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Me singing Monster by EXO

She got me going crazy *incoherent mumbling* GODDESS! *incoherent mumbling* Yeah, yeah! *incoherent mumbling* Don’t be afraid, love is the way, shawty I got it, you can call me monster! I’m creeping in your heart babe *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently* come here girl! You call me monster! *incoherent mumbling* she got me going crazy! oh yeah she got me! *still mumbling* oh yeah, oh yeah she got me! *mumbling some more* THAT’S RIGHT MY TYPE!  Don’t be afraid, love is the way, shawty I got it, you can call me monster! I’m creeping in your heart babe *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently part 2* come here girl! You call me monster! *incoherent mumbling while pretending to be over dramatic* I’M SORRY YOU MAKE ME SO CRAZY! YOU KNOW YOU DO!!!! *incoherent mumbling while pretending I can actually rap this part* I’m untouchable man! *literally I’m just spewing gibberish at this point other than the ‘Who!’ and 'How we do’ bits* YOU CAN CALL ME MONSTER!!!!!!!!!! I’m creeping in your heart babe! *incoherent mumbling while dancing violently part 3* Come here girl! YOU CALL ME MONSTER! *being overly serious pretending I can do Chen’s harmony here* creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, creeping, you, oh whoa, creeping! *invisible mic drop*


Kara and Lena have dance parties to NSYNC in Kara’s apartment when they both have bad days. Dance parties were never really something Kara did on her own. But after coming home in a bad mood to be met with Lena also in a bad mood, it only took one or two fights before Kara grabbed a CD off her shelf and aggressively shoved it into the stereo saying she knew what would make them feel better. Because really who can keep yelling each other when NSYNC’s Its Gonna Be Me is playing at full volume in the background. 

It takes almost the full song of Kara jumping around and singing before Lena can feel herself start to crack. It is when Kara puts on Bye Bye Bye and points to herself in beat with the chorus that Lena starts to laugh and allows Kara to spin them around the living room. Neither of them able to hear the pounding on the door. 

Maggie leans on the wall next to the door, her boot against the wall next to her knee, having finally given up telling Alex that they are busy and can’t hear them. But Alex is worried after the day Kara had so Maggie waits patiently as Alex digs around for the spare key to the apartment and unlocks the door grumbling about what the hell they could be listening to so loud they can’t hear the door.

It’s not the song the shocks Alex, she remembers it well after listening to it on repeat for so many years through the walls of her parent’s house. It is Lena jumping up and down, and banging her head, hair loose, in time to the lyrics  that stops Alex a few steps into the apartment. Kara and Lena both stop dancing, faces flushed, their argument long forgotten, and stare back at a wide eyed Alex and a grinning Maggie. 
“We’ve been knocking for five minutes and this is what you are doing?!?!” Alex yells as the next song starts. “And NSYNC! Really?! I expect this from you Kara. But you Lena!” Alex points accusingly. “I really expected better!” 

Lena’s face flushes brighter as she and Kara exchange looks and burst out laughing. “Oh come on Alex!” Kara yells back as she starts dancing closer to her sister. 

“Don’t you dare! KARA!” Alex yells taking a step back. Kara’s attention turning to Maggie her eyes widening. “YOU! You are tapping your toes!” It comes out more as a sequel as she points at Maggie’s foot. Alex’s mouth falling open as she looks to Maggie her eyes narrow. “You wouldn’t.” Maggie shrugs, her face guilty as Kara pulls Maggie into her and Lena and turns the stereo up even louder. “Traitor!!” Alex hollers trying not to smile as she crosses her arm watching the three girls jump around in a crazy mess occasionally freezing in unison to sing a line into the invisible mics in their hands. 

Learn something new

Paul x reader

Warnings: Swearing

This is kind of like a part 3 to the ones below, also i’m not sure which high school you meant for the reader to go to but i’m making it Fork’s high school so the reader has links to the Cullens etc, there will be more parts focusing on the tension between the pack and her friendship with the Cullens and about Paul telling the reader she’s his imprint

Imagine moving to La Push and becoming friends with the pack

Bonfire at La Push

Request:  I was hoping if maybe you were thinking of doing a third part following the Reader and Paul’s growing relationship? Where maybe it skips time & she finds out they’re shifters, while also learning Paul has Imprinted on her. Is that cliche? And she attends the high school, if that’s implied in the first two parts and she knows the Cullen’s? And then there’s tension between her two different groups of Friends/acquaintances? Thanks!”

Disclaimer: i know this probably doesn’t go along with the storyline exactly with Bella hanging out with the Cullens at school etc but it’s just how I’m gonna write it, also this is long and probably spelling errors which i’ll correct when i edit it in the morning

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Avatar the last airbender au

my fav american cartoon ever plus my fav anime ever = p e r f e c t i o n. i’ll do element assignments for 1A and a few adults because writing up a whole plot is a bit much.

  • Waterbenders
    • TSUYU (this is not a question)
    • Tokoyami (can prob bloodbend)
    • Shouji (is a healer)
    • Yaoyorozu (is also a healer)
  • Earthbenders
    • Jirou (can metalbend too)
    • Iida (can also metalbend)
    • Kouda (his overtly caring nature holds him back sometimes tho)
    • Satou (s t r o n g k)
    • Kirishima (can lavabend)
  • Firebenders
    • Bakugou (duh) (very talented)
    • Kaminari (can produce/redirect lightning)
    • Ashido (not as good as bakugou or anything but still good!)
    • Endeavor (duh) (gross)
  • Airbenders
    • Uraraka (duh) (can also fly)
    • Aoyama (not super talented but still good)
    • Hagakure (can do a unique thing where she bends the air around her to change the direction of light particles and make herself appear invisible)
    • Present Mic (can bend sound)
  • Nonbenders
    • Midoriya (has an intensely strong spiritual connection)
      • can even connect with All Might, a former avatar
    • Ojiro (lives in Earth Kingdom; super good at martial arts!)
    • Sero (also lives in Earth Kingdom; athletic)
    • Mineta (doesn’t do much)
    • Aizawa (uses his bandages to help him move about)
      •  seems like an airbender but he’s really just spiderman 
  • Avatar/???
    • All Might (previous)
    • Todoroki (current? bc he has both fire and ice ugh complicated child)
RFA+Saeran & V Drunk

A special thanks to @actualobsessivetrash for helping me come up with the idea. :) 


  • Everything in drinking is a first for him 
  • Likes sweeter drinks but tries to keep up with the other members
  • When he get’s drunk he’s super bubbly and excited
  • Has more confidence to talk to girls and thinks he’s super smooth
  • Gets hit on by both guys and girls who try to take him home
  • Passes out in the car or as soon as he gets home


  • Waaaaayyyy too into himself
  • Looks into a mirror and starts hitting on his reflection 
  • “Do you have a name or can I call you ‘mine’?” *winks*
  • Challenges Jumin in any competition   
  • Thinks he’s invincible and will hug Elizabeth the Third
  • It doesn’t end well…


  • Can drink with the best of them 
  • Is even more honest than usual 
  • “And you know what? Fuck cat fur and your couch!” *drops invisible mic in front of Jumin* 
  • Will not remember putting money in the waist band of Zen’s pants
  • Tries to explain logically why she isn’t drunk when she definitely is 


  • Wine keeps him calm 
  • But break out the harder stuff and he’s a new man
  • Has a tendency to strip
  • “Jumin put your pants back on!” 
  • Drunk Jumin takes the most gorgeous selfies
  • At some point him and Zen are trying to decide who would be a better stripper and get on top of the bar


  • This motherfucker right here is always up to no good
  • His only goal is to get everybody else drunk
  • So spiking some punch is up his alley
  • Is notorious for trying to kiss anyone, “The Kissing Bandit” 
  • Also joins Zen and Jumin’s competitions (usually pulls Yoosung, Jaehee, and Saeran in too)
  • Laughs uncontrollably until he falls over 


  • Suddenly becomes super smooth 
  • Has a flock of people surround him to try and take him home
  • Very laid back
  • Will deny he is drunk at every turn though and is still sassy
  • However, every bar/club he goes to a fight breaks out? But he’s never around when security shows?
  • Psh, weird, am I right? 


  • Announces when he is drunk 
  • Will stop drinking when he realizes he is drunk 
  • Will remember EVERYTHING
  • Is still the most responsible person and tries to make sure everyone is ok at all times
  • “Yoosung, this isn’t a track field stop running around!” 
  • “Zen, that nice girl was not hitting on your reflection she was hitting on you.” 
  • “Jaehee, licking your elbow is impressive but doesn’t prove you’re not drunk.” 
  • “Jumin?! Why are there dollar bills in your underwear?!”
  • “Saeyoung stop pretending like you see a mistle toe it is JULY.” 
  • *holding back Saeran* “He apologized for bumping into you! It was an accident!” *looks at the other guy* “Run! I can’t hold him back for long!” 

~the next morning~

  • V wakes up passed out on the couch shirtless while everyone else is already awake and eating. 
  • “Well good morning sleepy head,” Saeyoung greets. 
  • “You really lost control last night,” Yoosung comments. 
  • Saeran nodded. “I didn’t think you had it in you to try and punch that guy who bumped into you.” 
  • “Passed out on the couch like an animal,” Jaehee added. 
  • “Why do I suddenly feel insulted by that statement?” Jumin thought aloud.
  • Zen sipped some coffee, “Could you please put some clothes on V.” 
  • V just pinched the bridge of his nose. “I hate all of you, so much.” 

rainfell15  asked:

Ok I've got an ask, different from the one I mentioned lol: 2D finding his s/o jamming out to his Spotify playlist maybe some fluff, *maybe some sin* 2Ds playlist is my jam and I've been jamming out 💃🏻💃🏻

No sin this time because there’s just so much of it in my inbox. If you guys really like this maybe I’ll do a part two ;) Songs I used from the playlist were “Everything She Wants” by Wham! and the obvious “Careless Whispers.”

Tags: Stu Pot x Reader, fluff

Word Count: 982

The drums beat. Your shoulders bounce and you picture yourself silhouetted by spotlights. You were dressed head to toe like a pop star from the disco age, nothing but neons and pop patterns. In reality of course, you were wearing a pair of underwear and an extra-long tee shirt that definitely didn’t belong to you, but that wouldn’t stop you. You give your best over-the-shoulder hair flip and clutch the whisk in your hand tightly, swinging a pretend microphone stand as you’ve seen your boyfriend do multiple times. The electronic beat joins you as you sing.

“I guess I must have loved you, ‘cuz I said you were the perfect girl for me-“

You walk barefoot through the kitchen, swinging an invisible mic chord and swaying your hips with that twinge of ‘80s sass that could only belong in a music video. You wiggle your shoulders and dip, tossing your head at the imaginary cameras as you scat to the music.

“Ah ha ha, oh ho ho, ah haaa, ah haaa, do do do la la la la la-“

The chorus revs and you jump to the couch, almost losing your balance but swiftly recovering as you bring the whisk close to your mouth and sing.

“Somebody tell meeeee, why I work so hard for youuuu-“

You pace back and forth on the couch like a catwalk, singing with as much power as you can muster. The beat reverberates through the house as the music blares, matched only in decibel by your singing voice. The music is so loud that the sound of the front door opening and shutting was drowned out completely. You continue, unaware that Stu had returned home from a day at the studio. Unaware that he had tried to get your attention before walking into the living room. Unaware that he was cackling- quite loudly- at the sight of you dancing like an idiot. His eyes brightened as he walked over to you, standing behind the couch almost at your eye level had you been facing him. Luckily for him, you weren’t.

“I can’t work any harder than I dooo-“

You sing, spinning dramatically only to be stopped dead in your tracks when you come face to face with your boyfriend, trying and failing not to laugh at you.

“It doesn’t seem like you’re working very hard at all, love.” He giggled, smiling at you as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a kiss. Your face blushed hot with embarrassment before you both bust out in laughter. You hop off the couch and grab the remote and turn down the volume of the speakers as 2D followed behind.

“I didn’t know you’d be home so soon, thought you would be gone recording all day.”

“Well I missed you,” he said, grinning and picking up the remote you had just sat down again.

“Bullshit, what’s the real reason?” You grin wide, leaning up to place a quick kiss on his nose.

“Murdoc was hungover and wanted to take a nap. Kept complaining about ‘I need my beauty sleep’ or something. If you ask me, no amount of beauty sleep could ever make a dent in his appearance.” He chucked to himself.

“Well I’m glad you’re home, you can help me get some things done.”

“Oh, because you were working so hard before I got here right?” The two of you laugh again and he pulls you back into a tight hug. “I think I could do with some fun myself, y’know.”

“Oh really?”

He shot you his best bedroom eyes (which were comical at the least) before causally clicking the speaker’s remote with the one hand free from around your waist. Immediately the familiar saxophone notes play and you try your best to choke back laughter as he dips you flirtatiously. His dark blue hair swept over his brow and tickled your face as he placed a quick kiss on your neck before swinging you back up and spinning you. You turn back into his arms and see that he had grabbed the whisk from the couch as he dipped you, and began to sing.

“I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm-“

You sing back to him as he holds you closely, both of you smiling wide and swaying to the music

“So I’m never gonna dance again, the way I danced with youuuuuu-“

His fingers weave between yours as he sways with you, letting one hand trace your side and settle on your hip. He holds you close and you dance together, letting the sensual tones of George Michaels carry you away into each other.

The song comes to a close and he still holds you tight. You kiss his cheek and whisper to him.

“You had better mean that.”

“Mean what?” He purred, lidded eyes staring into yours with a hopeless kind of romance.

“You had better not dance with anyone else the way you dance with me.” You tease, kissing his nose again.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

He leans in slowly, pressing his lips to yours as his hands brush the side of your face, fingers tangling in your hair. You take a deep breath and soak in the moment, pulling him closer to you hoping he would never let go.

He pulls away grinning ear to ear, lifting you up and spinning you in an enthusiastic hug.

“Let’s go to dinner,” he said suddenly, still holding you in his grasp.

“Why? I’m a mess I’d have to get ready.”

“You’re beautiful. I want to treat you tonight, dinner and a movie, maybe some candlelit festivities…”

“Festivities?” You smirk.

“Maybe, who knows?” He kisses you suddenly all over your face in as many places as he could reach, making you laugh again. “Maybe Georgie boy is right. I don’t want to waste the chance I’ve been given.”

All Shook Up

Dean x Reader

This was a challenge for @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps‘s birthday! I’m so glad I got to take part in it! Sign ups are here (I think it’s still open)

Warnings: none, just some sweet fluff

Word Count: 652

A/N: I’m so excited to do this, it’s combining my two favorite things: Supernatural and Elvis! This kind of incorporated more songs, but all Shook Up is the main song and theme. Also a very happy happy birthday to the great and wonderful Steph and a huge thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Tags: @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @fallen-and-lost @fangirl1802 @beesintuxedos @jpadjackles @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps

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Sungjin: boy’s got his feet up on the bed and his back on the floor casually strumming a guitar until S/O pushes his feet off the bed and he flips. Pokes his head up the side of the bed with a glare and pulls S/O off the bed to have a real shitty dance battle complete with the Sprinkler and Shopping Cart

Jae: S/O catches him taking frighteningly embarrassing pictures of them sleeping and starts a wrestling match over the phone. Roll snapshot footage of them getting in even worse positions with increasingly bad facial expressions all in quick takes via the phone’s camera.  

YoungK: S/O gets out of the empty bed only for Brian to walk back through the door holding a box of incredibly unhealthy cereal and a couple of juice boxes. Brian slowly shakes his head then gives S/O a “gentle” shove which knocks their ass back on the bed. Bri Bri sets down the snacks then does that sexy crawl thing back on the bed and leans over S/O ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wonpil: two words: SING OFF!!! So begins the bed jumping/dancing, invisible mics, and silently boisterous crowds. Unlike Sungjin and his S/O Wonpil is all about the teamwork so all moves are in tandem, even when he slips off the mattress and brings down his S/O with him. 

Dowoon: Do you see him? No. Bc the shy little sneak is under the covers jabbing S/O in the ribs and tickling their knees. It doesn’t take S/O long to realize what he’s doing and kicks him off the bed taking the duvet with him. He peeks up with a smile, blanket around his head, then he grabs the edge and pounces back on the bed with the duvet trailing after him like superman’s cape obscuring both of them from the camera. 


Deku - Zero G
Ochako - Engine
Iida - One for All
Katsuki - Half and Half
Todoroki - Explosion
Tsuyu - Vine
Aizawa - Mind Control
Shinsou - Quirk Erasure
Tooru - [Mineta’s Quirk]
Kirishima - Steel
Tetsutetsu - Hardening
Mei - Electrification
Momo - Dark Shadow
Tokoyami : Frog-Form
Denki: Voice Amplification
Jirou: Acid
Tensei : One for ALL
Hero killer : All for one
Mina: Animal-Voice
Yuuga: Creation
Sero: [Shoji’s Quirk]
Mineta: doesn’t exist
Kouda: Invisibility
Present Mic: Earphone Jack
Ojiro: Midnight’s Quirk
Shoji: Tail
Sato: Navel Lazer
Fatgum: Sato’s quirk
Himiko: Copycat
All Might: Decay
Kurogiri: Hell flame
Dabi: Warpgate.
Tomura: Stain’s quirk.
Midnight: Invisibility


The Invisible Microphone


cm punk classic… “you stupid fucking bitch, Im not holding a microphone.”

Until Dawn Dancing Headcanons

insp by this gorgeous thing here

after thinking about the until dawn squad dancing, i couldnt stop thinking about how they would change their dancing styles with various partners, and so this happened

sam turns on the radio one day when everyone is just hanging out and whitney houston is playing and you cant just ignore whitney, so she drags josh up to dance and the others slowly join in

sam and josh are killing it on the dance floor. sam took swing dancing lessons a while back and she had taught josh how to do the most basic stuff, so they’re a swirl of twists and sliding around the place. it looks like their feet are on fire, ash cant look too long or she gets dizzy.

matt and em are consistently in sync when dancing, some part of their bodies are always tapping to the beat of the song. matt was originally very shy while dancing until he realized how much he loved it. em took classes as a kid to appease her parents, mostly classical stuff. matt likes to dip her when she leasts expects it which always makes her laugh

chris and ash are both very shy about their dancing. they’re not the best at it, so they do a lot of snaps and swaying and clapping and repeating the same moves over and over again. they know they look like dorks doing it but they never stop smiling through out the whole thing, so they dont care.

jess and mike both have the similar style of making big movements when jamming out to a song. they manipulate their weight and hip movement to move and circle each other the whole time. also, shimmies for days. 

then sam makes them switch partners and all hell breaks loose.

sam and mike jam out to the music, singing along with every word and doing so in full body movements, throwing their heads back to sing. all of their dancing is done with one hand on each other, the other hand on the invisible mic in their hands.

chris and josh have been bros since third grade so they do what they’ve always done, which is the childhood dances like the cupid shuffle and the macarena, no matter the song it is. they’ve also recently started trying the new dance moves chris finds on vine, like the nae nae, tho josh is the only one of the two that can pull it off. 

they try to start a conga line with the others but its doesnt work (ha, over emily’s not dead body)

em and jess get together and they resort back to what they did at sleepovers when they were freshman in high school; jam out and jump to the music, swishing their hair around as they do so. its ridiculous but they love it and the room is filled wit the sound of them giggling. 

mike and em on the other hand dance like they used to when they were younger, close to each other so that they can feel the others heart beat and warmth engulf them. the direction they move is based on whose hand is leading, and that often switches between both of them

matt and jess spin, doing that cliche spinning in a circle just laughing in pure joy. they usually pull each other back into their arms and dance a little slower than the music, but they like it that way.

ash and sam dance like no one is watching

matt and mike dance like everyone is watching

Here’s some gajevy for you all

I found this AU… “Your window was open and you live across from me so I saw and heard you in your underwear, singing and dancing ridiculously and I really wanna get to know you cause you’re pretty hot and I might have a crush on you.”

I had to.

Levy McGarden was enjoying a peaceful afternoon in her NYC apartment, sitting on her windowsill reading a new novel, with a glass of iced tea next to her, listening to the hustle and bustle of the city below her. Just as she was reaching a major plot twist in her thriller, her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a loud guitar blasting from the apartment building across from her. “What the hell..” As she turned to see what was causing all the noise, in the room directly across from her on the other side of the small alleyway that separated the buildings, a tall man, with thick, black hair down his back, clad in nothing but his grey boxers, came into her view, completely unaware of his one-woman audience. The volume of the music was completely forgotten as her neighbor began to put on a show by (unknowingly) serenading the small woman. 

“I’m tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
I don’t know what you’re expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes…”

Levy had bust out laughing at the man, holding the invisible mic, belting it out and giving it his all, like he was really in front of a live audience. “Linkin Park huh? Nicccccce.” she said to herself with a laugh. 

“I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there
Become so tired, so much more aware
By becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you.”

She let him finish his performance, watching his every dance move, and hip thrust, and listening to his (amazing?) singing. All the while her eyes trailed down his muscled torso and back, damn.

Once Gajeel finished his jaw-dropping, fuckin AMAZING song, complete with a bow to the crowd and all, wondering why someone didn’t just sign him on the spot, he heard a small sound from outside his window.

His open window. 


Someone was clapping from the other apartment building. For him? “Fuccckk fuck fuck.” He swallowed his pride, and stuck his head out the window, to find a very pretty lady with blue hair clapping for him. 

“Heard all that didn’t ya?” he grumbled.

“Hahaha oh yes, and saw all of it too,” she added with a wink.


“Hey, but I thought you did a very good job, and you don’t look half bad either,” the bluenette said with a giggle. “My name’s Levy.”

“Gajeel, and ya like whatcha see don’t ya? Gihihi.”

Levy blushed, and retorted with, “Well why don’t you bring that fine ass over here then so I can find out more about you, other than you are a master on stage,” with a look only the devil himself could mimic. “4th floor, room 405.”

“See ya soon shorty,” as he ran to find some pants to put on before he went to meet this cute, but feisty new neighbor. 

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This past Friday’s game of Greatest Hits [S11E03] was rather awesome. Ryan’s thing for New OrLEANS, Colin’s opening, Aisha and Wayne laughing, the whole mic going in and out scene, Aisha and Keegan running to fix said invisible mic. I loved it.
(also, just saying, if you can watch the show in a way that will count towards the ratings…please do that. the show keeps getting better but the ratings get worse to the point where it’s probably going to be an issue soon.)