invisible papers

Humans are weird.

Putting some of the things that humans do into words makes them sound weird. (made with @samlicker83 )

“Sometimes dirt gets trapped under our skin and shoots out like rockets after a couple of days.”

“We ride around in giant pieces of shaped metal and leather on wheels that we have to fill with decomposed liquidized dead things to keep it running.”

“Sometimes dust particles tickles these hairs in our nose and our nose becomes a snot canon.”

“We kill baby sheep to please the sky beings that keep our crops good”

“We cut out the genitalia of animals and others sometimes and require a lot of small pieces of green paper or invisible data points to do so.” “Why the fuck-” “For our own benefit and theirs.”

“Sometimes squishy flesh rocks form inside of us and slowly kill us.”

“Our young enjoy activities such as: climbing, playing, and fucking”

“We use plastic molds of other people’s genitals to please ourselves even though there is no advantage of doing so.”

“Some of them write stories about two humans of the same gender fucking and show it to many others to gather a following. They write the stories mainly for an audience who thinks the two people in the story should become mates for life.”

“We heat up sand and look out of it instead of going outside.”

“Sometimes we reproduce while others make a permanent record of it for others to see it. That’s a job for a lot of humans.”

“Having sex with the same gender is consider wrong until the words ‘no homo bro’ are said. Then everything is completely normal in societies eyes.”

“The females of our race bleed from their genitals annually and experience unsatiable hunger, rage, and stabbing pains in their bodies while that happens.”

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Night walking protection & invisibility glamour

For those of you in need of safe passage after dark, whether you’re out drinking with friends or roaming between ports, I’ve made a spell jar for night travel protection and invisibility.

As a lifetime collector of curio, I had lots of weird stuff laying around even before I started practicing, which I now use in my craft (that hobby of mine was perhaps a sign of things to come). But there are several redundant ingredients in this jar, and if you only have one for an intended purpose, that will serve you just as well.

  • A jar small enough to carry (a sachet is good too)
  • *Cat fur (for watchfulness, intuitiveness, silent movement)
  • Mugwort (protection, safe travel)
  • Poppy seed and/or mustard seed (invisibility, confuse enemies)
  • Paper and pen
  • Safe travel sigil (I used a pair of Icelandic sigils, one on each side, against theives and against evil by land and sea)
  • Dark blue glitter (protection, invisibility)
  • Gray thread (glamour, invisibility)
  • Candle (either dark blue, or one of the gray-scale colors: white, black, or gray)

Draw your sigil on your paper and charge it however you prefer, but a silent method may be preferable in this case. As my sigil was double-sided, I held it between my wrists and charged it with my pulse.

Set aside your gray thread. Light your candle(s), and begin placing the rest of the ingredients inside your jar as you focus on stilling your energy, cloaking it from those around you.

Take your gray thread. As you tie a knot in one end of the thread, whisper,

I pass through the night silent, light-footed,

As you tie a knot in the other end, whisper,

Invisible to all the monsters of the darkness,

Now loop the thread snuggly around the neck, and as you tie a knot to secure it, whisper,

And the shadows protect me from harm.

Cap your bottle and use wax from your candle to seal.

If you leave decently long ends on your thread, you can tie it onto a necklace, belt loop, etc, to wear.

*I hope this doesn’t need saying, but just in case, please collect your cat fur ethically. I used saved fur from a deceased kitty of mine. If you have your own cat, use shed hairs if possible. You can also scritch a friendly kitty with bent fingers, which they will enjoy, and after a few passes you should have a bit of hair on your hands.

please consider: nightvale public schools

- the ceilings drip with rain and blood from the animals that fall from the glow cloud
- the children are indoctrinated at an early age to believe that mountains don’t exist. when their parents try to sue the school, they are eaten and replacement parents are issued.
- the glow cloud’s child being the most popular kid in the entire building.
- school lunches are as flat as paper to ensure that no possibility of mountains belief occurs.
- quizzes are handed out at random points during the day, you’ll find students finishing a math test during p.e
- speaking of p.e, there are weekly drills to prepare the kids in case another fighter jet comes through the gym.
- volleyball, badminton and football are the official trinity of sports. sacrifices to players are mandatory, accepted between 8:50-8:55 a.m on wednesdays.
- nobody knows who the teachers are. when they do show up, they are quiet, teach quickly and run off, leaving piles of papers behind.
- the staff room is forbidden. shadows flicker when a student approaches the door.
- locker combos change weekly. sometimes kids spend hours trying to figure out what’s going on.
- the computer lab is cramped and filled with empty tupperware boxes. where did all these boxes come from? where are the computers? there is an assembly to explain that the board has no money for new computers and had to substitute with plastic boxes. “just pretend the box is a computer. the biggest one is the printer. remember that staff doesn’t accept invisible paper.”
- the library has librarians in training. you can sign up to be a part time librarian in the lobby. four dollars an hour, and half a soul for overtime.
- the office ladies mark everyone absent, send home letters and sniff disdainfully when parents ask why they’re marking children absent. “they just don’t seem to be here,” one said, looking straight at a child. “not there at all. i don’t see one child.”
- the weight room has weights made of grains of rice. the sculptures fall apart when touched.
- the custodians are reptiles who will devour anyone and anything in the halls after hours.
- band is held everyday before school. the lilting melodies of forgotten songs plague the halls. everyday someone goes to the door and begs them to stop. everyday the door opens and the person is dragged in. everyday, the band gets a new member.
- jazz band plays everyday after school. nobody bothers the jazz band. the jazz band is few in number. the jazz band is sacred.

At every wingspan’s depression
you’ll think this was a mistake,
think this lonely fall
is all you know, think,
what’s the point of loving
the sky if it won’t hold you

It won’t hold you,
but step off, heart,
follow your purpose,
there is no shame in doing
what you were made to do.

Agreement - DP

Someone asked for Lancer-Danny stuff.  Sorry I don’t remember who you were… it was a while ago… let me know your name and I’ll change this.

Threw in some ghost speak just for fun.


Edward Lancer glanced up from his lesson plans when the door to his tiny office creaked open and slammed shut.  A pale, dark-haired junior stood just inside the door, frustration evident all over his face, and in the way his eyes kept sparking green against blue, and the slow way he was rocking forward and back.  Lancer arched an eyebrow and glanced at the clock – only ten minutes until school started for the day – then back at his oddest student.  “Problems?”

Daniel Fenton burst into noise.  There was really no other way to describe the speech patterns of the frustrated child.  The words crawled under Lancer’s skin and a headache, not unlike the one caused by eating ice cream too fast, flared into life at his temples.

“Woah,” Lancer said, holding up a hand.

Danny’s voice cut off with a huff, his arms crossing over his chest, an annoyed wrinkle on his forehead.

“I didn’t understand a word of that,” the teacher admitted, ignoring his paperwork and leaning forwards, resting his elbows on his desk.  He studied the boy, looking for any sort of cuts or bruises that would help to explain what was going on, then gestured for Danny to come closer.  When the boy was within striking distance, Lancer grabbed an arm and flipped it around, looking at the scrapes and redness near his elbow.

Words bubbled out of Danny’s mouth again.  From past experience, Lancer figured it was probably a string of excuses.

He sighed and let go of Danny’s arm, watching the boy rub at it.  Lancer figured the minor injuries would be gone by lunch and decided it was not something to pick at just yet.  “Are you going be calmed down enough to go to class in a few minutes?”

His response was a wrinkled nose and a slow shake of the boy’s head.

Lancer pointed towards the chair in the corner by the tiny window.  What was this, the forth time in just a few weeks that Danny had come in to his office so riled up?  “You know the rules, Danny.  No touching anything while I’m gone.”  He watched the teen toss his ragged backpack into the corner and then slink over to the chair.  “Here’s a pass to class – just fill in the time when you’re ready to go, and make sure you come see me after school.”

Danny waved his hand back and forth, then nodded.  Lancer studied him for a second longer, then grabbed his paperwork and stuffed it into his satchel.  Leaving the boy slumped in the chair, slowly tossing a stress ball from hand to hand, Lancer trooped out of his office and towards his first period class.

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How to Charm Objects

You can charm almost anything, a blanket to help with insomnia, a bracelet to bring luck, nail polish for beauty or attraction, it doesn’t really matter.

The easiest way to charm an object is to first think about specifics. What do you want the object to do, what ability will it possess? Be as precise as you can WITHOUT using the names of people, specific week days, exact abilities.

(In example. If the charm is supposed to protect you from a certain bully, use the word ‘bully’ instead of the bully’s name so the charm can protect you from all bullies.)

Let’s say that someone, in this case her name will be Mary because why the fuck not, wants to charm a necklace so that people can’t see her. Of course she knows that she won’t actually turn invisible, but she will go more easily unnoticed by others.

Mary will cleanse her necklace of negative energies for a few hours, or maybe even a few days.

Put your item in a bowl and bury it in salt.

Once Mary feels like the negativity is gone, she’ll charge it with her energy.

You do this by holding your item in your hands so that they’re clasped around it completely, like this. () Feel the warmth of your hands flowing into the item, that’s your energy.

Now, Mary will write a poem/spell for her necklace. She wants to be unseen while wearing her necklace.

“Maybe she’ll write
‘Like a shadow
Gone unseen,
wandering eyes
lose my gleam,
up down
betwixt between,
like a shadow
Bring me invisibility.’”

She’ll burn the paper and set it in a fireproof bowl, then dangle the necklace in the flames and heat.

You can be as creative as you want, just make sure you know your intentions, and find a unique way to cast them onto your object. I hope this helped!?

Against Closed Doors

Anonymous said: Can you write a full one shot for the flirting with sam to make Dean jealous imagine?

A/N: I don’t know why, but I’ve just got a thing for Jealous!Dean smut.

Word count: 3,177

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, slight possessive!Dean, dirty talk.

Imagine flirting with Sam to make Dean jealous because you know he likes you and he knows you like him, but neither of you are willing to admit it

Your name: submit What is this?

How You Like Me Now - The Heavy



Your ankle brushed against something rough as you switched legs, crossing your right over your left and tapping the air softly, accidentally grazing the same thing again. A small huff of air filled the air, quiet and shaking. You hid a smile behind your book. Testing the waters, you started tapping again, although slower this time, almost as if you were massaging the denim pressed against your foot.

“Stop doing that,” Dean whispered, looking away from the pistol he was cleaning. “I know what you’re trying to do, but nothing’s gonna happen. Nada. Nope.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said innocently, keeping your voice just as quiet. You glanced at Sam quickly, checking he hadn’t heard either of you. “Oh, is that your leg? I swear I didn’t even notice it.”

“Stick that with the rest of the books; you’re a terrible liar, Y/N.”

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The end is a lot less climatic than prophets had determined it to be. It came slowly. You think the wage gap widened in a day? No, it took years, decades - the chasm growing, deep enough that any attempts to cross it were suicidal at best. Bodies tumbled into the chasm —— some in despair, some in hope, an unchanging outcome. Sometimes kids peered down, nudging each other with conspiratorial whispers: Don’t be chicken, I heard a friend of a friend made it to the other side.

Each crossing story more embellished than the last. Many, many decades ago when the gap had been a small crack on the pavement it had made sense to accuse those on the wrong side of wanting to stay there. Of making that choice. That thought, at least, had never changed. And so the world ended with a slowly encroaching chasm and little ceremony.

The horsemen, however, did come into this world in a split instance — their mouths opening and closing like fish out of water. Their limbs of shadow and sinews spilling awkward across stretches of ground; they pulled themselves together slowly, scrapping each limb against the asphalt, and leaving an inky trail behind. Their eyes glued shut by eons of stardust; they come from being infinity to breakable vessels.

In four corners of the world they awake to eat ash and death.


He crouches, spreads his fingers over the trembling ground and feels the thin layer of dirt that is neither soil nor dust, but made of the exhaust fumes of cars and the burnt particles of rubber. He fashions himself a crown of fingers and hands, weaved together before rigor mortis sets in.

His bow of ligament and bone: he rather likes it.


She spreads her fingers to shield her face from the burning sun. Napalm covers the fields at her feet —— a moment ago her skin was singing with the fire(it has gone silent, a chord struck, and spiralling into dissonance). Objects become weapons in her hands: she can swing a straw and watch men drown in their blood.

Her sword is a metal rusted pipe: all that was left behind in that field.


He scratches his fingers against the wall as retches his last meal along the side of a petrol station, the asphalt oily with tire marks and vomit. No one stops to ask if he’s okay, people scurry past as if he’s invisible; paper thin and made of bird bones as he slips inside the restaurant once more.

His scale is made of chicken bones: spitting the leftovers on the floor.


Death is death is death, and he has always been here among the bodies and the ashes and the mortality of it all; he is sick with conquest, famished for war; they portray him with a scythe but it is all in the curve of his hand —— from thumb to index, he flicks them together.

Ignites a spark.

—— Horsemen & Archangels [You don’t need a weapon when you’re born one] || Eliot C. ©
Protecting You // Kai

Request: anonymous asked, “Could you do exo kai scenario exodus teaser AU where was hurt protecting you? Thks:)”

Word Count: 931

Rating: Angst

Scenario: Reader x Kai

You rushed to shut the rooftop door, collapsing against it. Struggling to catch your breath, your heart began to pound more and more. Where am I? What’s  going on? You were dazed and confused not knowing how exactly you ended up in such an unfamiliar and cold place. You could only remember bits and pieces of the day before.

You woke up. You grabbed a quick breakfast. You got ready for work. The only thing that was different from all your other days was a note from your boss left at your work station that morning. It indicated that he set up an appointment for you to meet potential business partners. A time and place was the only things given. You didn’t think much of it, but you were curious as to why he picked you for the job. After that, nothing. You had no recollection of anything else.


You froze against the door, sliding down and putting all your body weight against it. There was no telling how long the lock would last and surely your body weight couldn’t hold out much longer after that. There was nothing you could do. You sat there, not realizing the water gathering in your eyes. You closed them and folded yourself into your arms to hide your embarrassment. The banging only growing louder. What am I going to do? Can I even do anything? You were consumed by your thoughts and your thoughts alone.

How much time had passed, you didn’t really know. But, the door was becoming dented. Only a few more hits and who ever was on the other side would have you in an instant.

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anonymous asked:

To the anon having troubles with sigil work: I have a similar situation! Very Christian family, mom who's against witchcraft of any sort, sigils working the very best when I draw them on myself(they're charged with every breath and heartbeat). I just draw them on areas my clothes don't expose, or use ballpoint pen so I can scrub it off very easily.

Some other ideas for drawing sigils discreetly:

- draw them with make up if you wear it (i.e. foundation) before blending it into your skin

- trace the design over and over with your dominant hand’s index finger wherever you’d like the sigil (energy imprint)

- draw them in areas most people can’t see - so yes, under clothes, on the bottom of your feet, etc.

- use oils or other charged liquids to draw them on your skin

- draw them onto slips of paper with invisible ink and carry them with you

- draw sigils in other pieces of artwork to disguise them

- use them as cell phone backgrounds, or Photoshop them onto phone backgrounds with  high transparency

Invisible Ink!

On a paper, with purple ink
I draw a heart, a bow, arrows
and a bird.

The heart is warm.
The arrows are sharp.
The bird has strong wings.

In the bottom of the paper,
with invisible ink
I draw myself.

I wear a white cloud,
light blue boots and
a yellow belt.

I look above.

I forget.
On the paper
I am drawn in invisible ink.

I try to reach the heart
to place it into my chest.

I try to reach the bow and arrows
to hang them over my belt.

I try to reach the bird
to put it in the nest I drew
on my back, especially for it.

I remember
I am invisible
I can’t reach any of them, I groan.

I regret drawing myself in 
invisible ink.

Before an asexual or autoerotic woman decides on sometimes expensive professional guidance, however, she might first try tapping the strengths within herself. The following is a description of a woman learning to love the appearance of her physical body, but the concept involved could as easily be applied to an asexual or autoerotic woman accepting the uniqueness of her life:

‘I stood as though I were proud before I was proud, and then I became proud.’ (Saul Braun, Catalog of Sexual Consciousness, 1975)

—  Myra T. Johnson, Asexual and Autoerotic Women: Two Invisible Groups (1977)
Laverne Cox: Counting LGBT People Is 'a Matter of Life and Death'
The actress joined members of Congress to demand reforms in data collection

to be spread about transgender people because we don’t have actual data about who trans people are and our lived experiences,” Cox said Thursday during a news conference on Capitol Hill. “LGBT people exist, we are a vital part of the fabric of this country and we just want to be counted.”

Cox and several Democratic members of Congress had gathered to show their support for the LGBT Data Inclusion Act, which was proposed late last month by Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva. It would require federal surveys, including the census, to ask voluntary questions about Americans’ sexual orientations and gender identities, along with questions that respondents are already being asked about demographics such as race, age and income.

This comes at a time when a federal working group with representatives from 21 agencies, led by the Office of Management and Budget, is researching how to best collect this kind of data, considering issues like privacy concerns and what terminology to use. Some federal departments, such as Veterans Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics are already implementing plans to add such questions to certain questionnaires.

“If you’re not on paper, you’re invisible when it comes to the federal government,” said California Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra. Like Cox and several other members of Congress, he argued that having this information is critical for understanding disparities in areas like health and poverty, as well as for allocating billions of dollars in federal funds to address those disparities.

Several speakers also acknowledged that they had little hope the legislation would be put up for a vote in a Republican-controlled Congress.

“It’s a matter of life and death,” Cox said, noting that a non-government survey had found 41% of transgender people attempt suicide, in part because they feel unwelcome or invisible in society. “On a systemic level we’re often told we don’t exist.”

Though transgender Americans have become more visible than ever, the question of how many Americans are transgender remains unanswered. The most commonly quoted estimate is about 0.3%, or about 970,000 Americans, but that is an educated guess made by researchers at UCLA’s Williams Institute—largely based on two state-level surveys. Studies have estimated that anywhere from 0.1% to 2% of people are transgender, which is the difference between a political constituency of thousands and several million.

The Census Bureau has said there are no plans at this time to add questions about sexual orientation or gender identity to its hallmark survey or the American Community Survey, a longer form accounting of Americans’ lives that some advocates believe is the more important one to update.

Daily tracking by Gallup, which fields a survey to 1,000 Americans each night, has found that an estimated 4% of Americans are LGBT, though demographic experts say that number could be as high as 10%, depending on the wording and parameters of the question.

the mortal instruments aesthetics:
  • clary fray: wind chimes, the dried spray of mud on rain boots, striking a match, looking up at the water's surface while underneath, a threadbare quilt, pulling up a zipper in one go
  • jace herondale: battered knees, the moment a carbonated beverage touches your tongue, lolling your head back, tossing aside an instruction manual, cold showers, smoothing sheets
  • simon lewis: untangling headphones, lifting up a hood against the rain, faded comic strips tacked onto a wall, blinking awake against linen, tearing an envelope open
  • isabelle lightwood: plucking a flower, music loud enough to merge with your pulse, blistered feet, the balancing act of applying eyeliner, sticking your head out the window in the passenger's seat
  • alec lightwood: tugging on a loose thread, laundry straight from the dryer, padding barefoot across a wooden floor on a winter morning, examining a piece of fruit for bruises, double-knotting shoe laces
  • sebastian morgenstern: an invisible paper cut, adjusting a shirt collar, numb fingers warmed by icy water, stainless steel, wiping at foggy glass, shaving away the last hint of stubble on a jaw, stone struck against stone
  • magnus bane: gilded picture frames, the buzz of traffic outside a window, closing your eyes to smell a candle, bleeding ink, buttoning shirt cuffs, stroking a book's spine