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Here is my coloured wonder woman…

For a wonder woman movie I’d want the first half to be the ancient warrior in modern times deal. kind of like Just Visiting. Then halfway through reveal the invisible plane and that she’s had trouble with the technology because it’s too primitive.

The opening sequence is a slow pan across engraved metal showing the history of the amazons in etched detail. Oddly you start to realise the ancient battles and civilisations are etched on pipes and gauges. As the credits finish we pan out to see the bridge of a ruined u-boat bridge covered in the etchings. n the centre we see a lone figure sat in furs matted in blood, face in the shadows her breath visible in the cold dripping sub reveals the title “Wonder Woman”


Scandal’s Mellie Produces Epic PSA Involving Beyonce and an Invisible Jet

“She has the memory of the beautiful meadow, of all the people gathered and the invisible plane and the unicorns dancing. But then they stick her on a quiet soundstage with one key light on a fucking stool and they make her talk about childhood obesity and that’s her PSA. And it’s important, it’s important but she knows she was at the meadow.” 


 I see people clamoring for more female representation in superhero movies. And there’s all this hype about Marvel finally deciding to make a Black Widow movie after they finished filming Wonder Woman, and people still say that Marvel represents women better/more. WTH? DC decided to make a female lead superhero movie 4 years after the film they used to start expanding their cinematic universe (Man of Steel); Marvel’s first female lead superhero movie (Captain Marvel) will be released 11 years after the film they used to begin expanding their universe (Iron Man). Wonder Woman will be the DCEU’s 4th movie; Captain Marvel will be the MCU’s 21st movie. DC is giving women what we want and we’re largely ignoring it. 

And Wonder Woman is great. She’s a great character and she’s the most popular female superhero in the world! She’s a warrior, but she’s also compassionate. She flies an invisible plane. She’s practically immortal, and you know what that means…period pieces. She’s strong enough to go head to head with Superman. She has a magic lasso that can never be broken and compels people to tell the truth (and even follow her commands in some continuities). She has this really awesome mythical origin story. She’s Awesome!

Not to mention that Wonder Woman is being played by the lovely and talented Gal Gadot.

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Gal Gadot stole the show in BvS. We already know she is a great Wonder Woman.

Also, award winning actress Robin Wright is to play a role.

Oh, and Chris Pine is Steve Trevor.

Seriously, people, you need to get behind this.

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