Ive always found it interesting how when danny goes fully intangible/invisible his eyes turn green even though hes in human form. When he does this is he still technically “in human form”? In fact, what exactly is the difference between his human and ghost form besides appearances? He seems to have access to all his abilitys  in both forms, he gets picked up on ghost scanners, the specter deflector and other anti ghost stuff work on him in human form. As a human he can pass through ghost shields though, so that’s one difference. He really blurs the line between human and ghost half.
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Fic Summary: After the events of “Age of Ultron,” Thor returns to Asgard to tell his father what he learned from his vision about the Infinity Stones. To his great surprise, Odin tells him he already knows; to his greater surprise, Odin is not really Odin. Thor and Loki have a long-overdue conversation about their past and their future (and more than conversation), and start the work of mending the rift between them.

Chapter Summary: Thor and Loki take a few shaky steps toward a new life together in which they are honest with each other about their feelings and desires.

Finally got around to adding that third chapter I’ve been waffling about for a couple months. It’s kind of a mess, but I just needed to get it done and posted. Clearly I’ve been hanging around @darklittlestories too much (virtually, that is), because they were just eating dinner and then suddenly they were messing around with fruit – a plum, no less – and then there was a knife involved and a tiny amount of bloodplay. Happy belated birthday, I guess :-P

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Kagura looked at Madara with an expression that was a mix of shy gratitude and annoyance. She’s used to this, but still, she was insecure about her singing voice even though it’s been a while since she sung around people.

“I’m sure there’s a genuine compliment in that, but how can you not hear the drums? Or the laughter?” Without really thinking, her hips started to move slightly with an invisible beat, her green irises slowly turning gold.

“I don’t sense any chakra besides yours, but it sounds like they are really having fun.” She can’t tell it’s hers, she is already too engrossed in the familiar sound to remember that she had an audience. “Sounds familiar…” She has her eyes closed, her hair is turning black and she moves like those dancers from Suna, hands wandering to move the upper part of her kimono so she could move freely and undo the low ponytail her hair had been in. Fire soon starts to follow her hand and arm movements as she continued to dance and her hands move to untie her hakama.

Concept: green screen party.

Party with a green screen and camera, but ALSO, the costume theme is green.
Wear whatever fuckery you like. Green clothes? No body. Green makeup? Edit your makeup to be bees, or space, or puppies. Green morph suit? Invisible. Green paint markers? You can draw anything you like on people.
Set up a TV with a computer, simple editing software, and printer. People can create, play, view live, or print out their creations.

Who’s down?

Look at your wrists. Do you see the blue-green lines running through them, a marathon of oxygen filled life, a race to keep you alive?
Look at your hands. Do you see the red blemishes? The tiny white scars? All proof the many stair rails you’ve used, apples you’ve eaten, monkey bars you’ve climbed?
Look at your cheeks. Do you see the brown flecks of fallen sun?
Look at your eyes. Do you see the colorful hypnotizing iris protecting the soul behind them? Your tiny, maybe even invisible, green violet veins mapping out your eyelids?
Look at your legs. Do you see the bumps and bruises? Do you see all the times you have gotten back up after being pushed down?
Your body is a vessel for your soul, for your light.
Your body is your most irreplaceable friend, doing everything in its power to keep you alive.
Your body loves you, so please, love your body back.

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nice-message-mcclain here! i heard you're close to 900 followers, congrats! i hope you have a wonderful day <3 if you could choose a lion to pilot, which would you choose?

thank you fren, I hope you have a wonderful day as well ^^

and honestly it’s definitely between the two arms of voltron, bc green has invisibility and cool nature powers, but red is such a caring space mother who has cool fire powers and is super fast so!! probably red!!

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After I read number 53 (hehe oo yes I'm reading your whole blog), and going off the idea that the Slytherin black market sells muggle pens.... Slytherins all love high quality pens, whether they be calligraphy, fountain, rollerball, etc. and they write in special green inks and invisible green inks that probably would be visible if their common room had a tinge of black lighting (along with the usual green and reading light get-up). They also enchant these pens so that they write superbly. xXxXx

YES. I am so here for this!!


Artist Wafaa Bilal’s 2010 work …and Counting confronts a number of emotionally powerful issues in one gesture of bodily submission. In 2004, Bilal’s brother was killed by a missile at checkpoint in their hometown of Kufa, Iraq. His brother’s tragic death charged this performance with a authentic vulnerability, both emotionally and physically for Bilal. For 24 hours, Bilal allows his own body to become “a borderless map of Iraq covered with one dot for each Iraqi and American casualty near the cities where they fell.” The deaths of 5,000 Americans were represented by red dots, while the 100,000 Iraqi casualties are represented by dots of green UV, invisible unless viewed under a black-light.

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For HiJack March Madness.  High School AU, with a little twist.  Using older!Hiccup for this one since it’s senior year, and stuff.  Yeah.

The teacher’s voice rang out like a prison sentence.  “Haddock, you’re with Frost.”

Hjúki Haddock—usually just called Hiccup—stared blankly, blinking at his teacher in shock.  There was no way, no possible way, that he just got partnered with Jack Frost for a project.

But the teacher simply continued on, ignoring the horror slowly spreading over Hiccup’s face.

He knew what everyone said about Frost.  Hell, he’d been in enough classes with the kid to know first hand.  Frost rarely, if ever, participated in anything school-related.  Half the time, he didn’t even bother turning in any homework.  Hiccup had had to listen to two separate friends on two separate occasions complain about how they’d had to do all the work while Frost, in Astrid’s words, “sat around on his fat ass all week.”

Yeah, he was not looking forward to this.

Still, he kind of needed a good grade in this class, so he found himself standing beside Frost’s desk once class (and the school day) was over.  He stood there awkwardly for a moment as the white-haired teen pulled his bookbag into his lap, flipping it open and loading his notebooks and papers into it.

When he still hadn’t been noticed as the teen flicked slowly through the contents of his bag, Hiccup cleared his throat.  Loudly.

The blue-eyed boy jumped, obviously startled, turning wide eyes up towards Hiccup’s face.  “Um, yeah?”

Hiccup rolled his eyes.  “We got partnered for the project.  I thought we might as well get started.”

“Oh,” the boy mumbled, “right.  That makes you Hughie Haddock, right?”

“It’s Hjúki.”

“Didn’t I say that?”

Hiccup had to force himself not to groan.  “Fine.  Whatever.  So, we going to your place or mine?”

Frost blinked at him.  “…Are you trying to hit on me?”

“Wha—?  NO!” Hiccup yelped.  “I mean for working on our project!”

Frost’s lips pursed, eyes narrowing.  “…Sure you do.  I’m gonna go now.”

And before the green-eyed teen could even respond, Frost was gone.



Hiccup dragged his fingers through his shaggy dark auburn hair, groaning.  “You were completely right, Astrid, he’s awful!

“Told you,” the blonde replied bluntly.

For once in his life, Hiccup was too riled up to snark back at her.  “I mean, first he ignores me entirely, then he starts accusing me of hitting on him?  What the hell?!”

“Well, you are gay.”

This time, Hiccup glared at her.  “Not the point.”  He moaned again, flopping back on his bed.  “How did you and Fishlegs deal with it?”

“We complained to you.”

“That’s really not helpful, Astrid,” he grumbled, rolling over to bury his face in a pillow.

“Make up your mind, Hiccup.  Do you want truthful or helpful?”

The taller teen’s response was muffled, but Astrid, thanks to many long years of friendship, was able to translate it— “Isn’t there an option for both?”

“Sorry, Hic, you’ve just gotta muddle through like we did.”  Another groan from the boy was the only response, so she rolled her eyes and added, “If you want, I can give you a few tips.”

This made Hiccup finally lift his head from the pillow.  “Yes, please.”

“Alright.  He’s not gonna ever want to let you go to his place to work and will hardly ever show up at yours.  If you want him to at least be present while you’re working, you’ll need to stick to libraries or other public places.  He’s not gonna do much of the work, though, if any.  Teachers still give him full credit.”

Hiccup frowned.  “That doesn’t seem right.”

“Tell me about it.”

He groaned once more.  “This is gonna suck, isn’t it?”

“Pretty much.”



Hiccup had actually managed to get Frost to show up to work on their project—designing an experiment for kids.  Frost had even been the one to come up with their topic—oobleck, a form of matter that’s liquid until a force is applied to it.

“It feels like goo,” Frost explained when he first brought it up, “but you can run across it like it’s pavement.”

And so the two found themselves studying up on how to make it and the best proportions of ingredients to allow for the ability Frost mentioned.  Admittedly, they found a ton of information and had a presentation put together, but they couldn’t exactly test (or make) their mix at the library.

“I guess we could head to my place,” Hiccup suggested, “but my dad’s buddies are over, and they get pretty rowdy.”

Frost mumbled something, but Hiccup couldn’t understand and asked him to repeat.  “I—We could go to my house,” he stuttered.

For a moment, Hiccup was shocked.  So far, not much had gone according to Astrid’s description, other than Jack not doing much of the research.

And so, the two headed off to the Frost household.



A young brunette met them at the door.  “Hi, Jack!” she exclaimed, hugging Frost tightly.  Then, her hazel eyes locked on Hiccup.  “Oh, you brought a friend!”  She unlatched herself from Frost, holding a hand out.  “Hi, I’m Emma Overland-Frost, Jack’s little sister!”

Hiccup smiled at her, shaking the offered hand.  “Hjúki Haddock, but most call me Hiccup.”

Emma and Jack both chuckled at that, before Emma stage-whispered to her brother, “He’s cute, Jack!”

The white-haired boy blushed brightly, shoving Emma’s elbow away from where it was nudging his ribs.  “Ignore her,” he grumbled to Hiccup, then finally walked inside.  “C’mon, we can head to the kitc—”

“Oh, Jack, Dad moved—!”

But Emma’s warning came too late as Jack tripped over a coffee table that was blocking the path to the kitchen.

Jack cursed into the rug, scrambling to haul himself up while Hiccup gaped at him.  When the boy had finally gotten back to his feet, his face was an even brighter red, and he wouldn’t meet Hiccup’s eyes.

“How’d you—?  Why’d you—?” Hiccup stammered before he blinked as realization washed over him.  “You’re blind, aren’t you?”

It all made sense now, avoiding places he didn’t know, doing barely any research outside of his own books, why the teachers seemed so lenient with his group project grades….

“Please don’t tell anyone,” Jack begged, blue eyes pleading to a point by Hiccup’s shoulder, eyes that Hiccup now realized were blank.

“Why—Why would I tell anyone?  It’s your own business,” Hiccup replied.  “Why do you keep it a secret to begin with?”

Jack shrugged, legs folding up so he could sit on the floor.  “Didn’t at first,” he began, “but after finding out that the blind and deaf school I was going to was actually a front for a gang and got shut down, there wasn’t really another option besides public school.  And I let them know I was blind.  And I got bullied for it.”

Hiccup’s eyes went wide as he plunked down beside Jack, appalled.  “Why would someone do that?”

Jack shrugged.  “‘Cause they didn’t understand.  People do that, lash out at things that are different.  Anyway, when my parents found out, we moved, came here.  And I kept quiet this time.  I found out sometimes invisible is better.”

The green-eyed teen leaned back against the wall.  He knew all too well that invisibility could be both a blessing and a curse.  Hell, before his growth spurt in tenth grade, he’d been the scrawniest kid in school, a perfect target for jerks like his cousin Snotlout or his dad’s buddy’s son Dagur.  But he’d always had friends to watch his back when he was younger.  It was one of the main reasons he shared everything with Astrid and Fishlegs.

They had been invisible together.

“Y’know,” he finally said, throwing an arm around Jack’s shoulders, ignoring the blind teen’s reflexive flinch at the unexpected weight, “just ‘cause you’re invisible doesn’t mean you have to be alone.”

There was a slight pause, then Jack smirked in Hiccup’s general direction.  “I knew you were flirting with me.”