invisible decrease


Sometimes I come across a technique that just makes me want to bang my head against the wall because it’s so useful and I’m just like why has no one shown me this until now. The invisible decrease has changed everything.


Sushi pattern

Hello there, fellow crocheters

In the last few weeks I crocheted a whole lot, some minor projects but also some bigger projects I’ll talk about as soon as they’re finished. I know I’m a lazy writer but I’ll try to chance that as few as I’m finished with my apprenticeship.

In the pictures above you can see something I made out of pure boredom: Sushi. It’s easy to make and you can finish it within roughly an hour if you’re slow and within less than half an hour if you’re a fast crocheter.

I’ve made two types of Sushi: There are Sushi rolls that are - if I’m not mistaken - called Maki. Then there is other Sushi I don’t even know how it’s called. If I’m talking about Sushi, you can be a hundred percent certain that I’m talking about the Sushi as it’s shown in the first row.

Now… let’s begin with the pattern, shall we?

The … Sushi Sushi

Sushi Basic

Use white yarn
  • 7 chains, work an sc in both sides of the chain (14)
  • *sc in sc, two sc in one sc* repeat 7 times (21)
  • only use backloop *sc in next two scs, two sc in one sc* repeat 7 times (28)
  • *crochet around* repeat for two rows (28)
  • *sc in next two sc, decrease sc* repeat 7 times (21)
  • *sc in next sc, decrease sc* repeat 7 times (14)
  • *decrease sc* repeat 7 times (7)
  • fasten off


In order to make really simple toppings you’ll have to decide on a color first. Pastel red for tuna, orange for salmon, and so on and so forth. Then it goes as follows:
  • chain 12
  • sc in each sc, make a chain to turn (12)
  • continue for as long as you think is right. When you’re done, fasten off

Now either you can use the rectangular you now presumably made as it is or if you made a longer version you can fold it so that it’s half its orginal length. Then you’ll have to join the upper part to the lower part with a needle and what’s left of your thread.

Now you have a piece of sashimi which you can attach to the base part of the Sushi.

If you wanted to put a shrimp on your sushi as I did, the easiest way would be to change the color after every row.

So you’d make 12 chains with orange and change to white in the last loop. Then you’d work one sc into every chain with white and then change back to orange again. You can follow through the same steps as shown in the guide above for easy decorations until you only have enough space left to make a tail. How you can do that I’ll explain you:

  • red - 2 sc, hdc, dc, hdc, *slip stitch* two times, hdc, dc, hdc, 2 sc
  • fasten off
Now you should be about almost done. Fold the shrimp longitudinally, then crochet it together as to hide the many lose threads. You may now add the spine of the shrimp with red thread.


Look up, how to “invisibly decrease” and color changing if you don’t know how to. I won’t explain how you can do that, simply because there are way too many amazing tutorials out there about the basics.

Start with appropriate color for the filling of your desire… For salmon I’d suggest orange or rose. For tuna a pastel red or something like that. You could also use two colors. For example: If you wanted cucumber you would use a bright green at first then a darker green after. So, now lets start.

  • work 6 sc in magic ring (6) - use the first color
  • *work two sc in one sc* repeat 6 times (12) - change to second color
  • *work one sc in sc, work two sc in sc* repeat 6 times (18) - change to white
  • crochet around, use backloop only (18) - change to black, dashed grey or brown or dark green yarn for the outer part
  • *crochet around* repeat for four rows, use both loops (18)
  • crochet around, use backloop only (18) - change to white
  • *one sc in sc, invisibly decrease sc* repeat 6 times (12) - change to second color
  • *invisibly decrease sc* repeat 6 times (6) - change to first color


As you might now, I’m still pretty new to making tutorials. I mean, I’ve almost written everything down that I made. But until recently I’ve never let anyone see my patterns so I couldn’t tell if anyone even understands what I’m writing.

If possible I’d like to hear from you how your sushi turned out and if there is anything I’d have to explain better.

Thank you for your attention and I wish you a croggle day :).

Daughter on the move.

Rubber Duck Amigurumi Pattern

This little guy takes an uninterrupted twenty minutes to make!

Materials I Used:

Yellow Acrylic Yarn
Orange Acrylic Yarn
6mm Safety Eyes
Yarn Needle
Polyfil Stuffing
4.25mm Hook



Magic ring, sc6
Inc (2sc in same sc)12
Sc, inc 18
Sc2, inc 24
Sc3, inc 30
Sc30 around (4 times)
Sc3, dec (invisible decrease: see below for info) 24
Sc2, dec18
Sc1, dec12
Fo, do not sew close.


Magic ring, sc6
Inc 12
Sc, inc 18
Sc2, inc24
Sc3, inc 30
Sc4, inc 36
Sc5, inc 42
Sc42 around (4 times)
Sc5, dec 36
Sc4, dec 30
Sc3, dec 24
Sc2, dec 18
Sc, dec 12
Stuff, Dec to close.


Magic ring, sc4
Sc4 around
Inc 8
Sc8 around
Sc, inc 12
Sc12 around


Magic Ring, sc5
Inc 10
Sc10 around (2 times)
Fo, sew edges together

Invisible descrease: hook through one sc, then hook through second sc, yo, pull through both sc, then yo, pull through remaining 2 loops on hook

If you have any questions send me a message!

So in Halo, when you use the active camo and go invisible, it also greatly decreases the sound of everything around you, probably for help with concentration when you’re trying to be stealthy.

Basically what I’m saying is that when Felix will not stop talking, Locus probably constantly takes advantage of his active camo unit.

Invisible Decrease

I’m going to hopefully show you how to do the invisible decrease. I tried taking a video but tumblr won’t let me upload it and it isn’t clear (camera isn’t great with video). So instead, I’ll post pictures of each step with written instructions on what I’m doing.

This method of decreasing is probably the best there is, in my opinion anyway. You can hardly tell there was a decrease at all. It seems to be a bit more difficult to do though, especially if you’re a beginner.

Ok, on to the tutorial.

First thing you do is put the hook under the front loop only of the next stitch.

Don’t yarn over, and put the hook in the front loop only of the next stitch.

Yarn over.

Pull through 2 loops only.

You should have 2 loops left, yarn over and pull through the last 2 loops.

Now you have completed the invisible decrease! Looks much nicer than the regular decrease.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm a beginner learning to crochet. I don't quite understand the purpose of increasing and decreasing? Much appreciate if you have the time to answer :) thank you!

Heres a good vid to learn how to Increase (INC).

There are 2 ways to decrease in crochet.

My absolutely FAVORITE way to decrease is the Invisible Decrease.

this video HERE shows how the Invisible Decrease (INVDEC) is done. 

I hope these help you out! :)