invincible comic books

So…the new Spider-man/Deadpool title is a gift (spoilers btw)

Like the first two pages are life

Just a little close up of what they’re saying now

Straight outta fanfic. I am in love

one minute I’m laughing

Then the next…

My feels dude…

And of course the ending that made me cackle with delight. I  cannot wait for #2

Also, have some bonus Stark-Strange brotp from Invincible Iron Man #5

Let’s close up on Strange’s face shall we?

My feels. I have a new brotp. Which is hilarious because in the MCU they are both played by Sherlock Holmes actors. Oh Marvel you are life. Also, I die inside a little bit every time I read them because of how freaking GORGEOUS the art for Invincible Iron Man is.

So I finally got around to the latest issue of Invincible. Ho-ly shit that was intense. Invincible has been a comics of highs and lows since the beginning, but when its at its best man does shit get real. I was a bit disappointed with Invincible and Atom Eve just no selling death though. Guess when you’ve only got 23 pages to work with, sometimes things have to be rushed. Eve suddenly having a different face and more hair makes no sense to me though. So excited for The End of All Things. And the return of Ryan Ottley!!!

Also I saw that Saga volumes 5 and 6 were on sale (or just really cheap???) on comoxology so I’m gonna be getting back into that. Image comics is fucking dope yo.