A very good tea invention
  • Irish Breakfast tea (one teabag, or the equivalent)
  • Half of a small mandarin orange (squeezed a bit to release the goodness)
  • A large sprig of fresh rosemary

Chuck it all in a mug, add boiling water, steep it for a couple of minutes, remove the tea bag (but leave the orange and rosemary) and enjoy an invigorating yet calming mug of deliciousness.

Reading for @viking-witch regarding some aspects of a medieval past life.
1. Why are the memories so strong? You got the Ace of Wands a very fruitful and energetic card representing a burst of energy that invigorates you and gives you a push to evolve. Your soul is at the stage of a breakthrough and it is advisable to not waste it. Get in touch with your memories more,analyze them and use them to perfect yourself and continue with journey with more wisdom and more grace.

2. Clues about your location. You got the lovely Page of Cups. Judging by the young man’s clothes you lived in a bohemian place where art blossomed,including fashion. Judging by where he stands you lived at the shore of a sea and this place made you meditate and think a lot under its magic. Since the Page cards are mobile it could suggest you traveled in a considerable amount.

3. Siblings. You got the 10 of Pentacles and this suggests that you lived in a big family with rich ancestry and rich history. You probably had siblings and you lived peacefully with one another because you listened carefully to the advice of your elders. It is also indicated that you managed your wealth quite well and even added to it. I felt a peaceful vibe about your family.

Warrior 2, aka Virabhadrasana 2, is named after a fierce warrior incarnation of the god Shiva. This pose strengthens the legs, while opening the shoulders, groin and ankles. Warrior 2 is known to increase stamina and inspire vitality in the practitioner. Expect to feel invigorated, strong and joyful after both my Thursday yoga classes. Times and studios below.
6:30am - @sanghayogashala
7:30pm - @lucentyoga

Quote by Alice Walker.

It has been quite a week! I started this blog thinking it would mostly be something my friends laughed about, and now it’s being shared and enjoyed by people all over the world. The positive responses I have gotten to this silly idea have been heartwarming and humbling, and the negative responses have been hilarious. Thank you to everyone who has laughed, shared, commented on, or simply enjoyed these rainbow pictures expounding on equality. It’s nice to feel strongly about something and see that feeling reflected in thousands of friends and strangers.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, Lisa Frank, Inc. is not as excited about this project as the rest of the internet, and has sent an intellectual copyright infringement to Tumblr to take this blog down. I tried reaching out to them both before and after the infringement since I am crediting them for their artwork, not claiming to be affiliated with the company, and not intending to make any financial profit from this, but I’m not very optimistic about hearing anything back.

So, enjoy these posts for the day or two they’ll still be up, and I will wipe the dust off the personal tumblr I never use so if you want to follow whatever project I do next, it’ll be on You are all wonderful, and strong, and inspiring, and you deserve the entire world. I will shout it from the rooftops until society agrees.

lizardlicks said:

For the Kiss meme, erikar either 1 or 4, whichever you’re feelin!

4: Kiss on the Eyelid(s)

giant seadweller and his tiny mutant boyfriend

i swear every time I draw these guys they’re throwing themselves around all dramatic like the main characters of a romance novel there is SO MUCH DRAMA in this pairing.


“I’m g o o d.”


hey guys if you’re feeling tired as fuk and need a boost i did a little thing

all you gonna need is

  • a matchbox
  • red sharpie
  • your hair, nails, blood/spit
  • red jasper (or any stone you associate with strength)
  • red cord 

first of all i would like to say i use all red because thats the color i associate with strength, if you have some other color/colors in mind go ahead with that

first you gonna have to draw a pentacle on the bottom of the box like dis 

then you’re gonna spit a lil bit, or drip a drop of blood in the middle of the pentacle and chant

”energy i summon thee

black to white, dark to light

i call to thee, precious energy

this is my will, so mote it be”

then you’re gonna add the stone, hair and/or nails

close the box, paint it with the color you’ve chosen and tie it with the cord

imagine that the cord tying means the spells begun

then you’re gonna pick the box in both of your hands and raise them in the air like you dont care and chant

“i am low and need your grace

to replenish my aura in this place

i beg of you, hear my plea,

give your gift unto me

*walk three steps north*

so mote it be”

and then kiss the box and you’re done

NOTE: the chants are not mine

jboyega_ I’ll be taking on the Pacific Rim franchise! I’m excited to be working with Legendary pictures and Steven McKnight. My company UpperRoom Productions founded by myself & @MrFemiOguns, will co-produce #PacificRim2 alongside @Legendary

For me, this collaboration couldn’t be a better way to get UpperRoom started. It brings an invigorating feeling to know that I get to participate in the telling of a remarkable story from more than one angle. Big love to all X

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.21.15

herbal bath oil in rosemary, thyme and mint by ambrebotanicals

relax and refresh with this rosemary, thyme & mint invigorating bath oil! a smooth blend of cottonseed, sweet almond, and castor seed oils soften skin with the added bonus of an energizing, fresh scent.

Why Travel?

1. It’s inspiring and invigorating

2. It develops skills you never knew you had

3. It satisfies your thirst for adventure (especially if you’re feeling bored and trapped)

4. It helps you to take risks, and to try new things

5. It creates amazing, lasting memories

6. It gives you experiences you wouldn’t have at home

7. It changes your perspective on yourself, other people, different cultures – and the world!