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Sixth Gun Tagging Game: Describe your top 5 favourite GazettE songs

In one sentence without giving away the title. You can say how it sounds, what the meaning of the song is, how it makes you feel, which year it’s from, even which album it’s from, but don’t put the title in the sentence. You can put the song names in the tags if you wish, though~

When you’re done, tag the next 10 people!

  1. This song is from 2015, and it is the epitome of pure darkness and Gothic badassery, with rich vocals, refined sound, epic guitar tracks, and makes for perfect fight music.
  2. This song is from 2013, and it’s absolutely sensual and quite sexy, especially Uruha’s guitar solo, which is essentially sex for your ears.
  3. This song is from 2009, and it’s got a bitter yet hardcore sound to it, and is so damn catchy and makes me sing all the time; it was also my gateway song into becoming a Sixth Gun.
  4. This song is from 2011, and it’s badass, action-movie-esque, and the song that Ruki works his hips to and rubbed his crotch to at Vancouver and made me and several other girls scream.
  5. This song is also from 2013, and its PV has Ruki with blond wavy hair, red lips, and a super stylish red outfit which has probably become my most favourite look on him.

I’m now tagging @wolfmagic48, @mirai280, @uruhas-thigh-gap, @uruha-lips, @missverypink, @cancerianwastelandcat, @fadelesslove, @ducklingxkitten, @silentgazetteninja, @wack-moral

Even if you haven’t been tagged, feel free to participate! Have fun! :D