBSITE(!!!) and it  has all the concerts/albums/singles/shit/and shit/and shit and you can search by date or tour or year or era or whatever and honestly… not saying this because it’s my friend’s website but it’s awesome. so GO HERE to visit it and HERE to like the page and HERE to follow the instagram and everywhere you wanna go, follow your dreams.

(yeah my friend is also from FFBR but it does not belong to us blablabla long story y’all already know)


Sarah and I switched roles this week because had she not been waiting for me at the gym I would not have gone! I was not feeling it tonight but knew once we worked out I would feel better…and I did!!

We did our arms and shoulders workout and since we got done early we had time to get in our squats!! Followed that up with Zumba class.

After Zumba some ladies invited me to say fro yo and I have been craving it for weeks so I could not say no. It was a lot of fun and I’m proud of myself for being social.

Successful NW Tuesday in the books. Let’s do it all again tomorrow!!

yourinstagram: My two favourite men are having a nap but they didn’t invite me… Can I join @harrystyles?

And I saw these from redundantthinking so you know what? LET’S JUST MAKE THIS A NIGHT FULL OF NARCISSISM AND ME ANSWERING QUESTIONS.

1. What character do you love to hate? Someone who you adore because they are such trash that your heart can’t take it? You will punch them into the sunset forever.?

As of right now, KRISTOPH GAVIN. Such beautiful, elegant, pure garbage. I will happily punch him into the sunset forever. SUCH TRASH.

2. What’s a thing you love about yourself besides the fact that you’re probably an angel.

Honestly, I think I’m pretty damn funny and witty. I can make people laugh. Therefore, I AM A DELIGHT.

3. Who would win in a fight: Batman or Sailor Moon. (Just so you know, I’m judging you if you say Batman/it doesn’t end in hugs)

Sailor Moon murders monsters with HEART BEAMS from pink magic wands. Batman’s going the fuck down.

4. Reveal that embarrassingly dumb thing you love. Right now.


5. What’s your favorite headcanon by someone else? Like of all time.

From someone else? Of all time? Wow, you do love the softball questions, Kat. Honestly I have so many personal headcanons it’s hard to say someone else’s is my favorite (NARCISSIST) but I’ve got to hand it to jet’s epic “Minako bought the hideous balancing chicken-statue thing in Mamoru’s apartment as a part of a continued failing troll war.” Pure and utter hilarity, such a gift to my life.

6. Favorite Musical Number? Say you don’t have one and you fail.



UGH, only for the sake of this question because I CANNOT PICK ONE, LOOK AT ME, I’m just going to say “One Day More” from Les Miserables because I am a gigantic sucker for big group numbers where every character sings something different and it all ends up overlapping, that is my JAM.

7. A character you truly believe is trans despite it not being stated in canon.


8. Are you getting annoyed by my questions yet? Because I’m running out of them.


9. There’s still two more? Christ, uuhh. What’s a book that pissed you off so bad, you truly considered burning it.

Hmmmm. I’ve been annoyed with books frequently but to piss me off is a truly special talent. When I think of all the questionable “literature” I was required to read in school (and I was an English major I LOVED the lit stuff that most kids hated so when I say I hated a book I think I have good cause) that would be ETHAN MOTHERFUCKING FROME. GOD WHAT A CRAPPY FUCKING BOOK. JUST. FUCK. IT’S SO CRAPPY I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE WHY. IT IS MORE USEFUL AS KINDLING.

10. Ever kill a man? Should I call the police?

No, but honestly when you look at some of my fandoms maybe people should be concerned about me (I really do like too many things with MURDER to be healthy probably.

Vinyasa Class today at Beyond Yoga. Thank you for inviting me to practice here. Visit Beyond Yoga Studios at the Hive, Regalado St. in Fairview Q.C.
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I found your page a few days ago and have gone through waaaaay too many pages because you have ALL the good jokes. Wish we could be IRL friends but you live 29103u219 miles away. Keep being you because you're gr-r-reat!

That’s how I get you, I act nice online, I crack the blog jokes and you think I’ll make a great friend, we chill a few times, maybe catch a show, you’re comfortable enough with me to invite me over to your apartment. Then you go to the bathroom and that’s when I get to business. When you come out I’m gone, the chair spinning on one leg for comedic effect. Three years later your bank calls, I’ve taken out a mobile home loan in your name and I’m half way to Poughkeepsie.

The Art of Letting (You) Go.

I took a sip of the strawberry smoothie in front of me, my eyes wandering about behind the dark, large rimmed sunglasses I wore as if I was trying to play incognito when in reality, I was just trying to block the heavy sun that was shining down on me.

Of course my brother had insisted we sit on the outside patio of this café even if it meant people could walk by and take pictures of us. I was just hoping they didn’t. I wasn’t in the mood to entertain strangers today.

I began stabbing at the salad on my plate while Gerard took a large (and messy) bite out of the sandwich he had ordered. “So…have you seen Fernando’s new girlfriend?”

As soon as his name inserted into the conversation, Geri dropped his sandwich back to his plate and groaned, sitting back in his chair as he looked at me while chewing away his food before speaking. “So that’s why you invited me out? You can’t ever just want to see me without being a nosy…”

Knowing the word that would next follow, my eyebrow rose and I cocked my head to the side as if challenging him to sayit. He cowered in his seat instead. “…Woman.”

“Just answer the question, Geri. I don’t have time for this.”

“No. I have not seen his new girlfriend,” he said with a defeated sigh. “The last time I saw him was at dinner with the guys a few weeks ago. We weren’t talking about girlfriends or anything.”

I could remember vividly the times I accompanied Fernando out to dinners and parties and other venues. It was like we never left each other’s side. Now? We were exes that never even spoke to each other. I didn’t know when our relationship had taken such a harsh turn. Something told me it was at the point where I took a job he didn’t want me to take but maybe our relationship was falling apart much before that time. Two years was a long time to put up with someone.

“Well just so you know she looks exactly like me. She’s walking around like my doppelgänger and no one has even said anything!”

My brother chuckled. “That’s probably because you two look nothing alike, sis.”

“That’s a lie. We have the same eye color, hair color. She even wears red lipstick just like me!” I pointed to the new shade of red I had tried on today but the thought of Fernando’s new muse walking around with the exact same color made me grab for the napkin on the table and wipe it away quickly.

“I’m sure you two look nothing alike and red lipstick is pretty popular I’ve heard.”

I groaned and rolled my eyes. I should have known Gerard would be the last person to understand my side. He was oblivious to everything. The girl could practically be my clone and he wouldn’t even notice. “Right. Sure. Believe what you want but I’m going to find a lookalike for him too.”

“I doubt that’ll work out. There’s not many men in Spain who look like Fernando Torres.”

“You mean as handsome and charming with adorable freckles and those sparkling eyes and…”

“Yes,” he interrupted.

I could only roll my eyes. “Seriously?”

“Well we did have a poll in the lockers once on who the most handsome Spaniard was and I’ll let you know he was one of the top at the list.”

“You all are so gay for each other,” I chuckled.

“It’s so much easier giving compliments to the guys than the women in our lives. Give you all a compliment and it spins into ‘Oh, so I didn’t look good yesterday?’”

“Shakira did that, huh?”

“Yes,” he groaned.

I stirred the straw in my drink, absentmindedly letting the mixture of colors distract me before I jumped into the question I really wanted to ask. “Did he mention me?”


I gave my brother a sharp glare, hoping that answer would change into another. “Okay twice.”

“What did he say?”

“Not telling you.”


“I’m not telling you. Don’t you know guy code or anything? My conversation with my teammate will remain our conversation. You’re not included.” He began to push away the nearly empty plate in front of him and reached for the jacket sitting on the back of his chair.

“You have to tell me!” I pleaded.

“I have to get back to my wife and kids.” He stood up from his seat now and peered down at my frowning face.

“Oh yay. Happiness and love. Enjoy!” I spout sarcastically, rolling my eyes behind my designer shades. Geri just laughed, picking up his things before walking over and giving me a kiss to my forehead.

“See ya, sis.”

“Yeah yeah. What are brothers good for?”

“Everything!” he shouted before walking away.

I began to fumble through my bag and look for my wallet. Since I had been the one to suggest the lunch and promised my brother I would pay, it was my turn to do the treating. A vibrating phone in my purse got me distracted as I saw my best friend Mira’s name pop up on the screen.

I put the phone between my shoulder and cheek before answering with, “Hello.”

“Hey hey. How was lunch?”

“Terrible. Geri tells me absolutely nothing. Useless,” I grumbled.

She could only laugh. “Yeah well that’s your brother.”

“Unfortunately. What are you up to?” I refocused my attention from the wallet in my hand to my surroundings and just at the perfect time as I saw a familiar woman walking about just steps away and outside of the barriers of the restaurant patio. She wasn’t alone though. There was a young man by her side as well, his hand limp around her waist while his face nuzzled against her neck.

“Oh my…”

“What? What is it?” Mira questioned inquisitively.

“It’s her! Fernando’s girlfriend,” I hissed in a hushed tone. “She’s out with some guy.”

“What!? No way.”

“Yes. I know it’s her. It’s gotta be. That tacky outfit. It’s definitely her.” And okay, I was a bit jealous that this new woman had infiltrated the circle of trust and the role I once held with the beloved Torres but that didn’t have any influence on me calling her tacky.

She literally was.

“You have to tell him.”

“No. He’d never believe me. He’d probably tell me I’m just doing this to get him to break up with her or ruin his life or whatever other bogus excuse he could come up with.” For the moment I was glad I was wearing sunglasses, able to track the movements of the woman who was walking past and soon about to disappear from my eye sight.

“I think he’d believe you. You two were together for forever. There’s no way he’d think you’d do something like lie about his girlfriend cheating. He knows you better than that.”

“You’re lying.”

My mouth hung agape as I looked to Fernando in front of me, standing next to the door of his home as he had a bag in one hand and his phone in the other, ready to head off to the gym before he was intercepted by me. And I didn’t know why the hell I had decided to listen to Mira and come visit him to tell him I saw his precious little girlfriend strolling about town with another man because just as I thought, he didn’t believe a word I was saying.

“Why would I lie?”

“Because you want me back? I don’t know. I never know what’s going on in your head. That was the problem, remember?”

“My God, Torres. You really think I would do something like that? I’m not out to sabotage your relationship. I’m just warning you that your new girlfriend isn’t what you think she is.”

Fernando laughed. And not that amused, delightful laugh I loved to hear him emit because his prominent Adam’s apple would poke out but the bitter, ‘you’re full of shit’ laugh that made me cringe. “You’re not exactly what I thought you were either so seems like you’re even. Can I go now?”

I was feeling myself pleading now. “Why must we argue every time we see each other? Can’t we just be those sorts of exes that get along and hang out and move on with their lives while still being civil?”

“No. We have way too much history for that to even be possible. You know that. I know that so let’s not pretend.”

There was a lot to be settled between us like the fact I didn’t even really know the specific reason we had ended things and I don’t think Fernando did either. We just disbanded and found a way to ‘move on’ but it wasn’t really moving on at all. “So let’s put everything on the table. Let’s finish things,” I suggested.

“No. I’m not doing that.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t have the time.”

“That’s a lie. You have plenty of time.”

“How did this turn from my girlfriend cheating on me to us rehashing things?”

“We’re not rehashing anything. We’re just…laying everything out on the table for each other.”

I could tell he was giving it some thought because rather than trying to move around me and away from me he was just silently peering down at me. I stood there, not shying away from his gaze and waited for his answer.

“Fine but not today. We can meet up some time this week.”

A victorious smile spread my lips. “I’ll text you a time and place.”

“Yeah. Fine. I’m heading out.” But before Fernando took more than two steps forward, he stopped himself and looked at me curiously. “You’re not wearing red lipstick. Or any at all. Why?”

Internally, I was wielding a cocky smirk but I kept my expression on the outside emotionless. “It’s just not my style anymore.”

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Sorry to get personal but I’ve really been struggling with my OCD and depression lately, and the combination of me coming out as bisexual and the gay marriage ruling has taken a huge toll on almost all of my relationships. I’ve been hiding it and pretending it’s not there fairly well but today I failed my driving test and I just felt so worthless and terrible and everything just that’s going on just hit me at once and I became the most serious about killing myself that I’ve ever been after struggling with severe OCD my entire life and major depression since middle school. I was planning on slitting my wrists when I got home but I got a text from one of my friends inviting me to a movie so I went. Later tonight my best friend who knew somewhat of what was happening gave me her Lokai bracelet and told me about how the black bead represents the lows of life and the white represents the highs and it’s just helping me so much because I can’t hurt myself when I’m wearing something someone I love gave me and it’s a constant reminder that things get better. I know my situation is not unique but please pray for me if you pray and PLEASE reach out to those who you love and are going through something. Small things can make a big difference, and love is so powerful.

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A few days ago near where I live, they were making a casting of extras for the new got season and I went to try luck. Altho they kicked me out the first time I tried, I went through the "pre-choosing" again and they invited me (they had to give you an "invitation" if you fit the profile they needed to participate in the casting) to send my cv + photo to the got producers. so there's a small possibility i'll get in (although they'll surely won't choose me 'cause i live far away) AND I'M SHAKING

oh my god????? that is so exciting I’m crossing my fingers for u!!!

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Vampire!Kevin getting lonely so he flies to everyone else's homes in the middle of the night. Gwen usually lets him stay, but Ben always freaks out because "Damn it Kevin, you can't just fly in my window like that! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

Ben wakes up in the middle of the night to Kevin looming, knocking on his window.

“Tennyson! Invite me in!”

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  • ebony:I tried visiting you at work today, but you were out to lunch. And you didn't invite me? Who else is going to steal your food away?