invisible tail

im way in too deep now but anyways:

jeremy = wing manifestation, aerial adaptation, regenerative healing factor, superhuman strength and reflexes (warren worthington)

michael = technopathy and electricity manipulation

rich = fire manipulation

jake = superhuman agility, teleportation, prehensile tail and invisibility in deep shadows (basically nightcrawler “looks like a devil but has the soul of an angel”)

christine = sonic vibrations and light manipulation

brooke = pixie-like eyes, colorful wings that allow her to fly, and “pixie dust” which causes hallucinations (pixie)

chloe = probability manipulation

jenna = electronic communication (intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions)


So far this is like my favorite chapter. I love all the names they come up with for their hero name. I would love to see what kinda of hero names my followers would have?Really depending of what type of quirk they’ll have!

Domestic Drabbles: 10 - You Shouldn’t (Part 1)

Domestic Drabbles is back (: With #10! And three whole chapters! Enjoy! 


Agatha is visiting England for a few weeks, so Penny insisted she come over.

Which is fine with me. We haven’t seen each other since… Well, since before I left Watford. Penny says that Agatha is still sensitive on the subject on what had happened, so the rule is to mention magick as little as possible, as well as Watford, the battle with the Mage, and any other related things. Penny even spelled my wings and tail invisible so they wouldn’t bother her, much to Baz’s protests.

And that’s another thing. I might be fine, or even somewhat excited, to see Agatha. But Baz on the other hand…

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  • Hagakure: I brought reinforcements.
  • Ojiro: Oh, great! What, you brought Kirishima?
  • Hagakure: Well, I brought the next best thing.
  • Kaminari: Hey.
  • Ojiro: Kaminari? You brought Kaminari? The next best thing would be Ashido!
  • Kaminari: You know, I would be offended, but Ashido is freakishly strong, so...
Wrecked Ch. 1

Summary:  Princess Aria makes a deal with the sea witch. Three months to get the prince to propose marriage or suffer a fate worse than death. But as she gets closer to her deadline, she finds the prince not what she expected, a sailor that steals her heart and a merman who always had it. Can she find a happiness and fulfill the deal before time runs out?

Characters: Steve Rogers/OC, Bucky Barnes/OC, eventually Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/OC

Some angst, light smut…more to come

A/N: My second contribution to @neversatisfiedgirl‘s LoveSexMagic Challenge. This one didn’t turn out how I was expecting it too. And will extend beyond the challenge and can be read on AO3 here. And thanks to @angryschnauzer for the beautiful moodboard.

Three months ago.
‘You have three days to get the prince to propose marriage.’
‘Three days?! You can’t be serious. Three months.’
‘You came to me, princess. You’re not really in a position to bargain.’
‘I don’t want to be human that bad. I’m not stupid. Human males aren’t that different from mermen. I can get him to mate me but marriage is a completely different thing.’
The sea witch sighed and twirled her fingers through her tentacles. ‘Fine, three months. You have until the third full moon from tomorrow night’s.’
‘And if I fail?’
‘There are things worse than death.’
‘Fine. Deal.’

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Leaver’s Ball Masterlist

cherry kisses & sequined dresses by eroticgropefest

trixie and keris get ready for the leavers ball

Don’t Let Go by arituzz

We come back from the kitchen into the dance hall. Snow has a sandwich in each hand. He’s got his still invisible tail entwined in my hand and I’m holding its end. He does that when his hands are busy. So there’s still contact between us, although nobody else can tell.

Last night by EllsKay

It’s the night of the Leaver’s Ball. Simon, realizing it’s their last night as roommates, tries to talk to Baz in order to resolve the feud between them. Maybe even become friends. He doesn’t expect Baz to get so upset.

let them talk by crashing_into_the_sun

Baz and Simon at the Leaver’s Ball- they make a pretty big debut.

Show Love With No Remorse by knitbelove

The Watford Leaver’s Ball wasn’t as good of a party as I’d hoped. But it was worth the drive and the posh clothes to see Baz, to spend one last night at Watford with him – and one last morning.

the room underneath by carryonsimoncarryon

How thin do you think the floors are at Watford? Mummers House is so old, so I bet they’re pretty thin. Probably thin enough to be able to hear parts of conversations from the room above. What parts of Simon and Baz’s fights do you think they heard?

The Signs As Mermaids

Aries: Bright red tail, lives around the equator, has a lobster sidekick, very independent
Taurus: The chillest mermaid, has a pale green tail and dark brown hair, lives in the Mediterranean, can control the temperature of the water around them
Gemini: Super energetic, tail changes from yellow to orange depending on mood, most likely to try and befriend humans, the fastest mermaid
Cancer: Lives near the shore, sparkly lilac tail, can sing very well, usually quite shy
Leo: Has a gold tail that can be seen from miles away, lives in the Pacific Ocean, is always collecting shells, likes to steal objects from humans
Virgo: Deep emerald tail, can live in both hot and cold temperatures, mysterious and rarely seen, lives in shipwrecks
Libra: Very graceful, pale pink tail, often chats to humans by accident but is able to make them forget the whole event, has the longest hair
Scorpio: Nocturnal, lives in the very depths of the ocean, can see in the dark, has a silky black tail
Sagittarius: Very adventurous, never stays in one place and migrates often, shiny tail that is either blue or red, always in a group
Capricorn: Lives in the Arctic circle, white tail, has the power to freeze water into ice caps, can be dangerous if provoked but usually calm,
Aquarius: Icy blue tail and eyes, spends their time under waterfalls, enjoys confusing humans, often seen stargazing
Pisces: Makes friends with all the fish, lives around coral reefs, can become invisible, silvery holographic tail

Canon Compliant Masterlist

Anywhere by rosebudbasilton

Think about the feelings that we hide.

Bats and Barbie Heads by rosebudbasilton

If you can’t Christmas shop for your boyfriend, Christmas shop with your boyfriend.

Don’t Let Go by arituzz

We come back from the kitchen into the dance hall. Snow has a sandwich in each hand. He’s got his still invisible tail entwined in my hand and I’m holding its end.

Gift Shopping by carry-on-kissing-snowbaz

Baz wasn’t very good at shopping for people. His family and their friends were so wealthy that he never had a reason to gift shop before.

More Magical Than The Last by theinsidiouscinnamonroll

For twenty-five years, Baz has been surrounded by magic. Twenty-five years he saw simple spells cast for simple jobs, such as washing the dishes, or doing laundry. Seven of those years where even more magical than the years prior.

Pillow Talk by carryonheadcanons

He was lying on his back, one hand toying with the string of warm yellow lights that was strung across Simon’s bedroom wall, the other rubbing circles in Simon’s palm.

unimaginable by sncwbaz

The both of them were laying on their backs, one of Simon’s legs hooked over Baz’s. Baz was drawing circles on Simon’s wrist as they both stared at the ceiling.

Valentine’s Day Surprise by carry-on-kissing-snowbaz

Penny, unlike her friends, did not enjoy Valentine’s Day. It only meant her daily Skype session with Micah was made a little sadder. Sure, they sent each other gifts and cards. But it wasn’t like they could see each other in person.

When I see you again by arituzz (tw)

The irony of it all is that I’m already dead. No, the cruel joke is that I don’t die. And there are things much worse than death for me to expierence forever.

At night, the Maharaj will walk into the den with his pipe and light it up without making any conversation. He sits at the corner of the shabby, dusty room, and he doesn’t care that his spotless white clothes are now soiled. He draws in a deep breath, and releases it. The smoke flows out from his mouth, up to the ceiling, where a low-hanging, slow-running ceiling fan redistributes the smoke between the five of us.

It’s tempting to start wagging your invisible tail like you’re a dog, desperate for some of the smoke the Maharaj is offering, but most of regulars have developed the self-control necessary to appear non-chalant and continue lying down. Ready to inhale. Ready to be used.

The smoke enters your lungs, and the effects begin slowly. At first, it feels like you’re nodding off to sleep, but within seconds, you’re in other places without realising it. People are talking to you, objects are beckoning to you, places that enchant, nostalgia that strikes the heart. It’s difficult to leave once you’re fully immersed into it. And to be fair, none of us do want to leave.

Within ten minutes, the Maharaj has smoked enough to fill the room with a grey fog that’s impossible to not see. If we can keep our eyes open, we can barely see each other’s faces. The Maharaj is even more obscured by the thick cloud of smoke he sits in. Puffs continue to emerge from the cloud: the Maharaj smoking.

At that point, the smoke has entered every pore of your skin (for indeed, none of us wear clothes, except the Maharaj), and when your eyes are closed, you have become one with the smoke. The simplest ‘space’ that you end up in is the feeling of being within a cloud. But the feeling gets different with time.

Sometimes you’re in a deep, undersea realm, swimming with strange creatures that need no light to survive. You’re flying towards the sun, watching its red and yellow explosions as the surface draws nearer and nearer, but never getting hotter. You’re having your head chopped off on a tree’s stump, or you’re a steam engine, travelling through the countryside, terrified of tunnels.

By the time we wake up, the Maharaj has left. We’re lying in a pool of fluids, the smoke ventilated out by the opened windows and door. It takes several minutes to regain your bearings, to get up and leave the den.

After that, it’s only a matter of making enough money to return to the den. Who needs to live life when the den can bring life to you? The Maharaj is generous, and the smoke is all that could be necessary to enjoy the sweet life.

Except, of course, you die. Lots of people die in the den. But I know the trick to not dying. It’s to believe that you’re already dead, and that the Maharaj’s smoke is all that exists in the afterlife.

Just one more dance (don’t let go)

My mini-ficlet for the Leavers Ball festivity. @watfordleaversball, thank you for the initiative :)

This is part 1, I’ll post part 2 tomorrow

Happy Leavers Ball everyone <3

[Part 1] [Part 2]

(Follows canon events on Leavers Ball)



We come back from the kitchen into the dance hall. Snow has a sandwich in each hand. He’s got his still invisible tail entwined in my hand and I’m holding its end. He does that when his hands are busy. So there’s still contact between us, although nobody else can tell.

“Let’s go dance some more, Baz,” he says, with his mouth full.

“Finish your sandwiches first,” I scowl at him. “And you can’t even dance.”

“I like how it feels.” He blushes. “It was nice earlier.”

“As you wish, love. I’ll go get us some punch while you finish eating.”

“Don’t go,” he lets out, shoving another slice of sandwich into his mouth. What a sight. It’s a struggle not to stare.

“Snow, it’s only a minute. I think you can handle…”

“Don’t go,” he repeats, louder this time. Somewhere between pleading and demanding. His tail wraps even tighter around my hand.

“Fine. I won’t. Fuck the punch.”

He finishes eating the sandwiches and we go back to the dance floor.

We dance to the rhythm of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. Snow has both his hands around my neck. I have mine on his waist. He definitely doesn’t care what the others think. And I only care about what he thinks. If he’s alright. His feet follow my steps but his mind is a million miles away.

I reach for his cheek with my hand—the one that’s not holding his tail. He looks up at me. We stay like this for a while, still dancing. Lost in each other’s eyes. Then, I tilt my head down and touch his lips with mine. He parts them and kisses me.

We kiss for three entire songs.

It’s getting late. People start leaving. But we keep dancing. I’ve made a move to stop but Snow won’t let go.

“Just one more dance,” he said two songs ago.

He looks sad.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I ask him.

“Watford… it’s like we never… like nothing… like…” he trails off. Words were never his forte.

“Like what, Simon?” I help him. It always wakes something in him when I say his first name.

“Like I never lost my magic.” The words hurt me as much as they hurt him.

I don’t know how to cheer him up so I put him closer to me. He embraces me with his wings and rests his head on my shoulder.

“Let’s stay like this forever, Baz,” he whispers into my ear.

“Okay,” I say. Because I’m too weak to tell him otherwise. We’ll face reality when the song ends.


Ari: Part 2 is NSFW so read at your own risk snowflakes!

Okay but in all seriousness where the fuck did Nathan hide that cross on the way back to Vargas like??? He just tucked it behind his shirt and it vanished?? And stayed there through all the climbing?? Did he stick it up his damn ass?? WHERE

My Hero Academia as told by Fairy Tail

Levy lives in a world where everyone has superpowers. Levy wants to be just like Pantherlily who is the number one hero of them all. Unfortunately, Levy finds out that she is one of the rare people who has no superpower. She doesn’t let that deter her and uses her innate nerd power to try be a hero. She had these notebooks where she put all her studies in. Natsu was a dick and burned one of her books; but it’s okay because Levy runs into Pantherlily who gives her an autograph. Levy then finds out Pantherlily is practically dying and can’t continue being a superhero for much longer. After Levy saves Natsu’s life, Pantherlily makes Levy his successor by giving her his powers. 

Levy then joins a school where heroes are made and Pantherlily is a teacher there. Levy can’t control her powers because it’s too great for her body so watch her fumble around breaking every bone in her body! 

Also, all the fans hate the grape in the series.

as requested by @clymacs and @thathilomgirl

When I was a schoolboy, I was seized by the idea that everyone has an invisible tail at his back. This tail is very light, a million miles long, very thin, and trails behind as we walk, from birth to death. The tail extends far away, beyond our world, and originates in the Land of the Dead. When we walk, the tail is reeled out from its source. When we have pulled out the entire tail, we die.

The strategy for a long life, therefore, is to try to avoid pulling out your tail. In order to do this, walk null-homotopic paths as much as possible. When you return, follow the same route. Never go through a tunnel. (My ideal world was a universal covering space of the real world (if there is such a thing).) My idea completely obsessed me; I was trapped by my own fantasy. I even came to loathe people who crossed my path behind me.

—  Michio Kuga, Galois’s Dream: Group Theory and Differential Equations