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So, I had this dream last night. And dream me is super, super judgemental.

So, basically, if you had magic powers you were whisked away by a dude who was either always invisible or I just never saw him when he wasn’t invisible.

And you paid for things with time cubes? I was a little confused about that. Because there were definitely time cubes and I think they were used to keep the principal young?

Anyway, I had a roommate who went evil. Apparently invisible dude was seducing people to the evil side of the tracks. My evil roommate implied her family had some sort of heirloom of mine as we fought over things she was stealing from the school the night she left

Because in typical YA style I knew nothing about my family.

So my friends and I bump into evil roommate while at the mall, she hangs with us a bit before implying we are all losers and dumping a handful of time cubes in the fountain. The principal shows up to berate my friends and I for wasting time cubes when we see an image of tomorrow’s headline floating in the water.

Because people still get the paper news? C'mon what is this, the nineties?

The headline is basically that evil roommate broke into her family’s vault and stole a priceless magical ring.

And I am like, what a perfect time to raid their vault for my family’s shit.

So I head off for the final battle of the book at evil roommate’s family’s house. Invisible dude is there to try and stop me and we fight with swords while grim reaper ring wraith things float overhead.

And dream me was all ‘lord of the rings much?’ and now I have to call out my subconscious. For being a fake fan.


Rammstein - Interview USA Revolver TV, 20.4.2011
aka “hey gimme two Rammstein guys but i’ll speak to only one of them and totally ignore the other one”.

Poor Schneider. He’s like :
“Ya~y i’m intervie~wed!”
“Hum.. hey, i’m here ?”
“Are you gonna ask me a question or not ?” (1’20)
“SRSLY STUPID BRAT wut der hölle ! You fuckin ask me a fuckin question ?!” (1’36)
“I think i’ve become invisible” (1’58)
“Dude i’ve killed you hundred times in my head during these two minuts”


why i feel so silly now but you see

some others they mentioned were the-odd-life-of-a-fangirl and sodelightfully. btw thanks likingthistoomuch for letting me know xD

so there you go ben. now you know that your fans are happy for you
and there you go moftiss. now you know that you own our lives basically.

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