Eesha Khare is an American student and an inventor of a supercapacitor to replace conventional batteries in portable electronics, that charges faster and lasts for more charging cycles. Khare, an 18-year-old graduate of Lynbrook High School in California, demonstrated a electrochemical supercapacitor prototype that can be fully charged within 20 seconds. Her technology is expected to be scalable to power cell phones and even cars, with similar performance. Moreover, it holds the charge longer than other devices. Khare’s invention won her $50,000 in prize money at the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award held in PhoenixArizona.[2][3] She held her specialization in Nanochemistry responsible behind the invention. Afterwards, she got the attention of Google and other technological giants.[4]

Under the supervision of Dr. Yat Li at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz [1], she designed, synthesized, and characterized a novel core-shell nanorod electrode with hydrogenated TiO2 (H-TiO2) core and polyaniline shell, fabricated into a flexible solid-state device. Tests showed 238.5 Farads per gram, 20.1 Watt-hours per kilogram, 20540 Watts per kilogram, and only 32.5% capacitance loss over 10,000 charging cycles.[5]


John Whitney, Sr. (April 8, 1917 – September 22, 1995) was an American animatorcomposer and inventor, widely considered to be one of the fathers of computer animation.

He started in the 1940s building clockwork mechanisms with lights to draw directly on film. Later, he bought WW2 surplus analog ballistics computers and eventually started using digital computers.

No survey of visual music would be complete without a mention of John Whitney, inventor, animator and early computer art pioneer. His two most celebrated works arePermutations – 1966 and Arabesque – 1975, made after his stint as artist in residence at IBM. It was there that he used an IBM 360 mainframe system with Fortran to write his own animation programs. One of the key aspects of Whitney’s films is in the use of what he referred to as ‘Computational Periodics’. A means to achieving ‘harmonic events in audio-visual presentation’ where a simulation of musical progression could be achieved with rhythmic overlays of multiple objects to create symmetries and counterpoints analogous to notes and rhythms within music.

‘In PERMUTATIONS, each point moves at a different speed and moves in a direction independent according to natural laws’ quite as valid as those of Pythagoras, while moving in their circular field. Their action produces a phenomenon more or less equivalent to the musical harmonies. When the points reach certain relationships (harmonic) numerical to other parameters of the equation, they form elementary figures.”

In Arabesque, Whitney used a combination of computer and oscillograph to create a series of transforming sine waves and parabolic curves that compliment Manoochelher Sadeghi’s exotic Persian Santur soundtrack. It’s notable the Whitney was influenced by patterns in Islamic architecture, their symmetry and modulation being analogous to temporal patterns in complex musical motifs.

Whitney’s book, ‘Digital Harmony – On the complementarity of Music and Visual Art’ is an advanced treatise on the harmonic relationship between music and computer graphics. It’s a beautifully illustrated work containing explicit examples of computer code and connected philosophical ideas.

Day 5, Your Dreams.


What separates my dreams from my reality. My day to day from my future. My possible from my impossible. How can i evaluate what i want from what i need. What i need to survive are the basic essentuals like water, food, shelter, clothing and love. But what about what i need to actually LIVE? I dream to live a life full of excitement, relationship, compassion and purpose; to actually live rather than exsist. I dream of a life in which i can look back and be proud of, rather than be content with. I dream of exsisting beyond my body and beyond this world. But where lies the line that separtes dreams from an actual reality –an actual goal that can be accomplished. Do i dream of this life and constantly fall short of my dreams, or do i coast through without dream and create my own happiness everyday. Is living about the here and now, or the long run? 

I want to be happy. that is my first dream. I want to be successful, but i don’t have a definition of success. I want to live in paradise, but i don’t know where paradise is. I dream of traveling the world, and exploring the most mysterious places on this earth. And I dream of being in love, in love and living happily ever after.

I realize I am the only person in between myself and my dreams, and maybe a couple stacks of benjamins. I realize money doesn’t buy happiness, but let’s all admit it –money sure can help things be …more comfortable.

So dear dreams, please come soon. Please help me invent something super brillant that skyrockets me to success. And from there i will develop a strong work ethic, only my work will be in small african villages, educating women and playing with children. From Africa i would like to travel to SE Asia and help build communitites of women that are strong and economically essential to thier struggling countries, providng women with jobs and a refuge from woman traffiking, I want to travel the world –see the most magnificnet places on this planet as well as making friendships and impacts that will forever be a blessing. I want to explore the world and help change it. I want to sit on top of a mountain in Tibet and meditate with the most humble monk. I want to dance in the streets with the most adoreable indian children. I want to sit outside an igloo and stare at the northern lights above my head; preferably sitting next to someone who makes me feel completely weak in the knees.

I dream of being in love; but im skeptical. Im skeptical that there actually is an emotion between two people that i actually dream about. Im definitely a lover, and i definitley love a lot of people. like really. basically everyone i meet and have a genuine conversation with –i love–. I think everyone is beautiful and the dreams and passions and quirks that make everyone who they are –are just great. im such a fan of every single person i meet. But i cannot imagine being in love like i see in the movies. I think that is just a dream. FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD for creating such a romantic, easy and awesome facade of love for us regular people to only dream of.  Hollywood’s idea of love sounds pretty damn sweet to me. I’ll take it. So whenever that happens I will be stoked. I will wish for love. im a hopeless romantic. I hope to someday be swept off my feet and to someday get the love that daddy and momma tell me i deserve. Maybe someday. :)

So, dreams. here is my game plan: INVENT SOME AWESOME SHIT! Make some cash. Have a home in Cali on the beach and here in Colorado, only in the beautiful mountains. Then let me help someone else’s dream of success come true and have them help managae my company while i am traveling the world doing missons work. Allow me to create change and prosperity in the communities that need it most. Help me empower the impowered. Let me experience various cultures by completely imersing myself in it. Let me find peace and find God in some of the most beautiful places in the world. And somewhere along the way, help me find someone to share all of this with.

And we will talk about kids later…

Hope to see you soon!

A dreamer

The countess of Lovelace, Augusta Ada King, secured her place in history through her birth as the daughter of Lord George Gordon Byron. Ada was never one to simply rest on her advantages, becoming the world’s first computer programmer with the help of dear friend and mentor Charles Babbage. It is also believed she wrote the first algorithm for mechanical computation, a program to calculate the Bernoulli numbers.

She was trained by eminent mathematicians including Augustus DeMorgan, but primarily worked with Charles Babbage from the age of 17 through her death in 1852 at 36. Sadly she died very young, with only one publication to her name – an annotated version of the Italian Luigi Menabrea’s “Sketch of the Analytical Engine” in which she hypothesized that computation might be used in music and other pursuits. At the time this seemed wildly beyond the reach of Babbage’s machines.

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