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I might need a service dog for mental illness reasons, but if I bring them to school it will be telling everyone "hey, I have anxiety and depression and a bunch of problems!" but at this point a service dog would be a godsend, so do I deal with it?

Choosing to use a service dog is a big step. While a service dog can be a wonderful help to you, you need to make sure that the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages. By partnering with a service dog, you open yourself up - a disability that has previously been invisible now becomes visible.

A few articles that I’ve found helpful are 

There’s a stigma against talking about mental illnesses or invisible disabilities and a service dog will start those conversations. Talking about mental health can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and you have no obligation to tell anyone anything you don’t want to. A service dog is there to help you - that’s all they need to know. If you’re asked why you need one, you are under absolutely no obligation to discuss your medical history and the medical equipment that you have chosen to use. Here is an article that explains why some service dog handlers refer to their dogs as medical equipment. Also, here is a post by @k9potato which has a fantastic list of responses.  

No one has the right to judge you for taking steps to care for yourself. Your safety and health come before the opinions of others. 

Take care of yourself today, okay?



[Left] Matthew Josephs (1831–1901), a 19th century Jamaican teacher, and [right] his son Hector Archibald Josephs (1871–1936), the first black Jamaican to be appointed Assistant Attorney General (1912) and Attorney General of Jamaica (1914–1916, 1919) and Attorney General of British Guiana (1925–1936), and the first black Jamaican KC (1911). According to Matthew Josephs their family history in Jamaica started in the 1780s when an Igbo [”Eboe”] nobleman and general named ‘Agullon’, Josephs’ grandfather, was captured from somewhere in Igbo land and taken to Jamaica where he married a woman from Dahomey. [I was thinking rather than ‘Agullon’ being his name, it could be his home, that is Agulu in present day Anambra State, you can see how Ágụ̀lụ̀ could be transcribed as ‘Agullon’.] [Matthew Josephs autobiography snippets +], [Hector A. Josephs Bio +].

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I'm a 16 y/o with fibro and a lot of undiagnosed things that leave me fatigued and I use a cane. how can I convince my parents it would be best for me to use a manual chair in outings and where can I find one that's affordable for me? thank you x


Phew, we feel ya on the undiagnosed bits and that chronic fatigue. Sorry to hear it’s hit you so early… we imagine it’s pretty rough to deal with chronic illness on top of establishing independence as a young adult. We’ve got yer back, though!

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