This was one of the last art pieces I did for the Monster High toy line… before my job decided that I had no more free time to dedicate to this kind of stuff. The goal was they were to look like pictures from a photo booth. 3 pictures in total. The first versions I drew had Draculaura fully drawn in. I was then informed that Draculaura (being a vampire) doesn’t photograph. So she could only be represented by her clothing and shadow. Then there was talk of possibly having the photos landscape instead of portrait, which I accommodated. Then it was decided they’d be portrait. 

I was pretty amused by my picture of Clawdeen and Billy making the monster high “MH” with their hands…..but it was opted against….because, you know, gangs. Or because it just looked like an odd game of cat’s cradle… One of those two… not sure which…


While I was hoping it would last until spring/tax return season my 6 ½ year old laptop died on me last weekend (Well sort’ve? The machine works but the video card is busted so it’s unusable) so I figured I’d go through my dolls and pull together a sales post or two. Here’s what I have so far -

(All prices include shipping in the Continental United States)

Maul 5 pack dolls - Gigi has a slight spot on her nose but is otherwise perfect/complete while Billy himself is complete but did have his hair re-gelled & has a slight ‘hair product’ smell from it. Gigi - $25, Billy $35 grab both for $50

1600 Draculaura - 95% complete as while she has everything but the extra mini skirt & purse she would come with the dress and necklace from Clawd, as well as her cake (not pictured) - $25

Classroom Lagoona - 90% complete as she lacks her pink necklace & diary but has everything else (the hook for the locker is inside the frog case for safe keeping) - $22

Heath Burns - I can’t find the diary - and am unsure where the Apron is - but he would come with his oven mitt and his hands are unstained. $25

Scream and Sugar 2 pack - 100% complete. They can be split for $14 each or bought together for $22. Possibly on hold!

Fierce Rockers dolls - all would come with their accessories thou I cannot seem to find the diary for Toralei & Catty. Buy all 5 for $60 or $15 each. Catty Sold! The others possibly on hold.

If anything interests you please send me a message and thank you for looking/boosting!


well this is the lamest thing in the world: gem verisons of 2D and murdoc except kinda tossed together cause im Tired. their gem stones are turquoise and mawsitsit respectively (located as 2D’s eyes and on murdoc’s lower stomach??) 

murdoc looks like some knockoff rock star and 2D’s like this weird hippie and also theres a bonus fusion of the two (maybe?? ammolite??) that im probably going to change a LOT but. i had to get it down,, so….yeah…… There It Is…….