ALS Patient and Family Holiday Party

The Eastern Pennsylvania branch volunteered at the ALS Patient and Family Holiday Party in King of Prussia, PA. The Invisible Woman, Wonder Woman, Scarlet Witch, Stature, Robin and Arrow made their enterance and joined the kids on the dance floor. They had a great time meeting the children, their families and the therapy dogs who attended the party.

The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter provides help for ALS patients, their families, and caregivers living in the eastern half of Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware. Help for today includes a multitude of programs provided at no charge, such as ALS multi-disciplinary clinics, in-home care programs, and medical equipment loans.

To find out more, please visit their website:

Special thanks for Green House Photography for the photos and out of costume support.

little by little i forget you

in order to soothe the aches
that go hand in hand with old age
my parents always bought you 
warm mint patches that would reduce the pain

sometimes i swear i would be able to find you
by following the invisible green trail
you left behind everywhere you went

and today i realized 
that to me,
you’ll always smell like mint
but for the first time in years and years,
mint no longer smells like you