invision clothing

Haunter Invisibility Glamour 😈

For those who like to be mysterious and arcane in public, but really don’t want people know who they are.

Items needed:

- Something to cover your face (hood, mask, hat, bandana, face paint, whatever makes you feel unidentifiable. For me, I choose to use a hood and a simple black eye mask).
- A censer + charcoal
- Poppy seeds –> Invisibility
- Bay Leaf –> Psychic Ability, Protection
- Clear Quartz, able to be worn around the neck –> To be “translucent”
- Essential Oil of your choice
- “I Am Invisible” Sigil
- All black clothing –> Symbolic of the cover of night and darkness


First, you’re going to want to start up your Poppy Seed and Bay Leaf incense. Make sure you have a little more than enough.

Change into your all-black outfit.

Pass your mask through the incense smoke thoroughly; as you do this, charge it with your intent to not be recognized while doing your witchcraft while the public eye looks on.

Do the same to the Crystal Quartz pendant.

Take a drop or two of your Essential Oil and trace the “I Am Invisible” Sigil onto your stomach.

Allow yourself to be covered in as much of the incense smoke as possible until you are satisfied.

Then, go out and conduct your witchy business in public! I wrote this spell specifically because Samhain and All Hallow’s Eve is coming round, and I for one take great delight in turning heads during this time… But I’d rather stay anonymous, because reasons.

WOW - more attention on this tumblr in 4 days than I’ve had with…probably any tumblr I’ve ever had over the last 7 years! Thanks, y’all!

Annnnd, one of my new followers asked me to turn someone invisible, and sent the above to me! (Thanks!)

It was a hell of a challenge and use of the clone stamp was limited. There were ZERO ‘content-aware’ tool strokes.

It’s not 100%. Not even close. It’s a painting after what I had to do to it. STILL, I think it turned out pretty lovely. More pixel-painting than I’ve ever done before with a manip–and I actually recorded the whole two-hour process.

Thanks for the challenge! Gimme more. :D

I have some more stuff of my own ready for tomorrow. See y’all around…

You can kind of see my new Invisible Man tattoo on my leg! It’s rather sensitive, so no good pictures for now. Black Chandelier slip dress and shrug are thrifted, scarf and Doc Martens were gifts from my stepmom. 

I expect massive attacks
upon the iron battlefield
savage weapons and
indigenous tribes
killing for a dime
ghosts clothed in
invisible cloaks
at front
a work of art
suspended as a
giant ogre facing castor
and pollux twin cotton stars
not everybody is falling in love
with rainbows butterflies flutter and
poetic gibberish bluff presently dropping snake skin
like sand castles

I bet we’ll hear Jensen complaining ‘jokingly’ about how Misha is on vacation or whatnot and he couldn’t make it to Asylum16. But in reality he’s just missing his 'Angel friend’ and grumpy because he doesn’t get to groom him/make him laugh/touch him by 'removing invisible fluffs from his clothes/do the Misha reach and head boops and overall be a gross BF (and we shall feel the pain too, oh how tragic *puts hand over forehead*)~

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