invisable girl

I really don’t think it’s that simple as “sana is invisible to the girls” because….. sana’s tragedy is that she accepts that climate where she’s the mysterious, caring and no nonsense type one in charge because that’s how she feels comfortable. she feels that’s who she has to be to be accepted and she hopes they’ll see beyond that but they don’t. they don’t because lmao white people are self obsessed as hell and will take whatever emotional labor is offered. it’s honestly the same with isak and everyone around her. it’s not just the girls, it’s not “invisibility”, it’s just an illusion of strength everyone keep mistaking for a reality. when noora said “you’re so lucky you don’t have to deal with heartbreak”, that was what was meant. they see the wall and they’re fine with that because it benefits them, because when she’s strong, she protects them. that’s the emotional labor that is always expected from woc, not just ignorance or dismissal. we have to be strong. it’s a commentary on sana’s relationship with white people in general, not just the girls.


Heroes in training  ノ*:・゚✧

also reminder to support autistic girls and chronically ill girls and girls who are wheelchair users and girls with invisible disabilities and girls who are amputees and girls who are deaf or blind and basically just support every disabled girl

if ur feminism doesn’t include disabled girls then ur feminism is shit 👏👏👏


lit ladies inej ghafa; what about the nobodies and the nothings, the invisible girls? we learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. we learn to wring magic from the ordinary. that was how you survived when you weren’t chosen, when there was no royal blood in your veins. when the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway.

I think of doing a serie like that. I dunno. But well, here’s the drawing/doodle of the night !

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