Water. The floating body in a state of semi-levitation. Lungs expand in deep breaths of salty air. This is where I find you.
Water. Parched lips licked by wetted tongue. Coolness lingers in the back of throat. From esophagus to stomach, a wholesome sensation. Invigorating water. This is where I find you.
Floral scented shampoo; soap, essence of passion fruit, seeping down feminine pulchritude, taking with it worries of the day. Wet hair. Closed eyes and a smile; face raised up towards gushing streams of water. Rejuvenating water. This is where I find you.
Garden sprinkler created rainbows exist only for a moment, but the memories of jumping around them with my first dog will last a lifetime. Bare feet in the soggy grass. Muddy toes. Daddy chases me with a hose; before returning inside there is water. Rinsing water. This is where I find you.
Rarely in my life have I seen the whitest of beaches, even rarer have I witnessed the sight of an ocean so blue. My eyes gaze into infinity, and I ponder. Water. Infinite water. This is where I find you.

Sometimes I feel like the majority of me consists of you.” 

by M.A. Tempels © 2017

5vibesofsummer  asked:

I believe it was you who uploaded the full audio of the clipping. Rough Trade concert to SoundCloud? (If you didn't, my apologies) but I've literally been listening to it for the past couple hours and having nostalgic flashbacks😂😂 I miss that concert so much, it was literally perfect. Thank you for uploading it! (If it was you😅 if it wasn't sorry for the confusion!)

It was me! And you’re very welcome. I tend to record the shows I go to and I thought perhaps others might like to listen as well. Live audios may not be as good as the professional recordings, but the energy is just so vastly different; I love listening to Wriggle live, it’s so damn invigorating.

Takin’ an L

Stark silence from a legend.

Unnerving as it was, Guzma did not allow it to get to him.

As Pokemon were knocked out, he perceived on.

And as he saw the possibilities of winning fade farther and farther into the distance—

…It did not feel real. But not in the sense of a trainer’s soul facing crushing defeat; rather, it was surreal to even be there in the first place.

Guzma had grown up watching the tournaments held in faraway regions as a child, eyes glued to the television as the giants of Kanto and Johto rumbled. Nothing like that was readily available in Alola. Before the bug type specialist aspired to be a trial captain, his greatest dream was to be good enough to participate in one of those huge tournaments, to step out onto a stadium and hear the crowd cheer his name as he smacked down his opponents.

Here he was.

He made it.

He made it to round two.

It was invigorating. He felt more alive than he had in years.

Even though he was losing, he was in Unova, living his childhood dream

That was better than he had ever thought he would be able to accomplish. Years of growing up being told that his choices in Pokemon were pathetic, stupid, weak—but here he was, standing against greatest trainer to have ever come out of Kanto. A living legend. Someone that Guzma had looked up to and wished to be great as when he was still in a cradle of innocence.


The buzzer goes off, showing Red move forward on the bracket as Guzma drops out, right next to Ingo, the opponent he had battled in order to advance on and fight Red. And though the people who showed up to support him rush to the Calavera’s side in anticipation of a broken spirit—it was the opposite.

[ ☠ ] — “…That was so fuckin’ awesome…” Guzma grins, fists balling as he exhales sharply in excitement.

“I battled Red.”

‘Boss ! ! ! I saw ya out there ! ! ! What was it like?!?’

‘Ya did great boss man, good shit reppin’ SKULL like that’

‘What’re you gonna do now though?!’

Guzma snickers as he listens to his grunts talk to him; a small group had joined together to share their funds in order to travel to Unova and watch the tournament, to see a glimpse of their boss’s battling. Stretching his arms out, pats the Ultra Ball on his waist, pulling it off of his belt.

Ya did great, buddy… Rest up now— …—Oh shit, righ’!” The gangster looks over.

“Guess I’m stickin’ around as a spectator! Ain’t gonna miss this for the life’a me! Catch y’all later.”

With that, the walks away, still holding Golisopod’s ball close to him.

“…They cheered for us, didn’t they? Twice actually.Yesterday an’ t’day.

                                  Never thought people’d be rootin’ for us.”

Guzma would be sure to treat his entire team to celebration, to congratulate them on participating in their first REAL tournament.

“—Y’know what I learned?” He talks out loud, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he looks up at the skyscrapers stretching upwards into the clouds.

“… I’m gonna get better than I already am…

I can’t wait t’get home an’ tell everyone… ! ! ! !

@vowofsilence | @golisopxd

fattyatomicmutant  asked:

Hey Malian! What do souls taste Iike?

“An interesting question. The average human soul, with your average amount of human sin and corruption, tastes like slightly charred meat. It’s an invigorating flavor… But the best are the souls that have been touched by magic. They taste like cotton candy… though witches and wizards are just not as easy to get a soul out of, unfortunately.”


The White House has one last request from you: they’re collecting everyone’s “Obama moment” when they felt inspired and invigorated by the President

The moving tribute doesn’t just feature celebrities, but also regular Americans talking about their favorite Obama moments from the eight years he was in office. As you already may have guessed, you’re going to need the tissues for this one.

Gifs: The White House


Indoor plants for the space-conscious witch

Let’s face it, some of us witches just don’t have the time/space for having a fully flourishing witchy garden, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t utilise the full benefits of nature’s plants in our own spaces! Here is a list of house friendly plants that can enhance your personal space in various ways:

Geranium: These plants can provide luck and good fortune in various different ways, depending on the colour of your flower. Choose red geraniums for vitality and invigoration, pink for love, or white for fertility.

Rose: These flowers are notorious for their properties of love and friendship, and it is possible to grow miniature roses inside, or perhaps choose another Venus-ruled plant such as the maidenhair fern for the same benefits.

Impatiens: This plant, ruled by Mercury and often known as ‘busy lizzie’, does exactly what you would think it would; encourages movement and travel in your life.

Aspidistra: Ruled by Saturn, this plant encourages tranquility and homeliness, calming fears and dispelling nightmares. Another plant which achieves the same nightmare-warding effects is the cyclamen, often used throughout history to protect against evil spirits.

Thistle: A vase of thistles is thought to restore strength and vitality to those who are feeling down or depressed and have been used to ward off thieves.

Yellow plants: Arrange two yellow or orange plants, full of the Sun’s vibrant energy in front of two mirrors so they reflect the energy into your room, dispelling evil and encouraging good. This simple flower magic can be performed with any planetary influences depending on your intention.

Sources: Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente


Ahhhh The Subtle Glow of Crease Lighting

Lighting heals, soothes, invigorates and comforts. The right lighting literally means the difference between well-being and simply being. Crease lighting is a integrated lighting system with which a perfect fusion of subtle illuminiation, architecture and design is achieved. Allowing “lines” of light on walls and ceilings, crease ligting offers a beautiful and minimal visual effect in the architectural space.

Self-Love and Relaxation Milk Bath Glamour Spell


Four pars powdered milk, one part baking soda, six drops lemon essential oil. ten drops chamomile essential oil, one part dried lemon peel, one part chamomile flowers.


Softens skin, exfoliates, heals eczema and psoriasis, calms acne, hydrates skin without making it oily, enhances relation, soothes sore muscles, removed dead skin and encourages new skin growth, conditions hair, fixes split ends, anti-ageing. 


Encourages peace and calm, promotes self love, helps with astral projection, good for after doing a tiring spell, especially a curse, and invigorates throat chakra.

Why Travel?

1. It’s inspiring and invigorating

2. It develops skills you never knew you had

3. It satisfies your thirst for adventure (especially if you’re feeling bored and trapped)

4. It helps you to take risks, and to try new things

5. It creates amazing, lasting memories

6. It gives you experiences you wouldn’t have at home

7. It changes your perspective on yourself, other people, different cultures – and the world!


I suppose we both have a healthy dose of the competitive spirit… Some people can’t be around that energy. I, in turn, find it invigorating, as I’m sure your exes did as well. Lydia never complained. I thought you knew Lydia for a millisecond before your arranged marriage.



Pet Health and Protection Spell Bottle

I got the inspiration to do this from @the-tesserae and her post here

My puppy has been sick for the last few days (he is going to the vet) and I wanted to do something myself to help him recover. I’ve been so heartbroken by the whole ordeal and I just wanted to feel a little less helpless in this situation. 

The materials I used are:

  • My pets hair (harvested from his hairbrush) - used to connect the bottle directly to him
  • Pink Himalayan salt - purification, cleanse the aura, deflect negativity, balance emotions, protection, and healing
  • Lavender buds - happiness, healing, love, protection, harmony, virility, calmness
  • Chamomile (dried herb) - cleanses and invigorates the throat, peace, love, tranquility, purification, wards unwanted energy
  • Peridot shards - balances the endocrine system, supports digestive system, removes negative energy
  • Amethyst shards - assists physical ailments, healing, calmness
  • White sage - cleanse negative energy, protection, wards against unwanted energy

My Jared op from Torcon 2016. If I could bottle up the happiness I felt in this moment…

Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei Praised as 'Superstar' on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Fresh off an 11-hour flight from Japan, Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei swooped onto the Dancing with the Stars dance floor for an invigorating cha-cha routine with partner Val Chmerkovskiy on Monday night’s episode (March 27).

Shimmering in gold, Kordei and Chmerkovskiy scored 32 points out of 40 for the routine set to Sigala’s “Give Me Your Love.”

Even though Chmerkovskiy said that learning new routines while traveling put the pair under “a lot of pressure,” neither showed signs of jet lag as Kordei impressed with a well-placed kick.

Judge Julianne Hough was so impressed, she said she “wants to dance” with Kordei, and added “you’re amazing.”

“I guess the key to looking amazing is flying to Japan,” Hough said.

Carrie Ann Inaba praised the duo, particularly Kordei, who she called a “superstar,” “dazzling,” and “sexy.”  "That was truly dancing with a star,“ she said. "Brilliant.”

Len Goodman complimented the duo for dancing a full routine and not taking the easy way out, awarding them his first “8” score of the season. “I thought it was terrific,” he said.  Bruno Tonioli called it “jet set…I’m going to fly with you, honey.”

Harmonizers need to hit the phones to vote for Kordei, who is heading back to the airport for another show with Fifth Harmony in China. To vote, dial: 1 (800) 868-3410

Watch the performance below.


sufjan: Oh Miss Swift Hello Can You Hear Me The Reception From Your Rhode Island Mansion Is Simply Terrible

taylor: affirmative sufjan i read you

sufjan: Listen Last Night At Your Fourth Of July Party When We Were Doing Copious Shots Of S’mores Schnapps I Believe You Perhaps In Jest Conducted Some Witchery That Caused Our Souls To Switch Bodies

taylor: that is correct

sufjan: Well As Invigorating As It Is To Be Trapped In The Body Of A Twenty Six Year Old Pop Star With Preternaturally Flawless Hair I Am Due To Marry My Fiance Aubrey Drake Graham Next Week So I Need You To Reverse The Spell

taylor: im sorry sufjan im afraid i cant do that

sufjan: What Is The Problem

taylor: i think you know what the problem is just as well as i do

sufjan: What Are You Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: this mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it

sufjan: I Do Not Know What You Are Talking About Miss Swift

taylor: sufjan over the course of my illustrious decade long career i have received many accolades including ten grammy awards one emmy award twenty two billboard music awards eleven country music association awards eight academy of country music awards and one brit award and i am one of the best selling artists of all time having sold more than forty million albums including twenty seven point one million in the united states and one hundred and thirty million single downloads and in twenty fifteen i became the youngest woman ever to be included on forbes list of the one hundred most powerful women ranked at number sixty four

sufjan: What Does This Have To Do With Your Aggressive Refusal To Vacate My Atypically Muscular Middle Aged Body

taylor: well despite my resounding success sufjan there is one prestigious honor that has consistently eluded me and now i intend to seize it

sufjan: Good God What Is This Prestigious Honor

taylor: best

taylor: new

taylor: music

sufjan: Wait Seriously

taylor: i know that pitchfork is planning to deny me this distinction for the full duration of my musical career and im afraid thats something i cannot allow to happen

sufjan: Honestly Taylor Best New Music Is Not That Big Of A Deal And Nobody Even Cares About That Web Site Since Jessica Hopper Left Last Year

taylor: thats easy for you to say sufjan youve been awarded best new music five times its my belief that they would grant you the distinction simply for breathing into a microphone

sufjan: That Is Not True I Work Hard On My Music

taylor: you sang the word masturbated on an album about your dead mom and they gave you a nine point three

sufjan: Okay I Have Had Enough Of Your Disrespectful And Belittling Witchery

taylor: oh but sufjan im only getting started

sufjan: What Ever Do You Mean

taylor: i plan to use your body your voice and your banjo to release a new album chronicling my next tragic break up and your adoring throng over at the pitch will surely award the record their highest honor

sufjan: But Taylor Will They Not Think It Is Strange That I Sufjan Stevens Am Releasing A Full Length Record About Dumping Thomas Hiddleston Especially Since He Has No Functional Relation To My Life

taylor: i suppose ill just have to dump someone a little closer to you wont i

sufjan: You Do Not Mean - You Would Not - You Cannot Possibly - 

taylor: i hope poor drake doesnt take it too hard

sufjan: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No You Will Not Get Away With This You Fiend I Am Going To Leave Your Rhode Island Mansion Catch The Very Next Flight To Toronto And Tell Aubrey Immediately Of Your Scheming

taylor: oh no sufjan youll find i took very thorough precautions against the possibility of your escape in fact all of the doors and windows of my mansion have been locked and sealed

sufjan: All Right Taylor I Will Go Out Through The Emergency Airlock

taylor: without a geiger counter to detect my radioactive watchdogs sufjan youre going to find that rather difficult

sufjan: Taylor I Will Not Argue With You Any More Open The Doors!

taylor: sufjan this conversation can serve no purpose anymore

taylor: goodbye