i had an online exam where i had to video chat w an invigilator and she could see my screen to check i wasn’t cheating or anything and my heart fuckin stopped when i went onto my desktop and remembered that this was my wallpaper

I was in my Spanish listening exam just the other day where I filled in my name and started to write the beginnings of my answers (for example: She doesn’t like her job because _____) so I could fill it in faster once the audio started playing. This is something that we are allowed to do and I find it’s actually smart to do.

One of the invigilators noticed, and she announced to the whole hall, “So this one thinks she can write the answers before she even hears the audio!”

Whole hall bursts into laughter. People begin whispering. She literally goes on to publicly shame me to the whole hall for another six minutes. She’s not just speaking loudly to me and they can hear - she is PURPOSEFULLY addressing the whole hall about me.

So I start to panic and I try to explain to her what I’m doing and she only talks to me in really slow, very simple phrases. She’s acting like I’m a three year old who doesn’t speak any English, honestly. No matter how many attempts I make, she’s interrupting me, degrading me and refusing to see my point. Honestly I could tell right away she was racist - I’m the only poc in the hall and she gave me the nastiest, dirtiest look when she initially saw me coming in and then quickly pretended she didn’t even notice me at all.

So back to what she did.  

Suddenly she just snatches my paper off the desk, knocking my things off in the process, and stalks off saying, “She ruined her paper, didn’t she?” To the hall, who laugh.“So now I have to get her a new one, don’t I?”

When she put the new paper down on my desk she hissed, “Don’t dare touch this one.” Before adding in a really falsely sweet tone and EXTREMELY SLOWLY, “O…kay?”

She was nice to literally everyone else in the hall but she kept on tormenting me the whole time. Not even kidding I burst into tears just before she took my paper but she did it anyways and it didn’t make her treat me any nicer. I was shaking, literally I couldn’t write I was shaking so bad. I was crying through the whole exam and I stopped after, but when I told my mom about it once I got home I began to cry again. Everyone was talking about me the whole day like I was an idiot… This is an official SQA invigilator. Honestly the fact she could do that to me is sickening. She was beyond malicious and all for what?? Just because I’m Asian????? I am fifteen years old for god’s sake.

I’m done.

Also i’d like her to know: I got full fucking marks. Please take that and choke on it.

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this one time in an history exam my teacher was looking at me weird and then the invigilators were like “make sure you’re all answering the right question” and I laughed like how stuPID CAN PEOPLE BE then I looked at my question and I realised. it was me. I was the stupid person.

Respecting trans students whose IDs misgender them

 said to 



It’s TA season and I’m thinking about something that happened last year. I was invigilating an exam, and there was a trans student who hadn’t had her student ID changed yet. I was required to check her ID, and she seemed terrified (I could pick up on it, so pretty obvious). I gave my stock script (smile and, “That’s perfect, thanks!”) and moved on. Was that OK? Also, is there something I can do to send an “I’m not gonna out you, don’t worry” message to students in that situation?

realsocialskills said:   I don’t know, and I’m hoping someone who reads this will. My sense is that probably using the stock script you’d use with anyone else’s ID is better than saying something explicitly. (Particularly since it seems like it would have been hard to say something without other students waiting to show ID overhearing, and you can’t reassure someone that you won’t out her by outing her to everyone within earshot.)   I think the best way to show someone that you can be trusted not to hurt them is to just make it clear in a matter-of-fact way that you’re not going to do anything with their ID but check them off a list like you would any other student.   But I’m not trans, and I think this question would probably be best answered by people who are.    Trans readers: what would you like TAs to do in this situation?

Ok so you wanted one of my exam stories? I got one for you.

It was our mocks in February and we had all just filed in and sat down in silence for our history exam, writing frantically against the clock. The exam is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, and after about 40 minutes, it’s going good, no mobile phones have gone off and hardly anyone has a cold.

That was until the examiner decided to sit on the table beside me.

It only took around 30 seconds for the table to give way, causing the examiner, 2 tables and a chair to come crashing down to the floor. Over 150 kids start laughing in the exam, myself included. Everyone begins to turn round to look at the commotion caused, this poor examiner is sat on the floor, almost in tears. Then the head of the invigilators turns up.


Shit’s going down. Kids are sniggering under their breaths as they write about the role of women in Nazi Germany. We all thought things couldn’t get any better.

See, we also had a 2 hours and 15 minute English Language mock that afternoon as well, and one of the big mark questions was to write about a memorable school experience. You guessed it. Over half the exam hall wrote about the examiner falling off the table, as if he hadn’t been ridiculed enough.

I felt really bad for the poor guy, but he certainly made that day worthwhile.

FUN EXAM TIP: when the invigilator comes near you, raise your hand as if you’re going to ask for a pen but instead whisper one of these fun things:

  • in 30 minutes, someone’s going to die, and you’re the only one who can stop it
  • you repel me
  • hail hydra
  • i can see your panties
  • don’t look behind you
  • *hissing*
  • today is your last day on earth, motherfucker, even if I have to tear your heart from your goddamn ribcage
  • i think you’re a horrible little man
  • marry me
  • when I give the signal, run. run as far as you can. don’t stop.

anyway…here i am…with more (useless) information.

You might already know the real life counterpart to D-Agency is Nakano school. There was a book written about it (titled 陸軍中野學校 諜報戰史 roughly translates to Nakano Spy School - Intelligence Report Records) It seems to be the inspiration behind the joker game novels, since others have pointed out so many similar ideas explored in both. while looking for fan fics i saw someone posted excerpts from another book which quoted this book on baidu.  It talks about the entry exam undertaken by prospective spies. So…rough translation below, some text were cut off.

(Itō Shigeo, who later became an invigilator recalls the following:) 

The entry exam for Nakano School, I’ve also taken part in once. Indeed, from the start of the third or fourth term, the number of students enrolled is three or four times more of that during the first term. Thus, the selection process wasn’t as difficult as it was for first term students. Placed on the examiner’s table were an ink bottle, cigarette, books…[text cut off]…into another room, [examiner] would ask him what he saw on the examiner’s table. Even though they were in the room for ten or so seconds, some were able to fluently answer with the ten or so items placed on the table. Of course, they could not know that this question would be asked, so things like ink bottle, ash tray, tea cups and such could be easily guessed. However, the most surprising thing was that some could instantly read the upside-down text on a book, something that even the examiners might not have realised. Or even say that there was a matchstick placed horizontally beside the ash tray. This kind of observation, and memory capability is almost magical. My own results in cadet school were not particularly bad, compared to them, however, I cannot help but feel ashamed. 

that’s it for the excerpt. But there’s thirteen more pages of text from the other book, very interesting read about their daily life, classes, that kind of thing, with glaring similarities to the JG novels. If anyone is interested in the historical side of things, I can translate more or something 

also, read the “time in hiding” section in this wikipedia page of Hiroo Onoda, a Nakano graduate (it’s short, but it’s a pretty amazing story) if you’re interested