I feel sick so sick. Our government is enforcing its awful rule. There are protests in front of government. Ppl asked how they judge the work of the government: 50 % said they’re horrible and only 4 %said they’re great. That’s a sign. Because right now there’s shit going down in Polish politics. We’re getting invigilated, mothers with dead babies are signed in just in case for future reference bc what if she aborted her baby??? Also there are prolife majors getting opened in some unies? Like it’s stupid and insane?
The government is passing harmful changes behind our back during the night. They don’t want the media to see them so they changed the law in a way that the press can get to only some places, they can’t monitor the work of the government.
I want to cry. I’m feeling so disgusted. What is going on here? We were at such a good place, in the EU, growing economically even tho we still stay conservative but it was slowly changing. Now it’s all getting destroyed. Our government is breaking our Constitution.
I’m fucking crying. Ppl probably won’t care about it anyway since we’re not the UK or the US but just if you read that, thank you. It means a lot to me

I’m invigilating one of the first exams this year today. As a Teaching Assistant, I’m wishing everyone who is having their midterms soon good luck! Study hard but don’t push yourself too much! Remember that getting enough sleep and eating well is just as important

I’m rooting for you!

‘Get ready to turn over your papers,’ said the invigilator at the end of the hall. The sixty chests of sixty prospective wizards tightened with dark, unbearable tension. Ponder fumbled anxiously with his lucky pen.

The wizard on the dais turned over the hourglass. 'You may begin,’ he said.
Several of the more smug students turned over their papers by snapping their fingers. Ponder hated them instantly.

He reached for his lucky inkwell, missed completely in his nervousness, and then knocked it over. A small black flood rolled over his question paper.

Panic and shame washed over him nearly as thoroughly. He mopped the ink up with the hem of his robe, spreading it smoothly over the desk. His lucky dried frog had been washed away.

Hot with embarrassment, dripping black ink, he looked up in supplication at the presiding wizard and then cast his eyes imploringly at the empty desk beside him. The wizard nodded. Ponder gratefully sidled across the aisle, waited until his heart had stopped thumping and then, very carefully, turned over the paper on the desk.
After ten seconds, and against all reason, he turned it over again just in case there had been a mistake and the rest of the questions had somehow been on the top side after all.

Around him there was the intense silence of fifty-nine minds creaking with sustained effort.

Ponder turned the paper over again.

Perhaps it was some mistake. No… there was the University seal and the signature of the Archchancellor and everything. So perhaps it was some sort of special test.

Perhaps they were watching him now to see what he’d do…

He peered around furtively. The other students seemed to be working hard.
Perhaps it was a mistake after all.

Yes. The more he came to think about it, the more logical it seemed. The Archchancellor had probably signed the papers and then, when the clerks had been copying them out, one of them had got as far as the all-important first question and then maybe had been called away or something, and no-one had noticed, and it’d got put on Victor’s desk, but now he wasn’t here and Ponder had got it which meant, he decided, in a sudden rush of piety, that the gods must have wanted him to get it. After all, it wasn’t his fault if some sort of error gave him a paper like this. It was probably sacrilegious or something to ignore the opportunity.

They had to accept what you put down. Ponder hadn’t shared the room with the world’s greatest authority on examination procedures without learning a thing or two.

He looked again at the question: 'What is your name?’

He answered it.

After a while he underlined it, several times, with his lucky ruler.

After a little while longer, to show willing, he wrote above it: 'The anser to questione One is:’.

After a further ten minutes he ventured 'Which is what my name is’ on the line below, and underlined it.

(”Moving Pictures”)

i had an online exam where i had to video chat w an invigilator and she could see my screen to check i wasn’t cheating or anything and my heart fuckin stopped when i went onto my desktop and remembered that this was my wallpaper

  • Aries: Hoick - to move or pull abruptly, to yank; Gibe - to deride or tease by uttering taunting words; Exhort - to urge strongly or to incite by argument
  • Taurus: White elephant - a property requiring much expense but yielding little profit; Haptic - based on the sense of touch; Pentral - the ventral part of a shell
  • Gemini: Fimbriated - having the edge bordered by slender processes; Retronym - consisting of a noun and an adjective which specifies the noun; Legerity - alert quickness
  • Cancer: Pridian - of or relating to a previous day; Auctorial - of or relating to an author; Pennon - a tapering flag on a ship, synonymous with pennant
  • Virgo: Eidetic - marked by extraordinarily accurate recall; Zero-sum - gain for one means loss for another; Invigilate - to keep watch, supervise or monitor
  • Leo: Bimillenary - a period of 2000 years or a 2000th anniversary; Nonpareil - having no match or equal; Maecenas - a rich patron of the arts
  • Libra: Chinoiserie - an art style reflecting Chinese motifs; Kipper - a male salmon or sea trout during or after mating; Blanco - a white substance used for whitening belts
  • Scorpio: Scarify - to make scratches or small cuts in; Shamus - slang for a police officer or private detective; Abscond - to depart secretly and hide oneself
  • Sagittarius: Disparate - made up of fundamentally different and incongruous elements; Transpicuous - clearly understood; Recusant - refusing to submit to authority
  • Capricorn: Bright-line - providing an unambiguous guideline, especially in law; Philadelphia lawyer - a lawyer knowledgeable in minutae; Inculcate - to teach by repetition
  • Aquarius: Frankenfood - genetically engineered food; Spinous - having spines, prickles or thorns; Dissemble - to simulate or to hide behind false appearance
  • Pisces: Coffle - a line of animals fastened together; Etiolate - to make a plant pale through lack of light; Cabochon - a gem that has been polished but not faceted

Ok so you wanted one of my exam stories? I got one for you.

It was our mocks in February and we had all just filed in and sat down in silence for our history exam, writing frantically against the clock. The exam is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, and after about 40 minutes, it’s going good, no mobile phones have gone off and hardly anyone has a cold.

That was until the examiner decided to sit on the table beside me.

It only took around 30 seconds for the table to give way, causing the examiner, 2 tables and a chair to come crashing down to the floor. Over 150 kids start laughing in the exam, myself included. Everyone begins to turn round to look at the commotion caused, this poor examiner is sat on the floor, almost in tears. Then the head of the invigilators turns up.


Shit’s going down. Kids are sniggering under their breaths as they write about the role of women in Nazi Germany. We all thought things couldn’t get any better.

See, we also had a 2 hours and 15 minute English Language mock that afternoon as well, and one of the big mark questions was to write about a memorable school experience. You guessed it. Over half the exam hall wrote about the examiner falling off the table, as if he hadn’t been ridiculed enough.

I felt really bad for the poor guy, but he certainly made that day worthwhile.