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Me: *makes a post I worked very hard on* Post: *1 note* Me: *shitposts at 3am* Post: *50 000 notes, 10000 followers gained, post is trending, invited on the Ellen show, shook hands with Obama bc of this post, T-shirts are made, there is now a fandom dedicated to this post, won a Nobel prize, wars have ended, time has stopped all together*

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they actually had cheryl "attend" Ruth's wedding.. I'm just 🔫🗿

*This is an actually dramatization of how I look this morning

Liam looks equally parts precious and surly. He is a grouchy looking puppy flower dressed in formal wear in these photos.

So let’s discuss this like the calm, rational Tumblr business hoes that we are!

1) We knew, in some small fashion, that we were going to get some kind of stunt photo from this because of seeding a few days ago. It could very well be they took the photos, Cheryl peaced out, and Liam went on his merry wedding-y way, enjoying the seafood bar at the cocktail hour and doing terrible line dancing (Liam’s tries his best, but he can’t quite grasp the jump/lean combo of the Weeble Wooble).

2) The thing that really gets my goat is that Cheryl is continuing the trend of inviting pregnancy speculation. She showed up wearing a look that I would describe as “sexy Amish” in a grey muumuu maternity gown-type frock. I think aside from the fact Liam had to deal with stunting on his sister’s wedding day, the Baby Daddy Liam seeding is what bothers me the most.

3) They made Liam’s sister into a low level bridezilla and Cheryl into a martyr, like she made sure she looked like as much of a lagoon creature as possible so she didn’t upset the bride. 1DHQ is all about the misogyny: “Cheryl was VERY careful not to upstage the bride;” “Instead the singer made a point not to upstage the bride - and that meant a fairly plain-looking dress;“ etc. 

3) This is Melly being Captain Obvs, but these were tagged by Xposure Photos, so they were 1DHQ-brokered. Not that they ever weren’t going to be. 

it’s more of the same. I’m tired, you’re tired, Liam’s tired, sea otter who hates watermelon but eats it anyway is tired. It’ll end eventually though, and then it’s celebration fruit snacks and Tim Tams for everyone!