invincible comic books

So…the new Spider-man/Deadpool title is a gift (spoilers btw)

Like the first two pages are life

Just a little close up of what they’re saying now

Straight outta fanfic. I am in love

one minute I’m laughing

Then the next…

My feels dude…

And of course the ending that made me cackle with delight. I  cannot wait for #2

Also, have some bonus Stark-Strange brotp from Invincible Iron Man #5

Let’s close up on Strange’s face shall we?

My feels. I have a new brotp. Which is hilarious because in the MCU they are both played by Sherlock Holmes actors. Oh Marvel you are life. Also, I die inside a little bit every time I read them because of how freaking GORGEOUS the art for Invincible Iron Man is.