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Yay I'm so happy you can finally write something I love your blog and writing sm!! 48 w/ curly

“Don’t you dare”

Curly sits across from you in the bath, back straight and shoulders tensed as he stares begrudgingly at the bubbles surrounding him. The house was empty save for the two of you, and though he wanted to go out with the guys tonight you had convinced him to stay.

It was going on his second week of being back home from jail, and something about him had changed. He hadn’t been the same cocky boy that left six months ago, the one who convinced himself that he was invincible. Now he was harder, colder, tougher than Tim or the gang or the reality of being a greaser could ever make him. Tim knew something happened, something that took a part of his brother away from him. And, maybe, he knew what happened, but he never offered any explanation and so, because you knew better, you didn’t ask.

“This is bullshit,” He mumbles, leaning back into the tub wall and crossing his arms. You’d never seen anyone look so mad over bubbles before, and a laugh falls from your mouth before you can stop it.

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Un invincible été by Els Vanopstal
Via Flickr:

H I S T O R Y:

long ago, a nation of people worshiped the gods.   &   the gods were merciful. they were kind. they graciously accepted sacrifices,   &   gained their power from prayer, which on such a large scale, made them invincible. but as time wore on, the prayers grew silent. their temples, which people had once worshiped at, were torn down. statues crumbled, paintings burned, pottery smashed.. until there wasn’t much left. the prayers ended,   &   the nation of people began to worship a new god. the gods’ power began to dwindle, their gifts dimmed by the lack of sacrifice, of adoration they’d begun to rely on. olympus was in shambles. gods   &   goddesses began to fear what would happen, if no one loved them anymore.   F E A R.   fear was the igniter. 


 hiding away in olympus didn’t help any of them, it only made their weakness grow. instead, in a desperate attempt to salvage what remaining gifts they’d managed to keep, he suggested.. the immortals move. down to earth, among humans. being around them, in their world, it wouldn’t change the lack of prayer. or believers. but it would stop the isolation. the mounting fear that one day, people would forget them all together.


hades was never worshiped. humans feared him, the black devil of the underworld, eager to claim your soul   &   drag it into purgatory. so when the prayers stopped, his powers didn’t diminish. so, over time, he became the most powerful god, as zeus’s own gifts faded. he felt vibrantly good about himself, until he heard his younger brother’s plan. hades didn’t agree with it. gods were meant to be worshiped, held in higher esteem than mortals who’s lives he claimed daily. as he watched his family, some estranged, some not, invade earth   &   blend in with humans, gaining jobs, buying houses.. it made him sick. so he came up with a plan; force humans to worship them again. to pray. to sacrifice. make them fear them just as they’d once had. it would bring back their powers, their strength..


zeus   &   hades became more at odds than ever. hades proposed his plan, shattering loyalties,   &   making immortals pick sides.   which one will you side with when the brewing war finally begins?

ZEUS:  enjoy many lifetimes. live among the humans   &   stay somewhere that helps with ever encroaching loneliness. because even if they don’t pray to you anymore, they’re still humans,   &   you still love them.

HADES:  make them pray again. hiding in the shadows is a sign of weakness, making them believe in their existence again isn’t a bad thing. it’s a necessary evil to bring gods   &   goddesses back to their original glory.

T H E  L A W S:

1.)   please be active! at least once a week, if you’re inactive for more, you will be dropped.
2.)   big characters like  zeus,  poseidon,  or  persephone  need to talk to me first, i’d like to get to know you. :)
3.)   nsfw themes   &   dark themes are more than welcome, just please be of age for anything smut related.
4.)   no duplicate faceclaims! for example, hades is evan peters, so apollo can’t also look like evan peters.
5.)   please follow the tag,   we’re at war. ( v ) 
6.)   please make sure to write up a   nice bio   after you’re accepted!
7.)   please fill out the form below to your best ability,   &   send it to my   submission box.
8.)   have fun! this verse is for fun! :)

A P P L I C A T I O N:

url:   (url here)
name:   (character name here)
what side are you on:   (hades/zeus)
why:   (why did you pick that side)
faceclaim:   (put fc name here)
about your character:   (hobbies, personality, sexuality, love life, ect)

                           LIST UNDER CUT !!

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a funny thing in the Empire Total War campaign was how iirc there were a few armies that started out with Pikemen units but you couldnt build any more because theyre “obsolete” but when I played as a faction that had them they were like one of most important units I had because being the best melee infantry made them invincible at defending breaches during a siege and if i lost a unit it was gone forever it was an interesting dynamic

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Your anon that said 'post moonlight world' is literally me shit has changed now!!! the bar is raised Binch!!! Black people can't lose!!! Luke Garroway is now the main character of Shadowhunters, the female lead is Maia, I don't make the rules this is just post moonlight existence god bless goodbye white hets

HONESTLY ANON, moonlight’s win has me feeling invincible, if black characters aren’t being treated right??? i’m literally out tbh. in a post moonlight world, luke garroway shouldn’t be sidelined and treated like shit. maia shouldn’t be villanised for no reason like???? sh need to get w/ the programme because the timeline has been altered and this isn’t acceptable

I’m currently feeling absolutely invincible and so full of never ending energy. I’m also still wanting to die though and feel like anything I do won’t affect me since I seem to have magical powers that keep me from becoming unwell or hurt by the things I do. I’ve not been able to sleep more than 4 hours each night for the last 3 days but I’m not even bothered or concerned since I’m not tired at all and I don’t need to sleep since I have all the energy I need already. I’ve been talking nonstop most of today but I can’t remember what I’ve said to people. I’m buzzing. I’ve felt like this before but I’m blaming the sertraline for this particular episode since everything has become extremely heightened since starting that. The IHTT have doubled my dose of olanzapine starting tonight which should help me sleep and also help calm my brain down a bit since it’s apparently overworking. I just feel like I’m bouncing off the walls.

And that’s what I thought love was like: perfect.
It isn’t.
I thought love was supposed to make you feel like you’re invincible.
It doesn’t.

Love’s a wreck. It’s not like what they show you in movies or  pop songs. It’s terrible.

But why am I still waiting for the one?
Because even if love doesn’t make me feel invincible, it makes me feel alive. Those short, flashes of brilliance and happiness makes me feel like everything’s worth it.

—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write