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[Smutfest] Blue Doll - 01 Toys


Vegeta hated this place with every fiber of his being. Raditz and Nappa had already left him, running off to slobber over the brothel’s displays like starving dogs eyeing fresh haunches of meat. He didn’t know whether to be disgusted or envious of their enthusiasm. Sex had never brought him pleasure. Relief, yes, a purging of a biological need, sure, but never pleasure. He never pined away for a good fuck; not the way his two compatriots seemed to. More often than not, Vegeta found his hand satisfactory to the task, and when he did partake in carnal relations with another, he did his best to make the matter as impersonal and perfunctory as possible. Engaging with others when death wasn’t involved wasn’t his strong suit, and that left him feeling vulnerable in a way that sat poorly with his pride.

Yet here he was, back at another brothel, if only to shut Nappa and Raditz up, by ensuring that their energy was spent on something other than aggravating the living fuck out of him. To be fair, this was by far the nicest looking brothel that they had visited yet. In fact, the damn place reeked of exclusivity. Which only unsettled Vegeta all the more. It was too clean, too nice. Nothing good ever came of these kinds of places. It made him think of the Colds’ spacecrafts, richly outfitted in their opulence, gold and silks poorly veiling their owners’ sadistic intentions.

A loud, girlish squeal pierced the quiet, followed by Nappa’s booming laugh. Vegeta felt his lip curl in distaste. He walked down the hall, putting distance between himself and his companions, and in doing so, headed towards the more expensive end of the brothel’s wares.

They were all displayed in glass windows, like mannequins. ‘Dolls’, the host had called them, chosen for their eclectic beauty, and set up like porcelain figures. Vegeta could see that some took the ‘doll’ name more literally than others. A lot of them were sex-bots, and they sat, pretty and still as a picture, waiting for a client to ‘play’ with them. Or at least he assumed they were supposed to be pretty. Most represented alien species he was only cursorily familiar with. Some were Saiyan-like in that they stood on two legs, were warm blooded, but that’s where the similarities ended. The differences, however small, were enough to be unsettling. ‘A hole was a hole’ Nappa would say, and though Vegeta agreed, he still found it hard to be excited when a girl’s skin was so scaly it felt like he was fucking gravel, or when a woman looked up at him with eyes as alien and soulless as a fish’s.

He was nearing the end of the displays. Nothing had caught his eye, but he had barely looked, instead making a line for the brothel’s most expensive girls. He was a Prince after all. Seedy fuck or not, he deserved the best.

Finally he reached the top echelon of the sex dolls. Their displays were far more elaborate. Only one appeared to be a sex-bot, remaining still, while the other ‘dolls’ perked up at the appearance of a possible client. He glared at them with a critical eye, mentally weighing if any would be worth his time or his credits, and wondering if it wouldn’t just be easier and cheaper to find a hotel, jerk off and pass out.

Pale skin and the flash of an usual blue caught his eye. Vegeta glanced over and, for the first time in years, was taken by surprise.

She’s Saiyan.

For an exhilarating, wild heart beat, he thought he had found his own kind. Female, no less. A beautiful female at that.

But just as quickly as the thought entered his mind, his rational side squashed it. She couldn’t be. His kind was near extinct. And no Saiyan woman would tolerate becoming captive to a brothel. Not to mention this girl had no tail, and her hair coloring was blue when it should have been dark. No, she was no Saiyan… but Gods did she almost fit the bill. Something hurt in his chest as he eyed her over. Her features were fey, her skin much paler than his own, but it was skin like his nonetheless, not scales or fur or oozing sludge. She wore only the thinnest robe that barely hid her lithe, curvy body beneath. She was, hands down, the most gorgeous thing he had ever encountered. But she had inadvertently reminded him of the death of his species, and that bitter taste now lingered in his mouth.

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that I am super grateful for all of the positive feedback I have been getting on my goat mom cosplay!  Believe it or not I was super nervous about that cosplay before katsucon and was considering “turning it down a notch” the day of the con since I felt I was inexperienced with latex prosthetics, doing poi in platform heels, etc. BUT I’m glad I ended up going full throttle on my original plan because it has brought me here! Making this masterpost. Because my inbox has been overflowing with lovely comments and questions about my goat mom and I feel terrible not being able to personally reply to all of them. :) So lets get started by answering the most FAQS I received over the past week or so! 

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When the girl was young, she often dreamed of falling in love with a boy. A boy who was special and sweet and said all of the right things, but never if they were a lie. A boy who’d she run to to cry on his shoulder but that never would make her cry himself. She dreamed of a great love, a true love, an everlasting love. She was in love with love. But never did she dream of loving her best friend. He was there when she was young and dreaming of her love and slowly yet all of sudden she realized he was the man of her dreams. She wanted to scream out how much she loved him from the top of her lungs yet she was silent. No one knew she loved him, not even himself. But she loved him so much she didn’t mind. She loved him so much it didn’t matter he didn’t reciprocate those feelings. But when she saw him love another, she never could imagine the pain she’d feel, not even in her wildest dreams.

His house was full with all the people who loved him, although no one loved him quite as much as she did. That much, she was certain of. Y/N was happy, her blissful mood radiating out from her like she was lit from within. Everyone took notice and the crowd of guests parted for her as she almost floated through the room. It was her favourite day of the year. It was the day that her love had come into the world and she thought that he couldn’t be celebrated enough.

She spotted Harry from across the room. He was glowing, just as much as her. Anyone from the outside looking in would say they were meant to be. Their auras were the same. They connected on a level much deeper than anything in this superficial world. His eyes found hers and he smiled. His beautiful mouth spread into the most glorious of smiles. All white teeth and dimples. Oh how she loved his dimples. She walked towards him as if she were floating. As if she were in slow motion. The world, the party had stopped as if only the two of them existed.

Y/N weaved in and out of the crowed easily. Nothing would keep her from reaching Harry. He stepped forward the moment she threw her arms around his neck.

“Happy birthday,” she whispered.

“Thank you, beautiful.” Harry inhaled her scent, brushing his nose against her exposed skin.

The moment was perfect. Just the two of them. Until it wasn’t anymore. Her world shattered, sending her back into reality. Her dream became a nightmare.

“Hey handsome, I’ve been looking all over for you,” the girl said, snaking her arms around Harry’s lean waist. She pressed her lips into his greedily, making Y/N’s head spin. Harry smiled into the kiss. Y/N slowly backed away from the couple, feeling her entire chest tighten with envy and heart break.

“Y/N, this is my girlfriend Morgan. Morgan, this is Y/N,” Harry introduced the two ladies.

She smiled a tight smile, one that no one would believe was genuine. Morgan returned a hideous excuse for a grin and Y/N decided she hated her. A girl like her didn’t deserve a boy like Harry.

“We gotta mingle. I’ll see you around, Y/N.” Harry clapped her on the back as if she was nothing more than one of the guys, a casual buddy.

The seed of panic within her stomach magnified tenfold as Harry turned away from her. She pushed through the crowd, desperate to leave his house. Leave and never come back. She tripped over bodies as she found her way to the exit. No one noticed her this time. She was invisible.

Her heels clacked against the sidewalk as she swiped at the angry tears falling from her eyes. She found herself wishing unthinkable things. She wished she never met Harry. Never fell for him. Never loved him. But she had to be careful what she wished for. She was just hurting. Nothing hurt as much as wishing she was something more. Something better. Something worry of an angel.

She didn’t know where she was walking, but somehow her legs had managed to carry herself to the little diner that held so many memories for her and Harry. The place was small and dingy but it was perfect. It was always empty and she and Harry had found themselves spending way too many nights at way too late an hour under the fluorescent lighting. They always shared a slice of apple pie. He ate the crust and she ate the apples. The perfect team, he had said.

Maury gave her a sad smile as he handed her the usual on a paper plate. She began to interrupt him as he handed over two forks.

“Take them. You might need them both,” he said kindly.

She didn’t have it in her to fight him, even though she knew he was wrong.

She sat at an empty booth and shut her eyes in pain, willing herself to unsee what she had seen. His lips on hers. His smile directed at her. It was too much and it was killing her.

As much as what she saw hurt her, there was so much that she didn’t see. She didn’t see the pure look of panic in his eyes as he realized she was gone. She didn’t see him push open every bedroom door in his house to make sure none of his friends were taking advantage of her. She didn’t see him shake off Morgan’s grip as he set off to look for her. And she certainly couldn’t see the broken look on his face as he stared into the diner window, looking at her.

She had shoved the last bite of apple into her mouth. She stared at the plate of flaky crust, desperately hoping someone was there to eat it.

“Is that for me?” Harry asked, sliding into the booth across from her.

She didn’t answer. Couldn’t answer. He stuck his fork into the dessert and made a moan of pleasure as he swallowed. He always made that sound. Usually she would suppress her giggles; now it was a miracle if she suppressed her tears.

“So,” Harry said in between bites, leaning forward. “You left.”

Y/N nodded, not sure what to say. Would anything she say matter? Nothing she said would change anything. Was it worth being a fool?

“Can I know why?” Harry placed his hands on top of hers on the table. She felt safe and warm.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, savouring the feel of his skin on hers.

“You not know something? I don’t buy that. Please, tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours,” Harry begged.

She removed her hands from his grip and placed them on her lap.



“No, you can’t talk to me like that. You have a girlfriend now, Harry.” She said, heart shattering as she spoke.

Harry’s brows furrowed. “I don’t get it. How do I talk to you?”

“Like…like I’m important. Like I mean something. Like you love me,” she told him.

“I do love you,” he said calmly.

Y/N’s head snapped up and she stared directly into his eyes as she poured her heart out.

“No. I love you.”

Harry’s lips parted and his eyebrows widened. “I…I don’t…”

The shrill ring of his phone interrupted him. She could see the screen flashing with his girlfriend’s name. She turned her head to the side. She couldn’t bear to see him answer her call. Within seconds the ringing stopped. And Harry’s phone was pressed into his pocket.

“I’m with you right now,” Harry explained.

Her broken heart slowly pieced back together in her chest. But she was too hurt. The damage was irreplaceable.

The shrill ring started up again.

“It’s Morgan,” Harry whispered.

“Get it,” she told him.

Harry looked unconvinced as he pressed the phone to his ear.

“Yeah, hey baby…” he spoke.

She had seen and heard too much. She sprang from her seat and ran from the shop into the lamp lit sidewalks. Her heels were hindering her ability to keep a steady pace. She heard her name being called angrily from behind her. The sound distracted her and she tripped over her own feet.

She lost her balance. She was off balance. Her world was off kilter. The one she loved loved someone else. She was lying on the cold hard ground, lost and alone insider her own head.

Except she wasn’t. Just as she braced her body to fall onto the concrete, she felt two strong arms wrap around her from behind, steadying her.

“Y/N, it’s me. You’re okay,” Harry whispered into her ear. “I’ve got you.”

She gripped his strong forearms, loving how solid he felt in their embrace.

“She’s nothing to me,” Harry said, unshed tears in his eyes. “They all are. You’re the one who matters. You are the one whose on my mind the second I go to bed and the moment I wake up. You’re the one I love. Really love.”

She wanted to believe him but his words were so beautiful she thought she was dreaming.

“What about Morgan?”

“She’s just someone I’ve been passing the time with. We’ve just been fooling around, I swear,” Harry wanted her to believe him. Needed her to. “I love you. Y/N, I’m in love with you. And hearing you say you love me makes me the happiest man on earth.”

His confession was the glue that sealed her heart back into place, fuller than ever. Harry was looking at her with hooded eyes. His head was cocked to the side and he leaned in, pressing his lips softly into hers. She was floating, glowing and the intensity of the physical connection was terrifying. She wrapped her arms around his neck tighter, pulling herself into him.

Reality was finally better than her dreams.

The Nucleus Incident 2.0 - Chapter 10

When the machine above Nucleus’ control point activates, the RED team wakes up to find they’ve each gained strange and often uncontrollable superpowers. Will they band together to find a cure, or does fate have other plans?

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FINALLY DONE. I think this is actually the longest chapter so far, whoops. Also just as a reminder; if you’ve read version 1.0, do not post spoilers. Thanks.

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Oh no I wrote another thing. Based on this post by carmillatexts.

(Carmilla/Bridge to Terabithia)

Laura was awake, suddenly, in the silence of the house. Darkness pressed in around her like a curtain, filling her eyes and her nose, almost suffocating. She pushed the blankets off and sat up in bed. Everything felt empty, the air lifeless around her. She couldn’t even hear her father breathing in the next room, and she realized that the emptiness was coming from inside of her, that her emptiness was the emptiness in the room.

She blinked, rubbed her eyes. She seemed to remember her father saying, someone saying, that Carmilla was dead, that the swing had broken and she’d hit her head and drowned, but it had to be a nightmare. Carmilla was more alive than Laura, Carmilla had given Laura life, had brought imagination into Laura’s closeted life, had shown her that there was more to the world than just what her father let her see over the windowsill. It was not possible for Carmilla to be dead.

If she got out of bed now, nine-year-old feet padding softly on the wooden floor, she could creep down the stairs, careful not to let her father hear, and push open the back door the way Carmilla had shown her, so it wouldn’t squeak. She would run down the road to Carmilla’s house, white nightdress flapping in the wind around her, knock gently on the door to Carmilla’s house, and Carmilla would open it, dark hair slightly messy from sleep, her black cat winding around her ankles.

“You look like a ghost,” she would say, smiling that bright smile that had drawn Laura to her, then her forehead would wrinkle. “Is everything okay, cupcake?” she would ask, and Laura would pout playfully at the name.

“You’re not that much older than me,” Laura would say, but her own smile would creep in. She loved the pet name; it felt like the only home she ever needed. “I’m sorry I went to the museum without you. I’m really sorry. It was dumb of me not to ask.”

“It’s okay,” Carmilla would say. “I’ve been to lots of museums.”

She would take Carmilla’s hand and they would run through the woods and swing themselves over the stream into Terabithia. It would be new in the dark, but Carmilla would lead Laura through it, guide her over the rocks so familiar in the daytime, and so unknown at night with just the moonlight to show them the way. The cat would follow them, sticking close on their heels, almost invisible in the shadows.

Laura would tell Carmilla every detail of the museum, describe every painting, every drawing, every sculpture, and Carmilla would make up stories about them and say, “Maybe it’s better I didn’t go. Now I can imagine it perfectly, exactly how I want it.”

There would be a sound, in the dark of the woods, and Laura would jump, reaching for Carmilla. “There’s something out there,” she would say, voice trembling.

Carmilla would stand up tall, hands on hips, trying to be imposing. “I’m the Vampire Queen, and nothing and nobody can scare me.”

“Fangs and everything.” Laura would laugh as Carmilla bared her long canines in a devilish grin.

“I’m gonna get you,” she’d say, leaning forward. “You’ll be just like me.”

“Stop!” Laura would giggle halfheartedly, two seconds before Carmilla lunged forward, hands finding their mark, tickling Laura mercilessly. Laura would laugh til she cried, and Carmilla would stop just before it got to be too much. She could always tell.

Laura would pull her down to lie beside her on the ground and they would look up at the stars together, heads resting against one another. The cat would stretch out between them, purring. Laura would reach over her for Carmilla’s hand and find it waiting and they would lie in silence for a moment.

“Carm?” Laura would say.

“Yes, cupcake?”

“You’ll be here forever, right?”

Carmilla would sit up, look at Laura. “Of course I will. We’ll be together forever, until we’re old and gray.”

In her room, Laura buried her face in her hands as the emptiness rose again – it was funny how emptiness could engulf you, how nothing could be a something strong enough to keep everything out. Laura looked up through her window, at the stars shining bright and cold in the night. She would go tomorrow. She would tell Carmilla about the museum and she would apologize, and everything would be okay.

Laura went downstairs the next morning, the sun streaming through the open windows, to find her father in the kitchen.

“Hey kiddo,” he said. “Want some pancakes?”

She nodded, and he put a plate in front of her. Laura couldn’t remember the last time she’d had pancakes. She covered them in butter and syrup and never before had pancakes tasted so good. She didn’t let anything else into her mind. The rest of the world was confusing and she didn’t want to try to understand it.

“We’re going over to the Karnstein’s this morning,” he said, sitting down across from her. “To pay our respects.”

She felt stupid. Nothing that he said made sense and she couldn’t pull it apart to understand. “Why?” She knew it was the wrong thing to say before she said it.

“Laura, listen to me. Look at me.” Reluctantly, Laura looked up at him. He stared earnestly across the table at her. “Your friend Carmilla is dead. The swing broke and she fell and hit her head. You need to understand that.”

Laura didn’t respond. She wanted to go outside, wanted to cross into Terabithia, where Carmilla would be waiting for her, just like she always was. Instead, she went upstairs to get dressed, then put on her jacket, and followed her father out the door.

Several cars were parked outside the Karnstein’s house, but the house was silent. The instant the door opened, the cat was rubbing her face against Laura’s leg.

Carmilla’s mother gestured them in, then closed the door and led them into the living room, where people sat quiet on the chairs and couches. Laura stood by the doorway. Everything was wrong. Carmilla should be here, whispering stories about each person into Laura’s ear, making her smile.

“Do you want something to drink?” Carmilla’s mother asked her. Laura nodded, and let her lead her to the kitchen. But she didn’t get a glass down. Instead, Carmilla’s mother knelt down in front of Laura and put a hand on her shoulder. Tears filled her eyes. “Carmilla loved you, you know,” she said. “She told me once that….” her voice caught. “That if it wasn’t for you….” A tear rolled down her cheek. “Thank you. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to my girl. My glittering girl.” Another tear, followed the first, then another.

Laura put her arms around Carmilla’s mother and they stood like that for a minute. Then she drew back, saying, “I’m sorry,” and left Laura standing there.

She looked through the open back door, across the field, to the forest. The trees just hid the creek, and beyond that was Terabithia. Laura hit the ground running, across the field, into the trees, towards the creek, the cat bounding beside her. She came to a halt at the edge of the water. The broken swing hung in front of her and she collapsed. The weight of everything crushed down on her, the world she didn’t understand, that had been made so wrong so quickly. She felt something against her shoulder, and turned to find the cat rubbing her face against her. Laura pulled her close and felt the cat purr against her chest and for the first time, but not the last, she let herself cry.

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It makes sense for Wii Fit trainer to wear an outfit like that, though. At least in the context of Prime, Samus wearing high-heels doesn't really -fit- with the rest of the series. They even point out explicitly that Samus shouldn't have high-heels in concept art for one of the old games.

And yeah, the high heels of the Zero Suit doesn’t make sense, but as shown in this gif,


we can see they add a similar bounce to her that has been seen before in the boots of Chell from Portal (difference being while the long fall boot had almost an “invisible” heel ZZS’s has an “invisible” brace)

She didn’t need to jump high or kick hard in her own games, but Smash is a whole ‘nother game.