invincible spirit

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These past few days have sucked the joy out of shipping for so many. They still believe, it's just not quite the same. I get the impression though, that you're able to let go of much of this apparent nonsense and are riding out this latest round of fuckery. How do you do that so successfully when others seem to struggle more? I admire your invincible spirit in all this!

If it doesn’t fit, I don’t ship it.

lolol I crack me up.

But, I ignore the bs.  I don’t buy into it, and I do not play their game.  I have said it before, but basically the key is to ngaf about the story they want you to tell.  If I react, if I tweet and blog about it, then I am perpetuating it.  And I am not getting paid to do that.  I’m not getting paid at all btw, so don’t think that.  Anyway…..think of it like a magician.

A magician has many ways to distract you from what is really going on.  They will throw flashing lights, smoke screens, pretty girls into the mix just so that you do not look at what they are really doing.  Just so that you will miss the real action.

Stay focused.