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She’s Cheer Captain & I’m on the Bleachers

Sunshine.  The smell of grass and the feel of it under her shoes.  Cheers and screams from the bleachers.  She certainly didn’t have this on The Isle.  The whistle blew, and Mal came to a stop, tugging her helmet off and letting the waves of purple come spilling out.  The screams only seemed to get louder when she did so, and half of them sounded like they were coming from the cheerleaders on the sidelines.  Jay jogged over to her, losing his helmet as well and letting his equally luscious locks flow free too.  More screaming.

“You wanna be the one to tell them practice is over?” he teased, elbowing Mal and pointing at the cheerleaders.

“Not only no, but heck no,” Mal walked with him to the center of the Tourney field.

Number 59 and Number 8 strolled idly across the ground to the tune of Auradon Prep’s shouts.  Jay was right, it was only practice, not an actual game, but the bleachers had seen more and more company on practice days ever since Mal became team captain.

“…What is she doing here?” Mal questioned, coming to a stop and tugging Jay to one by his sleeve.

“Head cheerleader?  Kind of her job to be here,” Jay flashed a grin as he waved at said cheerleaders.

“Not Audrey, genius.  But by all means, feel free to always remind me when my ex is hanging around.  I meant her,” Mal pointed into the bleachers with her Tourney stick.

Jay peered into the crowd, spotting the familiar face of Dopey’s kid and his chemistry partner sitting beside him.

“Evie?  Huh.  Good question.”

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Obviously, I don’t really know how Asks or Not-Asks work.

If you want to use an invisible fence collar, you’re gonna do what you want to do and that’s fine, your business, your money, your dog. But my business is primarily in companion dogs and the misconceptions the public has about them - like the misconception that a mild-moderate shock is even slightly appropriate in the training of a dog. When it comes to building trust and communication between yourself and your dog, using aversive methods of any kind breaks down the relationship.

If you and I were arguing in person and I didn’t like what you were saying, I could slowly reach out and gently out my hand around your throat for a careful squeeze, then release you while remaining calm the entire time. It wouldn’t hurt you and depending on your temperament and behavior, it might stop our argument entirely.

But I bet you won’t want to talk to me ever again either.

TL;DR: I work at a store that sells shock collars, will sell them to customers if they ask, support positive method training, and made animal products my career- I know what a frigging invisible fence collar is and does and that’s WHY I have strong feelings about them.


I don’t care what type of day you are having. This makes it all go away…

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opinion on keeping dogs on chains outside (no matter the weather) ?

Of course there isn’t anything biologically wrong with dogs living outdoors. It’s almost silly and anthropomorphic to imply that they belong indoors. However, as humans, we have altered the domestic dog to be unequipped with survival capabilities. We have everything from hairless dogs that need sunscreen, to dogs with long flowing hair that must be brushed everyday.

When it comes to being outside, there are a good chunk of dogs that can cope, depending on the climate and access to proper resources (i.e.; shelter, food, water). Mostly your double coated breeds that cannot get matted, comparable to wild canids.

Obviously “keeping dogs on chains outside” has a bit of a stigmatizing tone to it. Whether it’s a chain or a tether, if you don’t have a fence.. it is probably a better option than, say, an invisible fence. With enough length, a stake in the ground is nothing but a safety measure for the dog.

Unfortunately, the many cases of dogs being chained up coincide with no shelter, and not enough slack to roam, or reach water. So chains are often associated with neglect or abuse. But there’s always a right way to do things, and a wrong way. A dog properly tethered and supplied with sufficient resources, while also given a healthy amount of exercise, socialization, and stimulation, is still a happy dog. Arguably more happy than a dog that would otherwise be in a crate for 8 hours, but perhaps not a safe, depending on where you live.

I personally wouldn’t keep a dog outside, but it is human empathy that makes us feel sorry for a dog that is outside. Why get a dog if you don’t want them to live with you? But I can imagine there are dogs that are more manageable outdoors, more content with the “freedom” than being confined indoors. I can’t really give a strong argument for it, but I know it doesn’t always equate to neglect and/or abuse.

a few good highlights of new awful squad:

  • travis not knowing how discord works
  • nick & griffin just brushing their teeth on stream
  • The Circle God
  • travis talking about how he ran through an invisible dog fence once with the shock collar around his leg???????

So you will never find me—
In this life—with a sharp and invisible
Fence, I encircle myself

With honeysuckle, bind myself,
With hoarfrost, cover myself.

So you will never hear me
At night—with a crone’s subtlety:
With reticence—I fortify myself.

With rustlings, bind myself,
With silkiness, cover myself.

So you neither flower nor mold in me
Overmuch—in my undergrowth: in my books
I mislay, I bury you, alive:

With fabrications, bind you,
With any pretense, cover you.

Marina Tsvetaeva, from Selected Poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva; “So You Will Never Find Me,”

Several times a week we hear the lady across the street shrieking for her dogs to come back (she lets them run lose all day) and it’s like… maybe if you fenced in your giant yard they could have plenty of room to play in and not harass everyone else or possibly go missing -__-


my dog toby died today. he was 15 years old, which i think translates to old-as-fuck in dog years, and he was the best dog in the entire world. i know everyone says that but toby actually was sorry @ all your dogs. he was the smiliest ray of sunshine who never had an aggressive bone in his entire body and wanted to be friends with literally everyone. we had an invisible fence, so when the weather was nice we would let him stay outside during the day while we were at school/work, and somehow he become more popular than we were in our neighborhood????? people would let their dogs/kids play with him in the yard and sometimes when i was walking him people would come up to me and say, like, “oh, YOU’RE toby’s owner!!! we love him!!” like he was a celebrity and i was his assistant. 

he was a golden retriever who never retrieved a goddamn thing in his life and only responded to the word “cheese.” he was also, contrary to what these pictures imply, terrified of the water (despite goldens being water dogs he literally had webbed feet). he was such a princess he refused to eat dog food without human food in it - his favorite was meatballs with red sauce.

when I was 13 I broke my foot so badly I required surgery to have several plates/screws put in it, which as you can imagine had a crazy recovery time. toby was only about 2 at the time, and as much as we joked that he was a dumb lovable doofus, he could tell something was wrong. he REFUSED to leave my side for 2 straight months. he slept in my room every night and laid by the couch all day when I couldn’t move. he was so loyal and protective and he loved us all so much, the hardest hardest thing about finding out this morning that he had died was that I wasn’t there with him at the end like he was there for me.

I could go on forever but I won’t. He was my best friend since i was ELEVEN years old and I love and miss him so so much already. I just hope he’s somewhere where he is surrounded by lots of other dogs to play with and and unlimited supply of meatballs and cheese.

Nature always wins.

I wasn’t sure whether to put it in pettyrevenge or here since the effort was pretty petty but the results were pro.

This story takes place on my families farm. It’s a small hobby farm we bought about 10 years ago and has two lots cut off the front corners which were sold to two older couples before we bought it. They were both very nice and there was lots of space and privacy so life was good.

On the farm we have four dogs, but the two who will be the stars of this story are two maremma’s whose job it is to protect the farm and the animals from a very large pack of coyotes who roam the area. They do this by going to the edges of the property and making a lot of noise to discourage the pack from even coming towards the farm.

About a year ago the proverbial shit hit the fan. One of the couples moved into a retirement home and left the house to their son and his wife, unfortunately these two were the classic definition of city slickers. They jumped at every cricket chirp and frog ribbit and we’re especially upset when they learnt it was a 20 minute drive to the grocery store. They also brought a very small chihuahua and a very fat cat with them.

A couple of nights after the couple had moved in we got a phone call complaining about the dogs, that they were barking at the couple and threatening their cat. This was strange behavior for the dogs so we apologized, and brought them to meet the couple so the dogs would recognize them as friends. While we were there we found out that they had been letting their cat roam outside at night, we told them that was a bad idea and probably bringing the coyotes in closer and forcing our dogs to come deal with the threat. A few hours later we went home thinking everything had been taken care of.

We were wrong. We continued to get phone calls complaining about the dogs on a daily basis and since you can only repeat yourself so many times we eventually gave up on trying to reason with them and started locking the dogs inside through the day as well as ignoring their phone calls. Since we weren’t responding anymore they called animal control, who having met our dogs on numerous occasions, told them they were being ridiculous. After about a month of daily calls to us and animal control we got a call saying that they had bought a gun and if our dogs came near their property again they would shoot them. This was not something we wanted to risk so we immediately went out and installed an invisible fence around the property closest to the house and barns that absolutely had to be protected, this left almost a kilometer of land between the dogs and the couple and made sure they would not be protected (harassed) by the dogs any more.

About a week later we found out that their cat had been killed and eaten by coyotes almost immediately after the fence had gone up and a month after that they sold the house and moved.

I was more than happy to see them go but I do feel sorry for the cat.

DaveKatWeek Day 2: AU- Target and the Troll

Target and the Troll


Your name is Dave Strider and nothing, nothing, good came out of working the late shift at Target.

For one thing, it was hella fucking lonely. Besides the stoners, homeless people, stressed and/or drinking soccer moms, and the obviously drunk college students, the crowd at Target near the hours of twelve A.M. were the types of people who made up Hell. And yes, you meant “Hell” with a capital “H.” Like it was a fucking country and not just the land of the forsaken and the eternally tortured.

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Slaxl Week  Day 3 → “We’re like opposite poles of energy.”

Slash: Axl and I had a very interesting sort of love/hate relationship, and always did. Most of the time Axl and I were like fishing buddies who don’t have much to talk about unless they are fishing. Then there were times when he and I had good rapport, when he’d come to me to talk when he had a lot in his mind. For all of those periods, there were stretches when we were so obviously on opposite sides of some invisible fence that we didn’t communicate at all. 


imagine the bureaucracy nightmare getting a permit for an electric fence would be in a densely populated area.

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Do you have any quality, well written ryden fic recs? :) I seem to have run out and it's a bit heart breaking :c

ok sorry this is a little late but i’m gonna try to help you out and just put out a bunch of different stuff

if you want standalones: 

the first five times - i remember this being kind of sad but also very happy at the end but it’s a (i think) pretty canon fic based on five different moments ryan and brendon had

all aboard memory lane - this one is au in which the band never existed (i’m pretty sure) and it’s just brendon and ryan sneaking away from their girlfriends to see each other and it’s really well-written and by the end i was pretty amazed

invisible fences - some well-written ryden fluff 

village idiot - a surprisingly happy post-split where brendon realizes he’s in a different band so he can date ryan now

expect the unexpected - in case you want some cute, cabin, bed sharing smut fic 

give me more - probably longer than the usual standalone but i will rec this fic to my death because i love it so much but it’s a pre-panic fic where brendon becomes friends with spencer and ryan

if you want some chaptered/several parts fics:

for a minute there - another really great pre-panic fic where ryan tutors brendon in english but warning the ending is kind of sad

heart and tender - this one is a fantasy fic in which you can sell your heart and buy someone else’s but it’s very interesting and i don’t see it rec’d as much as i should 

for keeps - ok so you’ve probably seen this on many reclists and it has the description about a shirt being wrinkled and i skipped over it for a long time because i thought it would be boring but please read it it’s a very beautifully written hs au (trigger warning for rape though) 

when all else fails (i’ll be here) - i rec this one quite a bit but it’s one of my favorites even if it’s a little sad but basically ryan is into drugs and it’s post-split

different ways to get where we are - this one is very cool because it has three parts, each one told from a different person (ryan, brendon, spencer) and as the title would suggest it talks about how they got together 

ok well hopefully this helps??? if you’ve already read these or want more i have a reclist with mostly ryden fic and a mediocre tagging system so you can find that here